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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

November Ballot Counting Outsourced to Spanish Company Owned By George Soros


The Tampa, FL company SOE that is supposed to count our ballots was bought in January of this year by SCYTL, a Spanish company owned (in a roundabout way) by George Soros.

Why would they let this socialist Soros (who wants to destroy America) control who counts our ballots?

Indeed.  Who decided this?  Obama.  He is the one who outsourced the vote counting to SOE.
The company SCYTL is "shadow" owned by one Pere Valles, who was a top contributor to Obama's 2008 campaign and also associated with George Soros' company Media Matters.

Oh, what could possibly go wrong here?  Especially with a company whose name looks like "Scuttle", as in "scuttle the election"?!?

I wonder if this can be stopped before November, by complaining to Congress? And raising a stink? I'm sure going to try. 

Because deprived of the soap box (internet, a la CISPA) and the ballot box (because of SCYTL=Scuttle) there's only one box left.  So we've gotta try to fix this before it comes to that.  God forbid we descend into that particular hell.

I leave you with one last thought, a quote by a horrid mass murderer:
"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. 
Those who count the votes decide everything." -- 
Joseph Stalin

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Anonymous said...

I have read and heard from acredible radio station host that the counting of the 2012 election votes for President has been outsource to a company that was bought out by a Spanish company in January 2012. By what authority the outsourcing of vote-counting has been engineered? What are legislative leaders doing to prevent a rigged election? The american people deserve this to be rectified before November 2012 elections. Contact your representative today!