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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wolves Crying Wolf? Regarding CPX Foxtrot

I (as you can see from the blogroll) follow one "threeper" blog (Western Rifle Shooters), mostly to keep a finger on that particular pulse.  It provides me a mixture of morbid fascination and perhaps occasional titillation for the Walter Mitty armchair anarchist in me.

Someone in that community has invented a fake psyops exercise and exhorted everyone to talk about it.  I think the real purpose was to create a cyber wild goose chase in order to run the NSA around in circles.  Or maybe if the creators are themselves a psyops, then to lure threepers into getting themselves on a list, as if they all weren't already.

Whether it is supposed to also function as cover for something, or as a "dry run" for such, or if it's just a prank, or I guess the question would be, is it possible for their algorithms to tell the difference, or even humans; and is this sort of thing going to get the internet shut down eventually?  And is that the point too?

And yes, I do recognize the irony that by writing about this thing I'm actually helping spread it.  Is the utterance of the existence of a viral psyops, the purpose of which is to create endless self-referential loops of utterance, itself a psyops? 

I'm fascinated.  It's like a word speaking itself into existence.  In the beginning was the Word...

Which reminds me of the song "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"... itself an infectious groove.

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Arctic Patriot said...

Very interesting post.

An easy answer to your questions?