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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yard Sale Woot!

Today was the annual city-approved yard sale in my town.  I didn't think to register, or maybe I could have sold some tomato plants and some old stuff I don't want anymore.  I also didn't want to sit in the sun all morning waiting for people to come down my street.  It looks like my tenants also didn't sign up, because they weren't out.  They had talked about it.

But I did go shopping near the end of the sale.  There's 2 good times to go to yard sales, at the beginning and at the end.  I got a big cast iron frying pan for $10, bigger than my biggest one, which is about half what I'd find a cheap one online for, and a knife block.  Yeah, I know I just blogged about a cheap knife block substitute, but this was $5 and included a bunch of cheap knives and a sharpener.  It was really the sharpener I was after!

I also got about 25 votive candles for  $3.  It was 2 boxes of all different scented ones, with a guide to the different scents.  That'll keep the house in smellum, and more importantly light, if the lights go out. Or it would make a nice gift, since all the candles are there and it looks nice still. A prepper can never have too many candles, rounds of ammo, seeds, or water filters.

And I got some more large plant pots, but nothing really gigantic like I need.

There is a guy selling a walkie talkie set for $15.  Not sure if I should bite.  I'm thinking about it.  I need to see if that's a reasonable price for a used short range walkie talkie.  And it's hot out so I went home.  Actually I need to go buy more manure again, too.

One of my roommates also went to the sale and got me a ceiling fan.  The one in the kitchen is flaky.  The one he picked up is really heavy but looks good quality.

This small town way of life is in danger.  If the damn global communists have their way, nobody will ever be able to have a yard sale or sell anything privately again because there will be no such thing as cash; or they'll call my bargains or the produce of my garden "income" and tax me for it; or I'll get raided for growing tomatoes on my porch without first having bought a pricey"farming license". 

Just like now, where I can't scrape paint off my own home without the $300 protection money I had to pay to the EPA to be a "lead safe firm".  The training and individual certification wasn't enough, because I "make money" off of painting by way of collecting the rent.  So I had to be a firm as well.  Damn mafioso pirates.  They keep doing this, and all the money is going to move abroad.  Actually, a lot of it is trying to do that now.

Okay, well, I guess it's time to go get manure.  Oh boy!

1 comment: said...

Just want to thank you for all of your links and tips. Your site is full of great info for preppers and even DIY people. Thanks!

My wife is from Ukraine and knows all about the horrors of soviet times. She can never understand why some of my relatives are liberal (and socialist). they have no understanding of what that talk about since they are Americans living in a (mostly still) free society.

Anyways, about those walkie talkies. I bought some for my inlaws in Ukraine about 5 years ago. It was a good price brand new and the range was a whopping 3 miles. they now have walkie talkies with great prices and much longer ranges now. 5 miles, 10 miles, I think even 25 miles. Prices for things there are EXPENSIVE. a $40 set of walkies here, might cost $250 there. When the SHTF here, prices are going to skyrocket and wont stabilize for some time. I dont Americans care or understand whats happening to them right now. All I can do is prep and pray and like the boy scout motto says, be prepared.

take care and thanks always!