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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Put a Tin Foil Hat On...Not Your Head, Your Smart Meter!

Clif High suggests this way to fight back against smart meters.
If fighting the installation of a smart meter on your property by civil means is unsuccessful and they come out to install one of these monstrosities anyway, don't get into an altercation with the installers and get hauled off to jail.  Instead just let them.  Then the fun begins.

The smart meter has an antenna on top, in a glass bulb.  Simply put a multi-layer tin foil hat over the antenna.  This should make it necessary for the power company to come out and remove the foil in order to read your meter.  The tin foil hat will also serve to reflect the microwaves back at the meter and possibly reduce the life of the electronics inside it. 

Heheheh!  Take that, evil smart meter people!

But RTWT, it's funnier the way he tells it.

Also, I may point out, you are not necessarily limited to putting tin foil hats on your own meter only.  And they also make foil tape, like for furnace ducts, which would be harder to remove than just a piece of foil.

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Penny Pincher Personal Finance said...

I forgot to mention, you just keep putting more tin foil hats on the meter as soon as they remove them. Tin foil is relatively cheap compared to the effort they will have to expend.