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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Trayvon Martin shooting, again

I have been arguing with a rather liberal FB friend for days now about this shooting.  He is convinced that it was a racist hate crime, and that Zimmerman was stalking Martin.  I am convinced that it was in self defense, and that both liberal politicians like Obama and Sharpton, and the media are having a field day with this but presenting no facts at all.  Not only that but because of the slanted coverage there have been several crimes going the other way: someone in the new Black Panthers offered a bounty on Mr. Zimmerman (and was subsequently arrested on a parole violation for having a weapon), someone tweeted the address of an unrelated George Zimmerman's parents and Spike Jones retweeted it to millions, urging them to "reach out and touch" Zimmerman at that address - the elderly couple is afraid to go home now.  80 youths in a protest march trashed the local Walgreens.  There's probably more, but you get the idea.

This FB friend also was going on about Zimmerman "wandering around with a loaded gun".  I replied "of course it was loaded! Duh! What good is it to be going around with an unloaded gun?"  I am tired of arguing with him.  Strangely, he hasn't come back with any kind of reply, I wonder if he unfriended me at that point, since he seemed like he always wanted the last word.  Or maybe that was me.  I don't know why I kept trying to convince him.  Waste of time.  He probably feels the same way.

Zimmerman has been characterized as a nut who wanted to play amateur cop.  He was actually part of a neighborhood watch group.

The city has released a PDF of Zimmerman's 911 calls over the last couple years.  Most of the calls (maybe one a month) were about people breaking into houses, or driving around the block repeatedly with the radio on loud, someone being in a neighbor's house when they were supposed to be on vacation, someone selling a lot of electronics out of their garage, that kind of thing.  Not nutbag calls.  This is the kind of thing a neighborhood watch does.  They watch and call the cops if there's something weird going on. 

My mom has been involved in that way in her neighborhood.  They even keep a list of who is home and who is out of town, because it's all snowbirds.  That way if someone's house looks like there's someone in it, they'll know if it's supposed to.  And that's the way these people all live in that subdivision.  It's not as private as I like to be, but that's their preference.  They also all get together for major holidays at the clubhouse and have giant potlucks, and they have poker parties.  The person on watch duty drives a golf cart around the block.

I once called the cops because a car was circling my block again and again, and each time they would stop at the house 3 doors down and go pound on the door, then get back in the car. I also call them when I see a car accident.  I dunno, if you found all my 911 calls they might look a bit like Zimmerman's but with more auto accidents and less street crime, because I'm lucky that my neighborhood isn't as crimey as his.  Also we don't have a neighborhood watch.

So here's the 911 calls

Here is a letter from the police in Sanford, Florida.  I think it answers a lot of questions.  I found it quoted here:
Also there are quite a few comments, where people are discussing it.  You get the full spectrum of interpretations there, but not much abuse, which is refreshing.

Fellow Citizens:
There has been a lot of media attention to the recent incident where George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin. This is indeed a tragic situation and has caused a flood of questions and strong emotions from within our community, the region and nation. On behalf of the employees of the City of Sanford, Our deepest sympathy and prayers go out to the family and friends of Trayvon Martin. As a father, I can only image the pain Trayvon’s family must be going though. In an effort to continue to be as responsive as possible to the public seeking information on the incident, I have asked Chief Lee to provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this matter. Below are his responses. Please understand that since this is still an ongoing investigation, the Police Department is limited in what information it can publicly release.
The City of Sanford is committed to insuring that justice is served and, therefore, the City of Sanford has contacted the United States Attorney General’s Office for assistance in this matter.
The men and women of the Sanford Police Department extend our heartfelt sympathies to the Martin family. This is indeed a tragic situation. The death of anyone due to violence, especially a 17 year old young man, is morally appalling. As this incident has generated a lot of media attention, we wanted to provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.
Why was George Zimmerman not arrested the night of the shooting?
When the Sanford Police Department arrived at the scene of the incident, Mr. Zimmerman provided a statement claiming he acted in self defense which at the time was supported by physical evidence and testimony. By Florida Statute, law enforcement was PROHIBITED from making an arrest based on the facts and circumstances they had at the time. Additionally, when any police officer makes an arrest for any reason, the officer MUST swear and affirm that he/she is making the arrest in good faith and with probable cause. If the arrest is done maliciously and in bad faith, the officer and the City may be held liable.
According to Florida Statute 776.032 : 776.032 Immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action for justifiable use of force.—
(1) A person who uses force as permitted in s. 776.012, s. 776.013, or s. 776.031 is justified in using such force and is immune from criminal prosecution and civil action for the use of such force, unless the person against whom force was used is a law enforcement officer, as defined in s. 943.10(14), who was acting in the performance of his or her official duties and the officer identified himself or herself in accordance with any applicable law or the person using force knew or reasonably should have known that the person was a law enforcement officer. As used in this subsection, the term “criminal prosecution” includes arresting, detaining in custody, and charging or prosecuting the defendant.
(2) A law enforcement agency may use standard procedures for investigating the use of force as described in subsection (1), but the agency may not arrest the person for using force unless it determines that there is probable cause that the force that was used was unlawful.
Why weren’t the 911 tapes initially released?
There are exemptions to the public records laws for active criminal intelligence and for ongoing investigations. In this instance, the 911 calls made by neighbors in the subdivision, and the non- emergency call made by Mr. Zimmerman are all key to the investigation by Sanford Police Department. In consultation with the Office of the State Attorney, the Sanford police department had decided not to release the audio recordings of the 911 calls due to the ongoing investigation. Many times, specific information is contained in those recordings which is vital to the integrity of the investigation. At the time, it was determined that if revealed, the information may compromise the integrity of the investigation prior to its completion. The 911 tapes have since been released.
Why did Mr. Zimmerman have a firearm in his possession while acting in the role of a neighborhood watch member?
Mr. Zimmerman holds a concealed weapon permit issued from the State of Florida. He is authorized to carry the weapon in a concealed manner wherever Florida Statute dictates. Neighborhood Watch programs are designed for members of a neighborhood to be “eyes and ears” for police and to watch out for their neighbors. They are not members of the Police Department nor are they vigilantes. Training provided by law enforcement agencies to Neighborhood Watch organizations stresses non-contact surveillance of suspicious situations and notifying police of those situations so that law enforcement can respond and take control of the situation.
Mr. Zimmerman was not acting outside the legal boundaries of Florida Statute by carrying his weapon when this incident occurred. He was in fact on a personal errand in his vehicle when he observed Mr. Martin in the community and called the Sanford Police Department.
If Zimmerman was told not to continue to follow Trayvon, can that be considered in this investigation?
Yes it will; however, the telecommunications call taker asked Zimmerman “are you following him”. Zimmerman replied, “yes”. The call taker stated “you don’t need to do that”. The call taker’s suggestion is not a lawful order that Mr. Zimmerman would be required to follow. Zimmerman’s statement was that he had lost sight of Trayvon and was returning to his truck to meet the police officer when he says he was attacked by Trayvon.
Why was George Zimmerman labeled as “squeaky clean” when in fact he has a prior arrest history?
In one of the initial meetings with the father of the victim the investigator related to him the account that Mr. Zimmerman provided of the incident. At that time the investigator said that Mr. Zimmerman portrayed himself to be “squeaky clean”. We are aware of the background information regarding both individuals involved in this event. We believe Mr. Martin may have misconstrued this information. What about media reenactments of the shooting incident? Any media reenactments of the shooting incident are purely speculation. To date the Sanford Police Department has not released any rendition of the events of the evening to anyone other than the Office of the State Attorney. The renditions we have seen are not consistent with the evidence in this case.
The Sanford Police Department has conducted a complete and fair investigation of this incident. We have provided the results of our investigation to the Office of the State Attorney for their review and consideration for possible criminal prosecution.
Although the Police Department is the target of the troubling questions, let me assure you we too feel the pain of this senseless tragedy that has dramatically affected our community. Therefore, as we move forward and strive to answer the questions that are a point of controversy in the community, we ask for your patience, understanding and assistance in getting the correct information to the community.
Thank you,
Norton N. Bonaparte, Jr., ICMA-CM City Manager March 19, 2012

Former KGB Chief Dies, Maybe Suicide?

Former Soviet spy Leonid Shebarshin, who was head of the KGB for one day on August 22, 1991, and then retired a month later, was found dead in his apartment Friday.  There was a suicide note.

Here are some quotes from the comments below the article.  I haven't checked any of this out, by the way:

He was the head of KGB for one day after the attempt of antidemocratic putsch in which he refused to participate while the head of KGB did and lost his position. Before the putch Shebarshin was a the head of the spy division, and became interim KGB chief after the events.  But he did not stay in this position and very soon resigned from KGB because he did not agree with the policies of the new leadership.  He comitted suicide because he was old, very sick and recently lost his vision 100% and he did not want to live as a helpless old man.

After he resigned from KGB, he founded a company that conducted private investigation of economic crimes and corruption.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Wake Up Sheeple! LOL!

This is so funny! Via

Our Closest and Strongest Ally - LOL

Via Dr. Sanity

- yeaaah. Heard that one before.
Looks like Obama needs a little more variation from his speech writers.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gang Stalking Goes Viral, Racial Tension Camoflages Obama Fraud
Gang stalking in China, called "Human-flesh Search Engines"
In China there are these anonymous BBS's - in a way part of their internet is just as free if not freer than the US.  All the juicy news stories originate there and if they have enough traction they end up on their MSM.  But people are using these forums to exact vigilante "justice" on others, get them fired, run them out of town, and drive them into hiding.

Here in the US, The recent Trayvon shooting is now fodder for cyber-vigilantes.
A man named Davonne Higgins in Los Angeles has posted the address of the parents of a guy named George Zimmerman (the wrong one) and was running around passing out flyers as well - and Spike Jones repeated it on Twitter and called for people to "reach out and touch him". (euphemism for shoot him, I think).  Now this elderly couple is in hiding, afraid for their lives.  The Higgins idiot, they contacted him and asked him to stop, but he only replied with something rude and a black power slogan.  I guess he doesn't even care if he has the wrong guy.

Even if it were the right guy, Spike Jones and this guy Davonne Higgins are clearly guilty of reckless endangerment.  And hate.  For nothing.  It's just hate looking for an excuse.  I hope Jones is made to pay for the expense of hiding this elderly couple, on top of catching a case for reckless endangerment.

TV is also guilty.  This morning I was watching the CBS morning show and they did a piece on the shooting without presenting a single fact.  Media is turning this into a black-white thing, and it's just not.  WHY ARE THEY TRYING TO TURN BLACK AND WHITE ON EACH OTHER NOW?  AND FOR LIES!

We need to keep calm, try not to hate, and see the "fnords" for what they are.  Someone is trying to whip up racial tensions, to distract from something else, like Obama's fake birth certificate, or his plotting with Medvedev, or the unconstitutionality of Obamacare.  Or maybe the deterioration of the dollar.  Take your pick.

When the dollar crashes, we may expect vigilante action to increase.  Nothing like mass chaos to cover more purposeful crimes. But if someone attacks me or mine for whatever reason, I'm going to defend myself. I have so far been able to run away if attacked (I've been attacked a few times).  But even mice fight when cornered.

Copter Drone Band Plays Bond Theme


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Taco Copter!
courtesy of

Here's a novel use for drones.  Taco delivery service.  Except with that new FAA law it probably won't happen, unless the taco delivery is strictly for hobby purposes.

I want a Choco-Copter.  Or a Stork-Copter fleet, to deliver my clone army.

Media Twisting of Trayvon Story Just as Phony as Kony

Here are the real facts:

The pictures of the assailant Trayvon Martin that the media put up were from around 5 years ago, from when he was 12.  He now weighs around 240 lbs. and was on top of Mr. Zimmerman, pounding his head repeatedly into the pavement when Zimmerman shot him IN SELF DEFENSE, after first trying to yell for help for a while.  Zimmerman had listened to the cops on the phone and had been walking away from Martin towards his car.  Martin had pursued Mr. Zimmerman and assaulted him.  There are eyewitnesses who confirm this.  Mr. Zimmerman also sustained a broken nose in the assault.

Zimmerman, despite the white sounding name, is Hispanic, has black relatives, and volunteers tutoring inner city black kids after school.  Not a racist.

There is no case here against Zimmerman but there certainly is one against Martin.

The left is just trying to use this to drum up gun control and/or to overturn the stand-your-ground law in Wisconsin. It's just as phony as Kony.

Don't Protest - Drop Out!

I was watching some video that was complaining of the new law that made it a federal felony with a one-year sentence to protest near anyone with Secret Service protection, and thought of this:

If enough people ignore this law and protest anyway it will completely overwhelm the federal court system.  I'm sure most people would practice self-preservation and let discretion be the better part of valor, but some die-hards may decide to test this new law, and put strain on the courts on purpose.

ON THE OTHER HAND, there's another five fingers: I just remembered all the "FEMA" camps, so there surely will be enough prison space, and a lot of it will be outdoors.  They've been thinking about this too I guess.  The only other thing for them to do is to somehow streamline the court process.  (i.e. take away due process, perhaps with that "enemy combatant" BS, although that's a different "crime" than protesting while in the wrong place, unless they decide it's all "terror" all the time). 

Also there's a provision about drafting people into labor rather than military service in the latest EO.  And the last ad on govbizopps was about labor camps that could be set up in 72 hours notice.  What are they going to make people do for labor?  Bust rocks?  Clean up radiation from the war they want to start?  Gather and burn bodies from the pandemic they seem to be so "nervous" about (while they were funding research to make human transmissible bird flu)?

Logical conclusion: The better way to deal with this is not street protest, anyway.  It's self sufficiency.  And then drop out, as much as possible.  One could keep one's income below the taxation level on purpose.  One could leave the country.  One could go on strike, go gulching, internal exile they call it.  If you had enough food, water and shelter, and your own utilities, you could just drop out entirely.  Prepare now.  Since Obama is so confident of "his election", just get ready to drop out.  We'll all drop out when the dollar crashes anyway.  Like in Rumpelstiltskin, there's already a hole in the floor.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Tell Your Rep to Vote for the Due Process Guarantee Act
The Due Process Guarantee Act, if Congress doesn't vote it into law by July, should be your boiling frog point.
It would mitigate the NDAA and restore the Bill of Rights to some extent.
If they don't pass it, leave the country ASAP, because we're gone to the dogs at that point.

The article I linked to above lists the reps and how they voted on the NDAA of 2012, also who authored bills that would take away your freedom, and links to various articles on how the NDAA of 2012 is the most wicked piece of treason of our age.

Yeah.  I said treason.  I meant it.  I'm tired of mincing words.

If we don't get ourselves straightened out soon....
There be dragons.  Big, red dragons.

Dark Helmet! Well, actually, light blue helmet!

 Looks kind of like U.N. blue, doesn't it? Hmmmm.
These face guards are costing the taxpayers around $900 each.  They look like they're open on the bottom, though.
Have a Nice Day!

Oops! Obama says "After my election I have more flexibility" on live mic

Me thinks the man doth assume too much.

He's talking to the Russian president Medvedev, thinks he's off camera, off mic, and says to him: "This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility". (with regard to security)

WTF? "After my election"???

METHINKS IT'S ALL A SHAM. Elections as street theater to pacify the masses and make them think they're not just slaves. And Bozo here just let it slip. OOOOOOPSIE!

Psst: You're a Slave! Pass it on!

9-11 in 5 Minutes

I found this at Activist Post just now. Thought it was good.

A Cautionary Tale from the Brothers Grimm


Why did the father brag and make up a lie that his daughter could spin straw into gold, if the king had a reputation for killing people for crazy reasons?  Did father wish to have the king kill his daughter for him, the coward?  Where was the girl's mother in all this?

   - Just like a quisling, using the state to get ahead and ruin your own kin.  We might expect some of this, should we fall into tyranny.  I wonder what she ever did to him to make him want to abandon her to this fate?

Did the king in this story consider the possible effects of hyperinflation from a sudden influx of gold? (I guess not)

Did he even think to look and see how the girl was spinning the gold, or even care what kind of suffering she might be enduring to spin it three sleepless nights in a row?  Or notice that her jewelry was disappearing?  No, he was a psychopath who would have killed her and not thought twice. And we won't even get into issues of child labor or pedophilia/child brides.

Did the girl consider that the king might continue to want her to spin straw into gold after marriage?  Violent, greedy assholes don't suddenly become loving husbands when they say "I Do."  Although I don't think she had much of a choice, seeing as she was a prisoner and being threatened with death.

Her father abandoned her to this horrible man and didn't even come back to check on her well-being afterwards.  Notice she also didn't bother to tell the king that she'd had supernatural help to spin the straw to gold.  She was probably already secretive from having to live with a father who was abusive enough to abandon her to the king's murderous whim for short-lived favor in court. She was merely following the example of Dear Old Dad, because when she didn't have any more to give to this Rumpelstiltskin guy then she promised him her firstborn. 

When the people run out of resources with which to pay the interest on the national debt, they and their children will be enslaved by the lenders. Unless they find a way to get rid of the lenders.  At the very end of it all, the girl uses her intelligence gathering network, finds out Rumpelstiltskin's name, and by uttering this name, breaks his power.  Rumpelstiltskin stomps a hole in the floor, then rips himself in half. 

When we figure out exactly who is behind all the central banking, evil kings, betrayals, and pedophilia, and dare to name them, their power will also be broken.  At least we hope so.

Doesn't this sound a little bit like what's happening now?

Is there already a hole in the floor?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flesh Eating Cocaine

Someone has mixed a veterinary drug used for deworming cattle (levamisole) that when people take it, causes necrosis of the nose, face and ears, with cocaine.  It shuts down the small capillaries and then your skin starts to die off.  People who do cocaine are starting to get black spots on their flesh - the article has a lot of pictures of blackened ears.  The weird thing is, the drug had a neurological effect similar to cocaine when it was tested on rats.

The cocaine supply of the entire nation may be tainted with this poison.  If you do cocaine, this might be a good time to quit cold turkey.

Communist Takeover!

At the risk of sounding like Joe McCarthy, I'm going to lay this out.  I believe that the Obama administration is largely a pack of not-so-secret Communist 5th-columnists (i.e. 1960's radicals) bent on destroying democracy and freedom and committing genocide in the the United States.  I also believe that Mr. Obama, if that's even his name, is a foreign hostile who belongs in a jail cell.  Certainly he doesn't belong in office.  Below I lay out why.  You liberals better read this stuff and mull it over, make up your minds if I'm right, and then decide if this is really what you signed up for, or if you've been had.

This new executive order allows the President to confiscate your food, water, farm machinery, livestock, ammo, etc., and draft you either into the military or into work crews, both during wartime and peacetime, whether there is a national emergency or not.

NDAA 2012 (here's the Wikipedia article
This law allows the President to indefinitely detain Americans as "terrorists" without charging you with a crime, or telling your family where you went.  It can be used on Americans arrested on American soil.  Obama has promised not to use it that way, but he lied to get it passed and he's been using fake ID (see further down) so I don't trust him.

Censorship: SOPA, PIPA may have failed but instead ISP's have agreed to help the RIAA and the MPAA by doing deep packet inspection of everyone's internet activity so that the music and movie industries can get people for downloading stuff.  It has a deadline to start of July 12, 2012.(I think I might have erroneously posted it as May 12 in an earlier post, I'll have to check). I don't think encryption is going to fool them.  This could be a back door to surveillance, not that we're not already being spied on.

Even More Intrusive Surveillance: TV's/monitors with secret cameras and microphones spying on YOU
The school laptop spying case, Blake J. Robbins v. Lower Merion School District
it could be more typical than people know.  The school was remotely watching the kids at home through their laptop cameras.
The thought of someone watching or listening to me in my own bedroom through my electronics is CREEPY.  It feels like some peeping Tom snuck in there.  YUCK.  As if hands in the pants at the airport weren't enough.

Runaway spending that even the Republicans aren't willing to end.
Collapse of the dollar is probably imminent.  I can't see us avoiding it anymore.

Obama's mama and grandmother Dunham were commies of the 60's radical persuasion.

His grandmother Dunham also worked in a probate office in Hawaii where she would have had the opportunity to steal him his Connecticut social security number there from some retiree who died.  Barack Obama never lived in Connecticut, so why did he have a Connecticut social?  That might be why.  He also used two different socials while in the Senate.  His birth certificate is fake, as is his draft card. (see Sheriff Joe Arpaio's 90 minute presentation, linked to in a previous post).  It is my belief that he was born in Kenya, was made a citizen of Indonesia when he was adopted, and he's been using fake ID to pass himself off as American.  He could not have traveled to Pakistan on an American passport when he did, and Indonesian adoption law requires the child being adopted become an Indonesian citizen.  So there you have it.  He's an Indonesian citizen using fake ID to pass himself off as a natural born American citizen. 

The scary thing about this is, someone in the CIA or the like had to have known he had fake ID, but they didn't do anything about it.  Why?  Perhaps they're infiltrated by Commies too?

Cloward and Piven - Obama is busy pushing the "Strategy of Orchestrated Crisis" of these two Columbia University radical leftists who believed the best way to overthrow capitalism was to overwhelm it with demands on its social services.  That Obamacare bill is going to break us. (Not to mention all the foreign wars)

Hilary Clinton's PhD Thesis lionizing Saul Alinsky. Another Communist type.  Cloward and Piven were fans of Alinsky.

Larry Grathwohl, who infiltrated the Weather Underground for law enforcement in Cincinnati, saying they told him they planned to put people in "re-education camps" and flat-out murder the 10% of the population that resisted them the most when they took over.

Here is another film of Larry Grathwohl with explanations of the terrorist activities of Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground. We're talking bombings and the like.  At the end of the film he says some of these people are still underground, waiting to be activated again.

So what has Bill Ayers got to do with Obama?  Not just a "guy from the neighborhood": He might have put him through Harvard!  Here is a retired postman from Chicago named Allen Hulton who used to deliver mail to the Ayers household saying Mary Ayers told him she and Bill Ayers were putting a foreign student through Harvard. (that's Obama).  Then he met Obama who told him he was going to be the president.

As if commies weren't bad enough, we've got female problems too.  Obama's science czar John Holdren is a nut who wants to forcibly depopulate the world.  He co-wrote a 1,000 page book in 1977 called "Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment" that calls for forced abortions of single women's babies, forced sterilization of women, and a totalitarian government called the "Planetary Regime".  So much for reproductive right, ladies.  And I don't buy it when he tries to disclaim that book.  You can't unring the bell.
Here are the relevant passages of the book.

Think you're gonna make things right with Occupy?  Think again!  Too little too late.  That organization is partly funded by billionaire leftist George Soros, by indirect means.  Also for some reason by Bank of America.  WHY is Occupy being funded by the "1%" it campaigns against? I dunno, if I was the banksters or George Soros I'd want to pwn Occupy, and the way to do it is co-opt it, or infiltrate it.

The Communists are not going to let their useful idiots be free after they take over.  Have they ever done so before?  No!  So don't effing trust them.  If you want "change you can believe in" then make yourself more self-sufficient, and don't join in the street theater. It only encourages the orcs.

Write your Congresscritters and tell them to impeach that foreign pretender, before he starts World War 3 and imposes martial law.  But they probably don't have the backbone to remove a sitting president, even if he is a complete fraud and a foreign hostile.  The next step would be to vote him out.  I hope that can be accomplished before the whole thing goes to hell in a handbasket.  After that, there be dragons.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

All that Glitters is.... Tungsten?!?

Remember that story I did way back about the Chinese finding a bar of gold they'd got from Fort Knox, vintage of the Clinton administration, being just a bar of tungsten with enough gold around it to make it convincing?  They'd drilled through it and found the tungsten.  Here's the old story:

Well, another 1 kilo gold bar, this time in the UK, has been discovered to be drilled and filled with tungsten.  It was about 40% tungsten.

This article in turn mentions an earlier article about one found in Germany.

A comment below that article says this:
The newsletter writer who broke the story on the gold T-bars is Rob Kirby.  According to him and a subsequent report by Jim Willie, the fraud was undertaken during the Clinton Administration by Alan Greenspan and Robert Rubin.  Kirby and Willie estimate 1.3 - 1.5 million 400 oz. gold-plated T-bars were fabricated.
 Here are the Kirby articles.  The first one doesn't mention the tungsten, it's only the update to it that starts with the tungsten.  But rather than have people ask where's the original thing that the update was for, I just included it.  To get the articles from Kirby's website you have to join it, so I just pulled reprints. "Central Banking: A Blight on Humanity" "A Blight on Humanity Update" (pt. 1)  "On Doing God's Work" (pt. 2)
"The Genesis of the Gold-Tungsten" etc. (pt.3)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Another Weird Dream

Last night I dreamed that I was working for the fed gov and I was in charge of designing some kind of form.  I don't remember anything about the forms, except for one thing:  I had to word the form to somehow keep it vague enough that some really powerful new weapon of the government's would be legal to use, and there were no weapons available to civilians that could defeat this new weapon.  I don't know how a form could be used for that, but that was the dream. 

And somehow while messing with the form it dawned on me that I wasn't supposed to realize it, but the vagueness of the form was likely going to be blamed on me later.

Argh.  It kind of reminds me of that video I posted earlier this week of the guy in Florida, because he'd discovered that some forms to swear in new officials had been redesigned to leave off the notary public part, but a notarized signature on the swearing in form was a legal requirement for holding office.

I noticed today in the news that Ruger has stopped taking new orders temporarily, because they're swamped with orders for guns and they can't keep up. With Obama up for re-election, gun enthusiasts are buying as much guns, ammo and extra magazines as they can now because they're afraid he'll ban them once he's in a second term.  He has already blocked the re-importation of old M-1's and 1911's that were left overseas in Korea.

Unemployed Bankster Sues JP Morgan Over Decimal Place in Salary
This is the sort of lawsuit where you wish they BOTH would lose somehow.  Two jobs later, an unemployed FX trader says he has suddenly noticed that because of a typo in his contract and also confusion between a comma (they use commas for decimal points in Europe and points for thousands commas) and a decimal point, that his salary had been less than he thought it was at JP Morgan. He says he thought it would be $3.1 million instead of $310,000 (but it was in rand not dollars so 24 million Rand instead of 2.4 million).

How did he not notice that his paycheck was a tenth of what he expected?  My guess is he didn't in fact expect it to be the higher amount. Yawn.

I have a solution.  They should take the difference and send it to me. :-)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Occupy Muppets!

Since Goldman Sachs is calling their investors "Muppets" and laughing at them, here's a website of Sesame Street Occupy photoshops.

See Tehran Before It's Destroyed

Here is a photo montage of Tehran.  Thought y'all would like to see what Israel and the White House want to destroy.

ISDA - International Swaps and Derivatives Assn.

The ISDA meets before the G8 and NATO summits, over Walpurgisnacht in Chicago. (Apr. 30-May 2)
According to this article, this meeting is before the others because this is where the banksters meet, then they set the agenda for the politicians and military guys who meet at the other meetings.  Here's a quote:
Well, these Masters of the World will be having a themselves a get-together to plan the future of their world.
*The ISDA 27th Annual General Meeting will be held on April 30-May 2, 2012 in Chicago.
*This will be followed by the G8 summit meeting in Chicago on May 19 and May 20.
*Then this will be followed by the NATO summit in Chicago on May 20 and May 21.
During 9-11, it was said that our security services failed to connect the dots. However, here we have a situation where if you analyze this carefully, it is easy to connect the dots.
There is a reason that the ISDA meetings are held first. The G8 and NATO events are the window dressing for public consumption. The real decisions will be made by the money masters so their meeting needed to be held first. At this meeting, the money masters will develop their marching orders for their puppets, the paid servants who are the political leaders who will be in attendance at the G8 conference.

The article also said that because the ISDA consists of big banks that trade in derivatives, and because the ISDA determines whether a credit event is a default, they basically won't hurt themselves by calling default on anything if they can help it.

JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, HSBC, and Goldman Sachs are the major banks holding the majority of credit default swaps in the US.  This is where the real power lies, unless you look further upstream to the likes of Evelyn de Rothschild or old man Rockefeller.

Anyway, if you fancy protesting in Chicago, you may consider this earlier date instead of the G8 date.  But I don't think protesting is wise.  It never gets anything done but to tie up municipal resources and make arrest records for the protesters.  If it's a news stink you want from protesting, the news lasts a minute then they try to distract people with stupid things like Snookie or the Kardashians.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is Next, Shakeup!
This article discusses lessons the US might glean from the collapse of the Soviet Union, as we slouch toward bankruptcy.  The author was an escapee from Soviet Russia who went back to visit after it became capitalist and let the escapees back in.  There were shortages, with people lined around the block to get a cup of coffee, there was hyperinflation, and people were bartering bottles of vodka, which was rationed due to an anti-alcoholism campaign, for gasoline, which was for sale on the black market, but usually not for sale for money.  Eventually their economy recovered, but at first the only ones who were making their nut were entrepreneurs.  Many consumer goods were sold out of armored booths by the Chechen mafia.  People who had had government jobs were not doing too well, they hadn't been paid in months, etc.

Reading this article, somehow I was reminded of a trip I took to Germany about 4 years after the wall fell.  It wasn't as bad as the above example, but the economic difference between the west and the east was still pretty pronounced.  There wasn't much in the way of flashy retail districts in the east, but there seemed to be scaffolding on almost every building.  Some scaffold company must have been doing very well.  One day I was in Leipzig at an imbiss (outdoor food stand).  This one sold wurst, and if you went up and asked kinda quiet, they also had beer for sale. One old man came up to me and accused me to my face of being a spy.  I couldn't convince him I wasn't.  (maybe he was paranoid though). 

Later, I don't remember if it was Leipzig or somewhere else, I was walking to the Bahnhof (train station) and there were about 4 or 5 men in their 50's I would guess, just hanging around sitting on a wall and drinking beer in public in the middle of the day. People drink during the day in Germany, but they're usually also eating lunch, which is the main meal of the day.  These guys were just drinking. I got to talking to one of them and he explained that the factory where they used to work had closed after the wall fell.  He started bitterly complaining about men from Bonn with their Eau-de-Betrüger cologne who came to the east to "invest" and wrecked everything for him and his buddies.  Betrüger means swindler. He said it was better under the Communists, at least most everyone had a job.

The first incident, it was like the old man had been conditioned his whole life to think that anyone from the US must be a spy, maybe like we might have thought every Russian was a possible spy during the Cold War.

The second incident, this was a proud man who had had his world shattered by political changes.  I'm sure these men would have pulled themselves together if they'd been presented with jobs.  But they probably made something in an obsolete factory that wasn't efficient enough, and they were no longer competitive in the job market at their age, with their obsolete skills, so they were a casualty of change.

We Americans are told things are a certain way by the media and our education system.  We have a pride going back to winning World War 2, where the spoils of war were reserve currency status, favorable trade agreements with Europe, and the contracts to rebuild it.  At the time we deserved it - we had a lot of street cred and we had a good manufacturing base.  We are no longer the manufacturing capital of the world.  That has gone to China, along with many jobs.  We've earned the title of the biggest bully on the block.  And we're reduced now to squabbling and jockeying for position with China to get the last few drops of oil. American patriotism has become a political shibboleth, as the very word "Patriot" has now to be pronounced in the doublespeak language of tyranny.

Anyway, we may experience some similar things before we figure out how to adjust to $200/barrel oil and worse.  Our economy is propped up on oil and war.  But we're broke, and the grace period on our mortgage is about to end, even as the dragon thrashes about.

In other news, there's internet rumors of a coup in China, but if it's true it sounds like internal squabbling among Communist Party high-ups. However, this could have strange effects.  Over there, the revolution is certainly NOT televised.  They've banned the word "coup" from their search engines.

Do I smell jasmine?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DHS Buys 450 Million Rounds of .40 Ammo

So here's the scoop:

The DHS is buying 450 million rounds of .40 ammo (pistol ammo which is largely used by cops)
This ammo is hollow point (self defense as opposed to practice ammo).
There's around 300 million Americans, so that's enough to shoot everyone 1.5 times. But this contract is also indefinite and infinite, in the long run.

They are also buying 175 million rounds of .223 rifle ammo.

This is on the heels of a whole slew of restrictive laws and surveillance announcements.  I hope that all it is is that they were offered a volume discount and thought it was good cheap ammo.  Since the cops are now under DHS, it's only natural that they would use their purchasing power to get a discount. I don't think it's anything sinister that they're buying cop ammo. What worries me is, I don't know if this is normal, or if this is a huge jump in the amount of ammo, like they're expecting something to happen.

On some forum I found an allegation that the ammo was going to be made by a Chinese company, whose controlling stock was owned by high-up government officials.

I checked on this and found that the manufacturer of the ammo is actually Alliant Techsystems Inc. or ATK. ( headquartered in Arlington, VA.  They also make Federal brand ammo (made in the US) and Blackhawk! holsters (I looked at one and it says "USA" on it).  Stock symbol is ATK.  Here is the announcement of the contract on Yahoo News:

ATK also makes missiles and solar power systems for space and stuff.  They say they have 22 locations in the US and some "international" but nowhere on their website can I find which other countries they are also in.

Despite ATK's coyness about their foreign locations, the Chinese will not be making this ammo.  The ammo will be made at Federal Cartridge in Anoka, Minn.  Here is a press release on Business Week:
Alliant Techsystems Inc. Secures .40 Caliber Ammunition Contract with Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Alliant Techsystems Inc. announced that it is being awarded an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) agreement from the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (DHS, ICE) for .40 caliber ammunition. This contract features a base of 12 months, includes four option years, and will have a maximum volume of 450 million rounds. ATK was the incumbent and won the contract with its HST bullet, which has proven itself in the field. The special hollow point effectively passes through a variety of barriers and holds its jacket in the toughest conditions. HST is engineered for 100% weight retention, limits collateral damage, and avoids over-penetration. ATK will produce the ammunition at the Federal Cartridge Company facility in Anoka, Minn. Deliveries are expected to begin in June.

Here is what ATK's website had to say about the director of the division that sells this ammo:
Mark H. Ronald
Mr. Ronald served as the chairman of the board of BAE Systems Inc., the wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of BAE Systems plc, a British aerospace and defense company, during 2007. He served as Chief Operating Officer and a member of the board of directors of BAE Systems plc and President and Chief Executive Officer of BAE Systems Inc. from 2003 to 2006. He is also a director of Aeroflex Incorporated and Cobham plc. From 2007 to 2010, he was a director of DynCorp International Inc.  (emphasis mine)
Here's the whole board of directors
I don't see anyone with a current important government job there.  But we're looking for controlling stockholders.

OK, here are the biggest stockholders listed on their 2011 Proxy Statement

Name of Beneficial Owner Ownership(1)(2)(3) Outstanding(4)
First Eagle Investment Management, LLC (5) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3,358,417 10.0%
BlackRock, Inc. (6) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3,120,372 9.3%
FMR LLC (7) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,508,262 7.4%
Neuberger Berman Group LLC (8) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,772,719 5.3%
Steven J. Cortese . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15,323 *
Roxanne J. Decyk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,261 *
Mark W. DeYoung . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26,074 *
Martin C. Faga . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,558 *
Ronald R. Fogleman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0(9) *
April H. Foley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,261 *
Tig H. Krekel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,054 *
Blake E. Larson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39,140 *
Douglas L. Maine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8,081 *
Roman Martinez IV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4,000(10) *
Mark H. Ronald . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4,857 *
Keith D. Ross . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8,657 *
John L. Shroyer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14,624 *
William G. Van Dyke . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,783 *
All directors and executive officers as a group (19 persons) . . . . . . . . 206,157 *

I still don't see any government people, so I also looked at the proxy statements of First Eagle, FMR and BlackRock.  Hey!  I personally know two of the directors of First Eagle!  Weird. (I guess I get around)

I just don't see any high-up government folks, but if I've missed anything, it would kinda remind me of the naked body scanners.  Michael Chertoff, the DHS secretary under Bush the younger, went shilling for Rapiscan in late 2009, right after the underwear bomber thing.  Rapiscan, which makes the scanners, was paying him to go around promoting them.  Likewise George Soros owned some 11,300 shares, but he sold them in 2010.

(What a name for a naked body scanner company.  Sounds like RAPEscan.  But I think I'm not the first to notice that.)

Well, in a way it's comforting that these bullets will be made in the US, and that two people I know will be making money off it... well, not really.  I just hope these bullets aren't destined to be shot into anyone I know.

And Another Thing... The Secret Priests can Suck an Egg

I'm reading further about this theosophy stuff.  Biblioteca Pleyades has a lot of links to stuff like new-age, channelers, aliens, David Icke, etc.  So I went there to see what they had.

Looks like the theosophists were the originators of the whole idea of the New Age.

There are some occultists, and these guys seem to be among them, who think that Lucifer got a bum rap, and that God is keeping people down. To them, Lucifer is the good guy.  Sort of like Prometheus giving fire to humankind.  To them Lucifer represents independent thinking, maybe.  Whatever.  I like independent thinking.

But then they pretend that to learn this independent thinking requires people to join their organization, participate in rituals, and hang on someone else dribbling out a bunch of mystery mumbo jumbo indoctrination about invisible Great Masters or Secret Priests and some hierarchy.  And then some of them want to squash organized religion and replace it with theirs.  That's NOT independent thinking, folks.  That's just a power struggle.  And neither mumbo jumbo of any stripe nor any hierarchy where there's secrets upon secrets contributes squat to independent thinking.

Also, regarding investigation into whether there's a tie to the U.N., there's one writing of Bailey's where she says the U.N. should use the atomic bomb to "spread goodwill". (And squash the Catholic Church.)
How Strangelovian!  Of course that doesn't prove the U.N. embraces her BS, just that she thinks the U.N. should use the Bomb.  This is where I found it:[Bailes]%20Ethics
"The atomic bomb emerged from the first ray Ashram, working in conjunction with a fifth ray group [scientists]... its intent was and is purely beneficent. As a means in the hands of the United Nations to enforce the outer forms of peace and on the growth of goodwill to take effect...
It belongs to the United Nations for use (or let us rather hope, simply for threatened use), when aggressive action on the part of any nation rears its ugly head. It does not essentially matter... whether it is generated by political groups of any powerful religious organization such as the Church of Rome... ." (6, p. 548).