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Monday, March 4, 2013

Chaos Math, Creeping Tyranny, and the Coming Dollar Collapse

Most systems fluctuate over a period of time.  Frog populations, the economy, politics, rainfall.

When you add too much pressure, or energy, to a system, eventually that system gets overloaded and has chaos. (that's just chaos math). Many systems that normally just fluctuate (D vs R, prosperity vs. recession, control vs. resistance, secrets vs. disclosure, etc.) are receiving more energy now and it's accelerating.

When people are disillusioned, they stop giving their consent to their leaders.  Leaders need consent, or they have to rule by fear, like North Korea or East Germany under the Stasi.  This is a very high-energy system, as it requires a great part of the population to become snitches, secret police etc. Or at least it did: we're being watched electronically now, and they are making robot soldiers.  But still, someone needs to keep the robots and mainframes running.

Some of it might be bluster designed to trick us into behaving.  Julian Assange said so in his recent interview: the US government made threats to Wikileaks that it didn't back up.  Wikileaks got the sympathy of other nations that had the courage to stand together and stand up to the US.  Ecuador sheltered Assange and the rest of South America stood with Ecuador.

I liken this to the puffed up threat we thought the Soviet Union was, and when it fell we discovered it was all show and no substance.  Or so the news media told us.

As more embarrassing secrets are leaked, and as people get more disillusioned (perhaps not by leaks so much as the economy or politics), the government will become more draconian in order to keep its power. I think that is why they have started arming themselves against their own people.  The cartel in power wants to stay that way.  The veil is going to rip and people will see the man behind the curtain.  Maybe not so much now, since there is still this fake news thing going on for people who are content not to pry, but certainly later, when the dollar collapses and the gloves come off.

While chaos is painful, it's probably inevitable, because there is no will in Washington to change their course. You can try to do your part: get politically active to try and check the progress of tyranny, but also lay in some preps and learn some skills appropriate to a more chaotic time.  Learn as much as you can.  Protect yourself and your family from threats on all the levels you can, from riots to food shortages to robots.  Get ready for chaos and get ready for the flip side of chaos: control.

If you get ready and then nothing happens, at least you'll be ready for when it does happen.  Chaos seems to happen from time to time no matter what we do.

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