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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Paid Government Troll?

I have wasted about a week arguing about gun law with some asshat on FB.  It's a guy with an Italian last name but his first name is spelled all wrong for an Italian, it's spelled Spanish-like.  Maybe his mama didn't know how to spell in Italian, or he's part hispanic, or more likely he's a sock puppet.  He also seemed to be awake to rebut me immediately at any and all hours of the day and night.  But just in case he's just a sleepless loser, not being paid to be a troll, I will not repeat his name here. 

This guy used every troll trick in the book, pretty much, but his favorite one is straw man argument.  It took me a while to realize that is what he was doing.  He was taking some little thing I said each time and drawing a ridiculous parallel, pretending that was what I had said, and then making fun of it.

For example when I asked what business was it of the government's how much food or ammo someone had, and asked how much was too much, he pretended I had been talking about a civilian having chemical weapons, and then told me how stupid and dangerous that was. WTF?

Eventually I told him I was going to contribute double to the NRA in his honor, and then he started in with the ad hominem attacks.  Even when other people in the thread told him to stay civil he continued to snark while pretending to apologize. But I think by pointing out the straw man and ad hominem attacks I won.  Although he will pretend otherwise.

Actually I think my winning will really be when I let this go and get back to prepping and stumping where I'll have more of an audience instead of getting off in a corner with Mr. Snarky there.

It was like wrestling with a pig.  You end up getting dirty and the pig likes it too much.

If upon a little research into WhitePages or otherwise google-stalking this guy I don't come up with enough meat space corroboration of a real person to satisfy myself that he's who he says he is, I will release my findings of Government (or Soros) Paid Troll somewhere.  And hopefully that will burn his identity in the little activist circles he's haunting.

Of course they're like mushrooms, picking off the fruit doesn't kill the underlying fungus.

1 comment: said...

Yeah, major waste of time. Nuff said.

Happy weekend to you and thanks for the always informative posts. Couple points..

#1 - I would reconsider donating to NRA anymore. For years they have been undermining the 2nd amendment by caving in and allowing gun restrictions and gun laws to pass. Ive switched to GOA - Gun Owners of America. "The only no compromise gun lobby in Washington." If you do your research you'll find GOA actually has lobbied more millions on some issues than NRA has, which I find awesome considering GOA is much smaller than the massive NRA. Check em out and even do a write up about them if you so choose...

#2 - Switching to internet security, I use "do not track plus" and also "track me not" add-ons simultaneously on my Firefox web browser. "do not track plus" blocks websites from sharing information with each other. Youll be amazing how much of your data gets shared across one another. "track me not" uses a different modus operandi to the problem by sending out random searches while you browse. This way Google or whomever is tracking you cannot create a profile of who you are (which is worth a lot of $$$ to them). Switching your search engine to or would be smart too since those are private search engines.

#3 - switch your operating system if you are using Windows. Bill Gates father was head of Planned Parenthood (nuff said) and Bill himself is funding all sorts of contraceptive and vaccination programs in an attempt to gradually reduce world population (eugenics). So what operating system to use? I use ubuntu linux... its a free OS with 36,000+ free programs built into the software center. it is awesome. if you need help installing, want a free official disc or just want more info please contact me and i will do whatever i can. Ubuntu has no NSA backdoors like windows and mac have. Linux based OS's are monitored by a community of people around the world ensuring there is no spy software now or ever. Your computer will run faster too since there is no need for virus software. i havent had a virus in over 6 years.

Good luck and always thanks for the news.