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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Most Economic Moderates Have Left Obama Admin

This article is about the economic moderates leaving the Obama administration for the private sector after getting Obamacare passed, leaving the ultra-left-wing "policy wonks" in charge of the shop.  There is one woman in particular who will be in charge of implementing Obamacare, and she is a career ultra-lib:  Jeanne Lambrew.

Don't expect the US to ease into Obamacare, with this woman in charge they're probably going to try and ram it down our throats as quickly as possible, and not soften any of the stuff that will make it hurt.  Our only hope lies in nullification, or at least the refusals of states to implement an exchange.

More important, though, the big picture is that the economic moderates have jumped ship, leaving the socialist nutbags.  This will undoubtedly hasten the economic demise of the US because nobody is left in there to curb their enthusiasm.

Socialism only works until you run out of other people's money, and all these things they've been doing are driving the investor class away.  Literally away in many cases: there is a spike in people renouncing their US citizenship.  Since getting a different citizenship takes time, I would assume these are mostly people who were already abroad, but people have had ample time since 2008 to get in a position to do that.  Some countries make you wait only 3 or 5 years to apply if you marry a native, and then there's often also a resident status available for retired people who bring their money with them. 

We are quickly going to run out of money.  Regardless of how much funny money Bernanke prints.  Actually the more he does that the worse it gets.  Monetizing national debt only works up to a point and then it all pops.  Just ask the Germans about the Weimar Republic and how that worked out.

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allie said...

Other countries like Italy allow you to become a dual citizen if you can prove your decedents came from there with all the proper documents in place (costs a bunch of money to order birth certificates, marriage certificates from other countries and have all the documents translated into both languages) and it allows everyone in your family even generations back to claim their full citizen rights to live there. I am planning on doing this once I have the money to do so.