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Friday, July 20, 2012

Batman Shooting

The red text was added later.

A gunman in body armor and a gas mask, probably alone, with multiple weapons and a smoke bomb, opened fire on a Colorado screening of the new Batman movie early this morning.  They say it could be he was annoyed that it was sold out, although since he brought a rifle and a gas mask and some kind of smoke bomb this says to me that it wasn't just someone snapping at annoyance at an instant discovery of sold-out. (unless he was carrying all that stuff with him all the time in his car)

There were 5 people conceal-carrying in the audience, but their reactions were too slow to stop him from killing 14 and injuring 50.  Most people thought it was a publicity stunt at first.
Note from later: I heard that from a call-in on the Alex Jones show.  I don't think it's correct now.  The theater didn't allow guns inside, so if there were any conceal carry people they probably didn't have their weapons.

He was probably just crazy, because he obviously didn't have much of an escape plan.

What I take from this is:
THEY SHOULD NOT BAN GUNS OR ASSHOLES WILL SHOOT YOU UP.  If people had had their weapons on them, they could have stopped him.

Every adult who has the physical capacity to carry and the money to buy a gun should arm themselves, take the conceal carry classes, and conceal carry.  And they should lift gun bans.  That would stop this crap right in its tracks, because then the badguys would think twice about shooting.  They'd be afraid of getting shot in turn.

If you conceal carry, for the love of God get some tactical training asap, and go to the range, and practice.  If you can't afford the ammo to practice with live fire, then get a dud round for dry-firing so you can dry-fire practice at home and not hurt your firing pin.  And watch some training videos, while they're still up.  Download them to share if they take them down.  Actually everyone needs to dry fire practice at home, even if you go to the range.  Practice every day.

Keep in mind though, that if you do ever have to shoot someone, you will most probably have legal problems even if you are totally in the right.  But that's better than being dead.

The anti-gun people are going to have a field day with this.  This is very bad timing, considering the UN Small Arms Treaty is being hammered out in New York right now, Obama said he would sign it, and then all that needs to happen is the Senate to ratify it.

THEREFORE, ALL YOU GUN OWNERS, get off your duffs and CALL your senators and tell them NOT to ratify this treaty, or the popo's will eventually come to your door with a SWAT team and take your guns and kill you if you resist.  Call them daily, but remember what they did with Obamacare and the NDAA. Don't put all your eggs in the political basket.  Take care of your business.

The timing of this is SO bad, and this Batman movie so controversial because of its reference to Occupy politics and such, that I wonder if he was put up to it by an anti-gun agent provocateur (not a sincere one, but like someone from TPTB, who would think a few movie goers are an acceptable sacrifice)?

Oh another thing: It's not the gun's fault or the media's fault either.  It's that one man's fault.  Without a hand to hold it, a gun is inert.  And killing can be done with any tool, not just guns.  Guns just happen to make it so you have a longer range, and you don't need a lot of physical strength. The media is just someone's opinion.  We all have opinions, we can take or leave someone else's opinion, but media influence doesn't absolve us of responsibility to behave in a reasonable manner.

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I was thinking about this a lot today. If I had a CC in a dark theater I would be very cautious about pulling a trigger. That said, Im not trained professionally at all, so what do I know :)