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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Crackdowns on Alternative Medicine

ginseng - hillbilly gold
Seems there have been a lot of bills introduced in state legislature all over the place lately (almost all by Republicans) either to regulate or criminalize alternative medicine, herbal medicine, etc.  For example the state of Kentucky just signed HB 362 into law.  This is the "Ginseng bill".  It requires licensing for dealers of ginseng.  If you buy ginseng in Kentucky after June 8, 2011, and they can show you knowingly bought it from someone who does not possess a state-issued ginseng dealer's license, then you as the buyer face fines up to $1,000.00.

WTF?  How is ginseng so dangerous or worthy of such scrutiny? 

Here is an article about the simultaneous crackdown:

So, whether or not we eventually do get this Obamacare that we're paying for now, we soon won't have any alternatives to turn to other than the official state sanctioned big-pharma allopathy, unless we travel out of the country for medical tourism.

what a beautiful jasmine...
This is why I like herbal medicines that are really common and double as food or garden flowers.  They're probably not going to criminalize lavender, roses, ginger, fenugreek, fennel, juniper berries, evening primroses, jasmine etc.  If they start criminalizing that sort of thing, expect another sort of Jasmine Revolution here in my front yard, or in a guerilla garden near you.

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Caelidh said...

While I am concerned about Codex alimentarus stuff .... I can understand trying to get a handle on the over foraging for ginseng.... I had heard it was endangered......