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Track stuff in the air

Guide to airports and their specs
Track any plane in the air
(Of course that is, if it has a flight plan that isn't being disguised. Apparently some government flights either don't appear or are listed as a totally different kind of plane while they're in the air.)
Maps/geographic companion to Cryptome:
Russian cheap software SKYGRABBER was used in Iraq to track Predator spy drones, see article. It is sold as a way to get video (movies etc.) for free from the air.  Perhaps if they start using spy drones in the US against American citizens, you can grab their video (unless they've gotten smart and encrypted it by now).
Space News Daily blog (yeah, I know, there's no air out in space)

Heavy Weather
Hurricane Tracker
Live Earthquake Mashup
Biblioteca Pleyades' Useful Information - page has lots of links to solar weather, pole shift stuff, etc. this guy researches and predicts severe weather, earthquakes etc.  He thinks some severe weather is caused by HAARP, but not the recent spate of earthquakes, which he thinks are natural.  He doesn't believe in a planet or comet smackdown coming soon.

Radiation monitoring (independent)