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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Grassroots Innovation!
Anil Gupta tours India to find grassroots solutions to problems faced by rural people.  Among the solutions: Bridges made from tree roots; potatoes planted on a steep hill to solve erosion and make food; partial clear-cutting only cutting the branches, which grow back, and not the trunks; an herb used in poultices; gate hinges made from pieces of rubber tires; a little girl who wants a paddle or cycle plow so her parents don't have to weed so much, and an inventive boy who agrees to make it for her.
I found this link at
Think I might link to too.

This is better than being handed some top-down "solution" by a clueless or secretly malefic UN or other similar organization.  Spreading ideas people think up to help themselves.  Kudos to Mr. Gupta.

We little people can bootstrap ourselves back into the swing of things, using open-source info sharing and bypassing the parasites.


anil said...

thanks penny, but these shodhyatras are not mine personal endeavours, a large number of volunteers form different walks of life come together every summer and iwnter at their own cost to walk together to learn form creative genius at grassroots, see and and alos

Penny Pincher Personal Finance said...

Thanks Anil for the clarification, and I'll go to those sites.

My own little bit of creative "genius" of the last week was to make hook-and-eye things out of coat hangers (but the "eye" was just a screw), and tomato cages out of sticks and string. (I need 150 tomato cages, so I have to get cheap). I also folded cat food can lids in half and used them as clamp-brackets for a window. It was cheaper than buying some pre-made bracket thing. I'm always doing stuff like that, reusing trash or altering one thing into another.