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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Black Box In Your Car

Since it seems the Fed Gov wants all new cars to have a black box, or EDR (Event Data Recorder) by September of next year, I thought I would research what the existing ones do.  What data they record, whether they transmit, and which cars have them.

About 80% of new cars have EDR's.  General Motors and Ford implement the technology on most of their recent models, while Mercedes-Benz and Audi do not use EDRs at all. Toyota has them.  They don't transmit, unless you have Onstar.

Here is a great article written by a mechanical forensics company in New Hampshire that describes the EDR and also lists all the makers of cars and what is known about their EDR's.  They say this about the new law: "It mandates a list of things that an EDR must record if the car has an EDR which is intended to be downloaded after a crash. Think about that for a moment: if a car doesn't have an EDR intended to be downloaded after a crash, then the rule does not apply."

In other words if you have an older car you won't have to take it somewhere and get an EDR put in.

What I have gathered is that the EDR is part of your airbag system or sometimes the drive train.  It is silver in color (not black).  It is usually kept under the dash or under the drivers seat and records data on the speed, braking, seat belts, etc. of your car.  Some record continuously (but in a loop that gets overwritten periodically) and some only when your car has an accident.  The Onstar system, if you have it, will also broadcast a signal to a remote location when the airbags are deployed.

Heavy trucks' EDR's are part of their fuel injection system and record more information, such as sudden stops, low oil pressure, or coolant loss.

The EDR has come in handy in traffic court cases - it has helped determine who was at fault in an accident in a few cases.  But the EDR is not standardized and can be inaccurate also.  It's not enough information to use by itself to determine what happened in an accident. For example Toyota has said their EDR's are not good enough to reconstruct an accident.

One thing the EDR's in vehicles don't do currently is record the conversations inside the car, who is in the car, what direction it's going, etc.  The ones in airplanes do record sound in the cockpit.  (The black boxes in airplanes are also actually bright orange, not black, so they can be more easily found in a plane crash.)

Right now there is controversy being hashed out as to who owns the data in an EDR.  It will probably be determined that the owner of the car is the owner of the information, but it differs from state to state.  An article I read in Risk Management Magazine said "10 states have passed EDR legislation since 2004 and 20 more states have legislation pending."  I'm not sure when that article was written, so these numbers might be different now.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has required that all manufacturers make their EDR data publicly available. As of October 2009, only General Motors, Ford and Daimler Chrysler had released their EDR data to be publicly read.  The NHTSA are also trying to get the auto manufacturers to standardize the EDR's so they're all the same.

So, this one looks not so much like a conspiracy to spy on people, for once, but more some kind of way to save insurance companies some money, or possibly determine whether the car itself was at fault, like in those unexplained acceleration cases.  However, it bears watching, because future EDR's may do more than the current crop.  I'm sure auto manufacturers will drag their feet, because it raises the cost of building a car.

How to Resist the NWO in Daily Life

I saw this as a comment below an article on  Thought it was good.  These are little things, that if enough people do them, they'll have a harder time controlling us.  And they're not hard to implement, most of them.

1. Turn off your T.V. (Better yet, throw it away)
2. Think for yourself.
3. Question all so-called 'Authority' (Especially big banks, big oil, big weapons manufacturers, big government, multinational corporate interests, big media, and anything you were taught in school)!
4. Get out, and/or stay out, of debt! (Try to not charge for things that you can just as easily pay for, with cash)
5. Use cash as much as possible, rather than debit cards and/or credit cards, which allow companies to track what you are buying, and where you are buying.
6. Get rid of grocery store 'discount' cards - grocery stores provide this information to insurance companies.
7. Bank at a Credit Union, or any alternative to the 'Too-Big-To-Fail' Banks, that participated in the 2008 Banker Bailout. Don't do business with 'the Beast'.
8. Invest as much as you reasonably can in precious metals - especially silver, and gold.
9. You have the right to own a firearm, to protect yourself, and your family. Read the 2nd Amendment.
10. Buy products that indicate "Made in America" - whenever possible. You'd be surprised to find out how many necessary, practical, every day products are still "Made in America"!
11. Buy food at a local Farmer's Market
12. Start your own garden
13. Meditate - reduce your stress!
14. Get exercise!
15. Read a book (here is an excellent book to read: Psychological Warfare and the New World Order: The Secret War Against the American People 

16. Listen to soothing classical, jazz, ambient, or alternative music
17. Watch 'Freedom to Fascism' - a film by Aaron Russo (can be found here:
18. Watch 'Why We Fight' - a film by Eugene Jarecki
(can be found here:
19. Watch 'Endgame' - a film by Alex Jones (can be found here:
20. Below is advice from John Perkins' book, entitled THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE (The Truth About Economic Hit Men, Jackals, And How To Change The World), pp. 322-329.

(Instead, jog, meditate, read, or find some other solution).
SHOP CONSCIOUSLY - if there is something you must have, purchase items whose packaging, ingredients, and methods of production are sustainable and support life.
Write letters telling Monsanto, De Beers, ExxonMobil, Adidas, Ford, GE, Coca-Cola, WALMART, and other labor exploiters and environment destroyers
why you refuse to purchase from them.
DOWNSIZE (your car, home, wardrobe) - everything in your life (and don't buy what you don't need) SUPPORT/SEND MONEY only to non-profits, radio stations, and other organizations that promote JUST causes.
VOLUNTEER your time and energy to such organizations.
ENCOURAGE stores to buy from local growers, producers, and suppliers.
AVOID DRINKING WATER THAT IS FLUORIDATED (only your toothpaste should have non-industrial fluoride)
INSIST that those who use your money - banks, pensions, mutual funds, companies - make socially and environmentally responsible investments."
21. Better yet - invest in precious metals (silver/gold).
22. Research every company whose products or services you buy
23. Research every organization to which you donate your hard-earned money
24. Vote with your dollars!
25. Watch 'The Secret of Oz' - a film by William T. Still (can be found here:
26. Get prepared for when the U.S. dollar TOTALLY COLLAPSES, and loses its place, as the world's sole reserve currency. The 'globalists' (European Central Bankers, like the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers, as well) are planning to reduce the American Middle Class to the status of the Third World poor. That is, they are going to wipe out the American 'Middle Class'. That is why they shipped our jobs overseas. That is why they engineered the current economic 'downturn'. That is why no bankers have gone to jail, over their financial crimes - they are immune. There is no 'justice' in this system. It is owned, and operated by European Central Bankers, and their Allies in London, in Frankfurt, and on Wall St.

Expand the above list, and share it with everyone you know!

The Essential Rules of Tyranny

distress flag
I stole this below article in its entirety from ZeroHedge.  I thought it was important to spread this to my 50-some-odd readers per day, maybe someone will see it and be able to do something to save themselves. 

Ask yourself: We've got most of these ingredients ready to go.  There are some very radical leftists in the Obama administration.  Some of them want to reduce the world population by 95%.  The economic crisis they need to seize power the way they want is at hand. Now, you don't think they will let a good economic crisis go to waste, do you? 

Also ask: What is YOUR breaking point?  What is your Plan B?

Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt Market

The Essential Rules Of Tyranny

As we look back on the horrors of the dictatorships and autocracies of the past, one particular question consistently arises; how was it possible for the common men of these eras to NOT notice what was happening around them? How could they have stood as statues unaware or uncaring as their cultures were overrun by fascism, communism, collectivism, and elitism? Of course, we have the advantage of hindsight, and are able to research and examine the misdeeds of the past at our leisure. Unfortunately, such hindsight does not necessarily shield us from the long cast shadow of tyranny in our own day. For that, the increasingly uncommon gift of foresight is required…
At bottom, the success of despotic governments and Big Brother societies hinges upon a certain number of political, financial, and cultural developments. The first of which is an unwillingness in the general populace to secure and defend their own freedoms, making them completely reliant on corrupt establishment leadership. For totalitarianism to take hold, the masses must not only neglect the plight of their country, and the plight of others, but also be completely uninformed of the inherent indirect threats to their personal safety. They must abandon all responsibility for their destinies, and lose all respect for their own humanity. They must, indeed, become domesticated and mindless herd animals without regard for anything except their fleeting momentary desires for entertainment and short term survival. For a lumbering bloodthirsty behemoth to actually sneak up on you, you have to be pretty damnably oblivious.
The prevalence of apathy and ignorance sets the stage for the slow and highly deliberate process of centralization. Once dishonest governments accomplish an atmosphere of inaction and condition a sense of frailty within the citizenry, the sky is truly the limit. However, a murderous power-monger’s day is never quite done. In my recent article ‘The Essential Rules of Liberty’ we explored the fundamentally unassailable actions and mental preparations required to ensure the continuance of a free society. In this article, let’s examine the frequently wielded tools of tyrants in their invariably insane quests for total control…
Rule #1: Keep Them Afraid
People who are easily frightened are easily dominated. This is not just a law of political will, but a law of nature. Many wrongly assume that a tyrant’s power comes purely from the application of force. In fact, despotic regimes that rely solely on extreme violence are often very unsuccessful, and easily overthrown. Brute strength is calculable. It can be analyzed, and thus, eventually confronted and defeated. Thriving tyrants instead utilize not just harm, but the imminent THREAT of harm. They instill apprehension in the public; a fear of the unknown, or a fear of the possible consequences for standing against the state. They let our imaginations run wild until we see death around every corner, whether it’s actually there or not. When the masses are so blinded by the fear of reprisal that they forget their fear of slavery, and take no action whatsoever to undo it, then they have been sufficiently culled.
In other cases, our fear is evoked and directed towards engineered enemies. Another race, another religion, another political ideology, a “hidden” and ominous villain created out of thin air. Autocrats assert that we “need them” in order to remain safe and secure from these illusory monsters bent on our destruction. As always, this development is followed by the claim that all steps taken, even those that dissolve our freedoms, are “for the greater good”. Frightened people tend to shirk their sense of independence and run towards the comfort of the collective, even if that collective is built on immoral and unconscionable foundations. Once a society takes on a hive-mind mentality almost any evil can be rationalized, and any injustice against the individual is simply overlooked for the sake of the group.
Rule #2: Keep Them Isolated
In the past, elitist governments would often legislate and enforce severe penalties for public gatherings, because defusing the ability of the citizenry to organize or to communicate was paramount to control. In our technological era, such isolation is still used, but in far more advanced forms. The bread and circus lifestyle of the average westerner alone is enough to distract us from connecting with each other in any meaningful fashion, but people still sometimes find ways to seek out organized forms of activism.
Through co-option, modern day tyrant’s can direct and manipulate opposition movements. By creating and administrating groups which oppose each other, elites can then micromanage all aspects of a nation on the verge of revolution. These “false paradigms” give us the illusion of proactive organization, and the false hope of changing the system, while at the same time preventing us from seeking understanding in one another. All our energies are then muted and dispersed into meaningless battles over “left and right”, or “Democrat versus Republican”, for example. Only movements that cast aside such empty labels and concern themselves with the ultimate truth of their country, regardless of what that truth might reveal, are able to enact real solutions to the disasters wrought by tyranny.
In more advanced forms of despotism, even fake organizations are disbanded. Curfews are enforced. Normal communications are diminished or monitored. Compulsory paperwork is required. Checkpoints are instituted. Free speech is punished. Existing groups are influenced to distrust each other or to disintegrate entirely out of dread of being discovered. All of these measures are taken by tyrants primarily to prevent ANY citizens from gathering and finding mutual support. People who work together and organize of their own volition are unpredictable, and therefore, a potential risk to the state.
Rule #3: Keep Them Desperate
You’ll find in nearly every instance of cultural descent into autocracy, the offending government gained favor after the onset of economic collapse. Make the necessities of root survival an uncertainty, and people without knowledge of self sustainability and without solid core principles will gladly hand over their freedom, even for mere scraps from the tables of the same men who unleashed famine upon them. Financial calamities are not dangerous because of the poverty they leave in their wake; they are dangerous because of the doors to malevolence that they leave open.
Destitution leads not just to hunger, but also to crime (private and government). Crime leads to anger, hatred, and fear. Fear leads to desperation. Desperation leads to the acceptance of anything resembling a solution, even despotism.
Autocracies pretend to cut through the dilemmas of economic dysfunction (usually while demanding liberties be relinquished), however, behind the scenes they actually seek to maintain a proscribed level of indigence and deprivation. The constant peril of homelessness and starvation keeps the masses thoroughly distracted from such things as protest or dissent, while simultaneously chaining them to the idea that their only chance is to cling to the very government out to end them.
Rule #4: Send Out The Jackboots
This is the main symptom often associated with totalitarianism. So much so that our preconceived notions of what a fascist government looks like prevent us from seeing other forms of tyranny right under our noses. Some Americans believe that if the jackbooted thugs are not knocking on every door, then we MUST still live in a free country. Obviously, this is a rather naïve position. Admittedly, though, goon squads and secret police do eventually become prominent in every failed nation, usually while the public is mesmerized by visions of war, depression, hyperinflation, terrorism, etc.
When law enforcement officials are no longer servants of the people, but agents of a government concerned only with its own supremacy, serious crises emerge. Checks and balances are removed. The guidelines that once reigned in police disappear, and suddenly, a philosophy of superiority emerges; an arrogant exclusivity that breeds separation between law enforcement and the rest of the public. Finally, police no longer see themselves as protectors of citizens, but prison guards out to keep us subdued and docile.
As tyranny grows, this behavior is encouraged. Good men are filtered out of the system, and small (minded and hearted) men are promoted.
At its pinnacle, a police state will hide the identities of most of its agents and officers, behind masks or behind red tape, because their crimes in the name of the state become so numerous and so sadistic that personal vengeance on the part of their victims will become a daily concern.
Rule #5: Blame Everything On The Truth Seekers
Tyrants are generally men who have squelched their own consciences. They have no reservations in using any means at their disposal to wipe out opposition. But, in the early stages of their ascent to power, they must give the populace a reason for their ruthlessness, or risk being exposed, and instigating even more dissent. The propaganda machine thus goes into overdrive, and any person or group that dares to question the authority or the validity of the state is demonized in the minds of the masses.
All disasters, all violent crimes, all the ills of the world, are hoisted upon the shoulders of activist groups and political rivals. They are falsely associated with fringe elements already disliked by society (racists, terrorists, etc). A bogus consensus is created through puppet media in an attempt to make the public believe that “everyone else” must have the same exact views, and those who express contrary positions must be “crazy”, or “extremist”. Events are even engineered by the corrupt system and pinned on those demanding transparency and liberty. The goal is to drive anti-totalitarian organizations into self censorship. That is to say, instead of silencing them directly, the state causes activists to silence themselves.
Tyrannical power structures cannot function without scapegoats. There must always be an elusive boogie man under the bed of every citizen, otherwise, those citizens may turn their attention, and their anger, towards the real culprit behind their troubles. By scapegoating stewards of the truth, such governments are able to kill two birds with one stone.
Rule #6: Encourage Citizen Spies
Ultimately, the life of a totalitarian government is not prolonged by the government itself, but by the very people it subjugates. Citizen spies are the glue of any police state, and our propensity for sticking our noses into other peoples business is highly valued by Big Brother bureaucracies around the globe.
There are a number of reasons why people participate in this repulsive activity. Some are addicted to the feeling of being a part of the collective, and “service” to this collective, sadly, is the only way they are able to give their pathetic lives meaning. Some are vindictive, cold, and soulless, and actually get enjoyment from ruining others. And still, like elites, some long for power, even petty power, and are willing to do anything to fulfill their vile need to dictate the destinies of perfect strangers.
Citizen spying is almost always branded as a civic duty; an act of heroism and bravery. Citizen spies are offered accolades and awards, and showered with praise from the upper echelons of their communities. People who lean towards citizen spying are often outwardly and inwardly unimpressive; physically and mentally inept. For the average moral and emotional weakling with persistent feelings of inadequacy, the allure of finally being given fifteen minutes of fame and a hero’s status (even if that status is based on a lie) is simply too much to resist. They begin to see “extremists” and “terrorists” everywhere. Soon, people afraid of open ears everywhere start to watch what they say at the supermarket, in their own backyards, or even to family members. Free speech is effectively neutralized.
Rule #7: Make Them Accept The Unacceptable
In the end, it is not enough for a government fueled by the putrid sludge of iniquity to lord over us. At some point, it must also influence us to forsake our most valued principles. Tyrannies are less concerned with dominating how we live, so much as dominating how we think. If they can mold our very morality, they can exist unopposed indefinitely. Of course, the elements of conscience are inborn, and not subject to environmental duress as long as a man is self aware. However, conscience can be manipulated if a person has no sense of identity, and has never put in the effort to explore his own strengths and failings. There are many people like this in America today.
Lies become “necessary” in protecting the safety of the state. War becomes a tool for “peace”. Torture becomes an ugly but “useful” method for gleaning important information. Police brutality is sold as a “natural reaction” to increased crime. Rendition becomes normal, but only for those labeled as “terrorists”. Assassination is justified as a means for “saving lives”. Genocide is done discretely, but most everyone knows it is taking place. They simply don’t discuss it.
All tyrannical systems depend on the apathy and moral relativism of the inhabitants within their borders. Without the cooperation of the public, these systems cannot function. The real question is, how many of the above steps will be taken before we finally refuse to conform? At what point will each man and woman decide to break free from the dark path blazed before us and take measures to ensure their independence? Who will have the courage to develop their own communities, their own alternative economies, their own organizations for mutual defense outside of establishment constructs, and who will break under the pressure to bow like cowards? How many will hold the line, and how many will flee?
For every American, for every human being across the planet who chooses to stand immovable in the face of the very worst in mankind, we come that much closer to breathing life once again into the very best in us all.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

ATF to Visit Your Home If You Buy 2 Guns At Once

In the Southwestern border states, the ATF is visiting people's homes who buy more than one gun in any 5 day period of time.  This is to enforce a non-existent law.  There was some legislation, this clause was stripped from it before it passed, but the ATF is enforcing it anyway.  They sent a letter to all gun stores in these border states.  A gun store clerk sent a copy of this letter to Prison Planet, here is the article, and you can also view the letter there.

What really burns me is, the ATF was "gunwalking" guns into Mexico recently in order to create a fake crisis so they could offer a "solution" in more gun control laws.  Some of these guns ended up killing American border guards! This scandal goes all the way up to the White House and some in Congress are whispering impeachment of Obama.  Will these public serpents ever get off their butts and do it?  If they're going to, they should do it right quick, before Obama manufactures another crisis of giant proportions and imposes martial law.

Do you see what is happening?  FAKE CRISES, DRACONIAN "SOLUTIONS".  Both this gun thing and the hacktivist thing.  There are bills both already passed and currently before Congress that would increase the ability of the gov to spy on your internet use.  There are Executive Orders in place since 1984 that create a dictatorship and give the gov the power to take away your guns, food and water in a national emergency.  There is a new Executive Order giving the feds carte blanche to mess around with farmers and other rurals.  There are these 800 some-odd FEMA concentration camps built since 2006 by a subsidiary of Haliburton, sitting around waiting to be used. 

This is the calm before the storm.

The dollar is about to crash and Congress is sitting around bickering about it and threatening people's retirement and disability checks, but none of them are willing to reduce the military, although we are playing Big Brother in 6 foreign countries right now.  This in the presidency of someone who got the Nobel Peace Prize.  To me, this makes the Nobel Peace Prize a total joke.

Even if they raise the debt ceiling, the monetary system WILL crash eventually.  It's only a matter of a few months now.  Fiat currency, which has been in place in the US since 1933, has never worked out for any regime ever.  It is a Ponzi scheme, and it creates hockey-stick inflation and the end of the regime EVERY TIME.  It's simple math that any high schooler should be able to understand. (although with the dumbing down of public schools, maybe not).  The only thing that has kept the US going is constant warfare, but this also creates inflation - it's like cancer or any kind of runaway infection, eventually it kills its host.

It's not just Obama's fault.  It started with Reagan, or one might say it really started in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank.  I'd say, though, that the beginning of the end run, the establishment of the prison world to come, was with Reagan.  This thing transcends Democrat and Republican.  Those are like Coke and Pepsi.  They are labels intended to divide and conquer the public.  Politicians from both parties are guilty of eroding the freedoms of Americans. 

Where is this going?  What happens when the regime ends? 
Have you noticed that Obama keeps invoking his "authority" from the UN?

Maude, It's Those Darn Hacktivists Again

tink tink tink
Here's some news on LulzSec and Anonymous. It seems like they are now collaborating.

I'm not that thrilled with LulzSec.  They seemed to be on a rampage for the heck of it.

Anonymous on the other hand, I haven't quite figured out yet.  Their Youtube videos directed at the rest of the world express outrage at corporate greed and corruption.  They threaten "Expect Us", and then they hack into computers.  But the material on their forum emphasizes staying within the law.  It says
##Reminder## Hacking, violence and illegal activities are not to be discussed in this community. We support LEGAL resistance and are working toward PEACEFUL RESISTANCE. Please respect this community. If you see something in violation, please flag that
WTF? If they are hacking and then boasting about it online, why are they discouraging it on their forums?  Is it just a technicality to keep their forum within the free speech law?  Just asking!  I would be careful around Anonymous, simply because of this two-facedness: maybe they are a hacker honey trap set up by the gov.  Or they could be a false-flag operation so as to create a fake crisis and then promote the crackdown on internet freedom that they plan as a "solution".

Things That Affect Your Hormones (for ladies mostly)

I have been collecting a list of things that affect hormones.

ESTROGEN: This hormone makes girls menarche sooner, makes breasts grow bigger, encourages lactation, but it also creates swelling/inflammation and can cause cancer especially in older women.  As women get older, they start making less estradiol (the youth estrogen) and they start getting belly fat that gets harder to get rid of.  This is because the body starts relying on estrogen rather than estradiol and the fat stores estrogen, so the body doesn't want to get rid of it. 

According to this article, antibacterial soap increases estrogen somehow.  Not only that but washing it down the sink (like when you wash your hands) encourages super-bacteria to breed in your drain traps.  Plain old soap works as well or better to kill germs on your hands.

Here's some other things that can increase your estrogen:
Microwaving food in plastic containers releases fake estrogens from the plastic.

The plastic coating inside canned food cans has fake estrogens also.

Fennel and fenugreek have plant estrogen.  Breast enlargement creams are often made with these herbs.
Birth control pills have estrogen or estradiol or both.
Cosmetics, household cleaners, spray air fresheners, perfume, shampoo, pesticides (as retained in food) and plastic wrapping all have fake estrogen in them.
Drinking a lot of coffee will increase your estrogen quite a bit.
Eating too much sugar, the wrong kind of fats, not enough quality proteins, stress and smoking can mess your hormones up.  Stress makes cortisol, which blocks the same receptors as progesterone uses.

It is because older women have too much estrogen in their environments that they are now having problems in menopause.  It used to be thought they had too little.  What they really have too little of is progesterone.  Having too much estrogen is called "estrogen dominance".

Having an estrogen-progesterone imbalance can cause:"anxiety, excess facial hair, fatigue, hair loss, heavier or skipped periods, breast cysts, belly fat, brain fog, dry skin, chronic fatigue, dizziness, extreme PMS, decreased libido, carb cravings, and acid reflux." See here

ESTRADIOL: This is a form of estrogen that your body makes when it's younger.  It promotes fat on the hips rather than on the belly.  Some birth control pills contain fake estradiol.

PROGESTERONE: This is the hormone that is released when the egg is released (ovulation).  It protects the egg and promotes lactation also.  It regulates the levels of estrogen.  Your body makes a lot of kinds of estrogen, but only one kind of progesterone.  If you get pregnant, the placenta makes progesterone, which protects it and keeps it from getting spontaneously aborted.

How to increase progesterone: 
Well, first try reducing your exposure to things that increase estrogen.  This may do the trick.
Try arranging your life so as to reduce the amount of stress in it.  This will decrease cortisol which blocks progesterone.  If you can't change your job or home life, you can add exercise, cut coffee, etc.
There are topical creams you can buy over-the-counter with progesterone, but they are NOT cheap and they lose their freshness pretty quick once you start using them.
This site claims that products sold with plant-derived progesterone may not do the trick. Especially wild yams, which make something like progesterone but that doesn't metabolize into progesterone. 
Herbs like yucca and sarsaparilla can jump start your own natural resource of progesterone.  See here
Sarsaparilla also has testosterone in it, which some ladies in menopause may need some of.

Finally, I had to throw in an old groaner:
How do you make a hormone?
Don't pay her! (nyuk nyuk)

Friday, July 29, 2011

House panel approves Internet spying bill

The Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act of 2011 (H.R. 1981) has been approved by a House panel.  This bill, which I already complained about once, is NOT really about pornographers, that is just a front.

It requires ISP's to retain information about every customer: names, addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and temporarily-assigned IP addresses for 12 months.

Here are some links to articles about it:

Raw Story article
Prison Planet article
Electronic Frontier Foundation article

We need to get this thing defeated.
To push back and contact your representative click here

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Support State Sovereignty for Food - Push Back Against E.O. #13575

Here's an Action Item from Natural News. If you click on it you can send your politicians a note asking them to preserve state sovereignty in regards to food. 

This is a push-back against the Executive Order #13575, which is going to send a lot of Federal agencies to rural areas to butt in and interfere.  Conspicuously missing from the laundry list of stakeholders in this bill are the FARMERS and CONSUMERS.  It's nothing but a power grab and a land grab, so push back and click here.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Criminalization of Walking

Oh, this one really burns my butt.  This lady was trying to cross the street with her 3 kids in tow after dark, from the bus stop to her apartment building, and one kid got hit by a hit-and-run car driven by someone who admitted to drinking, taking pain pills, and being blind in one eye.  Instead of charging the DRIVER with vehicular homicide, they charged the MOTHER.  Imagine having your kid get killed in this manner and then you being charged for the irresponsible actions of someone else.  What is wrong with this world?

More Internet Privacy Stuff

New article from How Dangerous is Citizen Dataveillance?
Here's a public darknet called Freenet. It's a way to anonymously share files, browse, and publish. Chinese people who want to circumvent their government censor use this.  From what I can tell, you can use it publicly or form your own private darknet using it.

Nobody gathers information without having a plan to someday use it. Even if it's a contingency plan in the back of their mind.  Nobody writes a law without intending to enforce it as written.

How to Handle a Wiretap on Your Phone

I stole this from the Jungle Hut
Since Uncle Sam has all kinds of time to tap everyone's phone, maybe we could make it interesting for them - I mean they must be bored, unless they have computers doing it all the time.

I just found this expat lady living in Paraguay's blog.  They don't have as sophisticated phone tapping equipment there as we do in the good ole USA, so when they tap her phone she can hear breathing and clicks!  So she started messing with them.  This is so funny!  She says:

If I ever had a toddler in the house I would let them speak, and babble and sing to their hearts content over the phone.

Or, read scripture passages for long stretches!

Give the official listening in the 'Plan of Salvation".

Speak in PIG LATIN!!! Oday ouyay eakspay igpay atinlay???

Our favorite, when calling one another, from the market or some such place, was to speak in Ye'Kwana!!!! This is best done in low, grave voices. Oh the evil codes they must have thought we had invented!!!!! They may have assumed we were discussing the evil empire and its plans to dominate,but we were really just discussing what items we needed from the market!!! He, he!!!

But the most important thing of all is to speak to the officer listening in!!! Say "Hello, how are you? Are you having a nice day?"
Now, I know that those NSA computers like to listen for keywords.  If you talk about foreign affairs or say "the president" or his name, on the phone, your call will get tapped.  So you could just use a keyword or two on purpose, just to get the tapes rolling, and then talk utter nonsense or about nothing special, like whether to buy more toilet paper.  Since it's wrong to wiretap you, fight back and have fun!

DIY Ceramic Water Filter & Nonelectric Fridge, DIY colloidal silver

The water filter I bought a while ago has this white ceramic dome thing that you caulk onto a 5-gal. bucket.  I thought, since these are made by someone it must be possible to make a DIY ceramic container that weeps, that would filter water.  Well, someone already thought of it!  In fact they also coat it with colloidal silver after firing it, which would act as a germicide.  I'm guessing all it is is a big unglazed bowl that sits on top of a 5-gallon bucket, but the secret ingredient (besides the silver) is that you put fine sawdust or rice hulls or anything like that that will burn away in it, leaving the clay porous after firing.

Some of these DIY-utilities-for-Africa sites have good ideas!

On the same principle, someone has also invented a small ceramic fridge that uses the wicking of water to cool vegetables inside it.  It's two ceramic pots, one inside the other, with wet sand between. (Reminds me a bit of an ice cream maker, except for vegetables and with sand instead of ice).

Here's the link.

Oh, by the way, you can make your own colloidal silver solution.  Forgive me if I already blogged this before - can't remember.

You need two pieces of .999 fine silver (Those new 1 oz. silver dollars work, but not all silver coins as most are only 90% silver), some alligator clips, 3 9-volt batteries, and a container (glass, jar, whatever with a wide enough mouth for this operation) of distilled water. (not tap water!)

Hook the batteries up in series by putting them together like Legos by their terminals.  You'll have 2 terminals showing.  If you are using rechargeable batteries, use 4 of them instead of 3.  (they're weaker). Put the alligator clips on the terminals of the batteries and the coins.  The coins should not touch each other - maybe you can put them in bread clips or clothespins or something.  Just rig them to dangle in the water, but the alligator clips should not touch the water.  Then leave this around 45 minutes (that's for around 8 ounces).  The darker yellow the water gets, the stronger the solution.  You want yours to be light yellow, probably, but some people like it darker.  Keep your solution in an amber bottle, or just in a dark cupboard if you don't have an amber bottle. (but an old clean beer bottle with a cork in it would work).  If you are drinking the stuff as a health drink, a shot glass twice a week is supposed to be enough.  When you're done making the stuff, one of the coins will have turned black.  Just wipe that off.  You can re-use the same coins over and over.

Don't drink colloidal silver like it's going out of style.  You could end up with permanently gray skin.  More of a good thing is not better in this case.  But it really takes a lot of it to do that, probably like a quart a day for years on end, or something.  A couple shot glasses a week will NOT turn you gray. If you're sick you can drink more, like 8 oz. a day while you're sick.

Colloidal silver used to be used before they had antibiotics.  In a world gone mad, it's good to have alternatives.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Will They Confiscate Your Gold?

Evil Gold Gnomes!
In 1933 a law was passed requiring Americans to turn in their gold coins and bullion and trade it for Federal Reserve Notes.  After the government was done buying people's gold, the price of gold doubled pretty much overnight.

They didn't take people's jewelry.  Gold rings, necklaces etc. were safe from this grab. 

I saw a rumor online published by a gold/silver dealer Paul Brockton that he thinks they will soon again confiscate gold, and he even thinks he knew which person drafted the bill.  I've been following this guy and last week he proclaimed he had a prophetic dream.  So, not sure if he's just spouting or if he actually has hold of the truth.  But here it is:

When a coin shop or dealer sells a gold coin or bullion, they have to keep a record of the sale and they have to provide that record on request to the Feds.  Silver doesn't have that restriction.

Not only that, but there is a capital gains tax on the sale of gold bullion and coins, but not on jewelry.  If you want gold, get jewelry at a pawn shop, or sometimes coin shops will have people's old jewelry that they sold for melt value.

Beware that there are now counterfeit silver dollars (made in China!) that even are made with nicks and scratches in them to make them look old.  They're not counterfeiting the dimes (yet).  Get dimes, if you want junk silver coins.  Here's how to tell a counterfeit silver dollar.
It says often the edges are messed up, or the dollar is slicker than it should be, or the date is crooked.

10 Ways to Keep Cool Without an Air Conditioner

Anita Sands sent me this the other day.  This article is repeated all over the Internet.  I am not sure of the original place it appeared - if someone knows and tells me I'll attribute it.  Here's Anita's Frugal Roo Page

10 ways to keep cool at home without A/C

Save energy this summer. It’s easy to keep your house cool without air conditioning. Employing a few basic environmentally friendly principals will help keep you cool and will help you save money.

1. Hot Air Out, Cool Air In

The most basic thing you can do to keep your house cooler without air conditioning is to keep as much sunlight out as possible and let cooler air in at night. During the day, keep windows, drapes, blinds, or shades
closed, especially on the southern and western sides of your home. If you have a porch, you can put up large plastic or bamboo shades to cut down on sunlight. Or put awnings on south/ west sides Use saplings or
tree branches that are fairly straight. Set in coffee cans of cement six feet from house. canvas or shade cloth goes from eaves to these poles with a cross beam on it. Use staple gun. Costs nearly nothing.

2. Windows

Use white or light colored window dressings to reflect light. You can also apply reflective slicks to windows to further cut down on light. At night, leave cabinets open as well, as they will store heat.

3. Be a Fan of the Fan

Moving air is cooler air. At night, place fans in windows to bring more cool air in. Ceiling fans can also make a big difference. In terms of cooling, even a one-mile-per-hour breeze will make you feel three to four degrees cooler. In terms of energy savings, if you run a ceiling fan full-blast for 12 hours, you will only spend about $10 a month in electricity. Ceiling fans have two settings, one to pull air up (for winter use), and the other to  push air down. Make sure your ceiling fan is blowing down.

4. Turn Your Fan Into an Air Conditioner

Another easy way to cool your home without air conditioning is to place a bowl of ice or a frozen milk jug With WATER! in front of one or more fans.

5. What’s Hot in Your Home?

It’s one thing to keep hot air and sunlight out; it’s another to identify the appliances in your home that generate heat. If you aren’t at home during the day, it is easier to simply shut off as many electric appliances as possible. If you spend more of your day at home, try to use heat-generating appliances only during the coolest part of the day.

6. Electronics Are Hot, Too

Keeping your electronics on a power strip provides a quick way to “power-down” before leaving for the day.

7. Light Bulbs

Change incandescent bulbs for cooler fluorescent bulbs. Turn off lights when not in use.

8. Humidity

Humidity makes a room hotter. Do laundry early or late in the day. Take showers or baths during the cooler times of day. If your bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen has vents, use them. Invest in a dehumidifier if you live in a humid climate.

9. Insulate Your Attic

A well-insulated attic, especially when an attic ventilating fan is used, is one of the best ways to keep heat out of your home.

10. Landscaping

As you plan out landscaping for your home, be mindful of having deciduous trees, trellises and shrubbery on the southern and western portions of your home. Don’t place heat-absorbing rocks, cement, or asphalt too close to the house. Last but best, Spray foliage up to thirty feet high on every tree. Plant trees that do not  mold all around house. This acts like a refrigeration grid. Apricots, peaches roses will mold, so you cannot   wet them too near sunset.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bernie Sanders Calls for Fed Audit

Well, he's not the only one who called for one, Ron Paul has also.

Anyway, here's the link to the story:

Dead Scientists Aren't Much Fun

Go here for a list of scientists, mostly microbiology scientists, who have died untimely deaths lately:

They died all different ways.
I am wondering, if there is someone murdering them, is it because they are creating diseases and someone doesn't like that, or is it because they're the ones who would also know how to cure them? Or is it because they know too much about their employers?  And since all these cases are either unsolved or look like other kinds of death, it's gotta be someone really good at wetwork, unless it's a total coincidence that so many scientists are dying untimely deaths.

NEWS FLASH 7/23/11 Another one bites the dust - nuclear scientist killed by motorcycle gunman in Tehran

How to purify water

I found this great article on how to purify water, even muddy water, so you can drink it.

Here's another one:
On how to do a DIY reverse-osmisis system.

I put these links in the How-To page.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Your Wage Competing With 23 cent/hr Prison Labor

Prisoners are making 23 cents an hour making missiles for the war.  Not just license plates anymore.
Well, that's one way to not send jobs to China... But that's also a money incentive to keep putting people in prison.  And these prison wages are driving down YOUR wages.

Those FEMA camps are waiting empty folks.  For now.  We need critical mass before it's too late, to combat this trend of turning the US into a big fat labor camp.

To be fair, I stole this from Stark Raving Viking. Go visit his blog it's good. Scary though.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Erosion of Coastline Freedoms

surf's up dudes
HR 1505: Janet Napolitano wants the right to do whatever she wants on our beaches and borders, without having to follow any environmental rules.  This bill would prohibit the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture from getting in the way of the Dept. of Homeland Security.  The DHS could even set up naked body scanners on the beach, although I imagine they'll do it in ports instead, plus whatever other equipment they feel like installing.

Beaches, Bitchez!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

They'll Probably Come After Your Deductions


This article describes how it would be expedient for both Dems and Repubs to agree on cutting personal tax deductions rather than fight over whether to raise taxes or cut spending.  It may be the only way they can get this done without seeming to cave in to the other guys.

Corporate deductions are a drop in the bucket compared to the revenue they are losing from personal ones.  The personal tax deductions equal almost a trillion dollars.  By eliminating them, they could actually balance the budget.

If they decide to do this, it may behoove the average Joe to rethink owning his own home or having kids, because those deductions may go away.  At least hold off until they decide.  The deductions aren't likely to go away immediately, maybe in a year or two.

More Monsanto Pushback: Class Action Suit by PUBPAT
According to this article, a class action lawsuit was filed by PUBPAT, or Public Patent Foundation, a New York law firm representing organic and heirloom farmers, against Monsanto in March 2011.  If PUBPAT wins, it will prevent Monsanto from suing organic or heirloom farmers for patent infringement should Monsanto's crops infect/genetically invade the organic farmers' crops.

The 4 grounds in the lawsuit are:

1.) Monsanto’s patents are invalid
By law, patents must be new, non-obvious and useful. The suit asserts that not only are GMO’s not useful, but they may actually be harmful to public health, the environment and society as a whole. Moreover, they are obvious since they derive from gene sequencing. The complaint cites a number of studies and cases to support this claim.
2.) Monsanto’s patents are not infringed
Since there is no intention on the part of contaminated farmers to infringe patents, there can be no patent infringement. Instead, contamination is in fact a trespass, causing damage to the affected farmers. The complaint contends that it is “perverse” that farmers whose crops have been contaminated should also be subject to litigation for patent infringement.
3.) Monsanto’s patents are not enforceable
If both previous arguments fail and patents are still admitted by the judge as being valid and infringed, PUBPAT intends to demonstrate that they are not enforceable because they are being misused to gain undue control over the market.
4.) Monsanto is not entitled to any remedy
Since the farmers in the class are seeking to produce only GMO-free crops, and GMO contamination destroys the value of such crops, Monsanto has not lost revenue due solely to the production of the contaminated crops. Consequently, it is not entitled to damages.

All they have to prove is 1 of the 4 grounds to win a judgment. Which is good, because the way it's been it's like a rapist suing his victim for getting pregnant off his seed.  Unfortunately it doesn't keep the crops from getting infected in the first place, but it's a start.

Land Grab: Agenda 21 and the White House Rural Council

This is from here - please click to read the whole story.  The WH Rural Council members are most of them also on another council that is sneakily implementing the UN's Agenda 21 and a "biodiversity" treaty that THE SENATE DID NOT SIGN.  And it may sound all green-hippy-crunchy-granola on the outside but it's really a LAND GRAB by foreign interests, using "Biodiversity" as an excuse.  They're fixing to STEAL YOUR LAND.  This hippie green stuff is a cover, like in Macbeth when Birnam Woods came to Dunsinane.

And their 5th column, their Quislings, are the POTUS and his radical-Socialist cronies. (For proof that he and ALL of his hangers-on are radical Socialists, go here.) (But first go read the article I am about to quote in this post).

And what do his supporters care?  Most of them are urban, and don't own property.  They don't know crap about rural life, they think property is theft, and they want to "stick it to the Man".  And the liberal "intellectuals" think rural people in the heartland are a bunch of ignorant hicks.  Which is far from the truth.

Well, I'll stop ranting now and give you the article.  Read it and weep.  No, read it and get mad and do something before it's too late:

Debbie Coffey /Investigative Reporter/PPJ
Copyright 2011  All Rights Reserved
More importantly, above this description is the OBJECTIVE, which is “the encouragement of communally and collectively owned and managed land.”
"People have noticed the 25 government agencies on Obama’s new White House Rural Council.  And, they’re questioning what might be the need for all of them.
What people may not have noticed yet, is that the government agencies in this council are also on other councils.  These councils, as well as the individual government agencies, are implementing international laws that have taken effect through Executive Orders, Memorandums of Understanding, agreements and regulations that most Americans don’t even know about.  These have bypassed Congress.  And, it also seems they have completely bypassed the Constitution."

For the rest of the story click here

Monday, July 18, 2011

Extension granted for FACTA


In March 2010, President Obama signed into law one of the most arrogant, unfeasible bills ever to hit the books.

Known as FATCA [Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act], it was enacted as part of the inappropriately titled HIRE Act; the law requires that foreign banks must disclose personal account details for their US clients, essentially agreeing to get in bed with the US government.

If a foreign bank does not agree to disclose information on all of its US customers, then the law further requires that noncompliant banks withhold a 30% tax on all payments that may have originated from the United States.

The arrogance of this law is overwhelming. It would be as if the Saudi King issued a decree forbidding US grocery store chains to sell pork to Saudi citizens while on US soil. Crazy, right? Americans would be up in arms-- who do those Saudi's think they are, trying to control a US company on US soil?

But that's exactly what FACTA does. Needless to say, the international banking scene has been up in arms since March 2010 when the law was passed. Those cries have largely fallen on deaf ears... until late last week when the US government granted a brief extension for the law to take effect.

Monsanto Gets Its Comeuppance - well, a little

Monsanto official Beaten by farmers in India over Failed GMO Bt Cotton Seeds

Hungary destroys all Monsanto GMO maize fields

There is a lot of pushback still required. Beware of your milk.  In addition to radiation from Fukushima appearing in milk, milk also has bovine growth hormone from Monsanto in it. The below video shows how some reporters at Fox News had their story pulled and got fired for exposing the Monsanto junk in milk.

News of the World Whistleblower Found Dead (surprise surprise)

This guy was dismissed from NOTW (allegedly for drugs and alcohol). Then he whistleblew. Now he is dead. It is convenient to blame his death on drugs, but I'm not so sure. He had been in recovery. Perhaps it is only a good excuse so that the police won't look any further, and having a good cover, someone murdered him first.

I will not be surprised to hear of more dead. If you ever whistleblow, you should HIDE soon afterwards, or at least do it according to the whistleblower's privacy tips at Zerohedge, so they don't know who blew.  Over on the right hand side of my blog is a link to Online Privacy Links.  On that page almost to the bottom is a link to Zerohedge's whistleblower privacy page.

What bothers me the most is that this indicates that Mainstream Media probably have/use assassins.

The New Madrid Fault

FEMA just did a 2011 drill based on the possibility of a big earthquake along this seismic fault.  For their drill, they sought bids for companies to provide 140 million meals.  These meals have a shelf life of 36 months (then maybe they were not MRE's, those are supposed to last longer??).  It was supposed to be 2 meals a day for 7 million survivors for 10 days.  Now, it was only a RFI, or sort of them trolling around looking for suppliers.  They haven't bought the meals yet.

The fault is in the middle of the Midwest, in Indiana and going south through KY, TN, MO and down through AR to LA. If an earthquake in it were large enough (8 or more on Richter scale) it could completely destroy Tennessee.  Memphis would look like Dresden after the Allies bombed it.  If it were worse than that, a rift could appear in the US, dividing it down the middle, and the coastlines would move.  Florida would be submerged, as well as a great part of the east coast of Texas.  Apparently Edgar Cayce predicted this would happen, as well as a volcano in the Great Lakes region at the same time.

Earthquakes are caused by friction by tectonic plates rubbing each other.  There has been another kind of friction along the fault between those who set building codes and those who want to build things for several years, for example when people wanted to build a uranium enrichment plant in Paducah, KY.

Some scientists are linking seismic activity in the Midwest to seismic activity in the Gulf of Mexico, and think there's a danger of more earthquakes. 

This Youtube video here suggests that HAARP (this research facility in Alaska that supposedly examines the Northern Lights, although conspiracy theorists say it can be used in weather warfare as well) will cause an earthquake on purpose at the New Madrid Fault. It ties it in with mass animal deaths and the FEMA camps.

On the distaff side, a couple scientists are saying there isn't much “buildup” of tectonic pressure, therefore an earthquake would be a long ways off.
It would be interesting to see where they get their research funding from. If there's no danger then why did FEMA conduct this drill and look up where they could buy 140 million meals?  You don't look that stuff up or spend all that money on a drill unless you think you might need it.  Oh, but go back to sleep people, go watch sports or something, nothing to see here, move along.

If you happen to live along this fault you might consider relocating.  Especially if the roads near you keep caving in or anything like that.

DC Court takes teeth out of foreclosure regulations

Now even if the plaintiff breaks the law, they can still get their judgment.