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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Obama Using Twitterbots To Fake Public Support for Gun Control

Why not?  Everything else about the man is fake.

He's in good company.  Almost everything in the media is fake or twisted/spun in some way.  The MSM is just a joke and not even worth our attention except to see what lies they want the public to believe.

Even the alternative media - I'm pretty sure half the conspirasphere is crap. But which half?  Social media, sure (Soros trolls, Obama twitterbots, etc.)  False flags abound too.  National security is fake, or based on fake premises.  It's all a media circus designed to distract us while they steal us blind.

Pop music is fake.
News footage is fake.
Elections are fake.
Politics are fake.
Courts are rigged (fake).
Casus belli is fake.
Our president is fake.
Our food is fake.
Our medicine is fake.
Our money is fake.
Our history is fake.
Hell, even the weather is fake now!

I think it's time for a Devil Girl Choco Bar.  At least it says it's bad for you right on it.  When art is more real than "life" you gotta wonder.

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