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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gangsta Rap and Private Prisons Conspiracy

Check this article out from a whistleblower from the music industry:
If this is true, it's got echoes of the American art movement that was funded by CIA.  It alleges that gangsta rap was pushed over other kinds of rap, because the music industry was invested into by the private prison industry and they wanted more inmates.  They thought that listening to rap that promoted criminal activity would make more people commit crimes and go to prison.

How much of our opinions and behaviors are shaped by mainstream media and art?  Or any kind of media? And how do we know it's not on purpose to hurt us, so someone can make a profit at our expense?

The influence of art is nothing new: Goethe's book "The Sorrows of Young Werther" caused a fashion craze for yellow pants and blue jackets, and a rash of copycat suicides in young men in the late 18th century.  But he wasn't trying to make people do that.  This is different.  This is a conspiracy to make people hurt themselves and each other using art to persuade them.

Another thing I've noticed is that young people have their heads buried in their smartphones.  Also, they've got their attention constantly in some kind of lala land because of it.  So not only does art and culture shape people's behavior, but now they're getting swallowed whole by portable idiot boxes and becoming drooling zombies.  What happens if you NEVER LEAVE the contrived matrix of art and culture emanating from the media?  Look at flash mobs.  There's your answer.  Mobs of zombies.  Of course this networking technology has a good side as well, but you have to temper it with your own set of values or it will eat your brain.

Just stand back and think, what is the intended behavior that a particular piece of media, song, tweet, radio show, or whatever is trying to elicit from you?  What is the opinion it wants you to form?  Is this good for you, or not?  What happens if large amounts of people do this thing?

Make your OWN media.

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dick.shivers said...

i don't know a thing about gangsta rap, other than it doesn't appeal to me in the least. the possible connection with that particular industry and the prisons, however, is quite interesting. having been in prison myself, i can honestly say that a solid 80% (that figure is on the conservative side, if anything) if the fellow inmates i came into contact with listened mainly, if not exclusively, to that type of music. and by the way, I've been reading on your page for at least an hour now. on my smartphone. at least there's one documented case of a smartphone being used to access something other than MTV mobile and facebook-diy-data-mining-for-the-feds.