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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Some Straws for the Camel's Back

Two from ZeroHedge:

First, there is a huge, gnarly backup of container ships etc. because of the Longshoremen's Union slowdown showdown. Their employer stopped the unloading of ships for four days over the weekend. Pictures are of the harbor in Long Beach, CA. (so maybe don't try to go there in a boat). ZeroHedge says the Retail Industry Leaders Association speculates if it turns into a total shutdown of western ports, this could become the impetus for the economy to totally crash.

Then, there has been an explosion at an Exxon refinery in Torrance, CA. Exxon is calling it an accident (as opposed to sabotage or terrorism), and unfortunately this is not the first accident they've had in Torrance. I wonder what this will do to the price of gas at the pump.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Mini DIY Link Dump

The tabs on my browser were getting a little much, so I'm dumping them here for reference. There's been so much good DIY stuff lately, plus I'm trying to fix my Ham radio. nonlinear DIY wiki you can store anywhere (firefox add-on) and you can encrypt. morse code practice more morse code resources program your Baofeng UV-5R recover your Baofeng UV-5R's firmware this guy is designing a sailing houseboat free CAD program CAD program addon to design your own PCB's the book is back in print for 30 bucks + shipping. It's about time! make bulletproof glass

So many goodies, so little time.
Quite a few of these links were courtesy of Come and Make It.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Solar Flare Charts for HAM Radio

I don't remember where I saw this. One of the threeper/prepper sites. My apologies for not giving credit but this has been sitting as an open tab for over a week waiting for me to have time to put a link to it.

Here are solar flare HF propagation charts useful to HAM radio enthusiasts. When the solar flares are in season, radios can reach farther. (That's the simple answer anyway). Not just HAM radios either. During the CB radio fad in the 1970's there was a solar flare season, and the fad faded with the season.  Solar flares are on a 11 year cycle, and they were supposed to be at their peak in 2012-2013.

This solar flare stuff is something I have to learn about. I'm still pretty much a n00b, but a n00b can still link to something useful.

Monday, January 5, 2015

UN Ebola Chief Changes Tune, Steps Down

Anthony Banbury, the UN Ebola chief, is stepping down and says they could have the virus "licked" by the end of 2015, because they have their "100% burial rate target on track".

Compare this to the beginning of October when he was warning it could go airborne.

So which one is it, Mr. Banbury?

Is this 180-degree turnabout because somehow now Top. Men. Are. On. It?
or is it because Mr. Banbury is stepping down and wants to leave looking good?
or is it because they have no more use for alarm, or want to lull the masses, or what?

Another Dead Banker

Thomas Gilbert, 70, who founded the mostly biotech hedgefund Wainscott Capital Partners Fund in 2011, was found dead in his NYC apartment with a handgun near the body.

Police have detained his son, Thomas Gilbert Jr., for questioning. No charges have been filed yet.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Land Wars Continue in Nevada - also a rant on Labels and Rights

I have a link to the Bundy Ranch blog, but it's a picture. I didn't have it in my blog feed. Oops!
It's going in my feed NOW.

So, in case you don't know, this land war is not over. In the middle of January 2015 (Jan. 10 or maybe a day or two before) the BLM is going to completely shut off millions of acres (both public and private) in Southern Nevada from ANY human use, with the excuse of "Critical Environmental Concern". No ranching, no camping, no target shooting, no hiking, no nothing.  This is of course a retaliation against the peasants who would dare to stand up to them. 

It would also possibly put the land under the control of the UN, eventually, because "environmental concern" is one thing that would do that under a 1972 World Heritage Treaty that puts monuments and "environmental concern" designated areas under their control. Already there are several US national monuments and national parks under their control on paper. It's just dormant, waiting for some reason for them to flex their muscle - like a collapse, or the US not being able to keep them up. I'm not expecting blue helmets to show up in Nevada in January, but I wouldn't rule it out in the long run.

We have the right to life, liberty, and property.  Yeah. The phrase "The pursuit of happiness" was a dial-down from the original wording.  I say, property is a natural right.

If the feds seal off most of Nevada from the people's use, which state will be next? Maybe Colorado, Texas, or New Mexico?  Northern California, when they partition and call themselves the State of Jefferson?

So, expect some more excitement in a couple weeks.  And expect it to continue.

This whole thing reminds me of the Diggers and Levellers. The Diggers and Levellers in 1649 were sort of early socialists (according to *spit* Wikipedia that is) who planted vegetables on common land, during an economic downturn/famine. People like *spit* Oliver Cromwell wanted to put them down and have a form of government based on property ownership, meaning only land owners could have a say and only land owners could use the land. The government tried to smear the Diggers, calling them Ranters, which was an oddball (and outlawed) group known for their sexual license. By labeling them Ranters, this took their rights away, as they became labeled as outlaws.

In our time, Cliven Bundy was called a "Racist" for some remarks he made about how welfare keeps blacks down. "Racism" is the slur of our times designating someone as an outlaw.  In Europe you can go to jail for "Racist" speech.  Politically "correct" censorship is starting to affect people in college in the US and will eventually spread to the general population if the First Amendment is not fought for.

And, it's the Senator from Nevada, Harry Reid, who keeps introducing bills to weaken the First Amendment. Gee, what a coinkydink.

Back to "Socialist"... I think this label "socialist" is kind of a dodge. Those calling themselves "socialists" (or "progressives") today would have us think they are like the Diggers, when they're really more like Cromwell.  Wikipedia and all the other socialist propaganda outfits notwithstanding. Do you see it?

Labels aside, look at it this way: there's people using this land, and the bigwigs in the fedgov are trying to take that away and keep it for themselves.  Making land a "no go" area, they'll have to send some armed men there to enforce it. So instead of preserving nature, it's more like they took territory under arms from some uppity peasants. (I wonder if PETA will protest the subsequent slaughter of the cows on it, or if we'll hear crickets?)

That's an awful lot of territory to defend just to make a point.  They'll need quite a few armed men, and for what, some turtle-infested scrub land?  Unless there's oil or another one of Reid's son's Chinese solar panel farms going up there, or something.  My guess is follow the money and see what happens if they succeed.  If.

Give the uppity peasants at the Bundy Ranch some love.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Cheap MOLLE gear factory seconds

Want cheap MOLLE gear and don't care if a stitch or two is out of place?
Kentucky and Tennessee. They have factory outlets that sell MOLLE gear factory seconds for cheap. This is a company that makes gear for the military.