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Government Mule Pen

Pic courtesy of Wikipedia
If only it were really just mules.  See what they have.

The gov's boys with their toys "Positive" videos about the po-po. Highlights things like giant armored Hummers and other equipment. they make the spy streetlamps - and theatrical lighting here are the streetlamp specs.

Interesting job descriptions Crisis actors, so the gov can practice putting down rebellion/unrest, or so a mall can test their rentacops.  Yes, you too can be a fake "terrorist", crazy shooter, victim, or protester, and get paid for it - until they decide to pretend it's real for the news, and don't let you in on the joke...?  I find it interesting that this outfit is located in DENVER. Hmm.  There are also National Guard bases that hire people to do this, and you don't have to be in a troupe of actors first.

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