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Saturday, January 15, 2011

There Is No Prince Charming

I hope these shoes have gels, she said archly
There Is No Prince Charming.  Even if you have found him and you've got his ring.

Ladies, keep your day jobs. Or run a little home business. Even if you are married now and he makes enough to cover you, provide for yourselves anyway. At least do something part time to keep your resumes current. Here are some gruesome statistics:

50% of marriages end in divorce
The percent of second, third etc. marriages that end in divorce is successively higher each time.
70% of all child support cases in the U.S. are in arrears
The average cost to a family in lost wages of a woman being a stay at home mom is $1,000,000.00.
If you stay out of the work force for even a few years, you will find it very hard to find employment.
Women outlive men for the most part.
A large part of women 60 and over are single. They may find themselves in poverty where they've never been before.

The Distaff View and more crappy statistics:

The average cost of putting 2 kids in daycare is around $17,000/year. If you're just going to have one or two kids, and you don't earn that much anyway, it may make sense to stay at home with them for a few years until you can get them into school. Or if you have a house with an extra bedroom, then rent a room out to someone in exchange for child care help so you can work.

The corporate world on average pays mothers about 20% less than women who are not mothers.  Hey, I thought they weren't allowed to ask.  Hmm.


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Andy said...

I heard a Pastor who also does marriage counseling say

"Get married with both eyes wide open and stay married by sometimes keeping one eye shut."