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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bankruptcy alternative
I saw this post in a board about using a credit union as an alternative to personal bankruptcy. This poster thinks that you can put all your finances in the hands of a credit union and they will manipulate your finances until you are solvent.

Homemade solar window heat collectors

My experiment with solar window heat collectors

Last winter I tried this: I took 2 shallow cardboard boxes (you can make one or cut one down if you can’t find a good one) - and then I glued pennies in one and I glued roofers flashing in another one. I painted them black inside with some black spray paint I had lying around. I cut a hole in the top and one in the side near the bottom. Then I propped them up in the window with the black side facing out and the bottom of the box facing in. I aimed for afternoon sun.

I am not sure if they worked, but they kept falling down so I taped them to the window, but the tape kept falling off too. Next winter I am going to add clear plastic to cover them, and I’ll put some weights in them (like a rock or two).
I’ve seen designs where you add fans to blow the hot air out, but I imagine the fans and the power to run them would be more than the heat you get off of the collectors. The hot air should come out the top, anyway, since it rises. So put the collectors in the bottom half of your windows.

I’ve wondered if I should have put the pennies in the bank account and used something else, it sort of bothered me to use money that way, even if it was only like 50 cents.

I have also read that you can take tin foil , paint it black on one side, and hang it in the windows behind the curtains. You could probably just bend it over the curtain pole. I think this would look odd from the street, though.