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Friday, October 19, 2012

Get Your Passport Now

Remember last year when the State Department proposed making a long form for getting a passport, and it had really weird questions on it, like whether you're circumcised or not and what ceremonies may have attended that event?  It also wanted to know EVERY address of every place you've ever lived.

I thought I would have to provide this information to renew my passport.  I don't remember that stuff!  My family moved 2 or 3 times when I was little.  I had to ask my Mom!  And then I had to dig up old greeting cards and try to find ones with the envelopes still on them from 20 years ago to remember places I lived back then.  (because I had purged my old taxes but for some reason had a few old greeting cards - good thing I'm a pack rat).  It took two days to put the info together.  Most people won't have those records.  They'll be denied a passport, which is maybe what the State Department really wants.

Anyway, it was publicized and people flooded the State Department with negative comments in the last 24 hours of their public comment period.

Now the State Dept. has started to try again, regardless of the negative comments, to get this nosy questionnaire back on the table.  I'm sure glad I got my passport renewed while this thing was off the table, maybe I won't have to worry about this for another10 years (if the US is still a country by then), but I guess it's time to bother them again with public outcry.

All this bad penny attempt at regulation is getting me down.  It's the same damn thing as with the UN small arms treaty.

In the meantime, if you need a passport, think you might need a passport, or have one near renewal time, GET IT NOW.  Otherwise you may be subject to a very nosy and impossible-to-complete questionnaire when you go to get one.

(And yet, they want to keep it so you don't need an ID to vote?!?!?!  )

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Robert S. Finnegan said...

Thanks for pointing this out. We have been urging Americans for years to get their passports before it is too late. It is the best insurance policy money can buy.

Robert S. Finnegan
Imas Kurniawati-Finnegan
The 5th Estate
Jakarta, Indonesia