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Monday, October 31, 2011

Now that I've Slept on It, Here's the Rabbit Hole.

Regarding the previous post about Terrence McKenna:

Mr. McKenna seems like he is coming out of left field, but he is merely (re)stating some of the same things the more woo-woo conspiracy/2012/new-age channeling crowds have been saying.  They differ on their interpretation whether it's good or bad, but they seem to agree on some things:

There's "aliens" that live in another dimension and come out of it to interact with people.
There's something big coming in our lifetimes, possibly very soon.
This "something big" will remove a large percentage of the people, either through death or some kind of rapture into this other dimension.
There's a "new order" in store for us as a result of this "something big".
This "new order" alternately involves genetics, or people becoming psychic, or both.
Time is not a linear thing.  i.e. all times exist at once.
Space is immaterial.
Everything is connected.
Reality is plastic, I mean it can be altered, including the past.
Attitude is everything.

This canon of beliefs is the core of it.  There are other embellishments/flavors, like the Lizard People, the Hopi prophecies, the Book of Revelations, etc.  Some people think the aliens are really demons from Satan.  Some people like Alex Jones think genetic manipulation is bad and will be or is being forced upon us by misguided eugenicists descended from the Nazis.  The McKenna crowd doesn't seem to mind the idea of their progeny becoming other than human.  They like to alter their state of mind with DMT, which at sufficient doses specifically creates alien abduction experiences.  Jeff Rense has the opposite opinion of the aliens and warns people not to allow these alien beings into their minds, that they're evil.  The lady at channels an alien that is supposedly herself from the future and makes a distinction between different kinds of aliens.

The "Something Big" varies, depending on who you ask, from the approach of the famed Planet X, an especially large pole shift of the sun, a pole shift of the earth, a comet, a "tsunami" of orgone from the black hole center of the galaxy, mass alien contact, the Illuminati trying to kill everyone, to the Tribulations of the Bible.

If you stick only to evidence that you can observe, you've got draconian laws combined with a massive increase in surveillance, drones and robots of war, underground military bunkers by the dozens, the dollar collapsing possibly by design, FEMA camps, unexplained aerial spraying, GMO's, and civil unrest due to the economy, with a rising alternative press on the Internet and increasing distrust of mainstream media and two-party politics, threatened by proposals of/attempts at censorship.  People are becoming dissatisfied with the Federal Reserve Bank - a few people have published exposes of them.

There is a rise in pitch of activity both from the government and from resisters.  The ones sounding the alarm are being silenced or going underground.  The one guy who was watching HAARP so closely, Dutchsinse, hasn't posted a single thing since his Youtube site got taken down and the DHS started a dossier on him.

You also have these millenarian types believing in Something Big, the Deus Ex Machina that will bring forth by day all the occult secrets of the ages and expose them to the light.

I guess time will tell.  We may be scratching our heads in 2013 wondering what all the fuss was.  My take on it, is whenever someone proposes to change me without asking me first I get kind of irritated.  I don't want to be watched, sprayed, or have my genes changed.  I didn't ask for any of that.  I don't care if they're an alien or the government or John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Terrence McKenna: NWO Shill? Or Out of Touch?

I just listened to this interview linked to at The Excavator with no comment by the blogger.  Allow me to comment.  I've got a bone to pick with Mr. McKenna.

Here's an imbed
In this interview, McKenna mentions a "new, more attractive order" that he thinks is coming.  (is this the New World Order?) He asserts that mankind is becoming more like a coral reef that "excretes" gadgets, and becoming less like apes (has he visited any of the Occupy protests lately?  Seen any footage of riots?  Spent any time sober?).  He claims the recent social chaos is a sign that we will colonize space (this sort of space program would require high levels of social order and organization, not chaos).  He sums it all up by claiming that the UFO's and aliens that people see as hallucinations when they take DMT (a psychedelic drug) are real, and that they are humans from the future, and that we will eventually evolve into little gray aliens when we get off the planet into our space colonies and become "totally wired".

The only thing that makes him sound reasonable is his largish vocabulary, but if you listen and jot down his assertions and then read your notes he sounds like a loon.  What is he on?  Oh, never mind.  Whatever it is, I think he took too much of it that day.  I am inspired to a poem:

The effete elite with a fab vocab holds forth in his ivory tower.
He smoked too much grass, now his head's up his a$$ and he probably needs a shower.

Someone give that man some wood to chop and some water to carry.  And some niacin.

Raccoon Soup

I just made raccoon soup, also earlier today I ate some biscuits and coon gravy.  I made it much like you would make chicken soup from a chicken, or gravy from pan drippings.  Basically the same recipes, only with a raccoon.  It tastes a lot like goat.

The grease is the most gamy part of it, and I've decided I like it, although for soup you will want to take off as much fat as you can from the raccoon before boiling it for soup or it will be rather greasy.  You can then take that fat, and render it, so you can use it for other things.

I had a much earlier article about eating varmints during hard times. I'd tried squirrel and rabbit, but not raccoon (I might have had some at this one party, but I don't remember now).  And I wanted to actually learn how to butcher and clean a varmint in person, not just from reading about it. (click for the rest)

Beware Your Washing Machine Lint... Or not...

Here's another thing for the greenie weenies to get all indignant about and invade your life:
They're saying that polyester lint from washing machines is polluting the ocean.
Oh good grief!  what about Fukushima?  What about all those chemicals they dumped in after the Gulf oil spill?  What about chemtrails?  And now we gotta worry about friggin' clothes lint?

Undoubtedly now they'll require new washing machines to have fancy filters, this will require a special motor to force the water through the filter which will require more energy, and you'll have to buy the filters from time to time, because if you wash them out, the lint will still go in the ocean.  Or we'll all be washing laundry in buckets.  Or they'll ban polyester.  Oh, wait.  What will the filters be made of?  Probably polyester.

I already do my laundry in buckets, but that doesn't prevent lint.  I see lint in the bottom of my tub after I empty the bucket.  Changing washing machines isn't going to stop the march of lint to the ocean.

How to Neutralize Tear Gas

One of the Occupy protests had this flyer going around.  Basically it's half Maalox and half water, in a spray bottle.  I'm wondering if baking soda in water might also work, or if that'd be too weak.

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Big Fat Greek Haircut

Yesterday Europe decided that investors in Greek bonds should take a 50% haircut.  This "solution" to the Greek debt problem was touted by European politicians as the avoidance of disaster, and the salvation of the European economy.  The stock market surged a bit, but so did gold and silver, which means confidence in the dollar fell.  The yen surged against the euro as well.

You can't get out of a hole by digging deeper. Please see here.

The longer they kick this debt can down the road the worse they are going to crash.  People are now wondering if their Italian and Spanish bonds will also get a haircut.  Those sovereign debts dwarf the Greek debt.

Don't buy PIIGS in a poke. i.e. don't buy those bonds.  If you must buy paper, you can buy a lot of toilet paper for barter.  It's probably worth more than those haircut bonds in the long run.

Remember the People's Pigeon idea? Here's the Vespid

In a prior post I wished someone would invent a cheap drone made from a used water bottle. I called it, fancifully, the People's Pigeon. (actually you could not just use it for recon, but put a message in the bottle, and it could be like a homing pigeon if you wanted it to be, combining two old methods of sending messages.  It would be funny if the paper message in the bottle was bogus and the real message was a microdot somewhere, but now I'm getting all fancy.  Like average people could make microdots, or... not.).

These hackers have invented a cheap DIY unmanned spy drone that can hack people's Wi-fi or their cell phones.  They are calling it the Vespid project.  They built it in their garage.  I think they have day jobs in that industry, y'know, hacking, security, etc.  Maybe even government jobs, although that doesn't necessarily mean their project is a psyops or at the behest of their bosses. Or it could. Who knows.

This Vespid plane can carry a 20 pound payload in addition to all the electronics aboard.

So... if Big Brother can do it, so can the average somewhat technically savvy person, and for a lot less money.
Of course that might mean someone's ex is doing it, or their nosy neighbor, or their business competition.

I think their domain name is sort of telling.  Rabbit hole.  But maybe they should have called it Panopticon.

It occurred to me the other night that all this surveillance stuff the US gov is putting into place is already being used.  It's not for future use against resisters, protesters, and ordinary miscreants, it's for CURRENT use.  As soon as something is put in place, it's getting used.

To my mind, the defense against all this surveillance is not so much to try and avoid it, as to feed it BS as much as you can.  Noise on the line, so to speak.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Balls of ICE

Balls of ICE

This ICE (Immigration) officer told a guy he was busting that the warrant was coming "from my balls".

Good thing it didn't come out of his A$$.  I would have been worried then.

Mid-Week Miscellany

Every time I try to blog I fall asleep, so it's been a few days.

The last few weeks have been all about repairing my house.  First I was painting the porch, then the tenants' shower started leaking again and I decided I was sick of replacing washers and/or valve stems every six months; I thought maybe the seats were worn out and indeed the shower was a discontinued brand except for some parts - so I tore a hole in the wall and replaced the whole works with a more common brand; and then one of the motors in their furnace went out so I called the furnace man. My wallet is much lighter, waah. But one of my survival buddies wants the old shower handles etc; she has the same brand shower and her handles are some trashy, worn-out universal handles.  Universal shower handles never fit right, there's these adapter things but they slip and fall off all the time.  I'll be glad to give her mine.

I am trying to make Vinegar of the Thieves so that I can write about it again, I was making it from memory a couple days ago and I forgot the cloves so tonight I will add some.  So far it is a reddish brown and it smells like - well, salad dressing.  As you might imagine.

The highway weirdness has returned: I am seeing everywhere cars with either a donut wheel or with one hubcap missing.  I counted seven on a trip to a place 2.5 miles from my home on that day.  Another day, on a trip1 mile from my home, I counted five.  One has started parking on my street in the last week.  I have really never noticed missing hubcaps in this quantity before, but perhaps it's a sign of the times: people can't afford to replace them, or maybe people are stealing them more, or both.  Either that or I was blissfully unaware of the horrible dearth of hubcaps in this town until suddenly I started noticing them, sort of like when you start seeing all the cars like the one you just bought.

I would be doing the superstitious synchronicity thing of equating the sighting of a missing hubcap with whatever I was thinking at the time as a sign, except I'm seeing so many missing hubcaps and also I'm mostly thinking about 2012 this week, because I'm doing research on 2012.  So every time I see a hubcap missing I'm thinking the same thing anyway.

I have been contemplating setting up a survival retreat of my own. I have offers from friends to stay in their retreats, but I want my own. I don't want it to be a waste of money if nothing happens, so it would have to be either close to free or something I could use as a weekend getaway in the meantime, and something I could sell off if I change my mind.  I'm thinking the first part is to decide where exactly would be a good place, based on location, geology, proximity (or not) to civilization, and average price.  The second part is to find a decent piece of junk land for my purposes, for wicked cheap.  The third part is to build or drag something there that is more comfortable than a glorified foxhole, and relatively unobtrusive. So, we'll see if I can pull this off.  I do have the budget; that is, if my furnaces and plumbing behave for the rest of the season, to get the land in the spring.

If the SHTF and the dollar collapsed before the spring, there's always either bartering for land or use of land; or trespassing and building a stealth retreat, but that runs more risk of a lead powered eviction.  I would rather actually own the land, or if not, be using it by permission, than trespass any day of the week.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Map of Gangs by County

Here is an FBI map of gang presence by county.  I got the link off of Western Rifle Shooters' site.

It's kind of a big file, I tried pasting it here but it got hung up, so just visit the link.  As expected, it's mostly Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and Miami, and other cities to a lesser extent.  Much of it is along the coastlines.  The middle of Nebraska and so forth, not so much.

The WRS article was about gang infiltration in the military.  That's a scary thought.  On the other hand, perhaps these gang bangers who enter the military for the purpose of going back to the 'hood and teaching their colleagues, might find they like the discipline and the three squares better.  Or they might in a total breakdown become de facto beat cops protecting their street. I guess it would depend on the extent of infiltration and the nature of the gang.  If it were just one or two gang bangers here and there, no worries, maybe they'd be assimilated.  If half your unit was from some gang, not so good.

This is somewhat a symptom of the military having to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get recruits.  If we're going to be in six foreign wars at once, perhaps we should reinstitute the draft.  Or get the heck out of all those wars.  I mean good grief, enough is enough, Mr. Nobel Peace Prize President.

This is also kind of a trend.  The underworld has long infiltrated the ranks of politicians and the military, but it was not street and prison gangs, but rather an old-boy gang.  Now there are other contenders.

One would wonder, if there are black-ops secrets, would a gang banger who saw weird stuff tell the folks back home about what he saw?


In the recent "Vinegar of the Thieves" post I asserted that the Black Plague was a virus, which it is not.  It's a bacterium.  There is a great comment below the post by a knowledgeable person who set me straight.  Apparently the Plague has never really died out, but not a whole lot of people get it because we have better personal hygiene than they did in the Middle Ages and because there aren't as many rodents around due to better public hygiene.

This makes more sense that a vinegar steeped in antibacterial herbs would work on this disease, if it's a bacterial infection.

Also it appears it was my mistake in reading Activist Post's article too fast.  They said right there that it was a bacterium.

Thanks to the anonymous commenter.

I will publish comments even if they disagree with me, as long as they aren't sycophantic, meaningless spam links or cussing/abusive/violent.  It takes me sometimes a day or two to get to it.  Please feel free to add to the discussion on any post, if you have something to add.

Ixquick Search Engine is Now Even More Private

Ixquick has made SSL encryption its default search mode!
Here's the article
If you haven't heard about Ixquick, it's an anonymous search engine.  Unlike Google and some of the others, which concatenate your IP address with your searches and save it in a database for later use by Big Brother, Ixquick saves NOTHING about you.  They are also based in the Netherlands, so perhaps that pesky bill in the US that is to make search engines and ISP's save your browsing history won't affect them. (not sure)

Anyway, now even if a hacker or your ISP intercepts your searches, all they will see is gobbledygook because SSL encryption scrambles it.

Make Ixquick your search engine, and preserve your privacy. Oh, and it loads quickly as well - no stupid ad feeds.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vinegar of the Thieves

 Note: I have been corrected by a commenter that the Black Plague is not a virus, so I have edited this post.  Sorry for the error.  In fact, it's MY error, because Activist Post said it was a bacterium.  Who knows if this vinegar works, but it sounds tasty anyway.   I have fought off a bacterial infection with garlic recently - it's totally gone.

I saw this in a comment under an article at Activist Post about some stupid scientists reconstructing the Black Plague.  This recipe allegedly protected a band of thieves against the Black Plague.  I guess we should all make some just in case now that they seem so bent on creating the next pandemic.  This recipe is for a whole gallon of the stuff.  Since you take it a teaspoon at a time, and since things like this lose their oomph after a year or two, you might want to adjust your recipe according to your anticipated use.  Or make enough to share.

Thieves Vinegar Recipe

Stock in the following --

1 Gal. glass jar
4 Qt. organic apple cider vinegar
Funnel, non-aluminum
To store finished product: brown, green or cobalt glass bottles

Organic Herbs:
1 oz. clove powder
1 oz. lavender
1 oz. lemon balm
1 oz. oregano
1 oz. rosemary
1 oz sage
1oz. thyme
1-2 bulbs organic garlic, peeled, sliced through, any green (bitter) sprouting removed

Put herbs & garlic in gallon jar; top up with vinegar (it will take ~3 1/2 Qt. ) Cover jar opening with waxed paper and lid, or hold waxed paper in place with tight rubber band. (Vinegar fumes may otherwise corrode metal lid.) Let steep for 6-8 weeks, stirring once a week with a wooden spoon. Pour through strainer into large non-metal bowl or pot. Using non-metal ladle and funnel, pour into brown, green or cobalt bottles. (Well-washed olive oil bottles work well.) Store in a cool place, root cellar, or fridge.

There are several versions of Thieves Vinegar. The above recipe is pleasant to take and can be effective for symptoms of cold, fever and flu, or to have on hand in the event of scarier scenarios. The aromatic vinegar can be taken daily as a tonic and preventative, or more frequently after onset of illness. Take 1 tsp Thieves Vinegar and 1 tsp honey in a glass of water first thing in the morning (or, use 1 tsp maple syrup, which dissolves more readily.) Children could be given 1/4 - 1/2 tsp Thieves Vinegar in a glass or baby bottle of juice.

"Thieves" helps restore and maintain healthy digestion and elimination, and can help protect travelers from the tiresome, lingering infections now so common after plane flights.

Remember your stash of Thieves Vinegar if you wake, with things going bump in the night on the health front. Make your way to the kitchen; have some in juice or water, and tuck yourself, or a fretful child, back into bed.

Occupy the Library!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Greek Protest Photos

Protesters set fire to the parking garage at the Greek Parliament 10/20/11.  It is only a matter of time before our streets look like this.  I don't think there is anything we can do to stop it.  Maybe slow it down for a month or two, but we're damned if we do and damned if we don't.  If we keep spending to keep a roof over the heads and food in the bellies of the poor and to maintain 6 foreign wars to keep our position as Top Dog of the "Free" World, eventually investors will lose confidence in the dollar and down the drain we go.  If we cut the spending, then the poor revolt, and/or the enemies we've created will have a better chance to take the fight to us.  Here are some photos, but there are several more at:

Facebook Keeping Dossiers on Non-Users

Even if you don't use Facebook, if any of your friends do and they have enabled FB to see contact information in their smartphones or computer address books, Facebook is keeping tabs on you anyway.

Remember, Facebook is a CIA asset.

Who is Minding the Store at the Fed?

She tries so hard not to answer the question!

The End of Muammar Ghaddafi - vid

Courtesy of Al-Jazeera English

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Title Insurance Nightmare: Bevilacqua

This is really interesting to me.  Might be boring to you, but I used to be a title searcher and did most of the title searches I did for banks that were about to foreclose on someone.  I can tell you that the glut of foreclosures really started around 2004.  Which means that the recession of 2008 was a few years in the making - it only became impossible for the media to ignore anymore in 2008.
The decision made 10/18/11 in this case makes a precedent so that around 60 million homes that were foreclosed on since the economic crisis hit, don't really rightly belong to whoever bought them from the bank afterwards.  Because those foreclosures are all bogus if the plaintiff was not the possessor of the Promissory Note.  If the plaintiff was merely the loan servicing company, or even MERS, then the party who was foreclosed upon still owns the property.

What this implies is that 60 million homes (give or take a few) have clouds on the titles, and the title insurance policies that were written on them when someone bought them from the bank all have possible claims that could be made on them.  Title insurance is the only insurance that insures the past instead of the future.  This also means that because of the clouds on the titles, the titles on these houses are no longer insurable in the future.

The remedy would be for the new owner (who is now not the real owner but who nevertheless has an interest in the property) to foreclose against the former owner and probably also the plaintiff and all the co-defendants from the first foreclosure in order to assert his interest and clear the title.  The legal fee for being a plaintiff in a foreclosure was running around $1,500 a few years ago, and foreclosure actions take around 6 months to get done from start to end, if no opposition is mounted.  Many people don't have $1,500 and 6 months to spare.  But if they bought title insurance, they might expect it to foot the bill for the foreclosure action.

Good luck.  This will bankrupt the title insurance industry.  They will of course stonewall and deny.

A Message from a Texan to the Police re. OWS


A message From A Texan to the Police About Occupy Wall Street Nationwide in All the Cities

To all Sworn Peace Officers and Police:

              I would like to know is my question to the men in blue. Who do you work for and what is your mission? Do you work to protect the rights of the people? Is your orders is to protect the Political class from the people? Do you swear an oath to the corrupt political class to do their dirty work? Do you swear an oath to protect the bankers and Wall Street Robber Barons or did you swear to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States and the State you reside in? I mean from all enemies foreign and domestic.Do you believe the city goverment cares about you? Do you know what a lawful order is and unlawful directive is? While occupy Wall Street is escalating nationwide. Do you believe you are on the winning side?

              The truth is the second American revolution has begun. There is a good chance the government might not win this one. When the people take back their government from the robber barons and corrupt politicians. Do you think you will not be held accountable by the people? When you are ordered to abuse people and arrest them without cause. Can you use the excuse I was just following orders? To give a lesson in history. The trials in Nuremberg where NAZI soldiers where on trial for committing cruel acts against innocent people. Just following orders was not a good defense. Following immoral orders is not an excuse. It is still the legal precedent to this day. If you are one of those officers going out violating people's rights and abusing the people with pleasure because you are told to do it. Remember someone in the protest crowd has you face on camera and you name tag can be seen. people will not forget and will find you to bring you to justice. History repeats itself.

               Many of you officers do have children. Now what kind of society will you leave behind? Will you leave behind a free society where your offspring has the right to free speech and the goverment does not trample on their God given rights? Do you want your children being slaves to tyrants and despots? Do you want them living in terror and at will being beat up by thugs in uniforms because your son looked at them the wrong way or your daughter being raped just for the hell of it? Either case there is no recourse or justice in a hot tyranny. Is this the nation you want to leave behind for generations to come? Do you want your children being in a mass grave without a proper burial? Your name is not passed on because they never were able to reproduce an offspring themselves. Is this the legacy you want to leave behind for the generation that comes after you?

               If this is the America you do not want to leave to your posterity. My advice to you is so you are educated in what the law is. So where do you begin to start. I say read the Bible and the US Constitution, examine the State Constitution, study the bill of rights. Read the founding documents. Look at the Declaration of Independence. Read the Federalist paper and the Anti Federalist papers. Honor the oath you have sworn to uphold. Be an example to your peers in uniform and children keeping your word. Always do what is right even though you may stand alone. Right now those Robber Barons in the Central Bankers and in the Firms on Wall Street are robbing your pensions too. So which side will you choose? Do you have the moral conviction to stand with the people? Are you one of those "yes man" who will follow the orders of corrupt politicians who are just puppets of the oligarchs, and not think twice about the long term consequences your actions will have on the America you leave behind just going along to get along for a paycheck that will be worthless when the dollar has no more value?

                If you choose to follow the orders of the state and you think you are protected if you are a good obedient enforcer? Think again I say. If you make that choice, you are in more danger at the hand of your own government than you are at the hands of the people. In Soviet Russia and NAZI Germany, they routinely executed the guards purging them along with the population for no reason. That means you will share a space in a mass grave with the peasants. If you choose the side of doing right. You still take a lot of risk doing so sharing the same fate. At least you can die like a man with a clear conscience fighting for what is right. Chances are you might have the better protection of the population if you protect the people from tyranny and despotism. You may stand alone with the rank and file, but not with the people if you serve honorably in your duties as a peace officer. The people will watch your back if you stand on the side of right.

              This great nation is coming to the point of there is no gray area. The people from all walks of life will have to make a choice which side they will be on. We always have a choice and free will. When you swore your oath to defend and protect the Constitution.  That oath gave you the power to say no to tyranny and corruption. It gave you the power to say no to orders that are illegal that violate the rights of the people. You are not political enforcers. If a demonstration is making you bosses look bad in city hall. It is not your duty to oppress the people to save their political hind ends. It is your duty to preserve the integrity of the system of goverment not undermine it. Free speech is essential for the survival of a nation in these times, if the politicians do not like it. It is not your duty to do damage control for them.

              It is time to make a choice on what side you will be on. You can either be on the side of history of heroes who took a stand for freedom or being an judged as a criminal who committed many miscarriages of justice. What side will you be on, I hope you make the right choice for you children and you country so history will remember you taking up a righteous cause.  Remember Americans love the heroes who stood alone when it was right who risked all, Will you be that man who will stand with us or against us. Make your choice. time is short. There is no honor being on the side of tyrants, but there is honor standing for what is right even when you stand alone.

The Lone Star Watchdog

So Maybe This is How UFO's Can Fly?

Via  Quantum Locking

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to Price Precious Metals

I saw this comment under a post of the Economic Collapse Blog:

You can use the following online calculator to come up with a fair value of gold based on your own inflation expectations in order to price gold as inflation insurance:
Likewise with silver:
To find out the current spot price of precious metals, go to

They Thought They Were Free

I'm reading reviews of this book "They Thought They Were Free" by Milton Mayer, on Amazon.  It's about 10 Nazis that the author (a Jew, although he didn't reveal this to the Nazis) interviewed in the 1950's to get at how Hitler was able to create such a mess.

One thing struck me: There already was a cultural hatred towards Jews and Gypsies in place.  Here in the US, there's a cultural resentment of Hispanics and Arabs at the present time.

The Feds in 2006 ordered the building of many internment camps, ostensibly for illegal aliens.  A subsidiary of Halliburton is building them.  These might be the "FEMA camps" referred to by many conspiracy writers, or maybe they are in addition to the FEMA camps. (I'm not sure). A company owned by Jeb Bush is the main prison management company in charge of ICE detainment camps and I have already blogged about one Canadian man's bad experience in such a camp.

Could this be a disturbing parallel?  It's too easy for people to say, "oh, if these camps are really for the illegals (or insert your favorite group you resent), then it's okay."  No it's NOT okay.  And keep in mind that the Nazis also imprisoned (and killed) dissidents or anyone who opposed them.  The camps might not really be for illegals, that might be just an excuse.  It seems to me there are a lot more camps than there are illegals to put in them.

The measures used to oppress the groups the Nazis didn't like were put in place bit by bit, slowly so as not to alarm the rest of the populace.  Witness the recent whittling away of freedoms by the "War on Terrorism".  Yeah, the "terrorism" that was in most cases mostly caused by our own agents provocateurs.  If 9-11 was a big false flag, as I believe it was, then we're really in trouble here.  Basically they're changing the Free World into a big prison and trying to lull us while they arrange it around us.  They're using Hegelian methods to make us clamor for their "solutions" to problems that they themselves secretly created.

Even if you're Mr. Normal White Bread America, and even if you've never thought a political thought in your entire life, you should be very concerned about these recent developments in the world - not just the US, but other countries in the so-called Free World have these kind of detainment camps, and the inmates are not treated very nice.  And if you think it's OK to keep people in any kind of camps for any longer than it takes to process the paperwork to send them home, you need to examine your soul.  I'm all for defending borders, but some of these people languish in these prisons for years, and their only crime was being a refugee.

If the people who ordered these prison camps made are the same people who are trying to make one world government, one might wonder how anyone could be an illegal alien under one world government - it would obliterate the very definition of "alien", so why if that's the case are they bothering with these prisons?  Because they're for YOU AND ME.

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Hoarding Nickels

Hoarding nickels, although it sounds nuts, is actually a good thing to do.  It's a no-lose proposition.

The copper in a nickel is worth about 8 cents, and they haven't started making zinc nickels yet, so you don't have to sit there squinting at them like you do pennies to sort out the zinc ones.  I think they're supposed to start making zinc nickels in a year or two, so get started now.

If nothing happens, i.e. the dollar doesn't crash, you still have money, because nickels are money.  If the dollar is replaced by a totally different currency, you have copper you can sell for the melt value at a profit to you of (now) 60%.  If the dollar goes into hyperinflation and is re-cast, i.e. if they come out with New Dollars or something like that, that are worth 100 old dollars, either they will keep all the nickels in circulation and say they are now worth 5 cents in the new dollars, in which case you lost nothing; or they will replace all the coins, in which case you still have copper for melt value just like if they replaced the dollar with something completely different.

The only way you would lose would be if inflation went slowly and you just held onto those nickels for years and years until they were worth 5 percent of a very devalued dollar.  But at some point due to the cost of copper they will HAVE to start making zinc nickels, and you still have the melt value of your old nickels, so that's really not losing.

Another disadvantage to hoarding copper is it's heavy compared to silver or gold - but it's also less likely to get confiscated if they get too happy in Washington.

The Illuminati, the Holographic Universe, and Schrodinger's Cat

Woo-woo warning: this article is rather woo-woo.  Just sayin'.  I was thinking about this last night and got on a roll.

 If it’s as bad as this Fulford guy, Alex Jones and so forth say it is, then basically the official government (probably everywhere, not just in the “civilized” world) is just a cover for the way things really work; and the way things really work is kept a secret so that most of the people are kept at a disadvantage.  This begs the question: Was it EVER as represented?  If one were to believe various histories of the Illuminati, then no, it’s been hidden perhaps since Babylon or Egypt, or maybe even for the entire history of the human race.  (witness the story of the serpent in the Garden of Eden.  I’m not a literalist when it comes to the Bible, but that story exists for some reason.)

The depth of this rabbit hole would be infinite, i.e. secret rulers and hidden rules would even be an inherent part of matter, if you subscribe to the Holographic Universe theory.  Essentially this theory started as a quantum physics theory, that every part of the universe contains the pattern of the whole universe, sort of like a fractal, with its infinite surface area and fancy looking twists and turns, is all based on the same equation.  A laser hologram (unlike a visible light hologram like a credit card has on it) will have the full picture on both parts if you break it in two.  Likewise the guy who thought up this theory thinks the universe is the same way.  No matter how small a part of the universe is, it has the pattern of the whole universe in it. 

The theory also goes on to say that reality is a bit elastic.  It’s not set in stone.  In other words, reality can be changed to a certain degree by effecting changes within oneself, because one contains the pattern of the universe. (Hence magick.  All the symbolism, the knickknacks and so forth are ways to communicate with your subconscious and get it to change according to the conscious’s desire – so that all parts of your psyche are aligned.  However, mysticism is the opposite of magick, it’s getting your conscious out of the way so you can perceive the world using the rest of your brain, and the Buddhists who make this their practice think the world is perfect as-is already).

This essentially quantum physics theory has other implications, including an explanation for psychic phenomena.  If one is telepathic, it may not require any “signal” between the two people, only for someone to perceive the part of themselves that contains the other person in the pattern and then listen or talk to it.  Maybe that’s how remote viewers do their thing too.

There is also the fact that the picture in a hologram is invisible unless you shine a special light on it, i.e. a laser.  Maybe this is reading too much into it, but the attention one needs to focus on the pattern in order to see it is like a “special light”.

Secret rules that change all the time.
Perhaps this explains uncertainty principles or the Schrodinger’s Cat theory. 
Perhaps this means that the laws of physics are a bit dodgy.  The harder you look the more they change.

And it is a really pithy magickal saying, “As above, so below”.  That pretty much gets it, doesn’t it?  It’s a four word phrase that describes the holographic universe.


Back to conspiracy theory:  If you apply this theory to society, regarding secret rulers as a part of every level of the pattern, then nobody can ever know the rules for sure, and deception would keep even the leaders of the Illuminati second guessing each other. 

The good news, however, is that love and truth also exist, and also perhaps ANY kind of insight, whether it be personal or political – ANY revelation of the truth is a tide that raises all boats.

Perhaps if enough people became enlightened, it would create a critical mass and then we’d all get it.  Or maybe if we find the part of our internal universe map that reflects the enlightened person, that’s enough.  We are all part of God, but he’s playing a game with himself where he allows himself to forget he’s God.  Or maybe he’s just asleep - The Hindus think that the world is a dream that Shiva is having, and when Shiva wakes up, that’s it – the world winks out.  Shiva is the god of destruction, by the way.  And fire, I think.

What if everyone became psychic all at once? (i.e. the Singularity)  Would we all get mad at eachother’s former secrets, or would love and compassion rule the day?  Seems like right now people are getting mad, but if it became impossible to have these kind of secrets, then perhaps the vampires would have a harder time of it.

Also, if the pattern is the same at all levels, and people are waking up to the political realities, then surely we must also be waking up on other levels as well.


I would venture a guess that some of the Illuminati might be psychic or have some kind of mojo if they are into magick, so maybe it’s somewhat genetic?  And it’s convenient for them to keep their power consolidated by always trying to “marry up”.  But if everyone was about to become psychic too, they would no longer have this advantage over the rest of us.  It’s also possible that they’re to a certain extent psychopathic as well and so the ones with the psychic advantage have not had any sense of morals.  But this will change as well perhaps.  I don’t think one has to be psychopathic to be psychic.  On the other hand, maybe they are really no more inherently psychic than anyone else, but some of their practices bring it out?

And going back to the holographic universe theory, there’s a little Illuminati in all of us.  In other words, we already posess all their secrets, if we knew where to focus that internal laser.


Monday, October 17, 2011

US Gov Refuses FOIA Request on Secret Interpretation of Patriot Act

Via Techdirt
 and Cryptogon

NYTimes Sues The Federal Government For Refusing To Reveal Its Secret Interpretation Of The PATRIOT Act

from the secret-laws-and-secret-interpretations dept

We've been covering for a while now how Senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall have been very concerned over the secret interpretation the feds have of one piece of the PATRIOT Act. They've been trying to pressure the government into publicly explaining how they interpret the law, because they believe that it directly contrasts how most of the public (and many elected officials) believe the feds are interpreting the law. While the two Senators continue to put pressure on the feds and to hint at the feds' interpretation, just the fact that the government won't even explain its own interpretation of the law seems ridiculous.

Given all of this, reporter Charlie Savage of the NY Times filed a Freedom of Information Act request to find out the federal government's interpretation of its own law... and had it refused. According to the federal government, its own interpretation of the law is classified. What sort of democracy are we living in when the government can refuse to even say how it's interpreting its own law? That's not democracy at all.

Julian Sanchez points us to the news that Savage and the NY Times have now sued the federal government for not revealing its interpretation of the PATRIOT Act, pointing out that if parts of the interpretation contain classified material, the Justice Department should black that out and reveal the rest, but simply refusing to reveal the interpretation entirely is a violation of the Freedom of Information Act. You can bet that the feds will do everything they can to get out of this lawsuit, just as they did with the various lawsuits concerning warrantless wiretapping. Here's hoping the court systems don't let them. No matter what you think of this administration (or the last one) and how it's handling the threat of terrorism, I'm curious how anyone can make the argument that the US government should not reveal how it interprets the very laws under which it's required to operate.
A comment below this article linked to this Dilbert comic, which is rather apropos:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Some weird news

Here's some conspiracy type weird news. Not sure if any of it is true, but here we go: 14 shamans assassinated in Peru, hits ordered by some mayor.  A call to action. Worth investigating.  It doesn't show up as a hoax on either or
This guy Benjamin Fulford thinks he's one of the Illuminati and leaks their secrets (?!?! suuuure... and they let him live, but kill all the microbiologists...) and says that two recent earthquakes were really nuclear blasts that took out two underground secret bases of the NWO.
I don't know how anyone could possibly confirm that one.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Don't Believe This New "Terrorist" Plot Either

Okay, let me see if I've got this straight.  I've edited this a couple times as I learn more.

Eric Holder (the AG) announced the other day that the Iranian government was plotting to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the US.  The suspects are Manssor Arbabsiar, a used-car salesman who is a naturalized US citizen, and Gholam Shakuri, said to be an Iran-based Quds Force operative.

Somehow they convinced this Arbabsiar to arrange and pay for a hit on the Saudi ambassador to the US, and so he goes to Mexico to hire a drug gang to do it.  And his contact in the drug gang just happens to be a DEA agent.  Arbabsiar supposedly wired $100,000 to Mexico from New York to pay for the hit.

So, if the Quds Force (Iran's Revolutionary Guard) was involved, don't you think that the Quds Force would know that any transaction over $10,000 is reported to the Feds?  Or at least this used car salesman, who is a businessman and has been in the US for 15 years, might have heard something to that effect?  This is very sloppy work for the Quds Force.  They're kind of like the Iranian CIA.  And mostly they're involved in the Middle East.  Here's a Wiki about them.

Another late revelation is that Arbabsiar opposes the Iranian regime.  Why would someone who OPPOSES this regime, who probably moved here to get away from it, do any favors for it?  The suspect has been around 15 years a successful used car salesman in Texas.  He also has a fraud conviction against him.  I just don't see this guy wanting any more trouble.  I also don't see the Quds Force getting this guy to do anything for them.

Fox News says they have an inside investigator with a security clearance.  This guy can't find any evidence to support this claim of Holder.  The Americans are basing their case on some phone conversation Arbabsiar had with his cousin.

Arbabsiar has been in custody since September but the FBI has "lost" its record of interrogating him, according to Prison Planet. What?!

This is just too convenient - it gives Holder a smokescreen for Operation Fast and Furious because of the Mexicans, and it gives the US and Israel an excuse to get belligerent with Iran.  It's also rather flimsy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Millionaire Wanabees

I just read an article called "The Wrath of the Millionaire Wannabees" at a blog called Conceptual Guerilla, which site is unfortunately a cheerleader for the Keynesians (I guess when Keynes disavowed his own economic theory later in life, the blogger didn't get the memo).

But the article made me think about when I was in real estate and lending and consumed a number of real estate guru audio/book courses (from the REIA library mostly) and was also in an MLM at roughly the same time. This article calls people who consume these courses "Dittoheads" because he thinks they believe the hype with the bimbo on the hood of the fancy car that some of these courses have, and that they are then somehow angered by Rush Limbaugh into becoming right-wing when they don't get rich.

Only the cheesiest of the real estate courses used pictures of yachts, bimbos, and fancy cars. I saw one that had that, and it was laughed at by my fellow real estate investors. But MLM is FULL of that kind of crass consumerist attitude, probably because it's the lowest common denominator image of wealth (not the bimbo, but everything else), and they're not exactly trying to attract smart people to MLM.  People fall in and out of MLM all the time and I don't think it changes their politics.  They usually don't stay all that long, because MLM doesn't work for 99% of the people who try it.

The "Dittoheads" in real estate were looky-loos who had corporate day jobs and thought that they could get rich quick in real estate.  They would come to the meetings, buy the selling speakers' courses, but they would never actually buy a piece of property. I'm not sure of their politics; however I'm guessing they already tended to the right, as corporate types tend to.

I have met several real estate investors who actually did get rich.  They worked hard at it, but more importantly, they followed good advice and instruction from their peers locally and not just any stupid get-rich guru's course material.  They helped newbies like me for free.  I would not call these people "dittoheads".

When you are a landlord, which anyone actually in real estate ends up as eventually, you learn the joys of dealing with tenants and all the stupid things they do, like spend the rent money on a big screen TV, pot and lotto tickets, and break everything in the house, then call the building inspector on you to try to avoid having to pay you YOUR rent.  And then when you sue for the rent, they get a free lawyer that YOUR taxes paid for.  You get to see how your poor downtrodden tenants won't clean the damn house, and bring in roaches, and let their dog crap all over the yard. Or the wonderful world of HUD bureaucracy.  It was enough to turn me from a Dem to a Libertarian.

Eventually I went belly up.  Why did I "fail" in real estate? Not because I was disappointed by a bad real estate guru.  After all I had been in business for ten years.  It was a number of things. My business partner got ripped off at a closing, then he had a tenant move out and steal the plumbing, then he came down with cancer; there was the credit collapse which wrecked our business plan, and practically all our tenants lost their jobs at once and moved out or we had to evict them, plus one of them stole all of the kitchen appliances from one house; and we also had a furnace and a water heater blow up.  And then I got laid off.  A little later I had the plumbing stolen out of one of my houses that was vacant.  All in the space of six months. 

I did not go right wing because I went belly up.  It happened before that.  I went right wing because I saw that most of the hindrances to my business and well being came from the left.  I am tired of my taxes going to facilitate the Tyranny of the Nice.  We have to be nice to everyone, so Big Brother is going to take your money and give it to a bunch of people who want to eat gravy for a living.  Not just welfare recipients but large corporations, apparatchiks, social workers, compliance officers, greenie weenies, and plaintiffs' attorneys.

And I don't listen to Rush Limbaugh.  He sets my teeth on edge.

So here the article is.  Now that I've done my polemic you can read what set me off.

"The Wrath of the Millionaire Wanabees"

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Underwear Bomber's Father is Head of Nigerian Bank, Yemen owes $6B

Get a load of THIS!

According to this article, Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, the famous Underwear Bomber, has a father who is the head of a Nigerian bank.  Since 2009 the country of Yemen had incurred 5.9 billion dollars of foreign debt for development.  A MAJOR creditor was this Nigerian bank headed by Umar's father, Umaru Mutallab.

Umaru Mutallab was the Nigerian Minister of Economic Development in 1975.  He then spent a decade as the Managing Director and CEO of United Bank for Africa.  For the last ten years, Umaru has been the chairman of the First Bank of Nigeria.  

Mr. Mutallab is arguably the biggest banker in Nigeria - the guy who got the IMF into Nigeria.  He is also the chairman of Jaiz Bank, which is in turn supported by Islamic Development Bank (IDB). These banks introduced Islamic banking to Yemen, and loaned quite a bit to Yemen, along with other foreign banks.

Umar's mother is from Yemen. The press is pretty much silent about her.

If the revolution in Yemen were to succeed, all those loans would get defaulted.  So it looks rather fishy that Mr. Mutallab calls the CIA (numerous times) to rat out his own son; then later the son, who appeared drugged, is escorted onto a plane by a Well Dressed Man, without a passport, a ridiculously small amount of explosive goes off that he's sitting on (which by itself renders it ineffective, although the "official" story was that he'd sweated on it too much), and magically the US has an excuse to come to the "rescue" of Yemen.  How convenient.  And the US claims it "dropped the ball" on watching Umar Mutallab.  Yeah right.  So who was the Well Dressed Man?

Could it be that someone saw these complaints by Mr. Mutallab about his son and decided to take advantage of the kid as a patsy?  Perhaps Umar was the black sheep of the family, and wanted to bomb the plane; but I doubt he would have gotten very far without this Well Dressed Man drugging him and herding him aboard. I can't see another Arab terrorist getting away with hornswaggling the people at the gate into letting the kid on without a passport.  It had to have been an intelligence agent of a NATO country.

I also don't understand why the kid wouldn't have had a passport, unless for some reason his father's warnings made it so he was on a no fly list.

Those naked body scanners had been ordered a full month before this underwear bombing incident.  Which means they were looking for an excuse to introduce them.  The American public would not have stood for them without some "terrorist attack". Pardon me for thinking it's all a bit too convenient.

About the fake terror:  I suppose it could be argued that these agents are flushing out those who have ill intent by egging them on and then equipping them with fake bombs, but perhaps the patsies would not have done anything without someone egging them on.  Actually it's a credit to the American people, all of us, that the attacks happen only with some agent provacateur making it happen.  It means that people generally want peace.

So, why do they manufacture fake terror?  Look at what they made happen next.  The erosion of freedoms.  Naked body scanners, hands in the pants even for grandmas and little kids, a veritable Panopticon of surveillance, checkpoints at football games, malls, even the PROM for godsakes; and now they want to be able to kill domain names on a whim and monitor your car and God knows what else.

WHY?  What do they think is going to happen that they need all this security against their own populace?  Obviously there aren't all that many real terrorist attacks, so we're a lot safer than they make us out to be.  Do they think that terrorist attacks will one day happen for real?  Do they think the American people will revolt one day?

Could they be making a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Keep in mind that someone else besides the gold bugs and libertarians may have seen an economic crash coming when Nixon took us off the gold standard.  It's not inconceivable that someone in the government knew exactly what they were doing.  In which case they were a traitor, because they have sown on purpose the seeds of our destruction.

Cui bono?

Chemtrails again - Welsbach Materials, Powder Contrails, Genocide?

This was in my blog roll today at Activist Post.  But the full article is here
It's basically what I said before, but with more details and backup.

I'm not sure the real purpose of these chemtrails is really about fighting global warming.  The planes that are doing it are not showing up in flight plans etc.  This takes more coordination than just a company or two spraying for experiments.  It's probably the military.  There's no chemtrails in Russia or China, apparently, only NATO countries are reporting them.

One would wonder why whoever ordered this would spray not only all of us, but one would assume also themselves along with us.  Unless they're sequestered on those days in a positive-pressure safe room?  What about their relatives?

A positive pressure safe room has more (clean filtered) air going in than coming out.  If it were made of plastic the plastic would be bowed out.  All the air coming in has to be filtered with a HEPA filter.  You can use a squirrel-cage fan for creating the pressure.

Make a safe room fan
Make a safe room door

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dead Microbiologists Tell No Tales - and Ivins didn't do it

Here's the latest on the rash of mysteriously dead microbiologists.

Remember the anthrax scare right after 9-11-01?  The FBI said they thought a guy named Ivins who worked at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases did it, and they railroaded him.  Ivins turned up suicided, but the WHO now says that the anthrax produced was too sophisticated for Ivins to have done it, even with the equipment available to him at work - unless he had gone to another part of his workplace and used equipment there, at great risk of being discovered and sickening others at his work.

Nobody at that workplace ever got sick.

One of Ivins' work colleagues, a guy named Assaad, was also accused but he was exonerated.  He went on the record saying Ivins was a straight-up guy and wouldn't have done it nor would he have killed himself.  In other words it was murder.

Strangely, Ivins also sent himself an email saying he knew whodunit, but he never got to say who it was before he died.

The rash of dying microbiologists started shortly after the CIA's anthrax program was exposed to the public.

Here is a list of dead microbiologists etc.
14 of them died in a short period of time, which is statistically very improbable unless it was murder.
Why were they killed? Was it for what they knew, or what they could know, or for their ability to identify (or cure) a WMD disguised as a natural epidemic?

Dead Sea Scrolls Now Viewable Online

At long last the Dead Sea Scrolls are available online to view.
Here they are:
I'll stick this in the Forbidden Knowledge page too, since they were kept from us for so long.

Mushrooms Can Clean Up Oil Spills

These guys are cleaning up oil spills with mushroom cultures.  The mushrooms eat petroleum and break it down.

Also in this video a leading soil biologist says that inorganic fertilizer kills microorganisms in the soil and we don't need the fertilizer if we understand how soil really works.  She makes compost tea for golf courses etc.

This website seems rather fond of mushrooms, both ordinary and "magic" and has a lot of essays about psychedelics.  I think I'll stick it in the Forbidden Knowledge page.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Free Energy Idea

The world would be quite different if someone found a better source of energy that was essentially free and didn't pollute.  (besides the sun, which requires solar panels containing rare earth metals and isn't powerful enough to run a car yet). Perhaps the free energy crowd could use the internet to coordinate an open-source collaboration, and copyleft it.  No they wouldn't get rich, but it would be harder to destroy or stop research that was shared via torrent, and spread among 100 people.  Any out-of-work engineers game for this?  Why don't you join an Anonymous forum and start a #free-energy project?  It would be a better use of their bandwidth than all the teenage posturing that is otherwise going on there.  Also it would be a good place to start, it'd be free anyway. (to you)

What's the worst that would happen? You'd waste some time on a forum and the solution would not be found.  Just spend the time you would otherwise spend watching TV or playing WOW.

The Federal Reserve - A bit of history

Here's some history about the Fed and also about various rich banker types (Rockefeller, Morgan, Rothschild, etc. etc.) and how they figure in all of it.  What's interesting to me is how much political opposition these guys have had throughout history.  Also, how intermarried they all are.
This was part 1 and 2 in a series but somehow I couldn't find parts 3 and 4 in a hurry so I'll post them later if I find them.

If you wanted to starve them, it would be difficult to boycott all of their interests.  I suppose one could do it if one were living off the land somewhere and raising heirloom everything with manure as fertilizer, and never used gasoline, heating oil, plastic, pharmaceuticals, etc., got off the grid, and bartered for everything except perhaps the bare minimum needed to pay for property taxes and insurance; and made all one's own tools, which were hand tools.  Perhaps even the property taxes could be got rid of, it it were in the context of a church organization, but either way, how are you going to convince enough people to live that way that it makes a difference?

If we could just change banking so that nobody can produce fiat money from thin air and fractional reserve banking wasn't allowed, perhaps that would be enough.