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Sunday, November 6, 2011

DON'T Wash Your Brain With Borax

Last night I stumbled on this thing about the pineal gland as it relates to fluoridated water and possibly also getting psychic "powers".  This is kind of cool.

Some people think the pineal gland, which is this gland in the dead center of your brain that is shaped like a pine cone (which is where they get the word "pineal"), is the secret to/the seat of consciousness.  It might even be the physical "third eye" they talk about.

The ancients might have had a clue: the pine cone is a mystic symbol in a few cultures.  Like the Thyrsus, a staff with a pine cone on the end, for example.  This staff was a major symbol in the cult of Dionysus.  I always took it to be a phallic symbol, but maybe it's really the pineal gland.  If this is the case, then mystery schools have been pointing at the pineal gland, albeit obliquely, as the secret of enlightenment.  Enlightened types, then, might have bigger and better developed pineal glands than the rest of us.  Perhaps this gland is a sensory organ, which would explain why the average person can't understand how a psychic person can perceive what they perceive.  It would be like being blind, or only seeing very dimly, and not understanding how the guy next to you can move around so fast without bumping into things.  Perhaps being psychic isn't really all that much of a mystery.  You just need the sensory organ to work right.

Now here's an interesting thing:  Fluoride in your drinking water.  (I'll get back to the pineal gland in a second).  Fluoride is a slow poison.  It was put in the water supposedly to strengthen people's teeth, but if you get too much it actually hurts your teeth.  Kids nowadays are getting so much fluoride that a large percentage of them have fluorosis of the teeth.  Sodium fluoride is so caustic that it burns holes in concrete.  It is delivered in Haz-mat trucks.  It is a byproduct of making chemical fertilizer.  There is really no proof that it helps people's teeth - places with fluoride and places without fluoride have no difference in the number of dental caries people get.  But it's cheaper to dispose of sodium fluoride by putting it in the drinking water than it is to pay for hazardous waste removal, so that's a big incentive from a corporate-greed standpoint to advocate for water fluoridation.

So why would someone even think of putting fluoride in the water, if the truth is that it's no good as a dental aid?  Fluoride is the main ingredient in Prozac and some other psych drugs.  You can also find it in some antibiotics like Cipro.  Interestingly, the Nazis added fluoride to the water in concentration camps to keep the prisoners more docile. Some drugs that contain fluoride really zombify people: make them have flat affects, and detach their minds from caring about the things in life that are bothering them.  They allow the patient to control themselves and keep on keeping on, but the price is to become a bit of a zombie.  It doesn't fix your life, only makes it possible to keep working for a living and ignore your "dark night of the soul".

Was fluoride added to the drinking water in the developed countries really as a sort of crowd-control measure?  Sort of like someone in England recently proposed adding lithium to the water to bring down incidences of violence?  Maybe we've all been made to drink this fluoride water to dope us down. Or dumb us down.  And then we've been lied to about it and made to think it's a health drink for our teeth.

The effect of drinking fluoridated water is cumulative and can cause a condition called "calcified pineal gland".  This is where little stones develop in your brain, and you get Alzheimers-like symptoms.  But before that distressing condition develops, what could the intermediate effect possibly be?  Could it stunt the growth of the pineal gland?  Keep people from becoming all they could be with regard to their consciousness?  Keep them fat, dumb and happy so they don't question authority?  Keep them from having intuitions, from seeing how things really are?

What are we to do, who have been drinking the fluoridated Kool-aid all these years?  How do we reverse this process?


Enter borax.  Borax can help to remove fluoride from the body.  etc
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Boden said...

Question. Where did you get the information about the fatal dose of Borax being the weight of two pennies?
I've heard from scientific sources that it's far more than that, closer to the toxicity of table salt.

I appreciate your reply.


Penny Pincher Personal Finance said...

Adam, I wish I remembered. If you have better data, then that would be good. I just didn't want anyone getting poisoned. I'll go look again around the web and make double sure.

Jeff Blokker said...

Maybe you could also say the pineal gland is in the shape of a artichoke or lotus flower.

Anonymous said...

You didn't look far enough. The LD50 for mice is 3,000 mg per kg of body weight. That means 163.29 grams for a human weighing 54 kg or 120 lb; two pennies weigh 5 grams. Going by such lethal measurements, table salt is 50-100% more toxic that boron, and includes mutagenic effects. Think about it: if everything you said about fluoride is true, why WOULDN'T the government want you to think that boron is toxic? They're just making you jump to conclusions. EVERYTHING is toxic under the right doses and circumstances... like oxygen.

Anonymous said...

Borax is less toxic than table salt according to the MSDS. I consume it and what you're saying is that I should be dead. Guess what, I feel GREAT.
It's people like you that facilitate the dumbing down of the world. Such a shame.

Darkstar01 said...

Calm down "anonymous" people, she even explained that she may be wrong, do you not even read other replies before replying whos the jerk here? the person who is misinformed or the person who insults the person who does not know?