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Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Cat is a Furry Little Terrorist

Overseeing DWMD (dandelion wine of mass destruction) creation
I have discovered that my cat is a domestic terrorist! And she is targeting my crops! This morning she somehow knocked over the window box in the kitchen that contains the culinary herbs. Dirt went everywhere, engulfing the seed-saving project. Of course now some of the seeds are embedded in the dirt. I will have mystery crops in my window. So my cat turns out to be in the Catz Force but she is of course blaming the attack on Mousessad. And how did I know?  she doesn't look like a Persian cat.... LOL

More seriously, this week I laid in some rice from Restaurant Depot and I went to pay for it and they had to get a manager ID to override some limit on quantity. This was on just two bags of rice. I imagine that Chinese restaurants probably go through 200 lbs. of rice a day, but about 3 or 4 weeks ago I got 250 lbs. for a friend, and I got it in 25 lb. bags cause I can’t lift 100 lbs. – and maybe the Rice Nazi decided that was too much? How come the Chinese get away with it and not me???  Now actually I am not sure whether this limit thingie was imposed on everybody or just on me because I got the small bags. Or maybe someone else bought all they had one day? Or is DHS watching Restaurant Depot for preppers?

I can just see it, the Men in Black, with black chef's hats, lurking in the restaurant supply stores.  I'll foil them by speaking in fake Swedish.  Wiretap this! Hoor de voor dee mm bork bork bork!  They'll think it's my secret recipe for rond du jambe et arabesque flambe' avec foie gras quand on a besoin de lezarder a la Cote d'Azure pour Carnevale, but now that's French isn't it? Zut alors!

Okay, maybe too much champagne at the party where I just was.  By the way, just to show my exposure to Swedish isn't limited to a culinary muppet, for your New Years pleasure there is a great Swedish band out there called Hedningarna.  They're kind of trance-tribal electronic folk.  Here is them jamming with a Finnish joiker named Wimme.  Joiking is a kind of singing that's kind of like Native American chanting, only it's Sami.  It's improvised and usually pentatonic.


Penny Pincher Personal Finance said...

Okay, I know, the joiking isn't in Swedish EITHER. D'oh!

Penny Pincher Personal Finance said...

The Joik is on me!

Penny Pincher Personal Finance said...

My cat says she's innocent. She doesn't want to go to Kitmo.