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Forbidden Knowledge

Most magical mystical secrets are actually really simple, and they were probably hidden from the general public because there were religions in power that would kill anyone disagreeing with them, and also they're a bit kooky sounding when you say them out loud.

And in my opinion, none of them depend on a religion, but they are mystical in nature nonetheless.

I provide this page because it's time for people to know.  This could be a frugal move, because instead of paying lots of money to a guru or getting tangled up in a secret society, you can just learn right here for free. Haven't you always wanted to know mystical secrets?  Well here's some of them.

New:  Looks like a site for seekers of  "cognitive liberty".

Recipe for the Philosophers Stone
If this is true, anyone can make this at home, and make the entire banking/money system and the pharma industry obsolete. You will laugh when you see what the secret ingredient is!  Unless it's a joke, but it's still kind of funny, unless they're joking and someone believes it.  It's a free PDF.

Lucky Mojo's Sacred Sex page
All sorts of sex-magick and sacred sex secrets from a rational and respectful standpoint. Very useful and fun.

Magic Mushrooms and the Origin of Christmas
I think this is Jeff Rense interviewing James Arthur.
It's just an audio interview, so you can put it on in the background.
pt 1
pt 2
pt 3
pt 4
pt 5
pt 6
pt 7

The Pharmacratic Inquisition
Alleges there are mushroom secrets concealed in religion including the Pope's costume.
It also goes into the mushroom Santa thing but also into many other things.
This video is nicely produced and very entertaining.

And this is not exactly "forbidden" knowledge, but if you ever need to look something up on religion or magick this website has just about any sacred text imaginable

Here is a neato blog/site about the nature of reality - it's got a rather Eastern mysticism/entheogen bent to it.  this site has objective info on psychedelics. this site has a no-nonsense course on magick, sans the mystic mumbo jumbo.  The guy who wrote it makes and sells orgone gadgets, and has a physics/math background.  He points out that it's a good thing that he made his gadgets for magick rather than healing, because the AMA can't make him stop. The Dead Sea Scrolls are finally online.  Not exactly "forbidden" knowledge, but since the scholars deemed the general public couldn't handle the knowledge, they kept the scrolls from us for years.  I think that was a thin excuse to hog them and get lots of grant money to study them.  Anyway I guess they've mined them for all they're worth, so now we plebes can see them too.

Here is an archive of back issues of an occult magazine called Greylodge Occult Review.

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