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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Free E-Books

I found this blog in the commenters under the Survivalist Blog and this lady has links to free e-books all the time.  These are Amazon Kindle books that have a freebie period of time, like an introductory thing.  You can download Kindle for your PC, too, so you don't need an actual Kindle device.

I just got 3 or 4 free e-books, mostly cookbooks like the "Broke Ass Cookbook" and one on making sausage.  She's in Canada, so it's unlikely she'll have "forbidden" book links, but one can always go to scribd for that. (Canada does not have freedom of the press.  Books like the Anarchist Cookbook are not allowed to be brought there).

So, I'm going to add her blog to my blog roll cause it's cool.

1 comment:

Natalia said...

I just saw this post -- thank you for the recommendation! :) I really appreciate it. I've subscribed to your posts too.

Just so you know, though, the search filters I use are set up for availability to the USA (because such a high number of readers are from there). Occasionally I can't download them myself as I'm in Canada, but the books listed aren't filtered for Canada, but the US.

I hadn't heard of the "anarchy" issue, but I do know that authors/publishers choose whom to make their books available to. They can choose "US only," "North America" (or is it both Americas? Don't remember exactly), worldwide, etc. I think that is much more likely to be the cause of unavailability.

Thanks again. Have a wonderful week.