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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Taking it with a grain of salt. Radioactive salt.

Some of the ammunition used by the US and NATO troops in Iraq/Afghanistan is made with depleted uranium.

This NATO site claims that DU is not that dangerous radiologically compared to other radioactive substances and it is used in armor-piercing ammo mostly for its density and for the fact that it is more likely to catch fuel tanks on fire when it pierces them.  It says the greatest danger from it is toxicity from inhaling the fumes from it vaporizing on contact with its target.

Of course, getting hit by a piece of DU ammo/shrapnel that then stays around inside the body, or having to live in an area peppered by lots of spent DU ammo and wrecked tanks and other vehicles, where your exposure to it through dust from sand erosion of said ammo or the dust from the aforementioned fumes, might increase your risk of cancer later on.  It's going to be hard for people to keep little kids from playing in the dirt and climbing on wrecked tanks in former battlefields (kids like to play in dirt and climb on things).  Keep in mind that the above-linked article is by an organization that WANTS to keep using DU ammo.

Fallujah is like a walking dead zone. The people who live in these places not only face getting cancer, but DU also kills sperm count and causes miscarriages and birth defects. Could it be part of a “depopulation conspiracy”?

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Thom said...

Isn't that the intended purpose for ammunition? To depopulate?