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financial/market stats track the price of silver and gold track various stocks track the economy without all those modifiers they've added in to make it look better than it is

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foreign policy news (mostly neo-con) These guys got hacked! Rather globalist in outlook

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old news The Wayback Machine
(Google Archive is dead as of 8/28/11. More's the pity.)

watchdogs and conspiracy/whistleblower news (the best kind!)
Note: Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you! Susan Lindauer (an intelligence asset and now a journalist) was held for about 5 years under the Patriot Act for discovering something she shouldn't have about 9-11.  She's finally back out and writing. Govt. and business transparency watchdog site Watchdog site about corporations News about military contractor corruption one Wikileaks mirror - this has their leaks. Rather academic in tone, this site is a project of Peter Presland, a retired Englishman. One of the guys formerly from Wikileaks (John Young) left there saying they were shills for spy agencies of the West and formed this website.  Grand-daddy of all whistleblower sites. Also has slickly produced podcast of Alex Jones. this lady thinks we are in imminent danger of being hit by comets. (Good thing Elenin missed us) She also believes the world is being run by psychopaths.  (I would not argue with that). this site is a bit more cosmic/woo-woo than the others. this guy uses face recognition software to support his claims that the news is mostly staged with actors. Example: he thinks Jon Benet Ramsey, Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse are all fake characters played by the same actress. (I wonder if Gaga and Winehouse ever had simultaneous gigs?) this is a great collection of conspiracies.  They are heavy on the videos. another collection of conspiracies.  This fellow collects resources on government mind control.  He believes himself to be a victim.  From his symptoms he describes, it sounds like he's very sensitive to EMF, either naturally or maybe due to having been made so somehow.
Mostly UFO's and government coverups
Same here.
This isn't really news but I put it here as a reference: all the weird coinkydinks related to 9-11.

Debunker pages: This one identifies the sources behind news stories, so you can tell if it's spin put out by someone with a financial interest in spreading disinformation This one identifies urban legends and attempts to debunk them.  Although it itself has occasionally been accused of disinformation.  (Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?).  Owned by CA liberals. This one is for email hoaxes mostly. This website tracks inaccuracies in reference publications that keep being perpetuated by other authors; it also has measurement conversions, lists of world capitals, plant hardiness zones, acronyms and so forth. A good reference if you need to look something up quick, or if you hope to find an inaccuracy in something.  This handy list will help you recognize troll/disinfo agent tactics, so you can see them for what they are and possibly derail the trolls (if you feel like getting your keyboard dirty).

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