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Thursday, June 14, 2012

They are Afraid of Us

The thing that is the most scary to a dictator is loss of their stranglehold on power. The thing that is the most scary to a con man is when the game is up.

The reason for all these new draconian laws and surveillance is because THE GUYS ON TOP ARE AFRAID OF THE PEOPLE.  Their power is slipping.  Their lies are being exposed.  The game is up.  They have less control than they would like, and they are worried about their free ride drying up.

If we all refuse to play along, if we take our ball and go home, the crooks and bullies won't have anyone to play with.  This means we should arrange our affairs so as to legally owe the least in taxes possible - even to the extent of replacing dollar income with self-sufficiency; we should not work as foot soldiers or in any capacity whatsoever for the bullies (that's big corporations, international banks, mainstream media, and government); and we should refrain from violence, except in self-defense, because there are people out there who want to make us fight each other so they can use it as an excuse to oppress and disarm us.

Those who are currently working as foot soldiers for the bullies (cops, soldiers, mercenaries) need to see that this is where it is going.  There may be natural-born thugs among them, but I suspect that many of them are deceived into thinking they are protecting the people from "terrorists".  The fact that more US soldiers die of suicide than of being killed by the enemy leads me to believe that they regularly wake up and are horrified by the truth.

I would like to see those who are using their positions of power to try and secretly destroy the US, its sovereignty and freedom from within eventually stand trial.  They deserve their day in court just like anyone else.  To give them less consideration than that means we become just as evil as them.

Pray for our sovereignty.  Pray for our well being.  Pray for peace.  And then work to preserve them.

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zuma said...


My own bugaboo is the transnational powers that be that get excluded from consideration whenever this whole coup gets framed exclusively in a national context -which is almost always and everywhere. My view is that there is no longer *any* freestanding national context, actually. The transnats underlie everything now, it seems to me.

Consider this news:

The new leak follows substantial controversy surrounding the secrecy of the talks, in which some members of Congress have complained they are not being given the same access to trade documents that corporate officials receive.

I'd been expecting legislation like this, and I'd been expecting Congress to finally be over all pointedly and overtly shut out of things, but I did *not* expect both things to happen directly related to each other so clearly. Now that it has, I feel dumb. "Well, duh!"