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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Dragon Family's Trillion Dollar Lawsuit

OK, this one is weird, and it could be good news if it's true.  According to this website
there is this group in Asia called the Dragon Family which apparently is the old ruling party of China (or their heirs) from before Communism.  This party entrusted an American expat fellow named Keenan with transporting somewhere around a trillion bucks worth of government bonds earmarked for humanitarian purposes, which were then stolen in Italy when they were confiscated from two Japanese guys who were involved somehow with Keenan, and called fakes.  Berlusconi reportedly subsequently tried to cash them but was unsuccessful.  Keenan has now sued Italy and the UN for stealing the bonds. 

The real shocker is that this Dragon Family is supposed to have gold worth many thousands of trillions of dollars.  A thousand trillion is a quadrillion, folks.  I can't even wrap my head around it, except to think they could probably buy everything in the world all at once, if it were for sale.  This is like 10 times the entire amount of gold that conventional wisdom says was ever mined in the history of mankind.

And again, the interesting character Benjamin Fulford is in the news.  This is the Canadian guy who used to write for Forbes and who now says he's with a band of ninjas that want to take out the Illuminati.  He has covered this trillion dollars in bonds story for a while.  He has now been taken in by some intelligence types, and the author of the article doesn't know where they are holding him.

The author also prints an interview with Fulford where Fulford claims that WW2 on the Japanese front was really started over the gold in Asia.

I hope this story is real and not some ludibrium of the author's.  If you don't know the word ludibrium, google it. It's my 50 cent word of the day.

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Anonymous said...

Used to write for Forbes? He was the Editor-in-Chief of the Asia-Bureau Desk at Forbes International, that's pretty high up!

He also has online interviews with David Rockefeller and the former Japanese Finance Minister.