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Financial Crash links

The Gross National Debt

The following are links related to the financial mess the US is in:
this guy predicts a really big fat crash is coming and has a page of advice of how to prepare.
Not just hyperinflation but peak oil, uranium, phosphate (used in fertilizer), etc. etc. and overpopulation.
This series of 5 Youtube videos details the sordid history of the ESF, or the Exchange Stabilization Fund. This organization runs out of the New York Fed and is supposed to be in charge of stabilizing the dollar.  The author of the videos alleges the ESF is engaging in criminal activities such as funding CIA black ops and drug running, destabilizing other countries and then dollarizing them with drug dollars, and even counterfeiting the dollar abroad.  Near the end of the 5th video he points out that just before 9-11 the Taliban had burnt all the opium fields in Afghanistan, wrecking the poppy harvest and the supply of heroin to the United States.  This caused a huge increase in the number of dollars in circulation (because people weren't buying heroin, the money for which sales would have eventually been bulk-exported).  One of the end results of 9-11 was that the opium growing resumed and in fact increased quite a bit.

If the author is right, then our economy since 1979 has been propped up by the sale of illegal drugs produced in foreign countries.  Regardless, every fiat currency has spelled death for the economy that allowed it.  The fall of Rome was due to fiat currency and inflation.  We are the next Rome and the balloon is about to pop.
12 signs of hyperinflation
Derivatives are "financial WMD's", as Warren Buffet has said.  9 out of 10 major banks that own derivatives are American.  If (probably more like WHEN) derivatives crash we will be proportionately 10 times more f***d than the rest of the world put together and the dollar will crash overnight.  We came close recently.  JP Morgan Chase Bank had shorts on silver.  When silver went up to 49 bucks, they raised the margin four times in a row so that Chase's position would not be called.  Otherwise the bank would have been ruined.
Here's another article on the same thing:
By the way, when silver came back down, they didn't lower the margin.
The International Monetary Fund's publication of 4/11 entitled Fiscal Monitor: "Shifting Gears: Tackling Challenges on the Road to Fiscal Adjustment".  According to it, the US isn't cutting their spending. ("Most advanced economies are reducing fiscal deficits this year, but the United States has put adjustment on hold")  Also in another section, they lump us in with Greece.
Financial Report of the US Government
The HIRE act (HR 2847) - Among various entitlements, this imposes a tax of 30% on money leaving the US.  The part of HIRE that does this is called FACTA.  Essentially it's a US law that affects foreign banks on foreign soil. If a foreign bank refuses to give Uncle Sam the details of your account, they have to withhold 30% of the money you deposit in it right up front.  Many foreign banks are now refusing business from Americans because of this law.  As of 7/18/11 there was a small reprieve: Obama allowed a delay in implementing FACTA. Not sure how much of a delay, I think it's not too long.

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