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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Giant Green Goddess Earthworks in Northumbria

This American born architect Charles Jencks is taking a slag heap left over from mining in Northumbria and turning it into a gigantic earthworks sculpture of a woman.  The local Geordies are calling her "Slag Alice".  I think it's going to be rather pretty.  Parts of it will be shaped in a good way to have local concerts on them.  People will be able to walk all over it.  This pretty much will dwarf any other earthworks sculpture ever made. 
The cool part is this is not going to cost the taxpayers anything. Hey, this makes me want to experiment with cement, maybe make a big Chia pet type sculpture and grow thyme on it... Hmmm... cement is cheap, thyme seeds are cheap, could throw some tile in a la Gaudi...  hmm... indeed.

Note: I previously thought he was a Brit aristocrat.  I have corrected this error.  Here's Charles Jencks' bio


Anonymous said...

Erh Charles Jencks is an American born ARCHITECT not an aristocrat!!!

Penny Pincher Personal Finance said...

Hmm, Anonymous, you're right. Maybe I read the article I got it from too fast? In fact I'll also post a link to his Wikipedia page and correct the post.