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Happy Happy Joy Joy

happy happy joy joy!
This page has links to positive, helpful stuff.  Some of it borders on mystical.  There's some overlap with Forbidden Knowledge, but I'll try to put the overtly magick stuff over there.

Success articles
The Daily Practice - how to be lucky in daily life
How to Deal with Crappy People (same author as above)

New Thought books
"New Thought" was a movement, there are also churches like the New Thought Unity Church.  Their basic idea was that success was a measure of how close you were to God, and that failure or disease were symptoms of not being right with God.  Kind of simplistic outlook, but the books below are mostly about how your attitude can affect your circumstances.  One of them (forget which, but I think it's Hill) hints that if you harness your libido as an energy source and put it in the service of your goals that you will reach your goals faster.  He really beat around the bush (ahem) on that one.  Perhaps it was the times he wrote in, that he couldn't be more direct.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles
The Hidden Power by Thomas Troward

More Change-Your-Life stuff Wishcraft - an online course

Interesting stuff to get your ideas/creativity going 999 Ideas (always has new ones)

Positive news