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Friday, March 1, 2013

Rigorous Intuition

This defunct blog (not posted to in a few years) has a lot of really interesting articles on magick and entheogens and the whole concept of there being another dimension from which entities are trying to break into the 3-D world, holographic universe etc.  The usual modern shaman vs. technocracy stuff.  And of course it also mentions the technocracy side: chemtrails, mind control, military intel, etc.

I thought I would point it out for anyone who is into that sort of thing.  This is a gold mine of material and the comments below are also quite good, although after a certain depth of comments it turns to spam because the author of the blog seems to have abandoned it and not continued moderating comments.  I wonder what happened to him?

It reminds me of Reality Sandwich only more thoughtful, less slick, and much less California-new-agey.

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