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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Another One Bites the Dust (Bankster "Suicide")

Deutsche Bank's general counsel, Charlie Gambino (not sure if any relation to the crime family) was found hanging by a noose from a stairway banister on October 20.

It's getting to be a theme here. My guess is these people were either murdered for knowing too much, or they got a conscience, which either prompted them to commit suicide or prompted someone to murder them to prevent them from spilling the beans.

I'm leaning toward prophylactic murder as a theory. Murdered just as a precaution.

Mr. Gambino had recently been defending Deutsche Bank against legal proceedings having to do with its role in the LIBOR scandal, and other currency manipulations.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Wild Food Resource
I just discovered this. Good things about how to make food and preserve it from wild sources.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Keene, NH Pumpkin Fest Police Action Redux

I dunno if you remember this little number from last year:

At the Keene, NH Pumpkin Fest last year, the police (or maybe the feds) had rooftop snipers overwatching the festival. I and several other bloggers criticized them for being too gung-ho.

This year's Pumpkin Fest erupted in a drunken riot. People were throwing bottles, knocking over street signs, and overturning cars. The riot police got called out. Dozens of arrests were made and now the city is trying to figure out from social media who caused the flash mob.  It appears most of the people who got violent were from out of town. As far as I could tell from the video footage, most everyone there was white.

My take-home from this:

Stay away from crowds, especially when they are drunk.
White people riot too.(well duh, look at any post-game riot)
People will travel to riot for fun. It's a bar fight writ large.
The police monitor social media (well, duh).
I still don't like the idea of sniper overwatches at public festivals.

Friday, October 17, 2014

My Ebola (parody song)

My Ebola (to the tune of My Sharona - The Knack)

Flew in from Liberia, Liberia
Just so I could buy me some time, Ebola
I already had the runs, had the runs
Had a fever over 99, Ebola

Never gonna stop, barf it up, such a fevered mind
A human Petri dish with a touch of the deadly kind
My-ee ey-ee my-ee ahee ah woo!
Ma ma ma my Ebola

Come a little closer, over here
Now you see the blood in my eyes, Ebola
Here comes Mr. President, to kiss the nurse
While it's running down my thigh, Ebola

Never gonna stop, barf it up, such a fevered mind
A human Petri dish with a touch of the deadly kind
My-ee ey-ee my-ee ahee ah woo!
Ma ma ma my Ebola

When ya gonna get to me, get to me
Is it just a matter of time, Ebola
Should I go into quarantine, quarantine
Or is it just the flu in my mind, Ebola

Never gonna stop, barf it up, such a fevered mind
A human Petri dish with a touch of the deadly kind
My-ee ey-ee my-ee ahee ah woo!
Ma ma ma my Ebola
Ma ma ma my Ebola
Ooooh my Ebola

(I wish Weird Al would record this)

Monday, October 13, 2014

My Reply to Dem Claim of "GOP cuts to CDC caused Ebola"

First, who was it that kept the sequester going so long by refusing any compromises, and made it hurt on purpose for visitors to national parks, including veterans gathering for memorial services, closing them with signs they had to have ordered beforehand and paying people to stand guard and keep people out?  And who was it who totally stiffed employees of the DoD? Oh yeah, it was the Dems. So don't be whining to us about "GOP cuts", until you pay those guys their back pay.

Second, here is a comment I stumbled on under this article on a botched black-ops suppressor manufacturing project that now has NCIS (the real NCIS not the show) involved: (go click on it later, as the point here is the comment)

want a 'missing money' scandal?
CBO investigation of 2012 spending data shows
the Department of Health and Human Services failed to report nearly $544 billion in spending
total of $619 billion 'missing' from 302 federal programs.
the current administration is transferring responsibility for the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act website from the Office of Management and Budget , General Services Administration to the Bureau of the Fiscal Service in the Department of the Treasury.
So, apparatchiks, where'd the money go? Care to pull it out of your Swiss bank accounts and give it back? You know, because Ebola infects hypocrites and thieves like you just as well as the rest of us?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Ebola Doubling Period ~2-3 weeks
According to this guy, the doubling period for Ebola is around 2-3 weeks. And government officials are acting like it's just a cold or flu (so far)... and there will be a point at which no-one will be able to stop its spread because mass chaos will break out.

It takes 33 doubling periods to go from 1 to 8 billion, which is about the population of the earth.  Except according to him we're on period 14 or so already.  Given this projection, if true, we as a species have roughly 9 months to a bit over a year left on this earth, unless some of the uninfected can hide and wait it out, or a cure/vaccine be found that can be mass produced quickly.

Let's just hope that they wake up in time to avoid the chaos part. But for yourself, be prepared to hide and wait it out.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Are We Ready For Ebola?
In a word, No.
Read the whole thing.

There are 23 beds in the whole country equipped to deal with Ebola. These are at 4 medical centers that actually train to deal with Ebola, the rest are not anywhere near as prepared. As in, their training consists of having some guidelines in a binder somewhere, maybe watching videos online and having some supplies in a storage trailer, and they've never even so much as donned a hazmat suit for practice. Would they even recognize an Ebola case at their door?

Seeing as this assclown patient in Dallas who lied in order to get on the plane from Liberia was not recognized as an Ebola case, was sent home, and exposed over 80 people who are now under observation, all it would take is one more person to pull a stunt like that.  And 0bama in his infinite wisdom is refusing to cancel flights from the hot spots, even in the face of ISIS threatening to infect themselves and come here.

What can we do, since it appears we have to protect ourselves, both from Ebola and from getting stuck in a quarantine zone (while healthy) should it get out of control?

I suggest you get the supplies (food and water etc.) together to be able to "shelter in place" for several months, and if your routine/job requires you to have physical contact with a lot of people, think seriously about finding another one that does not. You might want to stock up on N100 masks, nitrile gloves, goggles, bleach, etc. too.

On the bright side, if you end up in a quarantine zone and can't go to work, neither would the sheriff be likely to want to come evict you...