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Monday, April 30, 2012

Drone on, Drone off.

Ack, drones combined with the X-ray smartphones, very bad for privacy.

The New X-Ray Specs: Smartphone Chip Sees Thru Walls, Clothes
OK, what I want to know is, can we do away with the TSA scanners now?  Oh, well, I tried.

And, of course, soon this will probably get used by hoodlums and roving SWAT teams to find people's coin collections, guns, ammo, safes, food stores, security systems, and... Drum Roll Please.... women's boobs.  Natürlich.  Now you can get your Rapescan on the go!  No need to work for the TSA anymore.

New product ideas:  The Lead Lined Bra.  To be followed closely by: The Lead Lined House.  And then:  The Smartphone Jammer.

If I catch anyone X-raying my boobs on the sly, I'll take and stomp their phone. You have been warned.

Gaddafi's Oil Chief Found Floating in Danube
Of course, authorities claim "no foul play".
Yeah, people go for midnight swims in the Danube all the time.  Silly people.

Andrew Breitbart's Coroner Dead of Arsenic Poisoning

Breitbart's death was ruled as a heart failure.  However, it is easy to induce heart failure with a poison dart.  You get the right kind of dart (made of ice perhaps, or something else that dissolves) and it will melt, leaving maybe only something that looks like a bug bite.

I am not sure why the operatives that killed Breitbart didn't also use the same less-detectable poison on the coroner, unless they like to change things up.  Perhaps this one coroner was going to squeal and they wanted to send a message to the other coroners.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rare "Serpent" Eclipse the Day Before NATO Summit

This article claims there will be a total eclipse of the sun on May 20, and that it's special because of some other alignments that will make the moon appear smaller so the sun will look like a ring; and it also claims that this alignment might cause earthquakes.  They're calling it the "Serpent Eclipse".  I'm not sure who coined that phrase, but I'm sure the Lizard People are pleased.  Or people who believe in them, anyway.

There were also rumors on the Alex Jones show this week about Chicago planning to evacuate people on May 21.  The NATO summit is scheduled for May 21-22 in Chicago.  This wasn't just moving a few apartment buildings full of people who lived in the vicinity of the summit, though, which they really are doing; they also apparently asked outlying counties in Indiana if they could handle a large influx of evacuees. 

I guess this is just disaster contingency planning on its face, but it's strange how disaster or terrorism practice drills seem to line up with actual events, and then first responders can't tell at first what's the drill and what's the real event.  For example when 9-11 happened there was also a drill going on with the same scenario.  Same thing with the London subway bombings, another drill.  So is this just being careful, a lucky coincidence, or is it more than that?

Some conspiracy theorists also think that massacres like the two above examples are generally planned to happen on significant days, either numerologically significant (the number 11 is significant to occultist followers of Aleister Crowley, for example) or astrological/astronomical.

The timing of this special eclipse in close proximity to the NATO summit, where they're already planning some kind of mass evacuation contingency of Chicago, has me a bit worried.  AVOID CHICAGO THAT WHOLE WEEK.  I don't care if you wanted to protest.  I don't care.  Just avoid Chicago.

Is a Japanese Exodus Coming?

If this is true, then the Japanese government is looking to relocate everyone in Japan to either some islands that Russia currently has custody of, but that are in dispute with Japan; or to mainland China to live in the ghost cities.  It seems like those islands were their first choice.  They're empty, they're supposed to be Japanese (in their eyes), and they'd keep their sovereignty that way, perhaps.

On the other hand it would be a nice use of the ghost cities, I admit, but wow, would that be weird, moving en masse to a foreign ghost town.  Better than everyone dying of radiation poisoning and cancer, though.

Unfortunately this giant bunch of radioactive flotsam and jetsam is drifting now towards the American west coast.  They may have to do some relocation of their own.  That is, if the government is honest about it and finally tells them. (ha)

I wonder what kind of pressure this may put on the redoubt areas as people figure this out and look for areas nearby that they can be safe in?  I doubt the mostly conservative/libertarian redoubt wants a bunch of California and Seattle hippies invading it.  Talk about culture clash.

There will be radiation galore, if Fukushima breaks through its floor.  I suggest everyone get some potassium iodide pills now and keep them on hand.  If you can't get them, then rubbing iodine in a little patch on your skin does about as well.  Drinking fluoride water can dilute the regular iodine from your thyroid so you might also want to consider drinking spring water.

PS: Edit a bit later:  I think the origin of this rumor about Japan moving somewhere else might be this one conspiracy writer named "Sorcha Faal", who just spreads BS for the most part.  So maybe it's not true after all.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gangsta Rap and Private Prisons Conspiracy

Check this article out from a whistleblower from the music industry:
If this is true, it's got echoes of the American art movement that was funded by CIA.  It alleges that gangsta rap was pushed over other kinds of rap, because the music industry was invested into by the private prison industry and they wanted more inmates.  They thought that listening to rap that promoted criminal activity would make more people commit crimes and go to prison.

How much of our opinions and behaviors are shaped by mainstream media and art?  Or any kind of media? And how do we know it's not on purpose to hurt us, so someone can make a profit at our expense?

The influence of art is nothing new: Goethe's book "The Sorrows of Young Werther" caused a fashion craze for yellow pants and blue jackets, and a rash of copycat suicides in young men in the late 18th century.  But he wasn't trying to make people do that.  This is different.  This is a conspiracy to make people hurt themselves and each other using art to persuade them.

Another thing I've noticed is that young people have their heads buried in their smartphones.  Also, they've got their attention constantly in some kind of lala land because of it.  So not only does art and culture shape people's behavior, but now they're getting swallowed whole by portable idiot boxes and becoming drooling zombies.  What happens if you NEVER LEAVE the contrived matrix of art and culture emanating from the media?  Look at flash mobs.  There's your answer.  Mobs of zombies.  Of course this networking technology has a good side as well, but you have to temper it with your own set of values or it will eat your brain.

Just stand back and think, what is the intended behavior that a particular piece of media, song, tweet, radio show, or whatever is trying to elicit from you?  What is the opinion it wants you to form?  Is this good for you, or not?  What happens if large amounts of people do this thing?

Make your OWN media.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Silent Circle!
Worldwide private encrypted communication.
by some Ex Navy Seals and Phil Zimmermann (creater of PGP)

Yes, it's a totally different Zimmermann than the shooter, so now we have them in stereo.
So, there may be a way around the panopticon of CISPA after all.  We can hope anyway.

MUHAHAHAHAHAHA! Take that, Big Brother!

The New Inquisition?

The Pope has called in a cardinal who is also an Opus Dei guy (Cardinal Julian Herranz, 82) to head up a 3-person team to interrogate people at the Vatican until he finds the source of embarrassing leaks about corruption, financial fraud etc. (the "Vatileaks").

Here's the Wikipedia on Opus Dei.  They're an organization of mostly laypeople who are really gung-ho Catholic. Almost militant, one might say.  I'm not sure what bearing, if any, this Herranz guy's association with this organization might have on the investigation.

It seems to me, they ought to be focusing on finding the sources of the fraud and corruption instead of the sources of the leaks.  But hey, that would be common sense.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to Expose Food Adulteration in Less Than 5 Minutes

This article is interesting.  The linkback to the original at is broken though, so here's a reprint.  The author's name was missing so if someone wants to take credit out there, just comment below.  I got this reprint from

Official systems set for food safety and prevention are constantly outdone by a hidden and booming food adulteration business.

The onus of safeguarding one's family against contaminated food, unfortunately falls on citizens themselves. Here are some quick do-it-yourself tricks to expose some common adulteration techniques used by the food industry.

From loose packed ground spices, to wet produce such as milk, to dry spices and grains, almost everything you can buy has a potential of being adulterated, even if purchased from a reputable grocery retailer.

While some of these could be less harmful, such using as water or bran, chemicals and coloring agents such as Metanil Yellow, Lead Chromate, Sudan Red III, are known to be carcinogenic.

The chairman of the Consumer Guidance Society of India, Dr Sitaram Dixit lists a few commonly used food items and simple home tests that take no more than 5 minutes.


Metanil Yellow and Kesari Dal (Added to enhance the yellow color of a food substance)

Dissolve half a spoon full of turmeric powder in 20 ml of lukewarm water. Add a few drops of lemon juice or any commonly available acid at home. If the water turns pink, violet or purple, it shows the presence of Metanil yellow.

Harmful Effects
It's highly carcinogenic and if consumed over a continuous period of time it can also cause stomach disorders.


Malachite Green (To accentuate the bright, glowing green color of the vegetable)

Take a small portion of the sample and place it over a moistened white blotting paper. Colored impressions on the blotting paper indicate the presence of Malachite green.

Harmful effects
It's a colored dye that has proven to be carcinogenic for humans if consumed over a long period of time.


Argemone seeds (used to add bulk and weight)

When pressed or crushed, argemone seeds are white inside and have a rough outer surface whereas mustard seeds are smooth on the outside and are yellow on the inside.

Harmful effects
The consumption of these could cause epidemic dropsy and severe glaucoma. Young children and senior citizens with poor immunity are more susceptible this.


Starch (used to give it a thick, rich texture)

Take a small sample of the product in a test tube, add 20 ml of water and bring to a boil. Cool to room temperature and add a drop or two of iodine solution. If the solution turns blue, it marks the presence of starch.

Harmful effects
Unhygienic, unprocessed water and starch can cause stomach disorders. Starch greatly reduces the nutritional value of the ingredient.


Washing powder (used to add a bright white sheen and lightness of flavor)

Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on the ice cream. If it starts to froth and bubble, it marks the presence of washing powder.

Harmful effects
It can cause severe stomach and liver disorders


Papaya seeds (used to add bulk)

Float the sample in alcohol. Mature black pepper corns will sink where as papaya seeds will float to the surface.

Harmful effects
Papaya seeds can cause serious liver problems and stomach disorders.


Tamarind seeds, chicory powder (used to add bulk and color)

Gently sprinkle coffee on the surface of water in a glass. The coffee will float whereas chicory will start to sink within a few seconds. Also, the falling chicory powder will leave a trail of color behind due to the large amounts of caramel it contains.

Harmful effects
These can cause diarrhea, stomach disorders, giddiness and severe joint pains.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Earth's Heart of Gold and Alien Conspiracy Theory

Here's an article saying that James Cameron and Google are funding some expedition to an asteroid to mine platinum/gold.
If they find a bunch of it, the price of gold or platinum will crash.  It's kind of like the Ben Fulford Dragon Family gold thing.  Well, good luck.  I don't think a pile of yellow metal (or white metal) is going to save the world.  The real wealth right now is in oil, until someone figures out a sufficient amount of free energy - or cheap energy - from something else besides oil.

There's this weird theory out there that aliens came to Earth to find "monoatomic" gold, i.e. something even finer than colloidal gold.  I don't understand why they couldn't just take regular gold from one of these asteroids, if it's so plentiful in space, and do something to it themselves to make it "monoatomic".  They supposedly used this special gold to be telepathic with each other, and then they genetically engineered man in order to use us as slaves.  But only the special shapeshifting Reptilian hybrids get to be telepathic, not us plebes.  Until the 2012 moment when maybe everyone becomes telepathic despite the Reptilians' best efforts to keep us in the Matrix.  Or maybe an asteroid hits us.  (See, Cameron doesn't need to go to the asteroid.  They'll bring the asteroid to Cameron.)

Uh huh.  I want to borrow the UFO, guys.  I'll bring it back by midnight, I promise, and I won't speed.  Yeah.  Cause aliens ate my Buick.

Well, even if they did do something like that, why bother with a planet where all the gold is inaccessible cause it's in the core, why not just go to some asteroid?  So I think this asteroid stuff pretty much blows the aliens-came-here-for-gold theory.

Cheap Ballistic Armor

Here is a website selling inexpensive steel ballistic plates and MOLLE plate carriers.  They won't sell to felons or residents of Connecticut.  But if you're not one of those, you can get the plates for about $100 each, and then sew your own carrier, if you want to do it cheap.

I wanted to find ballistic armor for women that makes room for boobs.  I did see some once but it cost an arm and a leg for that torso.  There is but those are just bespoke MOLLE clothes made from milspec nylon, and aren't ballistic.  And they're expensive.  Guess I'll just have to mash 'em flat if I want armor.  Of course in a situation where I might want armor, I don't think I'll want to look sexy.

In third world countries, people sometimes don pots and pans as makeshift armor for riots.  Whatever works.  Compare the cost of one $100 plate, at a steel hardness of 500, to a cast iron frying pan, which new might cost around $25, and isn't the right shape or hardness.  $75 isn't much more for something that is the right tool for the job.


While camping at Appleseed I stumbled on this thing called Manfest.  I sort of crashed it.  Anyway, they're a hoot, so I'm linking to their blog, the Hall of Manly Excellence.  Warning: it's not PC.  All easily offended pussies people, you have been warned.  But if you like all things manly, with a dash of snark and over-the-top-ness, kind of like Archie Bunker, Al Bundy, and George Carlin meet Chuck Norris, dive in.

BTW, in person these guys were great. Thanks for putting up with me, guys.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Cheap DIY Radiation Meter

This is cool.  This guy makes a radiation detector without a Geiger tube, using other sensors that you might not think of.  He also wrote software for it that is a free download.

The webinar starts around 10 minutes into the video.  For the first 10 minutes he is having a problem with a mute button or something.  So just skip to there.


Hey now!
I am back.  I went to Appleseed training this weekend and came out a Rifleman.  I gotta hand it to these guys.  They took a complete greenhorn (me) and turned me into a Rifleman in two days.  These results are not typical, though. I think maybe I have a good eye for shooting.  For others, it might take you a couple Appleseed events.  The head instructor told me it took him 10 events to qualify as Rifleman.

The instructors were really nice, and professional, and very safety minded.  The instruction alternates with a history lesson about the Revolutionary War, mostly the battles of Lexington and Concord and Bunker Hill.  The point of this is to illustrate that the colonists won those battles because in part they had been training in marksmanship for about a year prior, and to marvel at their sacrifice and bravery in facing what was at the time the best trained and equipped army in the world.

They don't get into modern day politics at all, but they urge you at the end to get involved with your community, and get involved in politics yourself, whatever your favorite flavor.

Ladies, if you ever wanted to learn how to shoot a rifle, and you can deal with being outdoors all day for two days, flopping on your belly occasionally to shoot from prone, this training is FREE for ladies.  I still had to pay 10 bucks for range fees, but big whoop.  Men, it's only 70 bucks, which is less than $5 per hour for top notch instruction. I would also recommend this for teenagers or preteens.  There were four young ladies there the first day with their dads.

We've got a wonderful thing in this country.  There aren't too many countries left in the world where people can bear arms outside the military.

Whoops, I almost forgot to put a link.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'll Be Bawk

Just a little update.  I'm going to be rather busy for a few days.  If you don't hear from me, it's ok, I'm just busy.
One of my friends has a problem similar to the Chicken Man in Georgia only not as bad.  But she needs to get rid of her chickens. Looking for someone to adopt pet chickens, and not just a farmer, she says they still have to be treated as pets.  I can't do it, unfortunately.  I live in a similar exurban setting and I don't think they'd take kindly to chickens here.

I now have a lot of salad growing in my yard.  It's a thing of beauty.  And taters out back.  This year is my tater experiment.  Last year I grew taters in the front yard.  But there's not much room in front and I wanted it to be prettier than that.

The sunchoke multiplied and now I have a patch of them.

Later gator!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jim Yong Kim (new World Bank head) Merely Mr. Popularity, Not Competent

As I said before, the lady from Nigeria was a better bet.  Unless you like lapdogs with sinecures pretending to run things for their masters.

Polio Vaccines and Monkey Business

The polio vaccine didn't work.  It increased the number of sick.
 Pr Bernard Greenberg testified before Congress that statistics had been used inappropriately to determine the effectiveness of the polio vaccine -- and that the vaccine actually increased the incidence of polio (1962) [ 289.html ] That was May 1962 in the US Congressional Hearings on HR10541

The polio vaccine was infected with SV40, a monkey virus that causes cancer (mostly non-Hodgkins lymphoma), until 1963.  The vaccine was made from monkeys.  When they figured this out in 1961, they quietly let the vaccine manufacturers sell the rest of their infected stock as if all was normal, before they started using a different species of monkeys as raw material.


Forever Stamp Hubris

Ever since the Forever Stamp came out I've been thinking this:
You know when you had to study Greek mythology in high school as part of understanding English literature?  There is this concept where the main character in a tragedy is too proud, and it leads to their fall.  This is called Hubris.  They say something that could be construed as "famous last words" and they buy it in the end.

I think the Forever Stamp is the USA's "famous last words".  Just putting "Forever" on some document is asking for it. And this document is repeated many times a day as we stick stamps on things.  Yeah, I think we're tempting the gods on that one.  I hope they're not paying attention, but it's pretty clear to me where we're heading.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ringing the Dinar Bell

Apparently in parts of Asia (Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, etc.) people are starting to use physical gold and silver for money.  The gold dinar and the silver dirham.  But the source for this story looks to be a guy who sells gold and silver, so there's your grain of salt.  It might still be true though.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

(Not so) Secretly Serviced!

Well, it's all over the news, but in case you haven't heard, 11 Secret Service who went to Colombia in advance of Obama attending the globalist meeting called "Summit of the Americas" have been hauled back to the US and put on administrative leave following an incident where they got caught bringing prostitutes back to their hotel room.  One prostitute stayed all night and then emerged from their room when the hotel manager showed up, complaining that they still owed her money.  (what, they couldn't hide her under the bed, with all their supposed tradecraft?  Were they all passed out?)

Another prostitute lodged a complaint with police because she said they didn't pay her.  (Prostitution is legal in some parts of Colombia, so she had the moral high ground)

I guess the agents never heard the joke "How do you make a hormone?  Don't pay her"...  if they had, it would have saved them a lot of trouble.

The one moral of the story is, Get paid up front when you service those cheap ass gringos!
The other moral is, this is a GLOBALIST conference, the point of which was INTERNATIONAL SECURITY, i.e. spying, in a country where even ordinary people in cities are so security conscious that they typically enclose their gardens with a cage that looks like an outdoor jail cell, so they can hang out outside and not get abducted, and you thought because you were far from home you could get away with some extracurricular nookie?  Bwahahahaha!

FDA to Require Prescription for Livestock Antibiotics

Well, you could look at this two ways.  Either they're trying to stop farmers as they claim from overmedicating their animals (unlikely, since Big Agra probably has staff veterinarians on call who will just write the scrips), or they're trying to close a loophole whereby people can obtain livestock antibiotics without a prescription, and use it on themselves.  In other words, this could be just a way to eliminate DIY medicine and make people more dependent on the system.

Also, if you're a small farmer and you've been at it a while, you can probably diagnose many of the livestock illnesses yourself that might require antibiotics.  So this is just burdensome and increases expenses and may even kill livestock during a delay as the farmer is made to wait for the vet to come out.  There are probably only so many livestock vets to go around, and now they'll be working overtime.

Now I think sometimes people should go to the doctor, but if you just want antibiotics for just in case, like for a prepping stockpile, now it will be harder to get them.  Better get them now before this dries up.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fire in the Mind of Zen!

The title of this post refers to a conspiracy book (Fire in the Minds of Men) by James H. Billington, but it's also a pun on Zen Gardner because of this article here:

It must be in the air... Zen Gardner also examines the idea of a human botnet.  His take on it is that radiation from HAARP might be surgically altering our genes in order to mutate us and make us more receptive to the Borg mind-meld.

Oh, and anyway here is the book I made a pun about.  Billington was a Rhodes scholar.  Cecil Rhodes (after whom not only the scholarship but the country Rhodesia was also named) was all about bringing the US back under the control of England.  Heck, he wanted to get the whole world under the control of England. Not sure if or how that would impact on Rhodes scholars nowadays, but there it is.  It might be a fair assumption that Rhodes scholars tend to be globalists?  Anyway, this Billington seems to know the score, whoever he was working for.

Impeach Obama 2012

Guenter Grass' Controversial New Poem

Famous German poet Guenter Grass has written a new poem.  It has gotten him some controversy because in it he criticized Israel's nuclear bomb program and warned against nuclear war between Israel and Iran.

That poem I will post here, in English translation, just so you will see what all the hoo-ha is about.  I think he was brave to write it.  It is hard to criticize Israel without getting called names.  It is true that Grass at age 17, at the very end of WW2, was drafted into the Waffen-SS.  He was drafted, folks.  Practically all the young German men were drafted into the army, just like we were. 

I suppose this could be the counterpart in my blog to the Bertold Brecht poem I posted a few months ago...


Comment: Translation of controversial Guenter Grass poem What Must Be Said

By Associated Press

What Must Be Said

What is obvious and has been

Practiced in war games, at the end of which we as survivors

Are at best footnotes.

It is the alleged right to the first strike

That could annihilate the Iranian people -

Subjugated by a loud-mouth

And guided to organized jubilation -

Because in their sphere of power,

It is suspected, a nuclear bomb is being built.

Yet why do I forbid myself

To name that other country

In which, for years, even if secretly,

There has been a growing nuclear potential at hand

But beyond control, because not accessible to inspections?

The universal concealment of these facts,

To which my silence subordinated itself,

I sense as an incriminating lie

And coercion--the punishment is promised

As soon as it is ignored;

The verdict of "anti-Semitism" is familiar.

Now, though, because in my country

Which time and again has sought and confronted

Its very own crimes

That is without comparison

In turn on a purely commercial basis, if also

With nimble lips calling it a reparation, declares

A further U-boat should be delivered to Israel,

Whose specialty consists of guiding all-destroying warheads to where the existence

Of a single atomic bomb is unproven,

But fear wishes to be of conclusive evidence,

I say what must be said.

But why have I stayed silent until now?

Because I thought my origin,

Afflicted by a stain never to be expunged

Forbade this fact as pronounced truth

To be told to the nation of Israel, to which I am bound

And wish to stay bound.

Why do I say only now,

Aged and with my last ink,

The nuclear power Israel endangers

The already fragile world peace?

Because it must be said

What even tomorrow may be too late to say;

Also because we--as Germans burdened enough--

Could become suppliers to a crime

That is foreseeable, wherefore our complicity

Could not be redeemed through any of the usual excuses.

And granted: I am silent no longer

Because I am tired of the West's hypocrisy;

In addition to which it is to be hoped

That this will free many from silence,

Appeal to the perpetrator of the recognizable danger

To renounce violence and

Likewise insist

That an unhindered and permanent control

Of the Israeli nuclear potential

And the Iranian nuclear sites

Be authorized through an international agency

By the governments of both countries.

Only this way are all, the Israelis and Palestinians,

Even more, all people, that in this

Region occupied by mania

Live cheek by jowl among enemies,

And also us, to be helped.

Sewer Sushi? Or Poo Poo Platter?

Where the affluent meet the effluent?
Or is it tasty pink slime for the elites, and Poo-shi for the rest of us?
How about a nice Poo Poo Platter?

(Is that a shit-eating grin?  Wipe that grin off your face!)

Support the Freedom 7

The Freedom 7 are political activists and journalists (Noam Chomsky being probably the most famous of them) who have filed a lawsuit questioning the Consitutionality of the NDAA.  Some of them have been harassed at border crossings, had their data confiscated for weeks, had their phones tapped, etc.  These folks are afraid that the NDAA would redefine their activities, which are protected by the First Amendment, as nebulously defined "support" of "associated forces" for terrorism.  For example, a journalist who talks to an Al-Qaeda person for a story, or an activist with Occupy, or someone who raises money for Bradley Manning's legal defense fund.  The government lawyers have so far refused to define the boundaries of the NDAA and who it DOESN'T apply to.

At least one of them has an ACLU lawyer (David House, the Manning supporter).  You could donate there and ask that it go to his defense.  Or if you're broke, just pass on this story.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Interesting Theory about Nanobot Infection

This website alleges that we're all infected by neuron-grabbing nanobots via Morgellon's, spread by chemtrails.  Apparently these nanobots are kind of like Manchurian candidates, or perhaps turn all of us into Manchurian candidates.  Depends on how you look at it. 

According to this website, whoever is running the nanobots can spy on you like a first-person video game, or perhaps "Being John Malkovich" would be more like it.  They could also make you space out, and make you say things they want you to say.  But that's not all.  Apparently that's only a partial install, with limited functionality.  Once you get the full monty, you'd be like a zombie bee in the hive-mind, controlled by some guy in a bunker with a joystick, or maybe by a computer's AI program.

The Borg, if you will, or the Singularity.
Is it true?  Is there a way to diagnose the extent of it?
If so, how to rid yourself of these nanobots, or make them irrelevant/deactivated?  Because one would assume that the handlers either don't have nanobot infections, or more likely they have an antidote, since it'd be spread by aerosol spraying.

BTW, the site also throws in gang-stalking as a phenomenon caused by this Borg thing: the people doing it don't know they're doing it, they're being driven for brief periods of time and they might not even remember those couple seconds or minutes that they're doing whatever it is.

I'd like to find ways to TEST this theory.  It sounds far-out, but really there are people who think a Borg hive-mind would be dandy, and technology is "advancing" towards this, whether we like it or not, and you KNOW someone will try to turn the entire world into a live botnet, just because it's possible.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

We're Already In the Hunger Games
This article points out the similarities between the endless warfare the West has participated in in order to jockey for power and resources, and the Hunger Games.  I think it's pretty much spot-on.

In other news, If SOPA which is being resurrected like a Frankenstein monster under another name CISPA, gets any traction, maybe all these freedom blogs will disappear.  I hope not.  I get my news from a lot of sources, and I'd have to have my only source be the likes of NBC, which EDITED THE 911 TAPE of Zimmerman to make him sound like a racist.

Keep in mind, if they start banning people from the internet for stuff that everyone does, it'll be selective, and it's because they want a news blackout.  Probably right around the time they start World War 3, or the dollar crashes.  I think they are hoping that starting WW3 will keep the dollar from crashing.  Fat chance.

Likewise all these new taxes.  You can't get blood from a turnip, Washington.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dept. of Agriculture Buys Lots of Ammo Too

The other week, DHS bought 450 million rounds of .40 hollow point pistol ammo (cop ammo), enough to shoot everyone in the country 1.5 times over.  That's not practice ammo, if it were it would be FMJ instead.  They also bought 175 million (I think that was the figure) .223 rounds.  Those are military rifle rounds.

Now the Dept. of Agriculture is buying a lot of ammo too - different calibers.  Some is frangible ammo, which breaks up when it hits a hard surface; they'd use this ammo around places like nuke plants or factories where there was a lot of plumbing and tanks.  Or maybe in dairies, so as not to puncture the milk tanks.

Makes me wonder, are they planning on shooting farmers?
Does the word HOLODOMOR mean anything to you?

Folks, something is brewing.  While leaving the city might be a good idea, farming and gardening may have to become a stealth activity.  Even in the city, you can grow food, if you are sneaky about it.  Since dandelions are edible, you could even encourage these weeds in your yard, it would be kind of "backwards" to like weeds and not like grass, but that's how I am.  I don't like grass.  It is a weed to me.  It gets in the way of my garden.  I have eradicated all grass from my front yard and instead put edible plants and a path.  Mostly salad type plants.  But I'm not trying to hide my garden either. One could save edible weed seeds and propagate them, then one would at least have greens to eat around the neighborhood.

Potatoes might be easy to disguise among other plants.  Sweet potatoes for sure.

For those farmers in Michigan with the allegedly feral (hairy) hogs, I thought that perhaps they could hide them underground, but it would take so long to build those facilities it might be too late.  I guess they could round them up and stash them in Ohio until the government goons go away, or arrange a deal with an Ohio farmer to keep them there from now on.

Well, keep in mind that resistance to tyranny does not need to take the form of violence. It could just be refusal to participate in the system.  Drop out as best you can. But people do have the God-given right to defend themselves if attacked.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Read this whole thing, if you're a man or if you want your man to be more healthy.
It appears testosterone levels (and sperm count) is on the decline, probably due to chemicals in the environment.

Ginseng is good for testosterone.  So is pomegranate juice, exercise and getting horny.  If married, kissing your wife doesn't help (maybe because men get used to their wives) - but porn does.  Of course if you have an objection to porn, just go jogging instead or do pushups.  You could try to avoid chemicals, but they are everywhere, especially in the food, so good luck with that:  Pesticides, BPA, etc. etc.

Obama Reveals His Ignorance of the Constitution, Backpedals Later

He said it was "unprecedented" for the Supreme Court to overturn a law. WTF?

What does the Supreme Court do all damn day long then?  They decide how a law should be interpreted when there is a question about it, including whether to uphold or overturn laws!  That's their ever loving JOB.  Was he a Constitutional scholar or not?  (not.  There are some who say Weather Undergrounder Bernardine Dohrn wrote his course material for the class he taught.)

Sheesh.  And the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has written the DOJ a letter demanding clarification on what Obama said.

Well, I'm glad he put his foot in it, but like I just said, most Americans don't read, so it's probably only lawyers and pundits who will care.

To further illustrate Obama's connection with Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers, and the ongoing cover-up as to who Obama really is and what he really thinks, here is a National Review reporter who was first granted and then mysteriously denied access to Chicago Annenberg Challenge documents that might have shed some light on it.

These people think Bill Ayers ghost-wrote Obama's memoir "Dreams From My Father"

A Receding Tide Reveals The Bodies

Yep. Author Fred Reed points out the obvious: Government corruption in the US.  But in an articulate way.

I always laugh ironically when I see that map showing the levels of corruption in the world that self-contratulatingly show the English speaking countries as having little to no corruption.  Guess who paid for those maps to be prepared.  Yeah.  Here's the map I'm referring to, by the way.
Here's what those guys say about their own funding:
The bulk of TI's income comes from government development agency budgets and foundations. Other sources of income include project funds from international organisations, donations from private sector companies and income from honoraria and publications.

Do they think that we are that stupid?  A NGO on government transparency, that is funded by governments, and other NGO's.  NGO's are notorious for being fronts for military and spy programs, or the depopulation agenda.  Might I hazard a guess that the governments that are funding it get better grades on this map?

But as Fred pointed out, it doesn't matter if the corruption is in plain sight - Most Americans are that stupid.  They don't read.  They just sit there eating their chips and sheep dip and watching Dancing With the Stars. BAAAAAA!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Am I Unamerican? Am I racist?

Nope.  Remember Nixon?  We got rid of Nixon, but it didn't wreck America.  Nixon broke the law, he had to go.  People who break the law should not be occupying jobs as lawmakers.

In my opinion Obama is the new Nixon, except it is worse than that, he might even be the new Hitler.  His documents were fraudulent.  He might not actually be American.  He's moving the country closer and closer to a military dictatorship, a police state.  Just like Hitler.

I do not give a rat's ass what the color of the president or anyone else is.  They could be black white purple green or whatever.  I don't care what race Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin are.  In fact, I look up to, nay practically worship, my karate sensei, who is black. I look up to my boss, who is Jewish.  It's not about religion or the color of skin.  That is merely cosmetic.  They are not to me a label.  They are good, talented, honest, hardworking people.

But when someone else starts bitching about "those blankety blank fill in the blanks" or starts race baiting and using race as a smoke screen, calling anyone who opposes them a racist, and trying to incite people to riot over it, in order to shove through their agenda, that's where I draw the line.  Because THAT is racism.  And that is exactly what Hitler did.

As people we deserve to be free, we deserve a fair shake to try and get ahead, and improve ourselves and provide for our families.  Hard work should pay off.  But it no longer does, much.  Families are falling apart because both parents have to work all the time, or because they get more money if Dad makes himself scarce, children are being indoctrinated in dumbed down school curricula, and "they" are further poisoning us all with BPA, fluoride, vaccines with mercury in them, mercury dental fillings, burn pits and DU ammunition that are poisoning our troops (and the people in the war zones), radiation from Fukushima and other failing nuke plants (VT Yankee for one), well I could go on and on.  WHY?  Because someone wants us DEAD, or at least SICK, BROKE, and ENSLAVED.  So we're so preoccupied with survival that we don't see the hands over the puppet theater, operating the puppets.

The real enemy here is not any people.  It is not black or white or Hispanic or Jews or Moslems or Chinese, or any of the different labels you can put on people.  The real enemy is private central banking.  This system is a gobbling monster that has impoverished us, caused endless war, paid the media to agitate unrest or to gloss over their sins, and the rabbit hole goes all the way down.  If there are any people to blame, it is the people who own these banks, or maybe the high level executives of these banks. 

I would also say another enemy is the corporations that continue to insist on producing these poisons and making them so ubiquitous that we can't avoid them, in the name of profit.  Do not invest in these corporations.

We need to try to get past the race-baiting and see it for the matador-cape that it is, so we can stay unified against the real enemies and so we can help each other through the coming crash.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Seeks Obama's Other Documents

Via the Stark Raving Viking:

Sheriff Joe says Obama's birth certificate and Selective Service card are forgeries and now seeks the following "missing" documents to verify them as well.

Uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel on Mar 31, 2012
The Obama records which have not been released include; Passport records, Obama kindergarten records, Punahou School records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago scholarly articles, Illinois State Bar Association records, Illinois State Senate records/schedules (said to be lost), Medical records, Obama/Dunham marriage license, Obama/Dunham divorce documents, Soetoro/Dunham marriage license, Adoption records and of course the long-form Certificate of Live Birth.

State Representative Carl Seel, who introduced the bill, was joined by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, State Senator Lori Klein, and others in support of the bill. Important new information was revealed during the news conference including a request by Sheriff Joe Arpaio to the current head of the Selective Service Board to investigate the criminal forgery committed in the case of Barack Obama's Selective Service registration. In addtion, Carl Seel reveals some of the resistance that other Republicans are creating to stop the bill from even heading to a vote.

The bill will require Barack Obama, or any candidate seeking to be on the Arizona ballot, to certify eligibility for the office they are seeking. This will essentially require Barack Obama to certify his eligibility if he wants to be on the ballot this year in Arizona. This could potentially be a game-changing piece of legislation.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Economist Magazine Recommends Ngozi for World Bank Head

This is Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, from Nigeria.  Hmm.  I wonder if she knows Alhaji Uma Abdulmutallab, the Underwear Bomber's father, who is the biggest banker in Nigeria?  Anyway, she's the finance minister for the 2nd time in Nigeria, and she has a background in economics, government, and development.

They're saying she's a better pick than the guy Obama has in mind. That guy is Jim Yong Kim.  He runs a university in New England and was the head of HIV/Aids at the WHO.  It would seem that if it's the stuff on the resume that matters, it may be the case that she outqualifies him for the job.

There's also another guy from Columbia, but the article barely mentions him except to say that he was also a finance minister, and characterizes him as a career bureaucrat.

Fishy is No More

I don't usually get personal here, but RIP Betty the Beta Fish.
This isn't Betty but it looks like her.  I am really not sure if I had a male or female, but Betty never wanted to fight the mirror, so I'm thinking she was female.  Now she's sleeping with the fishes.