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Monday, March 18, 2013

Will Banksters Dip Into American Bank Accounts Too?

They're about to do it in Cyprus, if their parliament allows it.  The banksters assert the two major banks in Cyprus are about to collapse and they want to take up to 10% of depositors' money out of their bank accounts to bail them out.  They claim there will be mass civil unrest if the parliament allows the collapse of the banks by not letting them steal out of everyone's bank account.

The US is in WORSE financial condition than Cyprus - worse debt to income ratio, etc.  The only thing we've got going for us is the dollar is the world's reserve currency.  But maybe not for long, given that other nations have been trying to find a way around the dollar for the last 5 or 6 years.

I would say that Cyprus faces mass civil unrest either way.  Facing a shakedown of 10% or the possible loss of 100% of your money.  How would you like to face that choice?

Given that this is probably a "beta test" as the article says, we may expect them to try it in other countries if they succeed.  Probably the rest of Europe first, then the US.  And that progression may not be as slow as you might think.  There may be a domino effect.

I say since this ultimatum is not here in the US yet, get your money out now, and with it buy gold, silver, fuel, guns, ammo, water filters and food, since those things don't lose their value and you'll need them anyway; and when they come with their hands out LET THEM FAIL.

It is not our responsibility to pay for someone else's gambling sprees and high living.

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