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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Crazy Riot Gear - Brainstorm

Here's some things I dreamed up. Maybe some already exist.  Not that I condone taking part in protests or riots, but if the world got more Mad-Max-like, these things might come in handy.

Portable Anti-EMF Shield
This is like a giant tin foil hat: Take anti-EMF foil, glue it to an umbrella, poncho, tarp or tent. It would be collapsible.  If big enough then you can share it with someone.  Think anti-EMF Tyvek and foil parade banners.  Could have printing or a layer on the outside or both sides - need not appear shiny.
Likewise one could add it to body armor, hats, etc.

Liquid Ear Protection
Put in a regular foam earplug like people use for power tools

Squirt some kind of quick drying flexible foam over it.  It would have to peel off easy once it was dry. (so none of that yellow spray foam)

Protective Chinese Dragon Riot Shield
What if protesters hid under a big Chinese dragon (or other creative animal sculpture) that was actually bulletproof and EMF proof? 

Disposable Stick-on Goggles
Basically a piece of see through plastic shaped like a Zorro mask, with stickum on the edges.  A wax paper strip protects the stickum, like on a maxi pad.  Could also add an elastic for extra security.  This would keep tear gas or sand out of your eyes.  Could add designs to the edges, or make it out of tinted plastic.  A cheapo version would be a clear piece of plastic and some duct tape, medical tape, or packing tape on the edges.

Variation of Stick-on Goggles: Stick-on Gas Mask
Same thing, only with a floppy respirator mask, and covers the whole face.  Could print a clever face or slogans on the outside.  Could have stickum surrounding the eyes and the mouth (a figure 8 of stickum)

Spiderman Web Potato Cannon
I guess this would either be really sticky silly string, or an actual nylon net, packed into a potato cannon.
Perhaps the potato cannon could be only as long as a forearm so it could be worn.
Alternatively it could be shot from a slingshot.

Turn body into slingshot
A big rubber band with a stirrup for the foot and one for the hand.  Hook the stirrups, shoot stuff with your free hand.  Or a couple people could operate it as a team.

Collapsible Pole (telescoping, threaded or hinged or just separate parts that fit end to end) Could also use to mount keychain cameras, perhaps several pointing in several directions, could also use as flag pole, etc.  I guess one could use a fiberglass tent pole, but that would be rather springy.  A curved one that flipped out and locked could be a portable bow.

Stealth Lacrosse Stick
This would look like a walking stick and a hat, but they would snap together to make something you could throw stuff with further than you could with your arms.  Alternatively the hat part could collapse and be kept bound around the top of the stick.  It would take some practice.

Mentos/Diet Soda Squirt Cannons - Add a tube over the top of the soda bottle for better aim or more water pressure, and whatever other additives of your choice besides the Mentos.  Could also make this flat like a whiskey flask instead of cylindrical like a soda bottle

Flexible-plastic-knife luggage handles, jewelry, hair ornaments, shoe inserts, belt buckles.  Instead of metal.  Or a plastic sword cane.  There were plastic (but sharp) knives for sale at Big Lots a few months ago.

Blowgun-Leg-holster pants pocket (long skinny side pockets)

garrotte bracelet (PVC pipe saw plus handy leather cover)

Marble Magazine - A tube that holds marbles for a slingshot or Mentos, with a button to dispense them like a Pez dispenser.  Attach it to your shirt or something.

Pez Ammo Dispenser - Make any kind of solid substance into the shape of a Pez, and then use a Pez dispenser to hold them.  Kind of like the Marble Magazine, only made of an innocent Pez dispenser.

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Anonymous said...

Now you're cooking Penny.
Less concern about the distractions of politics, wall street and money and more concentration on surviving.
E.G.: Mylar survival blankets and aluminium helmets to keep those nasty gamma rays away. Gamma rays ? From the solar flares.....