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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Greek Government Hires Blackwater to Replace (Or Run) Police
Their regular police has had many pay cuts, and in their frustration had apparently started getting some extreme right-wing leanings, so the Greek government doesn't trust them anymore.  So they hired Blackwater to run the show.  So, how are they paying Blackwater if they can't afford their own police?

This is possibly cheaper on its face but not in the long run.  It creates the problem of these guys who used to be local cops who are now either being bossed around by an outsider, or out of a job.  They know everyone, they have years of experience in their "AO", and they're probably angry, whatever their politics might or might not be.

We will get more and more mercenaries in the US too I think, as we too go down the spiral to failed state.  It already happened in New Orleans during Katrina.  Cities like Detroit that are going bankrupt will still have to be policed.  But by whom, if they can't pay?  I can't see Washington sending the National Guard to do police work.  I think it will be mercenaries.

And the second problem is this: While a band of mercenaries may be on the face less corrupt than a local police force that isn't paid enough to pay their bills and then gets political about it, the problem is that they are by and large going to have no feeling for the community they are policing.  They probably also didn't take an oath to the Constitution.  Plus there have been problems with outfits like Dyncorp and human trafficking. In other words, they're maybe as or more corrupt than the regular cops, just less likely to let niceties like the Constitution get in the way of carrying out their orders.

So, if a police force believes in their oaths, if they are generally conservative and pro-2A, could this be twisted by gun-grabbers into the same excuse used to impose Blackwater on the Greeks? That they are "dangerous right wingers"?  How much truth was actually in the Greek excuse?  Does the stigma of "extremist" get any scrutiny at all, when the government utters it against someone, or do people just say Baaaaa?  What if it's the government itself that has been overrun by extremists, and they are using these labels as a weapon to quash dissent?

Once Blackwater et al. control all the Western world's policing, will they turn and attempt a coup d'etat?  When the dollar crashes, who will pay them?  Just askin'.

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