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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Self-Guided Bullets

The military/Lockheed Martin has invented a little tiny (4-5 inches long) self guided missile.  It can hit a target 1.5 miles away within 9 inches of accuracy.  The way it finds its target is by a laser that the gun that fires it points at the target.

Time to start carrying inflatable dolls or scarecrows with the infantry.  Maybe they'll hit the straw men. The real soldiers can wear ghillie suits or dress like mounds of sand, and carry the fake soldiers on poles as they creep along.

I am wondering if such a missile might become confused by other laser pointers in the vicinity of the target.  It would be a comical design flaw for an ordinary cat toy to foil one of these expensive gadgets.

I bet the Catz Force already thought of it.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Darknets and Mesh Networks

What darknet?

I got this one from Western Rifle Shooters.  They mention TOR, but I think it's been compromised already.
However, the concept is worth considering anyway.

We Can Still Fight ACTA

Please see this
The EU Parliament still has to ratify it before it goes into effect.

If ACTA becomes law we can kiss freedom of the internet press goodbye.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Prickly Pear Up North

I have just acquired a shriveled up prickly pear harvested in the winter from Opuntia humifusa "Inermis".  Muhahaha!
Why should I care, you say?  Has Penny Pincher finally lost it and is cackling over a cactus?

This charming plant, known as Eastern Prickly Pear, or just "Kentucky Cactus", is edible, just like other prickly pears.  Another stealth food gardening plant, because although they know you can eat prickly pear out west, I bet most people who own this cactus in the midwest don't even know what it is or that you can eat it.  You can eat the pads, which in this variety have almost no spines, or you can eat the pears.  You can make prickly pear jam.

I won't get pears for two years, so let's hope the Mayan calendar nuts are wrong.  This year is going to be my guerrilla stealth gardening experiment.  I'm going to have not only my regular garden in my yard, which will be all garden and almost no yard this time, but I'm going to garden in undisclosed waste areas as well as at someone else's farm and my gardening nut friend's yard.  I'll be growing things I've never grown before, like eggplant and Brussels sprouts.  I'll be growing a lot of taters on the sly.  It'll be great!  I'll be tired!

I've got to get a watering system going for my stealth gardens.  I'm thinking a 5-gal. bucket on the back of my bike, or something like that.  Well, if nothing else, I'll get muscles, but hopefully not from carrying water in an inefficient manner.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

ACTA: Obama's end run around SOPA/PIPA Resistance

Obama just signed a treaty called ACTA into law.  (The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement). This treaty allows any other country to request that ISP's remove people's web content based on claims of "copyright infringement", without first filing a lawsuit or anything to prove their claims.

Essentially this means now Big Brother everywhere can censor the internet by using other countries as proxies.  And we can soon say goodbye to torrents, songs and snippets of movies on YouTube, embedded news clips on blogs, etc.  I can't say how many bands I have become aware of and familiar with their material by looking them up on YouTube.  From Kid Ory (jazz trombone) to Lady Gaga (yes, I know, there's apparently something wrong with her left eye and she's named herself after some alternate-history occult version of the planet Pluto) to Gogol Bordello (gypsy punk).  We are heading toward a cultural vacuum.  Hear that sucking sound?  Oh wait, that's the dollar.  My bad. 

Well, maybe we'll all be playing in jug bands for fun, because the internet will be all Corporatocracy all the time, and we'll have to get unplugged from the Matrix to feel human anymore.  Up the skiffle!

Also in the works is a program that would require everyone to use an identity card to sign onto the internet, essentially making anonymous communication much more difficult.  More censorship.  Actually that boils down to wiretapping everybody all the time, in my book.  Perhaps hackers will find a way around it.  Hacking someone else's Wifi might be a way, but then that person might get in trouble for things you do on their connection. (Those Kryptes better get good wifi encryption at home, I think)

There's a 50-cent vocabulary word of the day for you. Kryptes.  Look it up.  I think it's a fitting term for what's happening to our government.  Roaming the cybersphere, they want to turn us laconic.  They want to kill Americans on executive order, or send us to Helot Hotel, of FEMA fame.  May they get wee partans in their choady beards.

Funny how international treaties trump our sovereignty, so that the people don't have a voice.  Unless we stand up and say no en masse, and make our elected officials withdraw from the UN.  Will that happen?

Not to alarm anyone but there is also a UN Small Arms Treaty he could sign that would make owning firearms illegal.  That'll go over like a lead balloon.  Or a lead something anyway.  The threepers are getting rather shrill these days, and well they should.

Band-aid Cure for RFID Cards

 If you are concerned about your ID and credit cards having RFID chips in them, they sell wallets that purportedly attenuate (block) RFID signals.  Some are made of aluminum and some of stainless steel.

There is no reason to spend a bunch of money on one of these fancy wallets.

I have discovered that a small Band-Aid tin is the perfect size to hold these kind of cards.  Since it's just regular steel, and I don't know how well regular steel attenuates RFID, I would recommend also getting some aluminum furnace/duct tape and taping up the inside or outside of the can with a couple layers, or just lining it with a couple layers of aluminum foil.  An Altoids tin would also work for this, but with the Band-Aid tin, for the ladies, it opens at the top so you can just pop the top and grab your card out without taking the whole tin out of your purse.

Aluminum by itself doesn't block RFID very well. Stainless steel does a much better job (also nickel).  I was just thinking maybe a combination of metals would help.

The kind of RFID chips they put in pets are of a lower frequency than the ID and credit card kind, and those lower frequencies are harder to block. They go through metal.  So don't bother to put tin foil on your cat.
I want YOU for the Tin Foil Brigade!

Cheap Wound Suction

An MIT grad student has developed a cheap hand-pumped wound bandage with suction.  Maintaining negative pressure on a wound helps it heal faster.  The bandage can be left on for three days.

Field dressings, y'all!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Have I Been Duped by a Soros-funded Psyops?

My last post about Newt Gingrich linked to a site called  Someone I know told me he thought that site might be funded in some way by George Soros, who also has his fingers in the Occupy movement and also in a lot of media.

Well, I don't like to think I got fooled, but if I did, I'll come clean.

Today I tried to research the matter and didn't get real far.  They have an email you can write to to get their donors.  I might resort to that.  I didn't want to bother them but I'm not getting much through other channels. The weird thing, though, is I could have sworn that earlier today their major donors were listed on their About page, and now they're not.  Or I might be wrong.

Neat gadget from Global Guerillas

I found this on Global Guerillas website - it's called the Arduino.
It's open source electronic hardware - I guess you could make your own Furby-like toy or something with it, although I'm probably not thinking big enough.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Newt Gingrich's Arms Dealer Bribe Scandal

This is a serious matter.  Better read this article on Mr. Gingrich and his second wife, Maryanne, and the FBI investigation into them soliciting a bribe from an arms dealer.
This is NOT the man we need for president.  He's got too many skeletons in the closet.  He might be blackmailable.  Just sayin'.

It might be divorce sour grapes, but in this article it says Maryanne characterizes Newt as being hopeless with money.  Do we need someone who is hopeless with money in his own private life to be running the country when we are in such a financial pickle?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Girls with Mysterious Tourettes Symptoms Blown Off By Docs As "Mass Hysteria"

This is unbelievable.
The doctors (who were brought in by the feds) are saying the girls in the New York high school who were having symptoms resembling Tourettes Syndrome are suffering from "Conversion Disorder", which is a fancy word for mass hysteria.

One of the girls said she woke up from a nap and then had the symptoms.  That does not sound like mass hysteria to me.  How could they all come down with these symptoms independently of each other, for example after an event as untraumatic and peaceful as a nap at home?

Whatever the cause, I do have some suggestions how they might find relief without drugs.  Apparently the girls were all cheerleaders.  I have a relative who developed Tourettes like symptoms. She found relief in dancing.  When she danced, the tic did not happen.  The girls, who are already accustomed to moving in tandem with each other as a cheer team, could resume their cheering activities, or form a dance troupe, and not only find relief from their tics for a few hours a day, but also lessen whatever social isolation they might be having due to being pulled out of school.  Not only that, but they could take classes together as a group and get back to school or be tutored together. Their newfound fame might get them a spot on a TV dance contest, and they could raise money for college for themselves and even for scholarships for other students. Or, if they got to a good enough level as a dance troupe, that could be their career, and they could perform to raise big money for their own charity that they could form, and pay themselves a salary from some of it.  Just a thought.

NPR is Controlled Media, Parrots Corporate Lies

I used to think NPR reported the news in a fair way, for intellectual people.  That is the image they like to project.  But in the last couple years I have caught them doing all kinds of dirty tricks in their news shows.  One slick trick is to completely ignore Ron Paul even when he wins a poll, and pretend some other guy won.  The entire mainstream media is doing that too, but it was especially blatant right after the Iowa poll.  The BBC is also very bad about this.

Another dirty trick is to mention something unpleasant in the same breath as someone they want to make look bad.  This involves running two stories back to back, the first one being the person they want to make look bad and the second one being the unpleasant story; and they don't even pause for breath so if you're not paying close attention you think it's the same story; or unconsciously you associate the guy with the unpleasant thing.  With this trick, they have complete plausible deniability, but to me it's classic NLP jedi mind tricks.  I have caught them at it a couple times. (I wish I could remember the specific instances).

Monsanto was funding NPR for a while around 2010 and NPR Marketplace was parroting Monsanto’s agenda by having a guy named Pedro Sanchez from Columbia University on their show who was pushing big agra ideas of increased use of pesticides and fertilizer being the solution to world hunger. This was a violation of FCC regulations.

DHS is sponsoring programs at NPR now, and announcing it with little public service announcements for E-Verify.

I would like to end this article with a parody of the usual NPR identification that you can say whenever you hear them say it:
THIS.....Is Not The Truth! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Vaccine Boobs Say to Delay Breastfeeding

Not to insult actual boobs, but the vaccine pushers are telling women to delay breastfeeding so that their infant's vaccines can be of stronger effect.

I dunno about you, but I have always been under the impression that mother's milk itself imparted immunities to babies.  Might have had something to do with reading Dr. Spock books when I was a kid.  So if you breast feed, what do you need with all those vaccines in the first place?  Oh, but no, don't breast feed, so Junior'll not only "need" all those shots, but they'll be more powerful.  And then your milk will dry up and you'll have to feed Junior some expensive formula, made with - you guessed it - Fluoridated water! and Mad Cow Nilbog Milk!

What part of Junior's jabs will be more powerful?  The extra viruses they slip in on the side?  The mercury? No thanks.  This is just more stupid poppycock by the big pharma drug pushers to try and force people to buy their crap.  And I suspect, they've abandoned "Prima Non Nocere" a long time ago in the name of profits.

By the way, in the last couple years, the church I go to has gotten itself a resident nurse.  This woman sits in her very own office every Sunday and makes flu shots available to all and sundry.  The stupid thing is, this is a rather affluent church.  It's not like the congregation is the huddled masses, yearning to be jabbed.  You'd think they'd have their own physicians, so why is this woman there?  She asked me a few weeks ago, in a rather concerned and solicitous way, if I had gotten my flu shot this year.  I sort of blew it off, told her I had to hurry off somewhere, and have just avoided her since.

The one and only flu shot I ever got was from her two years ago - it was just a seasonal flu shot.  At the time I wasn't all that "awake", I thought I was being really organized, and that I'd done well to actually get one. But last year I came down with the flu for the first time ever.  I have a suspicion that the shot made me weak for the next year.  It kicked my butt for about 2 weeks.  Every time I tried to go back to work it came back.

This year, I'm staying the hell away from the needle and instead I've stocked up on elderberry syrup.  It's some "organic" knockoff of Sambucol.  All it is is elderberries, and no echinacea or any extra stuff.  I figure, if I don't get the flu, I can use it to flavor fancy cocktails (in small amounts).

If you get seasonal flu, elderberry syrup will make you get better about twice as fast. It boosts your immune system. I have also stocked up on garlic pills.  I think I mentioned this before, but in case I didn't, here is a recap: elderberries are good for seasonal flu, but garlic is better for the more virulent pandemic kinds of flu that make cytokine storms.  Garlic will dampen a cytokine storm (immune overreaction) which might lessen any damage to your internal organs it might cause.  Why not just eat enough garlic to do the same?  Because it's a truckload.  The pills are de-stinkified, so they have the dosage without the bad breath one would get from eating ungodly amounts of garlic.  I still enjoy eating garlic - just not ungodly amounts.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Debasing of Coins? Use the Not-Money Magnet!

The U.K. has debased its 5 and 10 pence coins and now they won't work in parking meters.  The new coins are steel.  At least that makes them easy to sort out.  Just use a not-money magnet! Whatever sticks to the magnet ain't real money.  They're also thicker, but why waste time feeling them when a magnet will work faster?

I wonder what a bunch of magnetized coins would do to a vending machine?  I wonder if they've thought of this? Hmm...

The US is to debase nickels any time this year.  I am watching for this and haven't seen any announcement yet, but they're supposed to do it sometime in 2012.  If we start having big inflation, pre-2012 nickels will disappear.  But you don't have to sort them like you do pennies - yet.  You want some cheap copper? Get rolls of nickels here and there, and sit on them for a few years.  Once they truck out the debased nickels, the value of your real copper nickels will be closer to the commodity value (which is higher than the face value).  Just think about the 90% silver coins.  A dime is going for around $2.40 or something like that.

On the other hand, you might want extra food around first, if you haven't started prepping yet.  Once you're pretty much ready though, save your nickels.

Maybe I should acknowledge inflation and start calling myself Nickel Pincher.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Magic of the Future!

I just re-found a website I found before and had forgotten about.  This guy Karl Hans Wels claims he was the first inventor of "orgonite", a substance that stores orgone (Wilhelm Reich's word for life energy), and he has a magic course of study that leaves out the religious and mystical mumbo-jumbo.
Here it is:
I like it because it explains, bare-bones, how magick is supposed to work, kind of from a scientific point of view.

The only thing is, the colors on that site are a bit eye-popping.  If this bothers you, you could copy and paste the text into a word processing program and then it would be easier to read.  I wish people would stop making bright red or purple websites.  Ow.

Mineral Content of Bottled Waters
This website has a list of bottled waters (I linked to the US page) and what minerals they have, plus taste reviews.  You can sometimes tell what fluoride content a particular brand of water has.
For example, Kroger Spring Water, .06 mg/liter

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

$1.5 Million Dollar Cave House For Sale

This isn't really for penny pinchers, but some lady is putting up for sale the desert cave house her late husband built.  It also has a bunch of natural pools (and a disguised hot tub) up on a hill, a game room, and a safe room.  It was blasted out of the living rock.  The price is down to $1.5 million from $3 million.  It would make a nice survival retreat, except being in the desert might have agricultural disadvantages.

I have a question.  Why do they call it "living rock" when someone carves their own cave? That's kind of funny.  It makes me think the rock says "Ow! Stop it!" when you're carving.

Vladimir Gavreau's Jericho Trumpet

Gavreau and his invention

During the 1950's, a French scientist named Vladimir Gavreau was doing robotics research.  He discovered a ventilation shaft in the building where he was working was making the people who worked there sick by way of very low frequency vibrations of a fan in the shaft.  The shaft was the perfect dimensions to amplify the vibrations of the fan.  When he figured this out, Gavreau turned his research instead to sonic weapons.  He developed what I can only call a "Jericho trumpet": a giant subsonic whistle that could knock down buildings.

They tested this whistle, which was blown by an air pump, on a special concrete housing they built for it at Versailles.  It almost knocked down part of Versailles and it destroyed its own concrete housing.  Another whistle almost killed the researchers; one of them ignored the pain enough to be able to shut off the device, and they were all sick for days after.

It does not take very much energy (aka volume) for infrasound to do great damage.  Such a device could be put into a remote controlled tank, or a flying drone, and inflict great harm on the battlefield. You can't direct or detect the direction infrasound goes in - it goes in all directions and permeates everything, so it would have to be remote controlled. 

At certain frequencies infrasound doesn't knock things down or damage internal organs, but instead it makes people feel uneasy or depressed.  The mistral wind, which is a seasonal coastal wind in the Mediterranean, does this naturally by way of infrasound.  Other natural infrasound phenomena include the Aurora Borealis, winds in the desert, earthquakes, tides, and air pressure changes from solar flares.  That uneasy feeling people get before a hurricane is from infrasound.

Sonic weapons exist today.  There is the crowd-controlling sound cannon, there is also a thing that looks like a wand that you can make it shriek at whoever you point at.  It uses a row of piezoelectric speakers.  They were thinking of carrying the wand things on airplanes as a way of attacking hijackers.  Do they have infrasonic weapons?  Who knows?  I wouldn't rule it out though. 

Even a rock band has experimented with sound weapons:  the band Throbbing Gristle used piezoelectric speakers tuned very close in pitch to drive away their annoying next door neighbors.  The difference between the two very high pitches was low level infrasound.  The band The Flaming Lips has used very low frequency in their recording "Zaireeka", although you would need a speaker system with a subwoofer for the full effect. 

Here is the most detailed article I have found on Dr. Gavreau's work and on the phenomenon of infrasound in general:

Here is a pretty comprehensive article on the biological effects of sound

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Solar Flare Cycle Normal So Far

STEREO sunspot cam
I got myself the January issue of "Popular Communications" and looked at the solar flare chart from the NOAA on p. 56. The solar cycle seems to be progressing normally, but the article about it speculated that the peak of the cycle would be not in 2012/2013 but rather in 2014. (The cycle peaks on average every 11 years, so it's not like clockwork.)  However, a panel of experts led by NOAA has predicted May 2013 as the peak.

You can get current solar flare data here
Or here
Or here

One cool thing about the solar cycle being on the rise, is that shortwave radio propagation is higher.  Meaning that if you get into HAM radio, you will be able to get signals from farther away. And your signal will be able to be received farther away.  Same with CB radio.

If we end up with a censored internet, or if we lose a big part of the grid so internet's spotty, HAM radio may be a nice alternative for keeping in touch.  Yes, it requires a license, but if they completely outlawed HAM down the road you'd still have the equipment.  At that point, just go mobile and sporadic.  It's still worth getting the license, because you have to learn about radio and pass a test.  Jumping through the hoop is worth it for the self-education, plus we're not yet at the point where they would feel compelled to outlaw lots of forms of communications.

Pushback on SOPA and PIPA Internet Censorship Bills

Public outcry is working to make members of Congress consider altering the SOPA bill to be less draconian.
and also read here about SOPA in the House and PIPA in the Senate.

Pres. Obama said he would veto SOPA.  But that's what he said about the Indefinite Detention bill, and then he went and signed that.  HE LIED TO US AND TO CONGRESS.  So why should we trust him?

Here is where to click to write to your representatives against SOPA and PIPA.  We have until January 24 to get this message out, then they vote on it that day.  They're in recess now.  You could even go see your reps in person.

Here's a video.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chemtrails - A cloud cover to enable electromagnetic weapons?

If you cross two beams of ultrasound that are close to each other in frequency, you can get audible sound.  This is how the Audio Spotlight works  It was invented by a kid from MIT and they use it at Disney now.

Likewise, if you cross two microwave beams you can cook someone.  Other frequencies, you can electrocute them from a distance.  Maybe with a satellite.  Imagine you've pissed someone off, he presses a button and hey! Ow! holy Zeus!  You can zap someone's electronic equipment and fry it.  You can cloak the atmosphere so that missiles get confused.  You can mess with the weather.  You can even make earthquakes.

Maybe they want to be Tim the Enchanter...

I wondered why the spraying planes seemed to be military - i.e. even if they're not military looking planes, they have no flight plans posted.  Well, according to Dutchsinse, it's all some kind of star wars tech they're testing. This cloud on our horizon is some kind of electronic air-soup that enables the zapping.  The collateral (or not so collateral) damage is that the aluminum and barium are precipitating into the ground and killing the plants.  But what a coincidence! Monsanto is developing an aluminum resistant bunch of seeds.  How did they know?  And remember, Monsanto now owns ACADEMI, aka Blackwater aka Xe.  He who controls food controls the world, and this is their perfect opportunity to - um - make a killing.

I feel like a bug at someone's suburban backyard picnic.  Spray and zap.  Spray and zap.  What, those silly humans aren't dead yet?  Darn mosquitoes! Spray, zap, spray, zap.  Bet they're wishing Zyklon-B was still on the market.  Wouldn't it make their job so much faster and easier?  Spray, zap, spray, zap. Oy vey!

According to Dutchsinse, the only ways to avoid these weapons are to go deep underground inside a cave lined with lead and ceramics, or to rise above the field of battle.  That's assuming they don't fry the controls in your plane.  Perhaps a hot air balloon?  Would that get high enough? Probably not.

We might find some relief with the orgone-wielding Etheric Warriors.  They think they can disperse chemtrails with homemade cloudbusters, or as they call them, chembusters.  I really don't know about that, but I suppose it's worth a try.  My question is, however, if the cloudbuster works to put a hole in the cloud, where does the particulate matter end up?  Probably still on the ground somewhere.

But it would be funny if a collection of $150 devices consisting of nothing fancier than copper pipes in a bucket of resin and metal shavings could defeat a multi-billion-dollar star wars project.

Barring that, I think we just need the Ghost Riders.  Mad cows in the sky...

3 Emerging Diseases, 12 Patients Each Time

12 high school girls in the same school district in LeRoy, New York have all gotten Tourette's like symptoms, and due to HIPPA laws, the docs aren't saying what it is. Anti-vaccine activists have speculated it might be due to Gardasil vaccines. The NYS health dept. said the girls have been diagnosed and treated, but a MSNBC article said one of the girls called and told the reporter they haven't in fact diagnosed it yet. One doctor has said it could be "conversion syndrome" (i.e. blackouts from stress).  Yeah, right.  And I've got a bridge for sale.

12 patents in India have come down with a completely drug resistant strain of tuberculosis.  It is so far 100% fatal. The strain, called TDR for totally drug resistant, actually showed up first in 2003 in Italy.  Two women died of it there.  One patient in India was a man in his 50's who has wandered off; nobody knows where he went.  Which means he might be out there spreading it somewhere.

12 people mostly in the Midwest have come down with a new variant of the swine flu.  This one is not that contagious, it looks like it's mostly hitting people who have close contact with farm animals, like at a 4-H club or similar.

Friday, January 13, 2012

FrAAnce's Triskaidekaphobia

Jacques de Meow's Revenge

Getting Foreclosed? Stay In Your House 3 More Years For Free

If you want to make it as painful and slow as possible for your lender to repossess your home, here's how:
Do not move out.
Fight back in court.
File an answer to the plaintiff's complaint.  If you don't reply they will get a default judgment.
Wait till the last minute to file any replies in court, which makes as much delay as possible
Use the robo-signing argument if it applies, to say your foreclosure is invalid
Demand the plaintiff produce the original promissory note
Never sign a deed in lieu of foreclosure
File bankruptcy

This will ruin your credit, but if you're late on your mortgage anyway, it's already shot.

Radioactive Tissue Holders

There were these metal tissue holders that got pulled from Bed Bath and Beyond, because they were radioactive.  They had Cobalt-60 in them.  The holders came from China and India - maybe they got some scrap metal that was radioactive and melted it down.

This does happen from time to time.  I remember back in the 90's hearing about a whole family that got cancerous lesions behind their knees.  Eventually they figured out there was this metal chair in their kitchen that had a radioactive bar in it, right where their knees would dangle over.

Everyone should have a Geiger counter.  Next time you want to buy another TV, get a Geiger counter instead.  Then you can test everything in your house, or you'd have one handy if there were ever a nuclear accident or war and you needed to tell if the fallout had decayed enough to go outside yet.  You could, if you are tight enough with the neighbors, share one among several households, or you could get one for your extended family in the area.  An old Civil Defense one that works should cost only about $200 or $250, and last time I checked the price that was right after Fukushima, so it might be less now.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Firefox Plug-In to Defeat SOPA

Here's another one, this one is called SOAPY.  Which is what I would have called it! that sounds a lot catchier than DeSopa.

UN Soldiers Brought Super Cholera to Haiti

According to this article:
UN troops from Nepal brought a super virulent variant of cholera to Haiti after the earthquake.  Supposedly this was a strain they already suffered from or were carriers of, and the lack of sanitation in their camp caused it to spread.  At least that's the official story.  The strain of cholera has shown up in Boston, Miami and New York already - not a pandemic, just a few cases here and there.

If you ever get cholera and you can't get to a doctor, your risk of death comes from dehydration.  Therefore stock up on Gatorade (or stuff to make your own), Immodium, and anything that will keep you from throwing up so much (Ginger, and if you consume cannabis, you know that helps with nausea, but I won't tell you to use it because that would be promoting illegal activity).

How To Contact Space People

Where's that confounded bridge?!
Here is a bit of fun: A rare book by Ted Owens called "How to Contact Space People", reproduced online for your reading pleasure.
The attendant warning given is that it may warp your brain.  According to Owens, not a lot of people can withstand the mental strain of talking to space people...

(No, that's not why I'm warped! With me it's natural!)

This website I got it from puts forth the idea that space aliens are really just the latest disguises for Djinn.  Djinn are like spirits, or fairies, or maybe even demons, that can shape shift.  Think genie in a bottle, but where that came from was some stuff about spirits in the Koran, and Mohammed had to get it from somewhere.  (Ancient folk knowledge, voices in a cave, maybe both, whatever.)

Most cultures have legends about spirits or extradimensional people.  The Djinn range from playful pranksters to helpful "ascended masters" or "space brothers" to malevolent beings with a sinister agenda that like to eat fear.  They're like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you're gonna get.

So... I'm hoping that this 2012 stuff is just a big prank by the Djinn. Maybe they're doing it for the lulz.

China Wants to Detain People in Secret Locations; also Bad Cyber Laws

Seems like other countries are jumping on the NDAA and SOPA bandwagon:

China is seeking to alter its criminal code to detain people for up to 6 months in secret locations.  This has human rights activists worried. (they should also worry about Americans now too)

Several countries are considering draconian cyber-crime laws: China wants to increase the penalty from 3 years to 7 years in jail, and Australia is considering putting in a Chinese-style firewall.

The problem with this firewall is it would really not block child porn, as it is touted to, because that sort of thing is mostly exchanged on chats and in peer to peer networks, which the firewall would not block.  Instead, it would make browsing slow and could be used to smother political discourse.  Which is probably its real intent.

Note: chats and peer to peer networks not blocked by firewall.  May be a way around censorship elsewhere too.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ACADEMI (Formerly known as Xe) Owned by Monsanto

Check this out - Monsanto bought Blackwater/Xe in 2010.

Blackwater changed its name to Xe in 2009.  But recently they changed it again to ACADEMI.
Here's my old article about their recent name change.

They are trying again to get a contract in Iraq.  Except we supposedly withdrew from Iraq.  Except for the 70,000 contractors (read: Mercenaries) still there. Well, they're contractors.

WHY is Monsanto seeking a mercenary contract in Iraq?  Three guesses.  They probably want to force their crappy poison GMO seeds on them, by force of arms. Or maybe they want to expand their chemtrail spraying, or steal land from farmers that their pollen blows onto.

BTW, a lot of heirloom seed varieties are DISAPPEARING from Iraq due to the war.  Introducing big-agra on top of this is a recipe for disaster and food slavery. 

One of the things good people could do to help is arrange to smuggle heirloom seeds into Iraq.  Or help them to save seeds.  Or preserve and grow Iraqi heirloom seeds for restoring them later.  This may be fairly easy: one seed catalog I got has these really cool looking Iraqi eggplants, they're wide rather than long.

Fight death with the propagation of life.

Permaculture/Sustainable Resources

Permaculture is like passive solar and wood powered utilities, food preservation, straw bale houses, rocket stoves and the like. Basically being off the grid, with a bit of an on-the-farm focus. Or sustainability if you will.

This is the good side of sustainable.  I just don't like anyone using the word "sustainability" to justify promoting the murder or sterilization of 80% of the humans on this planet, a la Agenda 21, the Georgia Guidestones, or any of that kind of "save the planet, kill yourself" rubbish.  I think "genocide" is more the word for that, and it's completely unnecessary.  They've hijacked the word "sustainable" and turned it into a code word for "your stuff is now mine and you're gonna die now".  Kinda like the Nazis hijacked the swastika. F**k the Nazis for ruining a perfectly good symbol for life.

I think I stole this one off of Root Simple:
There's also this one

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Dogs of War

Now I know why the cats are learning Dog.  The dogs are arming themselves. Even the little dogs!  This one has a TANK.
See here.  Again, I can't embed the vid so just click on it.

You know how people say Hollywood movies soften up the population for events that a secret cabal wants to spring on us?  What was "Cats and Dogs"????? Hmmmmm!

Fight SOPA Censorship with Firefox add-on DeSopa

First off, SOPA is a bill that would pretty much turn the Internet into what China has for an internet.  The feds would be able to block DNS (i.e. domain name service that points a .com name to an IP address) for websites they didn't like based on "intellectual property" issues. i.e. the huge sins of embedding YouTube videos in blog posts, or linking to someone else's article.  It would pretty much squash the independent press that has popped up online.  (Yes, I have a horse in the game).

A lot of copyright lawyers oppose SOPA.  See here for a long list of them

There is also someone who has written a Firefox add-on that will unblock the websites.  Without it, you would have to look up the IP addresses of your favorite websites and save them somewhere, maybe written down.  Which I still recommend you do.

North Carolina to Compensate Sterilization Eugenics Victims
From 1929 to 1974, the state of North Carolina (among many other states) made it a practice to secretly sterilize poor, unwed mothers that came in to the hospital to give birth.

Now they are going to compensate those victims.

It's about damn time.

I once had a friend who narrowly escaped this fate in the 1980's in a different state, while having an abortion.  The person with her noticed what was about to happen, raised holy hell, and got her out of there.  She went on to raise two fine children later in life.  Anyone who judges someone else because they're poor or are having misfortune, is just wrong.  Poverty is not a crime.  However, it may be the result of another crime, namely institutionalized oppression and "legal" theft.

Eugenics is not a thing of the past, unfortunately.  It continues, under the radar, in the form of secret sterilization or murder, mostly via fake or contaminated vaccines, and possibly through GMO foods or even the water supply.  Not just in the third world either, but here.  Women on birth control pee estrogen, and this is making it back into the tap water.  Same with psych meds.  The cleaning process for tap water does not get these drugs out. 

And chemtrails.  I saw some really spectacular ones the other day.  It started with a plane going by, and I watched the contrail.  It expanded to 50 times its original width, and then wisps started precipitating out of it sideways.  Within half an hour, it had unpacked to form a big, opaque cloud at least 100 times the original width of it.  I'd like to know how such a big opaque cloud can fit into a little skinny contrail. (hack, cough)

Place Yourself on the Socioeconomic Scale

This is an interactive Excel file where you can fill in stuff about your income, neighborhood and type of house you live in, and figure out what "socioeconomic class" you are in.

Of course lots of people have been sliding downward.  I don't think this little exercise matters much if the dollar is going to crash.  Also, my own "class" doesn't matter that much to me, survival, justice and human rights are more important.  What good does it do to gain the world if you lose your soul?

That being said, if you want to improve your "class", then self-education is key.  Having a sheepskin (diploma) is also good, but try to get one without getting ripped off.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Cat Learning Foreign Language

About a week ago I asserted that my cat was a furry little terrorist.
And I have since found MORE evidence that OTHER cats are also up to something...
This cat is learning to speak Dog, but when he was caught he resumed meowing.
(sorry, can't embed video, so click on it)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Offshore Tech City Blueseed To Circumvent Work Visas
Every once in a while someone gets tired of their government and decides to form their own offshore sovereign nation.  This is a little different: the guy who founded Paypal is planning an offshore city, 12 miles from San Francisco, in international waters, called Blueseed.  Those who work there could live in San Francisco and commute, and because it's in international waters they don't need work visas.

Move over, Hagbard Celine...

This is giving me ideas, although it's most probably out of my budget.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Space Nazis Want To Fry The Government

Ohh-Kayyyy.  This one's kind of weird.
This conspiracy website here is concerned with uncovering outer-space cover-ups, like UFO's and the like.

From what I can tell so far, here's their theory:
There are these dudes living in outer space.  Based on the moon (or in the moon), and maybe also on or in Mars, or a moon of Mars.

The governments of the world know about it and are covering it up.  The dudes might be human. Maybe they are Nazis with ties to Islamic extremists and to Japanese mafia. (which would tie in with Benjamin Fulford's claims of some kind of Asian mafia challenging the Illuminati). Maybe there are more than one faction of them, at war with each other.  And maybe they have ties to a "black space program" here on Earth, outside of official government control, that got a bit out of hand.

(Other conspiracy theorists have drawn connections between radical Islam and Nazis.  They say a bunch of Nazis went down to the Middle East at the end of WW2 and re-named themselves Arabic names, and ended up mostly helping with intelligence ops in various Arab countries.  For what that's worth.  But I haven't seen any explanation why they think the Japanese have anything to do with it, unless it's something left over from WW2)

Anyway, these dudes in outer space may have thrown down a gauntlet, in the form of scalar weapon (like their own version of HAARP) demonstrations and the presence of hovering tetrahedronal spaceships which were photographed over Moscow and China.  It's possible they also destroyed the WTC, from space.  (There is also a woman who is a structural engineer who claims the WTC was destroyed by a ray from outer space, and her proof is all about the math.)

So, the theory continues, we're at war with Space Nazis, and we used the War on Terror as a cover for the War on Space Nazis.  There's something in Iraq and Afghanistan that has to do with the Space Nazis, which the author of the website says he "hints at" in a book he's selling. (of course!)

I can't go into what the Enterprise website shows as proof, because they take their time and I'm just not going to do it justice; so you should just go there and read it.  One design flaw with their site however, is they use white text on a black image as a background, and their pages are longer than the image, so when the black ends you will have to read the rest of the page by clicking and dragging the mouse over it.

One other thing they claim is that one of the moons of Mars, Phobus, is actually a defunct wreck of a spaceship.  It is off-gassing, it has right-angle criss-cross lines on it, it's hollow and seems to have rooms in it, and it's shaped roughly like a squashed diamond.  But it also kind of looks like a pockmarked rock. Who knows.

And here's my answer: Whitey on the Moon.

Occupy the Death Star! LOL

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Vote Early and Often?

With upcoming opportunities to vote, and the election probably a pretty hot one, I thought I would assemble some links on voter fraud.  And it seems other writers out there in the blogosphere have been thinking along the same lines.

So, here we go:
This guy thinks vote fraud is rampant in the US, and has been for some time.  If this is the case, then for how many years have we not been really getting who we really want? And is American democracy an oxymoron?
This one suggests having a public black-hat hacker conference to discuss the vulnerabilities of voting machines.  That way we could fix all the bugs before the election.  Apparently Russia did this recently.  Is Russia more free and transparent than the US now?
This is the Wikipedia article on it.  Notice the graphic in the upper right hand corner that seems to represent that the English speaking countries have less political corruption. Ha!  what if that graph was just propaganda?  How can we be certain?
Here is some voting software that is supposed to prevent fraud.  It's open-source!
this guy points out a University of Iowa professor Dr. Douglas Jones who has written about another voting hack in D.C. where some Univ. of Michigan hackers made the computer play the Wolverine fight song every time someone voted, and they discovered Russian and Chinese hackers were also already inside the same computer when they got there.  It doesn't say which election or where the computer was.  But the attack was an SQL injection.  SQL is a database language used a lot in websites, e-commerce, bookkeeping applications, contact managers, you name it.  It's everywhere.

And last but not least there was Anonymous' threat to mess up the Iowa caucus.

Pizza Gun Idea

I saw this this afternoon:

Some 10-year-old kid was pretending a half eaten piece of pizza was a gun, at his school lunch, and they punished him because they have zero-tolerance rules about pretend guns.  Actually one of his "punishments" is a gun safety lesson, but I somehow doubt they're giving him a useful one like he could get at a range. (but that would be REALLY COOL!)  I think any kid mature enough to understand responsibility should be allowed to learn how to shoot a gun, because then they'll respect and understand them, and they won't try to sneak into Dad's gun chest or Mom's nightstand and play with them and accidentally shoot someone.

But before I read the article, the image I had in my mind was more like a potato cannon that shot pizza bites.  Maybe one could be made where you only have to whack the back of it and the air pushes the pizza bite out.  Or one with a spring, like a Nerf dart gun.  Now THAT would be cool.  FOOOOOD FIIIIIIGHT!

An idea I have on EMF harassment

I was thinking about people who believe they're being targeted for EMF harassment.  Is it possible we all get the same broadcasts, but these folks are just a lot more sensitive to EMF than the rest of us?  And what would cause this sensitivity?  Sheer bad luck?  Maybe implants, or maybe some kind of special ray that changed their brain?

If I were an evil dude who wanted to torture someone with EMF, it would be a lot easier to get at them once and make them sensitive to EMF, than to keep sending people there in person to blast them over and over again with high levels of EMF, and risk injuring or outing my own men.  Then they could suffer just from living life with this disability, and nobody would understand it because they can't see anything happening.  Occasional gaslighting would be like icing on the evil cake, but not necessary.  Even if I still had to blast them from a satellite or radio tower, I wouldn't want the rest of the population to be able to sense it, and although it might be possible to track someone down to the square foot or so and then hone a beam in on them, you wouldn't have to waste the bandwidth if they had what was essentially a receiver and antenna in them.  Then you could simply broadcast to their general area.

That all being said, if people are being harassed in this manner (I wouldn't doubt it actually), someone could also make equipment to find (and/or fry) any "bugs" these victims may have been given.  The problem might then occur that the bugs are impossible to remove or neutralize, i.e. microscopic and too numerous, latched onto or embedded in some critical and delicate organ, or booby trapped.

Until the broadcasting can be stopped, perhaps a special house or tent could be built for EMF-sensitive people, something that was essentially a big Faraday cage.  Such a structure could also be built like a private little TEMPEST zone - i.e. no electronic or acoustic spying would be possible from the outside.  Then at least they'd be able to get some respite and some privacy.

People shouldn't have to go to such lengths to be left in peace.  But then, people shouldn't be getting cancer left and right either.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Scientists Grow Sperm In Laboratory Dish

These scientists grew mouse sperm from "germ cells" (that's a sperm generating cell in the testes) in a lab dish filled with agar jelly. They published their results in the Asian Journal of Andrology.

They are touting it as a way for infertile men to still be able to father children.

I wonder then, if the next step could be to make your own germ cells, then someone's father could really "be a real nobody". Or they could grow a clone army.

I want my own clone army of mini me's.  We could sing and we would blend real good.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Disease Mongering Engine
Click here for some fun inventing new non-existent diseases and learning how to get filthy rich off them!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Swedish Chef Works For the Government

In the previous post I suggested one could circumvent the Men in Black at the restaurant supply store by speaking like the Swedish Chef.  I have been contacted by confidential sources and advised that the Swedish Chef is actually working for the government.  He recently had a run-in with Las Zetas lobsters.  Here is the security tape... He was about to waterboard one of them, when the rest burst in, and...
In case you wonder if I've come unglued, the answer is Yes.  But that happened a long time ago. :-)

This whole trend toward a police state has me so worried that right now I can only react to it with the absurd.  But perhaps if we laugh at it, it will lose its power, like the evil carnival in "Something Wicked This Way Comes".