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Friday, December 9, 2011

Mental Toughness Exam

This online quiz is mostly for soldiers or cops, I think.  But you can take it too.  If you don't "go on missions", then substitute other situations, like sparring if you take martial arts, doing an eviction, leading people on a work crew, administering first aid, camping in bad weather, or having to confront someone who is being disruptive and angry and make them leave.  I've had to do all of these at various times, with varying degrees of self-control. So I just substituted, and came up "passed muster".

This test was linked to here:

I've been poking around paramilitary/security professionals' training websites lately out of curiosity because of something I read the other day in a reply to one of my comments on the Survivalist Blog.  Now, I might be wrong but it seems to me they've sprung up a bunch lately.  Maybe it's only that I have just become aware of them, so I'm noticing them, kind of like those missing hubcaps I keep noticing. 

Anyway, some of them have open enrollment and might be good places to learn how to shoot, but there are other organizations like Appleseed as well, that would probably be more economical.  Learning how to drive defensively might save you from a carjacking.  You can read about it in a book and then try bits of it yourself, just do so in a safe manner and use your brain.  Martial arts training is always good, you really can't go wrong with that.  I think it's the martial arts training that gives me any mental toughness that I might have. Marching band was also kind of good for that; when I was a teen we had to march for miles in the snow and all kinds of weather.  Somehow the music made the foot-numbing slog go by without too much suffering.

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Anonymous said...

Reason there are more of them, because security contractors and military types are back home. Gov't jobs aren't hiring, so they have to make money with what they know.

Also, the folks (5.11, Blackhawk, Maxpedition, etc.) who made a killing selling sec. contractors and military expensive gear don't have the same market niche, so they are funding essentially creating another niche market with survivalist aficionados.

It's funny how the best gear and survival experts come from two sources, hippies and military, Discovery's 'Dual Survival'.

When Bear Grylls made a killing doing his shows then merchandising, every other Spec Ops type with their POW and Jungle/Desert training wanted to be discovered in youtube.

Look into the Canteen Shop, they are the best right now in survival, minimalist gear. Also follow Kit Up for gear heads talking about gear. Also this:

Also for martial arts, I recommend Filipino martial arts: