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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Thrive Movie - A review

The other day I sat through the Thrive movie on YouTube.  This 2-hour movie was created by Foster Gamble, an heir to the Proctor and Gamble fortune.  Supposedly he spent 8 years producing this thing.  Here's my take on it:

This slickly produced movie starts out by suggesting that free energy is possible.  It makes repeated use of a cartoon electric purple donut, or torus, shape, and claims that this shape has to do with how free energy would work.  Various people sit around a coffee table and talk while they pretend to hold the electric purple donut.  Then the movie moves on from the donut and starts to point out various conspiracies and ways that we are not free.

Near the end of the movie, it starts to promote a website where people can go to find solutions to all the problems it presents.  The narrator suggests that a solution can be found by networking together all the nonprofits and NGO's that "work for justice" worldwide, using the Internet.

I went to this website today, and it doesn't seem to actually have any answers, just a number of links to sign up for updates.  I was - how do you say it - underwhelmed.  I also saw the ad for the movie, finally.  It features a young lady removing a blindfold from her face.  One of her eyes is still covered.  She also is holding her hands like she is saying "OK" with her hand as she removes the blindfold.

There is a kind of magickal semaphore in many cultures' systems.  The general consensus among people who pay attention to this stuff as it relates to Western mysticism is if you see a one-eyed person in a picture, or someone covering one eye, it's supposed to be a sign the Illuminati use for the All-Seeing Eye (i.e. like on the dollar bill).  I don't know if Mr. Gamble meant it that way, but it does make me raise an eyebrow.  The "OK" hand looks like the number 6, so maybe the model is also saying "666" - or maybe she is just trying to get her kicks on Route 66.

In addition, the film came out on 11/11/11.  The number 11 was very important to the infamous occultist Aleister Crowley.  He thought it was a very magickal number.  Maybe his amp went up to 11.  Or maybe it was just the odd number between 10 and 12, which are both nice round numbers - we count in base 10 and clocks go to 12, so 11 would just be an uncomfortable way to go, or it's kind of between two worlds of counting.  1 and 1 add up to 2, and there's 3 11's, so you have both 2 and 3 there, which leads me to "23 skidoo".

Just a little side story: One time in college this guy I knew who claimed to be a medium pointedly asked me what I thought the difference was between 2 and 3.  I have been pondering this little koan of his for years on end now.  Maybe I'll get into it in another post.  I have known some very odd people. It makes life interesting.

As to who Foster Gamble is allied to, or what his political leanings are, not all kids agree with their parents or their heritage.  I might not put too much stock in his heritage, but obviously he has decided to get on the proverbial soap box.  It would be interesting to see who or what he has supported in the past, as that would give a clue as to if he is squeaky clean or if he is trying to work people into a lather for some other purpose.

In the meantime, perhaps this movie is a useful tool to get people talking about the issues it brings up, but I don't think the call to action should be to visit some website that doesn't seem to have anything going, nor should it be to waste one's time networking with nonprofitry and global NGO's.  So many NGO's and nonprofits are really either get-rich or avoid-taxes schemes for the wealthy, or they are front organizations for people with very different agendas than the organization seems to be about.  Such organizations tend to waste a large percentage of the monies they receive on overhead and fat salaries for their directors.  If you want to bring on justice, if you want to dispense mercy, you'll have to do it yourself if you want it done right.

On the other hand, free energy is where it's at.  I wish I understood physics and electricity better.


Anonymous said...

I watched the movie and Foster cliams to have discovered a "code" from ancient civilisations or aliens..

You also mention 11.11.11 the newage assension date.. far from being a 'movie' Thrive is a movement and part of the existing newage one about consciousness shift creating a "new" new world order -
As newager Benjamin Creme put it in 'The Awakening of Humanity': "The voice of the people of all nations rising up, inspired by Maitreya, led by Him, activated by Maitreya – whether they know He is Maitreya or not. The united will of the people will force the governments to change." ...this movie is to condition 'truthers' to join what they think is a revolution AGAINST the Old World Order- yet call for the new world order.

Anonymous said...

A new free form of energy - electricity coming via the "air" - is soon to be revealed through occult knowledge

Lucis Trust, formerly Lucifer publishing Company openly write about their Newage Christ (..antichrist god of forces) who is to achieve this by "unlocking" the sciences.
Quote: Chapter V - The Teachings of the Christ - III - Revelation of the Mysteries of Initiation

"He [newage christ] will also revive these Mysteries in other ways; not all will seek the church or Masonry for the revitalizing of their spiritual life. The true Mysteries will also reveal themselves through SCIENCE and the incentive to search for them there will be given by the Christ.
The Mysteries contain, within their formulas and teachings, the key to the science which will unlock the mystery of ELECTRICITY - the greatest spiritual science and area of divine knowledge in the world, the fringes of which have only just been touched. Only when the Hierarchy is present visibly on Earth and the Mysteries [...] given openly to the world, will the true secret and nature of electrical phenomena be revealed

The THRIVE documentary, featuring the allseeing eye, 'venus morning star', and 666 handsign concealed within its logo, now joins the newage drive to "change our worldview" through delving into newage and occult concepts (as well as the Ancient Mysteries which also this newage Christ will revive) - in direct preparation for this newage Christ.

Employing the common PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION dialectic, the THRIVE documentary uses the problems of our current Old World Order to usher and "spiritually initiate" the unweary into the very occult New World Order solution that is secretly desired and planned (See nwo quote by David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative)

The documentary also subtily prepares the unweary for the future uniting of world religions- into a single One World Religion (..which also the newage Christ is set to achieve), by taking the beliefs of many ancient religions and cultures and presenting them as One single "new truth".

Tom Mellett said...

I see your review is dated back last November. Since then, there's quite a comprehensive website that has developed to debunk all the ridiculous claims made in the movie.

Andy said...

Haven't seen it, but perhaps they should have had John Galt's static electricity machine.