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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Invention Brainstorm

Aluminum Can Roof - Roof an outbuilding with cut-up soda or beer cans.  Paint it if you want to hide the fact that it's aluminum, or use the pretty colors of the soda cans in your design.  You could also use them as siding, thin armor (maybe steel soup cans are better for armor), cladding for small boxes, etc.  The round lids of cat food cans can be bent into corner guards for boxes.

Raised Garden Bed Tunnel - If you put in raised garden beds with a bottom, you could then tunnel under them at your leisure, as long as you can hide the entrance.  Maybe a small garden box with rockwool in it could be the door, or have something on wheels you can roll aside.

Pulley Grappling Hook - Both in one.  Then you can throw the hook, and pull stuff up there.  The strings could get tangled though.

Potted Kudzu - Since it's invasive, you could grow it in pots, indoors, for food.

Backwards Underground Bunker:  Find any valley.  (that part's optional).  Make a bunker that can hold an awful lot of dirt on the roof, and then pile a whole lot of fill dirt on top of it.  Make a hill.  If the point is the thickness of the dirt to protect you from whatever, and not the stealth of it, you could just bring the mountain to Mohammed's bunker. (so to speak).

Crazy Riot Gear - Brainstorm

Here's some things I dreamed up. Maybe some already exist.  Not that I condone taking part in protests or riots, but if the world got more Mad-Max-like, these things might come in handy.

Portable Anti-EMF Shield
This is like a giant tin foil hat: Take anti-EMF foil, glue it to an umbrella, poncho, tarp or tent. It would be collapsible.  If big enough then you can share it with someone.  Think anti-EMF Tyvek and foil parade banners.  Could have printing or a layer on the outside or both sides - need not appear shiny.
Likewise one could add it to body armor, hats, etc.

Liquid Ear Protection
Put in a regular foam earplug like people use for power tools

Squirt some kind of quick drying flexible foam over it.  It would have to peel off easy once it was dry. (so none of that yellow spray foam)

Protective Chinese Dragon Riot Shield
What if protesters hid under a big Chinese dragon (or other creative animal sculpture) that was actually bulletproof and EMF proof? 

Disposable Stick-on Goggles
Basically a piece of see through plastic shaped like a Zorro mask, with stickum on the edges.  A wax paper strip protects the stickum, like on a maxi pad.  Could also add an elastic for extra security.  This would keep tear gas or sand out of your eyes.  Could add designs to the edges, or make it out of tinted plastic.  A cheapo version would be a clear piece of plastic and some duct tape, medical tape, or packing tape on the edges.

Variation of Stick-on Goggles: Stick-on Gas Mask
Same thing, only with a floppy respirator mask, and covers the whole face.  Could print a clever face or slogans on the outside.  Could have stickum surrounding the eyes and the mouth (a figure 8 of stickum)

Spiderman Web Potato Cannon
I guess this would either be really sticky silly string, or an actual nylon net, packed into a potato cannon.
Perhaps the potato cannon could be only as long as a forearm so it could be worn.
Alternatively it could be shot from a slingshot.

Turn body into slingshot
A big rubber band with a stirrup for the foot and one for the hand.  Hook the stirrups, shoot stuff with your free hand.  Or a couple people could operate it as a team.

Collapsible Pole (telescoping, threaded or hinged or just separate parts that fit end to end) Could also use to mount keychain cameras, perhaps several pointing in several directions, could also use as flag pole, etc.  I guess one could use a fiberglass tent pole, but that would be rather springy.  A curved one that flipped out and locked could be a portable bow.

Stealth Lacrosse Stick
This would look like a walking stick and a hat, but they would snap together to make something you could throw stuff with further than you could with your arms.  Alternatively the hat part could collapse and be kept bound around the top of the stick.  It would take some practice.

Mentos/Diet Soda Squirt Cannons - Add a tube over the top of the soda bottle for better aim or more water pressure, and whatever other additives of your choice besides the Mentos.  Could also make this flat like a whiskey flask instead of cylindrical like a soda bottle

Flexible-plastic-knife luggage handles, jewelry, hair ornaments, shoe inserts, belt buckles.  Instead of metal.  Or a plastic sword cane.  There were plastic (but sharp) knives for sale at Big Lots a few months ago.

Blowgun-Leg-holster pants pocket (long skinny side pockets)

garrotte bracelet (PVC pipe saw plus handy leather cover)

Marble Magazine - A tube that holds marbles for a slingshot or Mentos, with a button to dispense them like a Pez dispenser.  Attach it to your shirt or something.

Pez Ammo Dispenser - Make any kind of solid substance into the shape of a Pez, and then use a Pez dispenser to hold them.  Kind of like the Marble Magazine, only made of an innocent Pez dispenser.

Aviation Security As Bad As Ever

They're still faking it at the airports:
Not only older Boeing 747 computers but also your city utilities services and even public transportation may be compromised by outdated operating systems and neglected network security

They need some geeks and some upgrades in them systems, fast.  Systems running on Windows 98?!
Good grief people.  Get with it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

France Bans Cash Sales of Silver and Gold Over $600

Most every time a currency collapses, the first thing the government does is to limit people's access to their own money, i.e. they place a limit on the amount they can withdraw daily from the bank. The end result is the banks steal what money people have left, through the devaluation of the currency, to buy a little time.

I would place this in the same category: they are trying to prevent people from abandoning the Euro.  Basically trying to soften a run on the bank, at the depositors' expense.  I guess Frenchmen can still buy more gold if they create a paper trail, sort of like the way it is here.  There are however problems with creating a paper trail, like then the gov can take away the gold later if they decide to confiscate gold a la 1933.

Humor Break: Beaver County Militia

Here's a link from the wayback machine:
Beaver County Militia.
This website exposes the vast Amish conspiracy!!!

Space Buggy detaches from Mir...

ATF Gunwalking was All Us, says Sipsey Street Irregulars

Get a load of this article.
It alleges that the ATF gunwalking of guns to Mexican drug cartels was not as the ATF claims a botched sting operation with straw buyers, but rather it was done by an ATF employee named Dodson, and further it was an attempt to discredit that employee, who had expressed opposition to the gunwalking previously

Monday, September 26, 2011

But the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat...

Enter the plight of the Lemon Tree Lady. (not satire)

This lady in Wisconsin was threatened by the USDA over a lemon tree she bought on the Internet 3 years ago.  They're tracking people down by their purchases, and even peering into windows trying to find a bunch of lemon trees from Florida.  Talk about government gone out of control.

Another Weird Highway Happening

I was driving down a skinny street (so it wasn't really the highway, but whatever) and I wanted to turn around.  So I stuck my left signal on and another car came the opposite way and just sat there right in front of the driveway I wanted to turn around in.  I motioned them to go and they still just sat there so I pulled up a slight bit, and then I saw the passenger.  It was the weirdest thing.

There was this blonde lady in the passenger seat.  She looked very strange.  You know that lady who got a new face when some monkey ripped her face off?  This lady looked like her, except then I noticed she also had some odd metallic looking extension to her mouth on one side.  It looked like she had a normal mouth and then a metal mouth next to it.  It didn't really look like a brace to me, because it was only on one side - but I didn't want to stare and I only saw it for a second.  And her face also looked like it was warping at the same time.  Like becoming more square, wide and flat.

Then the driver of that car got the hint that I wanted to turn left, and drove on.

I'm sorry she looked that way.  It must suck.

Occupy Wall Street is stupid; how really to defeat Wall Street

80 people arrested in protests
5 Women cordoned off by orange net and maced

I'm not sure these protests are really doing anything to change Wall Street, or anyone's opinion of it.  The police overreaction looks bad, but it's typical. 

I think a better way to protest Wall Street is not to have any stocks or bonds.  Just sell them if you have them.  Don't participate in Wall Street.  Invest instead in things you can touch.  Promises and iffy pieces of paper (including dollars) just don't cut the mustard.  You need a certain amount of dollars, but it's better while expecting hyperinflation to have stuff you can use and stuff you can barter.

Likewise, I don't think much is accomplished by asking or even demanding the government to change the financial system.  The system put the people in government in place, they're bought and paid for.  They might go through the motions of making reforms, but in the past those reforms have been gutted, reversed, or so badly designed as to not work.  I wouldn't expect them to change their spots.

If you really feel like bringing the system down, and you make more than $40K a year (which is pretty much the threshold where people start paying big income taxes), then stop feeding it, and use its own structure to do that: Form a C corporation, learn to do the tax/accounting paperwork (it's really not that hard), keep good records, employ yourself, and sell your services through the C-corp. There are so many ways to legally avoid paying taxes through the use of a C-corp. (An S-corp won't do, nor will an LLC in this case). Forming one is easy nowadays: just go to the secretary of state website for your state.

Since we're probably headed for hyperinflation, don't be in a big hurry to pay off your lower-interest-rate debt. By waiting, you can pay for it with dollars that are worth less.  This too would help to bring down Wall Street.

I don't know how much time is left before a crash may happen, but it looks like a Greek debt default is imminent and the Eurozone is going to quintuple its bailout fund. In the long run it probably won't be enough.  We're only a year or 2 behind Europe in our own problems, but it could also turn into a snowball.  The bailout will be for the banks, just like it was here.  The way not to give the banks any more bailouts is to legally reduce your taxes as much as possible.

Of course, removing the system demands that you become self-sufficient.  This means you should not expect any form of public assistance after the crash.  No child tax credits, no subsidy for being "green", no utility assistance, no school lunch subsidies, no mortgage interest deduction, no Obamacare, no Section 8 housing assistance, no Medicaid, no fat taxpayer-funded union pensions, no grants or government guaranteed student loans.  It might all go away.

Pickled Purslane

I was thinking the other day, in summer, greens are plentiful.  Even without a garden, you can roam around and pick wild greens (aka edible weeds!) all you want.  But in winter, it's hard to find greens unless you grow them indoors.  Or preserve them.  Or buy them.

I really like purslane, it's a weed, it's everywhere by August, and it's getting late in the year and so I should pick some now.  But I'm inundated with produce right now, and unless I preserve some all I'll get is some fresh purslane for about another couple weeks maybe.  I would like to enjoy it for longer.

So I googled "pickled purslane" just to see if anyone had done it and Ecco! Here's an Italian recipe for pickling purslane.  I stole this from

Pickled Green Purslane

2-3 cups purslane, leaves and stems
250ml water
250ml white vinegar
2 cloves garlic
1 tsp salt
1 tsp black mustard seeds
1 tsp kalonji seeds (Here's a Wiki on them, you might substitute caraway if you don't have any.  Kalonji is also good medicinally - for coughs and asthma, and by folklore it's supposed to cure everything but death and the plague, so it might be worth getting some for an herb garden.  Look in an Indian grocery.)

Put the water, vinegar, salt and cloves garlic in a small pot and bring to a boil.
Pack the purslane in two jars.
Pour the vinegar mixture over the purslane, add the black mustard and kalonji seeds, then close the jars.
Store the jars in the refrigerator for one week before eating the pickled purslane.

PS: If you want to keep them on a shelf instead of the fridge, I would compare this to a bread and butter pickle recipe, and see how long to cook the jars in a water bath.  I'm thinking 10 minutes or so.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cream of Clean the Fridge Out Soup

I decided to clean out the fridge today.  I had a bunch of produce from my garden in there that needed to get cooked and eaten or it would go bad, and the fridge was rather full, so I started rooting around and I made soup out of this stuff:

Tomatoes from last year that I'd frozen whole (I had already canned the ripe ones from this year that I had lying around when I got inspired to make soup)
Potatoes, some with eyes (the only thing from the supermarket)
Turnip greens I'd cooked already, but I had become tired of turnip greens so they were just sitting there

So I soaked the frozen tomatoes until I could get the skins off, crock-potted the whole mess and also made garlic mashed potatoes with the taters that wouldn't fit in the crock pot.  That was breakfast.  I saved the taters with the most eyes out for an indoor gardening experiment.

When I came back tonight and tried it, the soup tasted way too much like turnip greens, and maybe just very slightly freezer burnt.  So I started messing with it and actually managed to rescue it and make it taste good.  I ran it through a blender and added:

Red wine
Soy sauce (oops, might've been GMO soy, oh well too late now)
Garlic powder
Hot sauce (like Tobasco only an off brand)
Creme fraiche (this really rescued it!)

One could use yogurt or sour cream, too.  So now I've got soup for the week.  I might have to freeze some, but it's all in the fridge for now.  What made me think of the creme fraiche was it was more tomatoey after I put it through the blender, and cream of tomato soup has cream in it.  My soup turned out tan, because of the greens, but it does have that tomatoey, umami-creamy thing going.

I'm somewhat guilt tripping over continuing to eat dairy after complaining about mad cow all the time, but I do try to avoid beef, and I don't eat much dairy.  I did discover a local, organic, grass-fed brand of milk, and that makes me feel a little better about consuming dairy. Since I don't consume much in the way of dairy, the effect on my food budget is small to get the organic milk.  Like it might cost me 2 dollars more per month or something like that.  Perhaps these small farms where they actually take care of their cows might be a little safer from mad cow than the big farms where they treat them like, well, cattle.  This creme fraiche, however, is from before I discovered the organic brand of milk and so it's from supermarket brand cream and buttermilk.  Next time, however, will be different.

The patent on chemtrails - they call it Welsbach materials

If you google  "Welsbach materials" you will find stuff written by the people who invented the chemtrails.  But they call it "stratospheric Welsbach seeding".  Anyway here's the patent from 1990:

These things are real.  What flabbergasts me though, is that anyone would think that it was ok to spray megatons of aluminum in the air.  It's like these scientists are just thickheaded and only thinking about how to lower the temperature, and didn't think about the ill health effects of having to breathe the stuff.  Dumbass linear thinkers.

Unless it's part of some conspiracy to lower the population, which I have previously provided proof that the greenie weenie elites want to do. (via various quotes by them)

Of course, the problem with reducing the population is, even if it were necessary, which I have some doubts about, who's gonna volunteer to be first to either die or have their progeny die or not be able to have progeny?  (Maybe it should be the elites since they're so keen to have it done to us)

But if it's true that we're at peak everything, and we're gonna run out within say 30 to 50 years, and the earth can only support say 2 billion people if we run out of phosphates for fertilizer and have to use manure, and we're all gonna die someday anyway, why do they feel they have to hurry the process along?  And by poisoning the whole planet? 

So what are those 2 billion people or less who manage to survive going to get for a planet afterwards?  Some kind of GMO mega-big-agra-farm and a bunch of no-man's land where it's too poisonous to go? 

They call it corn - I call it haze.
Dolorous haze. 
Fright of my life, bane of my loins, Mon- San- To.

What in the World Are They Spraying? movie

You can watch this movie at

It's a couple hours long, so keep that in mind and schedule some time.  Or you could pause it and watch it in bits.

Apparently this spraying is some kind of "geoengineering" that is proposed, EXCEPT they're already doing it on the sly, since about 1993.  So if the proposals get approved, then it won't be covert anymore.  It's supposed to be to combat global warming, through reflecting the sun before it shines on the Earth, but it's really toxic.  People aren't designed to breathe aluminum molecules all day long.  And honestly, I don't think global warming is caused too much by people or cow farts or any of that bunk.  It's mostly caused by the sun, volcanoes, etc.  And it's been rather cold this month.  My tomatoes are not ripening until I pick them and bring them in.  So what do we need this crap for?  They need to cut it out.

Now I'm a bit confused as to whether the big jump in Alzheimer's Disease is from this chemtrail stuff or from a covered-up epidemic of mad cow disease (which mimics Alzheimers).  Maybe it's both.

Now this aluminum is messing up people's crops.  And of course the GMO seed mongers are developing seeds that are resistant to aluminum.  I'd say this whole thing is their idea.  You can usually find the culprit by following the money.  Well that's where the money goes.  If they have their way nobody will be able to grow their own food someday and we'll all be enslaved to these frankenfoods which will be the only thing that grows anymore. (good reason to learn about edible weeds)

I have only one idea how to protect your garden from the aluminum, barium, strontium etc. that seems to be turning up from the spraying.  You'd have to make a plastic greenhouse (which you can leave the sides open in summer to not cook your crops), get rain barrels, and filter the water before watering the garden.  I am not sure what kind of filter would be sufficient to get aluminum out.  Maybe just a gravity ceramic filter.  I had an earlier post about making them from clay.  Why not make a large number of them?  Like 10 or 20.  Make them fit in the top of 5-gallon buckets.  If that's too big to fire and not have it break, then make them smaller and fit a number of them (like 3 or 4) in holes in a lid over a 5 gallon bucket.  Conversely you could use tap water, but then you've probably got fluoride going on your soil.  During a dry summer I end up using tap water anyway.

The aluminum etc. makes soil more alkaline, so you want to monitor your soil's Ph.  If it's too alkaline, add something acid, like maybe black walnut hulls or oak leaves to your compost.

To keep from breathing it, in your windows in the summer, you could put furnace filters, or a couple layers of cloth, and then you can wash them from time to time.  That would help a bit.  But I don't see how you'll get a breeze going that way.  And you could also get a Hepa filter for your furnace, but those are rather expensive.  Of course then there's also going around with a mask on, but that's rather annoying and looks kooky.  Otherwise, just try to spend the bulk of your time where the air is filtered.  Keep your car cabin air filter up to date.

Aluminum is hard to get rid of once it's in your body.  It grabs and holds on, and it makes a plaque in your arteries.  It's also carcinogenic, and you can't flush it out easily.  Better to not let it in in the first place.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Could Gang Stalking Have a Paranormal Component?

Have a Nice Day! Or Else!
I happened on this absolutely great article:

I warn y'all, this is kind of woo-woo-magick, metaphysical stuff.

You know that new-age saw "you create your own reality"? (which I think is an annoying and smug thing to say to anyone having a bad day, and also a way to not have to think and blame the victim, but...)

Here's the idea: Just the same as some battered women keep ending up with men who turn out to be abusers, and just the same as psychopaths can pick up on who's a victim type just by the way they walk (see this recent study), some people seem to unconsciously elicit spontaneous abuse, or even "gang stalking" type behavior from others.  Either it's some unconscious body signal they are giving off, or maybe it's psychic.

But here's where it really gets woo-woo: The perpetrators might not always know they're doing it.  Just the way a person can get "ridden" by a spirit (like in Voodoo belief) perhaps that's what's sometimes happening with gang stalkers.  Kind of like a paranormal petit mal.  Especially the less provable things, like someone staring at you, or synchronicities with noises like horns honking outside happening every time you flush the toilet (this kind of phenomena is reported fairly often amongst gang stalking victims).  Synchronicities that would be very hard for people who were just in the 3-D world to pull off.  Also this would explain when the perps are already at the victim's destination before the victim arrives, even when the victim goes there on the spur of the moment.

The author suggests that there are entities that feed off of bad emotions from people, and these entities "farm" people for them. (I have heard the same said of the fabled Lizard People that I keep making fun of; also Carlos Castaneda had a similar theory, but I think his entities looked like manta rays.)

There is also mental illness like schizophrenia, or a combination of paranoid and narcissistic personality traits which can make a person easy to upset and which may mix with gang stalker phenomena in a way that makes it hard to tell where one leaves off and the other begins. Perhaps the bad-vibe-farming entities are drawn to these personality types the same way psychopaths can pick out easy victims.  It's the low hanging fruit of the unseen psychic vampire world.

These factors may be combined with the "neighborhood watch" or "retired agent" component as well.  Some stalking may be attributable to the 3-D world and some to this paranormal thing.

There is also a certain element of reality-bending.  Reality may not be a rigid thing, but rather like a sheet of rubber. Resilient, but somewhat pliable.  I find this is true, i.e. that my attitude affects my outcome, but mostly when dealing with people rather than laws of physics.  Anyway I'd say this is a good possibility, especially if there are unseen entities involved that can somewhat affect the 3-D world.  They'd have to be phasing in and out of it, which would cause a bit of fluctuation, I imagine.

The author suggests that the way to make it stop, or lessen the effects, is to make an internal change in yourself and your attitude to where you can shrug it off, or start standing up to people who are rude to you or who are following you around.  (without doing anything that would get you arrested). Of course if someone is really far down the rabbit hole, in a catch-22 of paranoia, it may be hard for them to accomplish by themselves.  This is where getting some energy work done might be useful to try and change your "psychic signature" or aura or whatever you want to call it.  If you're going to fight the unseen, fight them with your own unseen power, and/or with prayer, if that's the way you want to do it.  Also if you can make a joke about it, or start goofing around just to mess with whoever is following or watching you, you've empowered yourself just a little bit.

The whole idea reminds me of the story "Something Wicked This Way Comes" by Ray Bradbury.  This guy defeats an evil carnival's spell over the town by laughing at it.

Penn State Researchers Produce Off Grid Hydrogen

They're using organic waste, sea water and fresh water.  I'm thinking it would be easier to ship salt inland for use in one of these things than to ship hydrogen.  Or if the salt doesn't get used up, maybe there's already enough salt sitting around.  Does it have to be sea salt, or could it be table salt? etc.

Of course, making it happen in a lab is different than making it happen large scale.  I hope it's not just so much hot air.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nevada, Wyoming, Delaware Hotbeds of Money Laundering

I got this from a blog called "Twelfth Bough", but I think it was a quote to begin with from Real Clear Markets.  The states mentioned in the title are states where people like to form corporations.  Of course we already knew about Nevada and Delaware.  I might add Utah as well to this list.  Utah has privacy on its corporations rivaling Nevada.

Did you know that we have a huge problem of shell corporations suitable for money laundering and organized crime right here in the United States, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, among other places?

The secretive business havens of Cyprus and the Cayman Islands face a potent rival: Cheyenne, Wyoming. At a single address in this sleepy city of 60,000 people, more than 2,000 companies are registered. The building, 2710 Thomes Avenue, isn't a shimmering skyscraper filled with A-list corporations. It's a 1,700-square-foot brick house with a manicured lawn, a few blocks from the State Capitol....
All the activity at 2710 Thomes is part of a little-noticed industry in the U.S.: the mass production of paper businesses. Scores of mass incorporators like Wyoming Corporate Services have set up shop. The hotbeds of the industry are three states with a light regulatory touch-Delaware, Wyoming and Nevada.
The pervasiveness of corporate secrecy on America's shores stands in stark contrast to Washington's message to the rest of the world. Since the September 11 attacks in 2001, the U.S. has been calling forcefully for greater transparency in global transactions, to lift the veil on shadowy money flows. During a debate in 2008, presidential candidate Barack Obama singled out Ugland House in the Cayman Islands, reportedly home to some 12,000 offshore corporations, as "either the biggest building or the biggest tax scam on record."

Yet on U.S. soil, similar activity is perfectly legal. The incorporation industry, overseen by officials in the 50 states, has few rules. Convicted felons can operate firms which create companies, and buy them with no background checks.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Known Unknowns Army Manual Excerpts

Here are some excerpts from the new US Army manual entitled

Known Unknowns: Unconventional "Strategic Shocks" in Defense Strategy Development

It looks like the Army is bracing itself for a "black swan" event that would precipitate "strategic state collapse" and massive social unrest followed by martial law, and wondering how to keep its oath to the Constitution when faced by domestic insurgencies.  This actually also jives a bit with a conversation I've been having with a friend in government which I'm working on distilling.  I meant to get that out this weekend but it's been longer in the making than I thought.  Soon, soon.

So in the meantime, if you've been wondering if all this "imminent social collapse/martial law" hoo-ha is real, here it is from the Army.  Time to wake up folks.

This is found as a free PDF at

"...strategic state collapse may arrive via “Black Swan” with little or no strategic warning."

"In the collapsed strategic state, elements of the armed forces and security services may remain under coherent command and control and actively resist intervention. Dedicated agents of the prior unstable status quo are prone to fight—often violently—to protect or restore vestiges of the old order. Criminals and “pop-up militias” are likely to carve out new, defensible spheres of influence from pieces of the fallen state. Adjacent powers will rush in physically, politically, and/or materially to decisively influence outcomes. Long-repressed political constituencies will be prone to seek out former oppressors and exact vengeance. Local nationalists will resist foreign imposed or inspired solutions. Some internal constituencies will fight to rebalance political authority. Others will fight against that rebalancing. Finally, supercharged indigenous and expatriate constituencies may sow instability beyond the borders of the victim state. All of this will occur in an environment where the surety of nuclear or biological weapons is in question, critical strategic resources are at risk, and/or the core interests of adjacent states are threatened by spillover. Further still, this will all occur in a sea of abject human insecurity.

One of the most dangerous prospective contingencies in this regard might be collapse of a large capa-
ble state that results in a nuclear civil war. Uncontrolled proliferation in the event of a nuclear state’s collapse is an ever-present threat. However, here also DoD would have to contend with stabilization in the aftermath of nuclear use. It might be the lead agent in reassertion of responsible control over substantial nuclear weapons capabilities. Finally, it would likely be responsible for the armed separation of nuclear-armed opponents and the deliberate disarmament of the various parties to the conflict. All of this would occur under the constant threat of continued nuclear use within or outside the confines of the victim state.

Violent, Strategic Dislocation Inside the United States.

As a community, the defense establishment swears to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. DoD’s role in combating “domestic enemies” has never been thoughtfully examined. Thus, there is perhaps no greater source 32 of strategic shock for DoD than operationalizing that component of the oath of service in a widespread domestic emergency that entails rapid dissolution of public order in all or significant parts of the United States.

While likely not an immediate prospect, this is clearly a “Black Swan” that merits some visibility inside DoD and the Department of Homeland Security. To the extent events like this involve organized violence against local, state, and national authorities and exceed the capacity of the former two to restore public order and protect vulnerable populations, DoD would be required to fill the gap. This is largely uncharted strategic territory.

Widespread civil violence inside the United States would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security. Deliberate employment of weapons of mass destruction or other catastrophic capabilities, unforeseen economic collapse, loss of function-
ing political and legal order, purposeful domestic resistance or insurgency, pervasive public health emergencies, and catastrophic natural and human disasters are all paths to disruptive domestic shock."


"Under the most extreme circumstances, this might include use of military force against hostile groups inside the United States. Further, DoD would be, by necessity, an essential enabling hub for the continuity of political authority in a multi-state or nationwide civil conflict or disturbance."


"...civilian authorities, on advice of the defense establishment, would need to rapidly determine the parameters defining the legitimate use of military force inside the United States."


"The United States might also consider the prospect that hostile state and/or nonstate actors might individually or in concert combine hybrid methods effectively to resist U.S. influence in a nonmilitary manner.65 This is clearly an emerging trend. Imagine, for example, a China-Russia axis that collectively employs substantial political power within international institutions and markets to hold key American interests at risk. At the international level, actors like this might employ extant and emerging political/economic arrangements as instruments for purposeful resistance and war.66"


"At the national and subnational level, purposeful opponents could synchronize nonmilitary effort, agitating quasi-legitimate proxies into concerted social action and precision political violence..."


"Imagine “a new era of containment with the United States as the nation to be contained” where the principal tools and methods of war involve everything but those associated with traditional military conflict.68 Imagine that the sources of this “new era of containment” are widespread; predicated on nonmilitary forms of political, economic, and violent action; in the main, sustainable over time; and finally, largely invulnerable to effective reversal through traditional U.S. advantages."


...U.S. military forces would be sidelined. Employment of U.S. military power would hold little promise for reversing adverse political and economic conditions. Further, the overt use of military force by the United States would largely be viewed as illegitimate for redress of competitor success in nonmilitary domains. Finally, should the competition involve major competitors like China or Russia, U.S. military action might hazard unacceptable costs or unwanted and uncontrolled escalation.69

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Eurozone - What Happens if Greece Defaults?

Here's an article by the Financial Times about the possible Greek default on its sovereign debt.

The Coming Urban Terror by John Robb, City Journal Summer 2007

The Coming Urban Terror by John Robb, City Journal Summer 2007
I found this article this morning. The author thinks that the increasing speed of information is going to enable terrorists. (and it turned out that people are using Twitter and the like for flash mob organizing) He also thinks that we should decentralize control over utilities, water and fuel and make it local, so that each neighborhood has its own backup power, etc. If someone hits the power company, neighborhoods with local backups will then fare better. etc.

Black Panther Chairman says "Gird Your Loins"

There are a lot of different groups fighting for the same thing: Dignity for the Little Guy.  They all just want to blame eachother.  The problem is not eachother.  The problem is the system that sets people against eachother.

The Black Panthers want dignity for Blacks and blame Whites.
The Tea Party wants dignity for mostly middle class people and blames Socialists.
Some people blame immigrants. (but we're most of us all immigrants or descended from immigrants)
Etc. ad nauseam.  We're all the Little Guy.  At least 99% of us are.  And if we're to get dignity we should be working together and not wasting our energy bashing eachother.  My solution is: Treat people with dignity no matter who or where they are.  If everyone does that then we will have achieved mass dignity and we can then work on the next thing, whatever it is, together.

I'm not talking about feeling respect for some group in abstraction.  I am talking about everyone you meet, walking down the street, at work, at home, on the phone, in person, online, etc.  Treat people with dignity.  Even if someone is mad at you and is yelling, and especially if you are mad at them, still treat them with dignity.  They (or you) might calm down then.  Sometimes all a man (or woman) needs is a little bit of respect, to be listened to, to know they count, and they come out of their shell of rage and contribute.  But genuine respect, not pretend respect that lasts only long enough to get them to do what you want. 

Anyway here is an article with a video of the chairman saying "The hour of war is at hand" and "Gird your loins".  There seems to be a lot of that kind of rhetoric like that around.  Try not to get caught up in it, even if it's your favorite group.  I think if people start to riot and stuff, that we'll get martial law and we can say goodbye American Freedom at that point. Perhaps someone is waiting gleefully to impose martial law, or to kick some butt in the chaos.  Don't give that guy what he wants.

Friday, September 16, 2011

MIT's $1000 House Design: The Pinwheel House

It doesn't look that much like a pinwheel to me, but this house design is a 500-sq. ft. house.  The prototype they made was an 800 sq. ft. house and cost more like $5,000 but still that's cheap anyway.  The architect, who designed it while a student at MIT, is hoping to get these built in China, and they're now working on a $10,000 version for Japan tsunami victims.,_MITs_1000_Prototype_Home.html

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Was the WTC Destroyed by a Space Weapon?

Now this is interesting: I've been turned onto the work of a Dr. Judy Wood, a mechanical engineer and expert in materials at, who argues that the WTC was probably destroyed by a DEW, or a Directed Energy Weapon.  One of her arguments is that the piles of rubble left after the buildings fell were too small.  If the buildings had been demolished, the piles would have been much bigger, she says.

She also has an analysis of how fast the towers fell, and how that is physically impossible under the official explanation.

Wow, this lends a whole new meaning to the ad slogan "Do the DEW"!

More book recommendations

With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful by Glenn Greenwald
The Osama bin Laden I Know: An Oral History of al Qaeda's Leader by Peter Bergen
 Marching Toward Hell: America and Islam After Iraq by Michael Scheuer
The Crusades Through Arab Eyes by Amin Maalouf
Lindbergh vs. Roosevelt: The Rivalry That Divided America by James P. Duffy

Monday, September 12, 2011

Facebook Attempts to Intimidate Infowars Reporter

Get a load of this
A Facebook commissar warned an Infowars reporter that he was getting too political for the social media.  But no similar warnings went to Obama, who has a big facebook page emblazoned with "2012", or any other politician.

And also get a load of this video that claims Facebook belongs to the CIA.  I think I'm going to cross post this video to Facebook.

And another nuclear accident

This time it's in France.

I think the day of reckoning for all these nuke plants etc. has come.  They must be all wearing out at the same time.  Who designed these things anyway?

The problem is, even if we all feel fine now, there's fallout floating around and our children or grandchildren may have reproductive problems from this.  Or a high rate of cancer.  If the world is indeed getting more earthquakes, then it'll probably get worse before it gets better. Sigh.

Time to Domesticate Diseases?
I saw this idea and thought it was cool:  Like we domesticate animals, can we domesticate diseases?  In other words, can we encourage a disease to evolve to be less debilitating, rather than directly attack it and thus make it evolve to be resistant to our attacks?

And then, since the dread diseases will be under control, can we evolve domesticated animals to put on epic shows of gladiator strength for our amusement, instead of the diseases doing so? Muhahahaha!

Russian Scientist Creates Time Machine

OK, I'm no astrophysicist, but this article claims someone named Chernobrov has invented a time machine and has been experimenting on humans with it.

One time when I was in college, I decided I would meet myself from the future at a specific time and place if I ever had access to time travel.  So I waited around but I never showed up.  Of course now I can't remember when or where I did this so if I do ever get access to time travel I wouldn't be able to make the date anyway. 

It's sad when you get stood up by yourself.  Makes Godot look good.  LOL.

Ron Paul ad

Here's a Ron Paul ad.  Please repost. 

I don't trust Rick Perry any further than I can throw him.  I think he's a RINO.  The left-leaning press has been smearing Ron Paul, and the MSM completely ignored his winning the Republican debate and didn't even mention his name but mentioned some other guy who only got 2% of the straw poll.  Even the BBC News ignored him that day. 

Ron Paul obviously represents a threat to whoever runs the media.  The people who run the mainstream media do not have your best interests at heart.  Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who is telling the truth about the economic pickle we're in, and he's probably the only one who will pull us out of these 6 Big Brotheresque foreign wars we're embroiled in.  If he doesn't make it onto the ballot, and you believe his message, WRITE HIM IN.  Forget this crap about "he can't win" that the MSM keeps saying, they're a bunch of lying liars and they're trying to keep him off the ballot.
As to Alternet's mudslinging where they charge him with misogyny and racism, I say Alternet's "proof" is rather thin, stretched, or lacking and look at the hyperbole they usually sling around anyway.  They're a purveyor of twisted crapulence.  They're taking either his name having been used in the dim past by some newsletter that published someone's article who spoke forthrightly about the Black family (in general) getting broken up, which was a real trend; or his statement that Roe v. Wade should have been left up to the states, and saying that that "proves" he hates Blacks and women.  Except they don't even bother to name their "proof", since that would show how ridiculously stretched their assertion is. 

There isn't enough money left to throw around at all this Keynsian economic excess and war mongering anymore.  We've got to get our collective act together and stop the madness before the world decides to stop buying our bonds.  Or maybe we'll have a first hand taste of what it's like to actually live in a Communist dictatorship before long.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Solyndra raided by FBI - but you can still get solar panels
Solyndra was a CA solar energy firm that received more than $500 million in federal loan guarantees before filing for bankruptcy last week.  Apparently Obama sat in on the loan meetings personally and got the bank to bend the rules to make the loans for them.

Wonder what the FBI's gonna do with those files? Look for financial hanky panky, or cover it up?

On the other hand, the one thing that has helped people get into solar energy the very most has been a very Everyman kind of thing:  the Harbor Freight solar panel kit.  It totally blows out of the water the myth that you need $20K to get into solar.  More like around $300 I think.

If you get it on sale and get a super coupon, it's around $160 per 45-watt kit.  In addition to the kit you will need an inverter (also at Harbor Freight, around $40) deep cycle marine battery (Walmart has those for somewhere around $70) and some thick electrical wire, at least 10 gauge (which might be a major part of the expense unless you've got extra lying around or know an electrician who can get you short scraps of wire) and a couple little bus bars (Home Depot electric department has them), and maybe a junction box or two.  I got a couple of these kits, then got the other parts, and today I got some wood so I can make frames to hang them in my windows.  If that doesn't give me enough power I might move them to my roof, and then I'll need different wood, but I'll use the first wood for shelves or something.

There is also a nice website all about these kits and how to combine them or make custom systems with them.

There's a couple of basics I had to learn: one is you wire things (the panels and the batteries if you have more than one) in parallel in order to keep the voltage at 12 but get more amps.  You can also use 6 panels (2 kits) with one controller and keep the other controller as a spare.  Another thing is you want to put your battery(s) where it can't freeze, and you want to put it in a plastic box with a lid just in case it sprays acid. (also keep the kids away from it) I also suggest that if you don't like the sound of cooling fans, don't put the inverter where you can hear it.  One guy I know who uses these kits took the switch out of his inverter and added long wires to it so that the inverter was in his basement and the switch was in the house.  You won't need fuses if you have an inverter - they have built in fuses.

You can use a solar panel kit for lights, intermittent power tool use, and fans.  There is a little fan called the O2Cool that is perfect for use with these kits.  You can also run a TV and even a 5000 BTU window air conditioner off them, but you want to make sure you have enough amp-hours.

How Hollywood Promotes War

I stumbled on this article likening the protagonist in the Captain America movie to Breivik the Norwegian shooter.  But it goes a lot deeper than that and discusses several Hollywood movies including Avatar and the Lion King.  Really a nice essay, if you don't like war or Hollywood propaganda.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tomb of Stonehenge Builder Found?

Archaeologists have found a passage tomb made with the same bluestone as Stonehenge.  They're speculating that perhaps it belongs to someone who built Stonehenge.  It's too early to tell anything really.

Now if King Arthur would only come back like his legend says and save Britain (from itself?!)...
Oh, looks like they think they found his tomb in Croatia in 2009.

I guess with modern technology, if they find King Arthur's DNA in King Arthur's tomb, they very well could bring him back.

Which reminds me of a silly conspiracy theory I stumbled on that the whole Obama family are really clones of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten and his family.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weird Highway Happenings

Here are some weird things that have happened to me recently while driving:

One day I was reading something that claimed that 9/11 was a super-sized human sacrifice, a sort of ritual mass-murder if you will.  I think the writer's contention was it was because Bush was reading aloud about a goat while it happened and also because apparently somewhere in the courtyard of the WTC was a scale replica of some holy site in Israel.  Whatever.

Anyway, a little bit later I was driving down the highway.  Sometimes while driving to not get bored I play this game where I look for "messages" in license plates, roadside signs etc.  But I really wasn't trying that hard.  Instead I was thinking about this thing I had read, and I looked up just in time to see a car pass me that had the license plate "RITUAL".

A little further down the road when I more consciously looked around for a message there was a homemade wooden sign off to the side of the road, that said "REPENT". (gee thanks)

Another time, not too long ago, I was passed on the highway by a gray pickup truck.  Again I idly had my eye out for "messages".  It had a logo on the side and the logo said "Ersatz and Moot Point Railroad". Now, that's a weird message to see if you're randomly looking for "messages".  It reminded me a bit of the one hexagram you can get in I Ching that basically tells you to stop using divination cause you're beating a dead horse.

So out of sheer curiosity as to why someone would choose to label their truck with this, I just googled it and got this Cincinnati Enquirer article.  Seems the inventor of this fake railroad invented it while playing a similar highway boredom game.

Ersatz what??

Going to prove once again, build a better scam and the world will beat a path to your door. That from Cincinnati photographer Mark Schlachter, who was driving home from somewhere two years ago and so bored passing cornfields that he started playing word games.
One thing led to another, and before long, he had concocted the Ersatz & Moot Point Railroad of Grindle, Ind.
More trips, more boring drives, more fiddling with the concept, and soon Schlachter had invented a full fantasy world to populate his fictional town.
Today, the Ersatz & Moot Point Railroad is a major fantasy, complete with a newsletter, fake citizens, even a theme park name of Amish Kingdom.
The line between reality and fantasy now is so blurred that there's a world full of people on Schlachter's native West Side who think Moot is real. No wonder: They see the logo on his truck. They see neighbors in ball caps and T-shirts with the logo.
And getting more blurred: Schlachter now is traveling Indiana, shooting pictures for an art show and calendar.
"I don't know what happened," Schlachter says. "It's virtual fantasy run amok.''
Here's the article, by Jim Knippenberg:
Here's a little movie about Ersatz, unfortunately it's only a .exe 

Gumby Tries to Rob 7-Eleven

LOL! This guy dressed as Gumby tried to rob a 7-Eleven, the robber couldn't get his gun out of his costume, dropped $.27 in change on the floor, and fled.  The clerk didn't report it till hours later when his boss watched the security video, because he thought it was a joke.

I tried to embed the video but can't seem to figure it out, so hit their link.

Apparently the perp had an accomplice, but he wasn't dressed as Pokey.

The "2012 Singularity", Chaos Theory, Crowley's Tarot, and a Great Lake of Beer

Some new-agers think that the whole 12/21/2012* thing is about a "singularity".

*(or whatever date, coming soon to a rogue comet near you, but wait! Here come the lizards! Now how much would you pay? But wait! You also get Occam's Ginsu Knife!) (Ahem)
Well, let's look at what's a singularity.

A singularity is the term that mathematicians give to a point when an equation breaks down.

 Chaos theory is able to describe what happens when a system gets too much energy in it.  Population fluctuation is a good example.  Say you have a population of frogs.  You decide to increase that population of frogs and put some stress on their environment.  Then you find that after a while some years the number of frogs is high, then low. (Chaos theorists call that "bifurcation") You can't predict the exact number of frogs but you can ballpark-guess a good and a bad year.

If you increase the number of frogs enough (i.e. the energy in the equation), the 2 population levels will split to a 3 or 4-year pattern.  Once you get to a pattern of 5 different levels, however, it stops oscillating and goes chaotic, and you can't tell how many frogs you're going to get from year to year.  It seems 5 is the number of chaos.
"Strife" 5 of wands

In Aleister Crowley's Thoth tarot deck, if you look at the "pip" cards (Ace to 10), with every suit, everything is fine until you get to the 5, and the 5 card is where the "energy" of that suit starts to go bad.  I choose Crowley's deck as an illustration because he named the pips with descriptive names.  For example the 5 of wands is "Strife".

I learned about Tarot before I learned about chaos theory.  I don't know if Crowley knew much about chaos theory (it hadn't existed in his time, it was discovered in 1963 by an MIT guy named Edward Lorenz) but he did know his numerology.  Anyway the similarity is interesting.

Now, if you take those frogs and turn the heat up on them very slowly, they don't notice until it's too late, and then they become dinner ... oh gosh, am I changing the subject again?

How much energy is in OUR equation?  How much time is left?  There must be a point at which the system becomes unsustainable and then chaos will start.  If it's based on a growth model, like say, inflation, or a Ponzi scheme (like fiat currency, Social Security, etc.), then we might look at the example of filling Yankee Stadium with beer.  Just like the number of dollars, the beers are growing exponentially, and the stadium (i.e. the economy, or perhaps the world's trust in the dollar) is only so big. How long would it take to fill it?

Say you start with one 12 oz. beer, then you double it every minute.  (oh boy, BEER!)  Yankee Stadium is 24,315,600 cubic feet. That's a lot of beer, right?  And you're only starting off with a very small amount of beer.  So would it take forever?  A couple hundred years?

It would take only between 32 and 33 minutes. At minute 33, you'd have 4,294,967,296 beers which is almost 54 million cubic feet.  So sometime between 32 and 33 minutes, it would overflow.  At minute 32, it would only be about half full, at 13.5 million cubic feet.


Needless to say, once the stadium overflows, it becomes a different ball game.

The time is short, I think, but I'm not sure the coming singularity has to do with Planet X, some psychic renaissance, or the Mayan Age of Aquarius.  Those are nice metaphors but it has more to do with the monetary system gone haywire, Keynsians trying to dig their way to China, and the death throes of the dragon who's been sitting on the treasure lo these many long years. 
Wer stört mir den Schlaf?

Taking it with a grain of salt. Radioactive salt.

Some of the ammunition used by the US and NATO troops in Iraq/Afghanistan is made with depleted uranium.

This NATO site claims that DU is not that dangerous radiologically compared to other radioactive substances and it is used in armor-piercing ammo mostly for its density and for the fact that it is more likely to catch fuel tanks on fire when it pierces them.  It says the greatest danger from it is toxicity from inhaling the fumes from it vaporizing on contact with its target.

Of course, getting hit by a piece of DU ammo/shrapnel that then stays around inside the body, or having to live in an area peppered by lots of spent DU ammo and wrecked tanks and other vehicles, where your exposure to it through dust from sand erosion of said ammo or the dust from the aforementioned fumes, might increase your risk of cancer later on.  It's going to be hard for people to keep little kids from playing in the dirt and climbing on wrecked tanks in former battlefields (kids like to play in dirt and climb on things).  Keep in mind that the above-linked article is by an organization that WANTS to keep using DU ammo.

Fallujah is like a walking dead zone. The people who live in these places not only face getting cancer, but DU also kills sperm count and causes miscarriages and birth defects. Could it be part of a “depopulation conspiracy”?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Swiss Bank Account, Chinese Bank Account

I just saw this in some comments below a Sovereign Man article

"You could set up a RMB-denominated account with the BOC branch in NYC or L.A. The NYC account is FDIC-insured (for whatever that's worth), but the L.A.-based one is not. I am not sure if this changed. The obvious benefit is that you can deposit dollars here, and have them immediately be "translated" into RMB."

So, if you felt moved to save in Renminbi (Chinese money) instead of dollars, that would be a way to do it without physically going out of the country.  I don't know what the account minimum is, if any.
Personally, I wouldn't even feel safe with that. But the only other alternative is precious metals, if you want to stay relatively fungible.  And don't get gold stocks or certificates, get the real thing and store it yourself.  That is the only way you can know you won't get robbed with a fountain pen.  Of course then there's the risk of getting robbed with a 6-gun. 
Moreover, the Swiss just announced that the Swiss Franc will now have a cap on it relative to the Euro, so basically that means Swiss money is going to devalue along with the Euro.  What a stupid thing for them to do.  Anyway, it's not worth saving in Swiss Francs anymore.

How to Legally Avoid Vaccines

Some people have an objection to vaccines. They think that vaccines are not safe, and there is something to it, because some kids have adverse reactions.  Some vaccines have mercury in them as a preservative.  Anyway, if you want to avoid getting vaccinated, or to avoid having your kids get vaccinated, here's the PDF.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Dutchsinse's YouTube Account Pulled on Bogus Charges

A friend turned me on to (a couple days ago) this great blog of a guy who critically looks at extreme weather and who has tied it to HAARP rings that appear the day before the weather.  He has successfully predicted several major storms in unlikely, out of the way places by noticing these HAARP rings.  I put his blog on my blog roll last night, and lo, this morning, YouTube has pulled his account on bogus charges of "copyrighted material".

Well, he'll probably have to find paid hosting.  I suggest he make external backups of his videos and put them elsewhere, in case he also gets hacked.  There's other free hosting for videos out there, but these things need to go viral, too.  Perhaps they can become a torrent.

Do visit his blog, and give him some support. Thank you.

Hilary Clinton's PhD Thesis

Here is Hilary Clinton's PhD Thesis on Saul Alinsky.  This is probably what she really believes politically.
This link is also going on the Political page.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

More on the Gibson Guitars Raid

Here's a story from NPR suggesting the Feds were building a case that Gibson knowingly was arranging to source their rosewood from Madagascar.
Gibson denies this and says they haven't bought wood from Madagascar since 2009 because there was a coup d'etat there, and the wood came from India that the DOJ seized.

Apparently the CEO of Gibson is a contributor to Republican election campaigns.  Could THAT be why they targeted Gibson?

Gibson's competitor Martin Guitars' CEO is a Democrat.  They  use the exact same wood, and they didn't get raided. Hmm.

Anyway, the Lacey Act, which is what was invoked in this case, is a 100-year-old law that needs to be updated for today.  It's not even about an illegal wood, rosewood is legal - it's about being anal with the paperwork, and using regulators to squeeze protection money out of businesses Chicago style.

It's Worldwide Hacker Day!
A hacker group calling themselves TurkGuvenligi has declared today to be Worldwide Hacker Day.  Some major companies' websites have been shut down, including UPS, National Geographic, and the UK Register.

Another way to go to college cheap: Study Abroad

Here's a great idea from Sovereign Man: There are many quality universities abroad that charge much less than they do in the US and you probably get a better education.  For example, one of the cheapest is in Switzerland ($750/semester) and is in the top 5 European universities.  Or you can go to college in Qatar for about $4,000 a year for undergraduate.  On top of saving money, you get la-de-da cachet for your resume, a foreign language by osmosis/daily use, and to get to know another part of the world.  And you get out of the US, which at the time of the impending crash might be good.

Although that guy Kevin Galalae who is having so much trouble with his university in England for not being PC enough was spied on by someone from Qatar, so maybe I would avoid both those countries.  England in particular is full of spy cameras and it's very much a nanny state.

Wikileaks Latest Leak on China is Good News for Gold Bugs

One of Wikileaks' latest leaks was about China trying to "shadow-buy" a lot of gold in order to erode the US dollar on purpose.

China has been positioning itself to be the new superpower for a while now.  They've also been extricating themselves from the dollar by using their dollars to buy natural resources worldwide.  In a previous post I explained that we probably only have until China is pretty much divested from the dollar, before the dollar crashes.  Now it seems China is attempting to give it a bit of a push over the edge.  This probably means they're about ready.

In the past I have been skeptical about gold, thinking it might be in a bubble.  Instead, now I think the US dollar has been in a bubble that is popping.  Gold has been kept artificially low relative to the dollar, which being the world's reserve currency, means that gold is artificially low all around.  But it's not really gold that is going up, it's the dollar that is going down.

In other words, the dollar is popping, other currencies which were intimately tied up with the dollar are in the same boat, so unless you think your landlord or grocery store are going to accept Renmimbi (the Chinese unit of money) in payment, then the thing to do would be to get physical gold (or silver) and hide it at home, not in a bank (because collapsing currencies usually cause bank runs, then the government will make it so you can't get your money out quickly and your money will decrease in value quickly while festering in the bank - and gold can easily be confiscated out of a safe deposit box by the government). 

The other things to do, since you can't eat gold, are to go old-fashioned: you know, grow and can your own food, go off grid, etc.  You'll have a leg up if you have these skills and tools, and extra food.

If you receive government assistance, try to get something going on the side, or at least set yourself up with the means to start some kind of enterprise so that you won't be caught flat footed if the "entitlements" dry up.  They won't dock your assistance check for having a garden, a wood stove, a lawn mower or canning equipment, or for learning skills on your own, but you can be more comfortable, earn side money or trade with these both pre- and post-crash.  If you are truly physically disabled, then perhaps you can rent a room to someone, or start a service where all you have to do is be on the phone.

Saving gold may not make you rich, because even if you can get more dollars for the gold after the gold goes up, it's really the dollar that went down.  At least you won't end up broke. 

A word about computer security and wiretapping

This guy in California was just given 6 years for deliberately infecting women's computers with undetectable spyware and keyloggers, scanning for explicit photos of them and hacking their email, and then using it to extort both more explicit material and money - up to $3,000 a day from them.  20% of the computers belonged to minors and he tried to get the boyfriend of one minor to send him explicit material concerning the minor.
I'm surprised it was only 6 years.

If a computer belongs to you, you can legally do anything you want to it, bugging-wise.  Otherwise you can't.  I would imagine that the grade school that was giving its students laptops and then spying on them through those laptops was probably also outside legality, even though the school owned the laptops.

Knowing this, anyone concerned about their computer being bugged or otherwise compromised should still conduct themselves appropriately.  Just because it's illegal isn't going to stop some people.  (It is for this reason that I deliberately got a laptop with NO camera.  It can't be turned on cause it ain't there.  I also set the built-in microphone to OFF.  If I knew how I would detach it inside the computer.)

In contrast, there is an Illinois man facing life imprisonment for openly filming the police in a public place, which shouldn't have been a crime at all.  He has refused a plea deal that would have given him no time to serve, in order to take this to court and defend everyone else's right to keep taping the police.  See

If you are going to film things for security reasons or for a court case, you may wish to disable the audio on the camera.  That will get around wiretapping laws.  Or if nobody catches you with the camera, you can just strip the audio before presenting the video as evidence.  Check your state's laws, each state is different.

If you really want to be paranoid of your own electronics being used to bug you, then have your conversations away from the electronics.  Leave the phone and computer elsewhere, and go somewhere with a likelihood of no electronics near it.  Or learn/make a code.

Also check out my Online Security page.

Popular Mechanics Attempts to Debunk FEMA camps

Here's the article
The article takes some of the more popular sites in conspiracy posts and tries to explain that they are not in fact detention facilities.  One is actually a prison camp, but apparently it's in North Korea, not here.
"Swift Luck Greens" is apparently really in North Korea
This is not to say that there are not empty detention camps waiting for residents, because a subsidiary of Halliburton has been building them here since they got a contract in 2006.  These are to supposedly house illegal immigrants.  To me this article only proves that 3 or 4 of the most-hyped sites might not be as advertised.

Just putting this up, because I'm interested in getting to the bottom of it, rather than being sensational.  Preparation and survival is dependent on good intelligence.  If you are overpreparing for the wrong thing, you could be making yourself needlessly weak in another area. 

Actually, fooling the enemy into scurrying around preparing for something that isn't going to happen is a strategy, and was used against the Vietcong - they were on occasion fooled over the radio into thinking a visit from the Chinese top brass was coming so they spent time spitting and polishing instead of waging war.

And this rhetorical question could apply equally to global politics or to home life: If you suspect someone wants to distract you with something you have to spend a lot of resources on, the question is, what are they trying to make you do, or keep you from doing?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Peach Saga Continued

I have been on Kitchen Patrol, canning peaches for 3 evenings. Of course the weather got up to 95 during the day so I was sweating my butt off in the kitchen.  At the end of it I have 18 pints of peaches and a blister on my finger where it was pushing the paring knife.  I'm all peached out!  I found it much easier to handle a peach that hadn't been blanched.  Much less slimy.  Also I got better with a knife after peeling and cutting up what must have been 300 peaches. Somewhere in the middle of it, I also canned 2 pints of tomatoes. Much easier than peaches.  There were more rotten peaches - if I'd had a really big empty fridge I might have been able to slow down the rotting.  Next time I'll know not to pick so much at one time.  Let the tree keep taking care of them until I'm ready.

I got to talk to this other person who also gets to freegan-pick the trees where I was picking.  She makes whole pickled peaches.  She told me she peels them and makes wine from the peelings.  So I'm doing that too with my peelings.  Which reminds me, I have to add the yeast.  Last night it was still too hot for yeast. I boiled the peels with sugar, and just put the whole mess in a primary fermentation bucket to cool.  I might get 2 or 3 gallons out of it.  Of course the sugar was at the absolute back of the pantry.  Had the same problem with coconut milk the other day - had to dismantle the whole top shelf to get at some.

I have sunflowers this year.  They have all bent over except for one that is about 10 feet tall and has a smaller, later flower on it.  It looks like it's preaching while the rest of them bow their heads in prayer.  LOL!  I keep checking them to see if the seeds are hard enough to cut the heads off yet, but maybe I've got another week.  I also planted a Jerusalem artichoke this spring and that thing is 10 feet tall also.  I had to tie it to the gutter spike because it fell over one day.  I didn't realize they get so tall, so I may have to rethink having a patch of them.

Dude, Where's My Nukes?

The US and the UK have lost 3 nuclear weapons each in a smuggling scandal out of South Africa.
That was part 2 of a series (you can root around in his archive and find the rest). The bombs were made by South Africa and Israel.  There were originally 10 nukes. One got tested, so that makes 9.  Three were supposedly decommissioned when South Africa changed hands to Mandela.  The US got three.  The other three (the British ones) were snuck out of South Africa to Oman around 1991, during the whole Oliver North fast-and-loose arms thing.  I'll get back to those in a minute.

The US nukes were lost in 1991 when a B-52 airplane flying around with them in order to threaten Saddam lost electrical control and had to jettison them off the coast of Somalia.  They were later found by a South African arms smuggling operation posing as a treasure-hunting company.  (This arms company also figures in the British nukes deal)  They had this operation going where they were fishing up packages of conventional weapons that South Africa had dropped in shallow waters near Somalia and selling them to the Somalians.  Instead of finding the weapons they expected, they reeled in the nukes.  They contacted South Africa's defense minister of the time, but then he got fired by Deklerk so these nukes just sort of fell through the cracks and got lost track of.

Now about the British nukes:
David Cameron (who became prime minister) and Dr. David Kelly were in charge of the British nukes. One of the nukes got tested by North Korea. (they know because nukes leave a sort of forensic signature of radioactivity behind, and you can tell what they were made of).  The other two, no-one has a clue.  They were left unguarded in Oman for months and when they went to go get them, there were only cinderblocks where the bombs should have been.

Dr. David Kelly then turned up dead.  He may have been assassinated for knowing too much! He was about to squawk about the nukes at the First Gulf War inquest  As for Cameron, he wasn't going to squawk.  He had recently become prime minister and probably didn't want to endanger his cushy job (or his life).

The first author even manages to tie in Princess Diana into it too:

"It also so happened that Princess Diana also learnt of the activity of the people who were supplying mines and she also became a victim of the arms dealers such people like Bredenkamp and Rautenbach.” (also from