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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Put Some Mulberries in Your Pie Hole

Mulberry trees are in fruit in my zone.  Further north it might be a couple more weeks before they're ripe.
These sometimes-annoying trees (purple bird poop on the car!) have a nice berry that is good for pie, jam, and wine.  There is also a variety that makes white berries.  Well, they're sort of greenish off-white.  Not the most attractive, but still tasty, and then the birds don't poop purple.

Anyway, here's a frugal mulberry story.  I was once so poor that I lived off of mulberry pie for a few weeks.  I lived in this hippie house back in my wild youth, and we were all broke.  All we had in the house for food was flour and a can of Crisco, and perhaps (I forget now) some packets of sugar.  And there were two trees across the street, a mulberry and an apple tree.  We ate mulberry and apple mini-pies for about 2 months as the fruit came ripe.  Sometime during that time I got a job, but we kept on eating pie just the same.  It was the right thing to do.  Also we were still pretty broke.  Rent, you know.

I think if I had known how to trap game and identify edible weeds at the time, we might have eaten better.  But that was then and this is now.  I think I'm going to go get me some mulberries tonight, before they all fall off this one tree I found last week.  The fun way to harvest mulberries is to lay out a tarp or an old sheet you don't care about getting purple spots on, and shake the tree.  Oh, also wear old clothes you don't care about getting purple spots on when you do this.

To get mulberry stains off your hands, rub them with an unripe mulberry.

1 part mulberries.  Include some pink ones with the ripe ones, the pink ones have more pectin.
1 part sugar
1 Tbsp lemon juice for each cup of mulberries, or just more unripe ones (sour).
Maybe some fresh ginger (if you like ginger in your jam)

Bring this stuff to a rolling boil.  (notice that water is not an ingredient). If you decide to add store-bought pectin, add it just before you quit boiling the jam. Pour the jam into hot, clean canning jars, and process them in a water bath for 10 minutes. Small batches will gel better than big ones.

You can grow mulberry trees from clippings that you root.  You can keep the size down by pruning them.

Now if I could just kill those two mulberry bushes that decided to grow through my fence, that would be nice.  They have never made a single berry.  I dunno if it's because they're young, or if it's because there's a hybrid out there that produces sterile babies.  I've been loath to dig, though, because it'll be a giant project.  Instead, I'll probably just get the clippers out again until fall, when I can also thin the irises.

You can also eat mulberry leaves, if you boil them.  I don't bother, because I have better greens; but just in case you're starving one day and there's nothing else to eat, you can do that.

US Military to Ban Photography

In order to avoid those embarrassing moments when a snapshot someone took while peeing on dead people, or torturing people surfaces, the US military in Afghanistan is now banning soldiers from doing any photography except in an official capacity.

Oh, sure, that'll work.


Gee, that's a brain wave.  I thought so hard I smell something burning.

Obama's Secret Kill List
Here is an essay by Judge Napolitano pointing out that no president has the right to order assassinations. 

Incidentally, Obama's secret kill list includes a 17 year old Yemeni girl.  Wow, she must be a real badass.  Yeah, I feel so much safer already.

Issa's Gunwalker Update

Here is a memo from Rep. Issa who is trying to get the DoJ held in contempt of Congress for dragging their feet in the Fast and Furious gunwalker case.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Who is Buying All the Firearms Manufacturers?

A company named Cerberus is buying up all the American heritage firearms manufacturers.  They started right after Obama was elected in 2008.
One major investor in Cerberus is... former Vice President Dan Quayle.  Surprise!

Some people have alleged that George Soros is also behind it, but I'm still working on proof.  If anyone has proof consisting of original source documents (links to 10-K forms for example), please comment with a link and I will update.

One of the commenters below the linked article said Cerberus invested in Chrysler after Daimler was done screwing them.  Then they gave Chrysler to the government and in the process screwed the shareholders.  This Cerberus really does sound as ruthless as its namesake.

The job of the 3-headed dog Cerberus in mythology was to guard Hades.

Toilet Paper Oil Filter!

This tip is courtesy of Gary North at

There is this oil filter called the Frantz Oil Filter, that has been on the market for years that uses a roll of toilet paper to filter oil.  It sits in a mesh cage, so none of the TP gets in your car's system.  You still have to add a quart of oil when you change the TP every 5,000 miles or so, but you won't have to get oil changes anymore.  The main problems are most cars don't have enough room under the hood for one anymore, and you have to get it installed or install one yourself.  Here is their site.  I guess you could call them and ask if they know if your make and model of car has room for one.

Memorial Day

I got back kinda late from travel and forgot to post a Memorial Day thingie.  That doesn't mean I wasn't thinking about the sacrifices of many soldiers throughout the years.  I wore black yesterday.  Partly for them and partly because I fear what this nation is probably headed for.  I hope I'm wrong.

Memorial Day was started by widows and mothers of the slain of the Civil War from both sides.  It was a healing thing.  May the spirit of peace and reconciliation that inspired them remain with us in the following year.

Monday, May 28, 2012

New Conspiracy Page

I am starting a new page on this blog that is a collection of conspiracy source documents.
This will ONLY be source documents, i.e. straight from the alleged conspirators.
Check it out.  If you need to look something up, you might find your source listed there.
I'm not done yet, though.  There will be additions as I find more stuff to put there.  For example, I just started on the police state section and all I have so far there is the NDAA from 2012.

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

Chinese Chip in Our Military Computers Has Backdoor Built In
According to this, the US military just discovered that the chips in their computers (made in China) were made with backdoors that could let hackers totally pwn the computers.

Who decided to trust China with making chips for our military computers?  That is about the stupidest move ever.  Was the military actually trying to save money for once?

Okay, so we have thousand dollar toilet seats, and cheap Chinese chips with backdoors.  This was the WRONG thing to try and save money on.  I'd rather have cheap Chinese toilet seats, even if my butt got a splinter, and thousand dollar chips, if that's what it took to secure our classified data.  You can always sand a toilet seat, or add wax to seal off splinters.  But these chips are all going to have to be replaced.

The US really needs some computer component manufacturers.  If we get in a war with China, and the rest of Asia becomes inaccessible to us for trade, it would behoove us to have this in place beforehand, so we don't end up depending on our enemy for electronics. 

If things keep bumping along like they are, we'll probably be at war with China and maybe even India sometime in the next generation, over resources.  I'd say we probably have about five years max to develop these chip factories.  Maybe the 3-D printer people can help.

Of course, maybe Alex Jones is right and some cartel is fixing to kill most of the world in order to "save the planet" for the elites.  But whether that's correct or not, the interest alone on the national debt (mostly to China) will soon enough exceed the gross national product by a factor of 2.  It's simple math, you can't get out of a hole by digging it deeper, no matter how much funny money you print.  So first we've got this debt to China that we'll eventually default on whether we want to or not; and even if that by some absolute miracle doesn't blow up in our faces, we've got the resources crunch about 10 years down the line.

And we trusted them with the chips for our military computers.  Brilliant.  Just brilliant.
I guess we could break out the abacuses, and send snail mail until they clear this up. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Good Reason For Carrying Firearms

A man in Canada has just saved his friend from being eaten by a bear.
These guys were camping and fishing in Ontario.  One guy was sitting in the outhouse, early morning, with the door open, taking a s**t, when a black bear appeared on the scene and dragged him out by the pants around his ankles.  His friend in the cabin heard a commotion and came out, and shot the bear.  At first he was trying to figure out how to get the bear and not his friend, but then the bear turned on him, so he shot it in the head.

I hope the guys got to keep the bear meat.  I hear it's tasty.
And I am glad Canada lifted their ban on long guns.

This is kind of funny, except I'm sure it was also scary.  But it makes me think of a certain scene from Jurassic Park.

French "Tony Stark" Stranded in Desert Chops Up Citroen, Makes Mad-Max Motorcycle

Check this out!  This guy tried to take his antique Citroen through the African desert around some roadblock, but it broke and he got stranded, so he cobbled together a motorcycle from it.  Some were saying he didn't have tools, but he actually did have a few tools, like a hacksaw and some other hand tools.  He was about a day's walk from town, but instead chose to stay there and do this thing to his car - rather than abandon it?  I also am thinking he must have had a lot of water and at least some food in his car.  It took him 12 days to do this, out there, and he would have died of dehydration in about 3 days if he didn't have any water. 

Ironically he also took pains to reattach his license plate when he was done making the bike, but still was fined once he got back to town for having an "improper registration". (that just figures).

I'm also assuming his camera had a timer?
And here's the mechanic himself: (I hope he didn't get too sunburnt).

Friday, May 25, 2012

Home Metal Casting

This web tutorial shows how to cast metal into shapes at home on the cheap.

It shows how to make your own greensand for casting out of 9 parts fine sand and 1 part ground up bentonite clay (clumping cat litter) by volume.  Then slowly add water and stir just until it sticks together when you squeeze it.

The rest of it if you keep clicking for the next thing, shows how to make a drag out of a wooden box (a drag is a 2-part box that holds the clay for the 2-part mold), how to press an item into it and add a sprue (channel for casting) made from a dowel or section of old plumbing pipe, what to use as a parting compound (diatomaceous earth), how to make a charcoal furnace from old steel food cans and a scavenged dryer fan, also the crucible can be an old steel can - and a little about safety (plywood splatter guard!)  You will also need tongs.  I'm sure you can mock up a pair of tongs.  A leather apron and welder's gloves and some goggles might also be good to have.

With this super-cheap setup, you could cast metals that melt at lower temperatures than steel into small useful shapes or ingots, without having to buy equipment from a casting supply house.  Might be useful for post-SHTF, making metal items from scrap aluminum, copper or brass, or other similar projects. Maybe you could even cast your own bullets, although you shouldn't breathe lead fumes. But you'd be doing this outdoors, probably.

The equipment I saw for casting jewelry from a casting supply house got expensive fast, so this would be a way around that.  I might still get the ceramic crucible, if I was dealing with precious metals.  You'd want a different one for each metal. Also this greensand might not be the most detailed for fine jewelry.  You might need to use something finer for the sand part, or experiment with just using the cat litter by itself.  However, you would be able to cast tools, hardware, or rough, rustic looking jewelry with this particular recipe for greensand.

Empty Your Safe Deposit Box Now

Empty your safe deposit box now.  Go in first thing in the morning and get your stuff OUT.  Even if the above is just a viral rumor, better safe than sorry.

If you want to send them a message, you can put a "present" in its place. 

Perhaps some lead in a locked box, so they think they've found gold and waste their time getting it open.  Or a copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights with the 4th Amendment highlighted, and the Declaration of Independence.  Or a stocking with a lump of coal in it.  Or a bible.

In fact, if you want to MAKE more work for them, and you don't have a safe deposit box, you could GET a safe deposit box, and put something meaningful in it.  I do recognize that it would be somewhat of a waste of money for a prank, not very frugal, but it would be funny to imagine them finding no gold but instead a message in EVERY box.  If you want to go for simplicity and avoid politics, just put a bible in there, and if asked later, you could smile and tell them your treasure is in Heaven.  I don't think it would be popular if they hassled people over having a bible, and you can get bibles for relatively cheap.

Also, I just heard on Rense that there's been something else about Obama's paternal grandma saying she witnessed him being born in Kenya, again.  If this is true, and he's going to try a tyrannical power grab, then we might expect an acceleration over the weekend as he tries to front-run the news.

Keep on keepin' on.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

3 New Executive Orders Put US Military Under UN Control,_Understand_This_Is_Not_For_Our_Benifit_-_Video.html

I have tyranny fatigue tonight.  I don't have the energy to quote these EO's but the text of at least one of them is in the above link, plus a link to the White House's copy of it.  The upshot of it is Obama just put the entire US military, and the CIA, under the control of NATO and the UN.

This is bad on so many levels.   It puts our might under the power of a body of socialists that has plotted to destroy 90% of all human life on earth and steal our resources (via Agenda 21).  So do you think the UN is going to just sit there, or maybe they'll use our own military against us now!

Well, an EO is not a law, but I don't think Obama thinks that's going to stop him.

I can only hope that the dirt that investigative journalist Jerome Corsi claimed on the Alex Jones show today to have on Obama gets released as soon as possible and that if it proves he doesn't qualify to hold our nation's highest office, that all of his EO's get unwound.

I really hope Corsi doesn't get Breitbarted.  But he gave all his data to Sheriff Arpaio, so at least there's another copy of it out there.  And probably more.  But WHY do these conspiracy writers dangle bait out for the assassins?  Couldn't Corsi have just spit it out and got the info out there?

There is already something before Congress to impeach Obama for invading Libya and staying too long. If you want to stave off the further UN-ification of the USA, please CALL your Congresscritters and urge them to vote for it.  Don't email them, calling is more effective.

While you have them on the line, tell them to support Issa in his quest to bring AG Eric Holder to justice over the gunwalking.  We don't need a criminal occupying the seat of AG.  Incidentally Corsi claims to have evidence linking Holder to a massive bank fraud scheme, too.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Frugal Tip Page
I wrote to Gary North recently and he sent me this link.
Watch this website for various frugal tips.  This is awesome.  The tips, I would add, are MOSTLY in the vein of frugal, but some are more diverse.  Think I'll add this to my blog roll.

Economic Drumbeat Goes DOOM DOOM DOOM

Economic guru Martin Armstrong predicts high volatility as the economic SHTF will come September or October.

Also here's an interview on YouTube with Bix Weir about the giant JP Morgan derivatives sword of Damocles:

Weir recommends getting out of the stock market and getting physical silver.

What I have to say about this is:

Yes, get the H-E-double hockeysticks out of the stock market.  It's a rigged game.

Then first get shelf-stable food, water, a way to heat your home without the utility company, maybe a little solar array (you can do without electricity better than without heat though, so if you have to choose, choose heat), harden your house, i.e. good locks, window bars, alarm, dog, etc. - and probably also get guns and ammo, even if only for hunting varmints.  Or if you are a victim of gun control, then get medieval with your weaponry.  Clubs and canes are a perennial favorite.  A full stainless water bottle on the end of a short rope (make a macrame holder or pouch with strap to hold it - don't use the loop on the cap, that's the weakest point) would be a decent club and wouldn't be against anti-weapons laws like in the UK to carry around.

You might also add a way to purify air - make a room in your house a safe room for quarantines. There are good instructions on for that.  As this would require electricity, then you would also want the solar array.

Then, and only then, if there's anything left, get the precious metals.
In post-war economies, the favored currency has been cigarettes, chocolate and booze.  I bet toilet paper would be a biggie too.  These are good things to stock up on.

I was absolutely horrified the other week listening to NPR's "Simply Money" when the host told a caller to quit buying precious metals and instead buy mutual funds.  WTF?!?! That guy better wake up quick.  I really hope the caller ignored his advice.

Wanna Go to Cyber Spy School?

The NSA is looking to partner with certain US universities to produce computer science students capable of cyber-spying.  Seems there's lots of "computer literate" kids but all they really know how to do anymore is email, browsing, Twitter, Angry Birds, and Facebook.

To learn much of this outside of this venue, google (or Ixquick, if you don't fancy your IP being tracked) "Ethical Hacking".  There are private companies that do continuing ed type seminars for computer geeks.  The instruction ain't cheap.  But you can do something else: you can look at their course descriptions and then try to learn most of it on your own, piecemeal.

More Flesh Eating Bacteria

Yet another case of flesh eating bacteria, and People's 5th Estate again alleges it's a man-made "escapee" from a government lab.

If this is the work of eugenicists, hoping to kill off rural holdouts/hideouts with plagues, or scare their future urban treadmill slaves into not leaving the city after they effect the population distribution depicted on the Agenda 21 map, they have not taken into consideration the fact that wildlife may similarly be afflicted by this bacteria. Who knows how elk or bears may fare?


Unless there really are Lizard People running things, who are immune to this bacteria, or who are possessed, and awaiting the arrival of the Great Old Ones on Planet X?  Sometimes I wonder.

Maybe if there was a Cthulu Planet and they had filkers they'd be butchering Led Zeppelin.
Sometimes I want to shamble on
Now's the time the time is now...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Government Property Seizure and What To Do To Prevent It
This article describes the plight of an elderly couple who own a mom-and-pop hotel.  The police in Tewksbury, Mass. and the feds are trying to confiscate their hotel because .05% (5 one-hundredths of one percent) of their customers got busted in drug deals.  Although the Motel 6 and the Wal-Mart also had drug deals that got busted on their properties, the cops are focusing on this couple because they're not a big corporation with deep pockets for lawers.  Also, the couple own the hotel free and clear, which makes it all the more attractive for this kind of theft.

So, if you own property, what can you do to prevent this kind of "legalized" theft?

One thing you might do is put the property into an LLC or corporation.  But even then, the government could do some research and determine it's still a mom-and-pop operation.  They could look up who owns the LLC or corporation (unless your corporation is formed in Utah or Nevada - those have more privacy).

So try this:  if you own the property free and clear, you could form a second corporation or LLC, for sure a Nevada or Utah one because of the privacy, and execute a mortgage to this second entity.  That way the corporation or LLC that owns the property could be local still.  Make sure your Nevada/Utah entity has a generic, lender-y sounding name.  (You can't use the word "Bank" though unless you really form a bank.)  Call it something like "Heritage Venture Corp." or "Desert Funding Corp."  (Sorry if there are companies called this - I'm just sort of making these names up and any resemblance to an actual company is an accident).

Then, on the public record, it would appear as if your corporation or LLC owed a mortgage to this other one in Nevada or Utah, but because of the privacy in those states, they wouldn't easily be able to tell who owned the other one.  You could make it look as if you were mortgaged to the hilt, when it was really yourself you owed.  It would cost a little for the maintenance of two corporations or LLC's, you know, tax paperwork and the like, but that's very little next to the possibility of greedy government agencies confiscating your land because you appear weak and they want your land.

Another possible benefit to this scheme is that since you yourself are not the official owner of the property, rather your corp. or LLC is, you can tell everyone that you are just the manager.  This is a nice benefit if you are a landlord, because you can blame any unpopular decision of your own on that mean owner who is your boss (you know, the one you see when you look in the mirror). In addition, you could make the management be under the umbrella of a third entity, probably a corporation, and you can be the employee of that entity.  Now you really appear to just be a lowly employee, and even your management is under limited liability.

A downside would be, if you are a landlord, you would have to hire a lawyer if you wanted to evict someone instead of just show up in court yourself, because you are not the owner, your corporation or LLC is, and a corporation or LLC must be represented by an attorney in court. 

In addition to this owe-yourself idea, you should hold each property you own in a different legal entity.  That way, if someone sues the owner of one property, it won't affect any of the rest of your property.

Monday, May 21, 2012

China Now to Deal Directly With US Treasury

Instead of going through Wall Street like every other nation, China can now deal directly with the US Treasury.
This will make the transactions less transparent, too.  Oh, boy, just what we need.  China with a direct link to the Treasury with less transparency.  That'll save the economy.  Especially when China has also suddenly started defaulting on commodities deals, leaving ships mid-ocean with nowhere to go.

In a probably unrelated story, some Congressmen want to lift the ban on government propaganda.


I don't think the ban did much to stop them in the first place, do you?

Well, that's ok.  Make your OWN "gummint" propaganda!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Free E-Books

I found this blog in the commenters under the Survivalist Blog and this lady has links to free e-books all the time.  These are Amazon Kindle books that have a freebie period of time, like an introductory thing.  You can download Kindle for your PC, too, so you don't need an actual Kindle device.

I just got 3 or 4 free e-books, mostly cookbooks like the "Broke Ass Cookbook" and one on making sausage.  She's in Canada, so it's unlikely she'll have "forbidden" book links, but one can always go to scribd for that. (Canada does not have freedom of the press.  Books like the Anarchist Cookbook are not allowed to be brought there).

So, I'm going to add her blog to my blog roll cause it's cool.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Flesh Eating Bacteria Etc.

Two articles caught my eye today about flesh eating bacteria eating people's limbs and whatnot right off.
Just now this got posted. This lady in Georgia is having both hands and a leg amputated.
And on Drudge Report today, there was a link to a story about a man who lost his penis to gangrene.
And then there was that older story about flesh eating cocaine.

I can't help but wonder if they had tried colloidal silver or packing the wound with sugar if this could have been averted.  Or maybe using a zapper.  Even in parallel to more allopathic methods.

The 5th Estate site alleges that the bacteria in the woman's case was an escaped (or purposely released) military/CDC experiment.

I don't know if that is true, but I can think of one reason why depopulationists would want to release a very contagious flesh eating bacteria into the wild.  That might be so that when the Schumer hits the fan, and everyone is hungry and starts rooting around in the woods for food, or spending more time outside in the wilderness in an attempt to hide or resist martial law or a UN occupation, they'll all get this horrible infection and die without the military even having to worry about it.

It really is more often the small stuff, like small wounds and bug bites and trenchfoot from having wet feet all the time, that can kill you in the wild.  And contaminated water.  You have to really watch sanitation.

So, the woman got cut by a zip line over a river, and the man went in for a penile implant and was probably infected by unsanitary conditions at the hospital.  I guess I would try extra hard to avoid being cut, then.  Don't go in for those extreme sports, and don't do unnecessary surgery.

Hey, I wonder if this is why they're trying to outlaw sugar?  So people won't have it for old fashioned wound treatment?  Also the production of home brewed alcohol, extra calories after the SHTF, etc. etc.  Or maybe it's so they can sell more aspartame.  Even so, they've now got GMO sugar beets, so you should be careful to buy only sugar that says CANE sugar on it.  Go out and get 50 or 100 lbs. while you still can.  Sugar doesn't go bad, but it does absorb odors and moisture so keep it dry and wrapped up.

A note: Honey also works for wounds, but there's a lot of fake honey out there in supermarkets, so only buy it locally from a beekeeper you know is legit.

More Birther Evidence Surfaces

I'm not sure how I missed being on the leading edge of this one, I guess it was all that tree-chopping, but has come out with an old author biography that says Obama was born in Kenya.  The publisher is now saying it was an error, but then several years running worth of the same "error" have subsequently emerged, and Alex Jones' Infowars Nightly News is supposed to have those tonight.  It's also on the Drudge Report.

Because a blurb on a book cover isn't a legal ID, though, it apparently falls short of a total slam-dunk.  What it DOES say however, is that Obama's story has changed over time, and he's a mystery man.  And it does cast even more doubt on his eligibility for the office he occupies.

When a whole mountain of evidence is brought to you, and is staring you in the face, will you finally believe, people?  What I want to know is, who is going to do something about it?

Won't the real Congress PLEASE stand up? PLEASE stand up? PLEASE stand up?

The Excavator covers it and also has an interesting story likening Obama to Khomeni.  The Ayatollah Khomeni was also a mystery man who covered up his past, who persecuted and killed people who discovered and publicly stated stuff about it (like Breitbart here), and who had ties to Western intelligence agencies.

Eventually the truth will out.  To quote the CIA themselves quoting the Bible,
Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

If it's the CIA behind all of this police-state intrigue, as I suspect, then I hope they are hoist on their own motto.

So What's With The Tree?

The tree I so painstakingly dissected in the back yard is going to be:
Logs: Border of a raised bed garden
Wannabe Logs: Probably the same as above
Big Sticks: Tomato sticks, parts of trellises, parts of garden fence
Medium and Little Sticks: Trellises, fence parts, fuel for Rocket Stove, ashes for garden
Leaves and Twigs: Compost, fuel, ashes for garden

I am going to try not to waste any of this tree.  I do worry a little about termites, though.  Hopefully I'll get enough out of this tree from savings on lumber for the trellises etc. to recoup the money I spent having it cut down.  Also, I got my exercise!  Meanwhile, there's another tree they cut down around the corner that I can also use.  One thing though, the tree guys forgot to girdle my stump.  So I might have to do that myself, so that tree doesn't grow back.  It's harder without a chainsaw, but I could also borrow one just for that.

Electric Cars and Anti-Coal Greenie Weenies

Silicon Greybeard has a pretty comprehensive article today on electric cars.

And I can't help but notice that this current administration simultaneously is pushing electric cars AND trying to punish/prevent coal power plants.  First off there's this EPA thing The Utility MACT (“Maximum Achievable Control Technology”) which purports to try and cut mercury emissions.  The problem is, it's really only a drop in the bucket where mercury is concerned, and it's being used to strangle coal plants.  The cost of electricity in places like the East and the Midwest will go up as much as 24% due to this EPA regulation because it's provided by coal plants.  Also this will kill jobs in coal.

Steven Chu, the new DOE secretary, put out a 6 pages memorandum on March 15, 2012 requiring PMA's, that's federal power marketing administrations (they tell power plants what to do), to mess around with rate incentivizing and fractional hour metering (i.e. smart meters), electric vehicle deployment, demand response, and integration of variable resources (i.e. wind)
(I will add a link when I find it - this was from notes I took looking at an industry rag for power plant execs)

HELLO MCFLY... Where do you think the electricity for the electric cars is going to come from?  There isn't enough wind or solar in the world to make enough power for the increased demand caused by electric cars.  It will have to be coal, or you're going to have power shortages.

Or maybe people just won't buy those sucky electric cars, unless the government issues a mandate that all new cars be electric. (I hope I'm not giving anyone any ideas).  As it is, people are only buying them now because of the tax break.  If they had to pay full price I don't think very many of these cars would sell.  And the net effect of the tax break for the cars is, we are subsidizing a racket where expensive cars that don't work that well are peddled off on urban greenie weenies who deceive themselves they are being "green".

These regs are just going to make life a lot more expensive, and needlessly.  We have enough coal to power this country for 100 years, and you don't need to further process coal once you have it out of the ground. Why not go for the easiest energy?

Of course the question remains, what do we do in 100 years?  I guess we'd have to figure out the nuclear car, or something. That would make crashes interesting.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Mess in the Back Yard

No, this isn't some political rant for once.  This is about the mess in my own back yard!
I had the bright idea to have this big junk tree chopped down back there and had them leave the whole darn thing in the back yard.  I've been chopping it up on and off for three days into various size sticks.  So now I've got piles of logs, wannabe logs, big sticks, medium sticks and small sticks, and a lot of twigs and leaves which are both in bags and spread out all over the yard in a thick carpet.

Needless to say I'm really tired.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Utah Listening Post

This article has a fair amount of detail about the new data center being built in Utah.  So much of our money is being spent to spy on us.  This thing is staggering in its size and scope and ability to suck in every electronic communication, financial transaction, data from highway and street cameras, aerial data, etc., and discern patterns from them.

Paul Revere and the Minutemen network did not have phone or internet.  This in-person, door-to-door, word-of-mouth net mustered 10,000 colonists against the British regulars.  And this was just in the Boston area on one day in April 1775.

On slave plantations, sometimes the house was constructed in such a way that the owner could eavesdrop on the slaves using a trick of acoustics.  This was called a listening post.  But slaves found ways to communicate in secret and escape anyway.  Instructions on how to get to the free North were encoded in the lyrics of songs, i.e."Follow the Drinking Gourd".

Just a thought.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Robosigning Whistleblower Found Dead
Tracy Lawrence, who blew the whistle on the robo-signing fraud, has turned up dead after failing to appear in court.
The cops have already ruled out homicide. (that sure was quick - hmm).
The lady was 43, and was facing one count of notary fraud for a maximum 1 year sentence and a $2,000 fine.  Probably not suicide.  The ones she ratted out are facing over 600 counts.  They're in a lot more trouble.

Seeing as too many suspicious deaths in recent years have been ruled as suicides, I don't trust any rules of "not homicide" where there are whistleblowers or controversial political figures dead.  It's too likely that some coroners in major cities are "owned". 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Prince Mongo's Magical Sandbox
A not-so-neighborly territorial pissing contest over his construction of a deck has inspired this guy Robert “Prince Mongo” Hodges of Daytona Beach, Florida to transform his home into a tourist looky-loo destination, complete with a giant pile of sand in the front yard where the deck used to be, and various gew-gaws staged around and on it: toilet sculpture, a clothesline full of bras and panties, and his house painted all crazy colors.

He's been in a legal battle with the city over his artistic sand pile ever since.  Every time he goes out of town for a few days, they remove things from his yard and then try to bill him for it.

There's two ways to look at it: Either he's someone who just won't play along with those stick in the mud neighbors and city officials who cherish sameness and "normalcy", or - no, that pretty much sums it up.  As to whether he's hurting his neighbors' property values by making his statement for property rights, well, perhaps he's bringing tourist business to town, and at least he's having fun, and not being like the neighbor my family had when I was a teen, who had a perpetual junky yard sale and whose only concession to mowing was to do donuts in his back yard with his riding mower when drunker than usual, leaving the center pretty much untouched.

The problem with neighbors is that they live close by.

Back to practical for a while

OK, I've been harping on the political for a while, which will probably cause more trouble than it is worth; therefore it's time to get back to the practical.
In that vein, I've just found this nice website:
It's got a lot of ham radio stuff in the communications section. It's got articles on some of the most popular guns in the weapons section.  Etc.  I think the ham stuff looks real useful.

Kudzu by Kirwan

Jim Kirwan points out that despite the efforts of Monsanto, you can't fool Mother Nature, that time waits for no man, and that kudzu grows fast.

At least kudzu is edible!  It might become the king of all survival crops in the coming collapse.  You can cook and eat the roots as a starchy vegetable. The Japanese make flour from it.
Occupy Everything!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Idiot at NYT Suggests Paying Chinese Debt By Betraying Taiwan
This idea of selling out Taiwan to settle our debt with China is a very badly conceived idea, written by some kind of Communist shill at the New York Times.
First off, we don't own Taiwan.  You can't sell something you don't own. (unless you're Bernie Madoff, and see where it got him).
Second, this guy Kane (just call him Citizen Kane!) has a very shaky grasp on reality in the countries that are under the thumb of China.  He seems to think it's all wine and roses.
Third, it would be against a whole lot of laws for us to just hand Taiwan to China, even if it belonged to us, which I'll just repeat it doesn't.

Total imperialistic twitheaded arrogance.
Can't the NYT do better?  Maybe they should sell themselves to China.
Oh... maybe that's what happened already.


I'm back from a road trip.  I've never seen so many wretched public bathrooms in one trip before.  But I found some ersatz treasure also.

Looking at that last blog entry, I think I was really tired when I wrote it.  It's not up to my usual standards.  I think I'll unpublish it and work on it and put it back later.  Or if it can't be redeemed I'll can it.  I mean, it really sounds like 3 or 4 rants in one.

That's all for today, I guess, unless I see some breaking news.

Oh yeah, I heard Monterey Mexico has exploded in narco-gang violence, they're finding people cut into stew meat on the side of the road. Yuck.

Friday, May 11, 2012

A couple thoughts - Rewrite

I just re-wrote this article because I threw it up in a hurry on my way out of town and when I got back it sounded like a total rant. I'm embarrassed.  So here it is again, and I hope it makes more sense.

The New World Odor:   PEEEEE  EWWWWWW!

It's basically central banking, with government spy agencies (or rogues therein) doing their pavement work.  They're into drug and human trafficking, like any other mafia, and they launder the money. Look at all the times that military contractors like Dyncorp were caught red handed engaging in human trafficking.  Look at the Iran-Contra thing and the investigative journalism that uncovered the connection between the crack being sold in Los Angeles in the 1980's and the CIA.  There are streets full of bank branches in certain towns in southern Spain that are there for the sole purpose of laundering drug money for drugs.

There is no real distinct line where rogue spies and organized crime are divided.  One might guess this from the "plot" the Iranian used car salesman apparently had to use Mexican drug gangs to assassinate a politician.  Of course he might have just been a fool and a patsy.

To hear some conspiracy writers, there is an element of spiritual evil to it as well, which is because we are spiritual beings and if you're being evil, well, there's a spirit element to it.  I guess whether you think the physical or the spiritual side is more important depends on you.  By spiritual evil, I mean they allege there is a Satanic cult behind the human trafficking, and then there's the Lizard People, aliens etc. which might really be demons.  Or maybe it's just a nice way to tie it all together.  In that world, the evil goes all the way down to hell.

Discorporate entities or not, I'd say more evil is accomplished by indifference than by passion.

Most people are basically good. Most people don't want to blow things up badly enough to actually try. Note that just about every single terror plot uncovered in the US was conceived of and nurtured and supplied from start to finish by FBI.  Even McVeigh was some kind of FBI asset.  Left to their own devices the people would not have done these things.  These so-called terrorists are fake.  They're patsies.  They're probably either entrapped, mentally feeble, or outright fictions.

Even riots can be manufactured by actors and radio waves that manipulate crowd emotion.  It's been done and documented before.

Now I understand why government seems to be moving towards a police state.  The spy agencies have gotten out of hand.  They are in the middle of a decades-long coup d'etat.  Really they accomplished it mostly in 1963, but they're moving towards toppling the rest of it so they can operate more freely. They are being cheered on by idiotic, ivory tower types and elites.  But the real engine behind it is central banking.  The crash was engineered in order to make chaos so that they can make a tyranny.  Again.

To look at a similar set of circumstances, the Nazis when they came to power (after an economic crash) were funded by central banking (as were their opponents) and cheered on by intelligentsia and academia.  The German elites thought they'd use Hitler to recoup some of their Weimar losses.  But a lot of them got taken out.  The intellectuals got taken out.  The gays, who supported him at first, got taken out.  The dissidents and political activists got taken out.  And then he got down to business.

Keep that in mind.  Tyrants don't like competition, and they will kill those who help them get to power.

All these dumbass tree-huggers etc. who think humanity is a disease, are just a bunch of brainwashed cheerleaders.  Once these current "legit" mafiosos get in power for real, they're going to KILL the tree huggers, the gays, the Occupy people, most religious types, the urban poor who riot, and quite a few of the rich who turn out to be useless or in their way, so they can take their shit.  And of course dissenters and folks like me who warn people.  But nobody is safe, and I'd rather die standing up to them than cowering as a slave.

So, there's a smoking gun.  We've discovered hard evidence of a plot to imprison Americans in camps.  (see the field manual).  Holder is on film saying he wants to brainwash us against guns.  He's in contempt of Congress over Fast and Furious.  Obama got caught on film promising Medvedev he'd have more flexibility "after my re-election".  The votes will be counted by George Soros' buddy in Spain.

Bankers are resigning or retiring in droves.  They know something is up, and it's not the dollar.

Shine sunlight under this log as much as you can, while you can.  Sunlight is a great disinfectant.  Perhaps this time they can be stopped before we have another Holocaust.  The dollar might still crash, I think it's a mathematical certainty.  But we've got one big advantage: Hitler disarmed the Jews before he slaughtered them.  Stalin disarmed the populace before he slaughtered them.  Nobody's been disarmed here yet in the US.  Yet.

Don't let it happen.  Not that small arms are much good against a plague or EMP's or something, but still.  There are 5 million gun sales a month, right now.  This is the reason.  Maybe we have a chance.

So I've just covered the 1st and 2nd Amendments.  Free speech and right to bear arms. It's no accident that these are the FIRST TWO amendments to the Constitution.  They are there to protect YOU from tyranny.  If someone tries to take these GOD GIVEN rights from you, say no.

If you didn't guess it, here's your homework.  Read the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights this weekend.  Think about how they protect you and your community from tyranny.  Look long and hard at the motives of anyone who would throw them out.

For extra credit, read the Declaration of Independence.  Really chew on it and think about it in today's context.

For extra extra credit, look up the contact info for your local and state politicians, and save it so you can write and call them over issues that concern you.  Because we still have time to try and change this trend of creeping tyranny by letting our voices be heard.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Billionaire Says Elite Planning Genocide

According to this article, this guy Kevin Trudeau who is a health product selling billionaire gets invited to hang out with elites, even though he's a self made man (instead of a hereditary rich guy) and leaks what they say to the public.

According to Trudeau there are apparently two schools of thought among the elites who are planning to kill off a large portion of the world population.  The first school of thought is the old guard nobility who think it's just a family affair, i.e. it's THEIR genes alone that should be preserved (of course).  The other school of thought are the younger, more merit-based crowd, who think that if someone's smart and accomplished they should also be allowed to survive.

Okay, here's what is wrong with this whole thing:

First off, genetics are all fine and good, but if you inbreed too long you end up with idiots.  And this is what has happened with the aristocracy, by and large.  They try to be a closed group in order to keep their wealth, to their own genetic detriment.  Unfortunately, their success is not due to their "merit" any more, if it ever was in the first place.  I mean, look at the mess they made.

Second, it seems to me that those of less than average intelligence/success are breeding more.  There are many reasons for this, but the main ones are: 1. Government subsidy of the poor to have kids out of wedlock. Not all of the poor are stupid, but stupidity can create/perpetuate poverty. So it's a larger proportion of stupid people having kids.  And before you slam me for this, read more below.  2. Middle class women defer having kids to have a career.  This is partly due to women's lib and partly due to inflation.  All of these things are really caused by things that the elites do.  They caused inflation, and they caused the government subsidies to exist.

Third, one of the reasons that the masses are so "stupid" is because of mind control (the media which lies like a rug), mass medication (fluoride, which was used by the Nazis to keep prisoners docile. and don't forget all the needless psych meds they've put everyone on, many of which are fluoride-based), and the deplorable quality of public school education (which was designed that way).  All three of these things can be laid at the feet of the same elites.

Fourth, the "stupid" masses aren't really that stupid.  They might be brainwashed; they might have learned to be dependent on handouts, like a semi-tame bear that lives near a campsite and eats the campers' trash because it's easier that way; they might be sick and dull from fluoride and other toxins, but when it comes to defending their lives from some kind of genocide program, the masses will use their innate intelligence and fight fiercely just like any other cornered animal.  Many of them have current military training.  Once they wake up, they'll outnumber the elites by a vast majority. 

If the military is asked to turn on their own people, I think a lot of them will refuse, and mutiny.  How much of a mess this will make depends on the proportions.  If you've read any of these military prison field manuals, a goodly part of them is actually for imprisoning members of the military.  There will be a lot of disinformation out there, and it's to the elites' advantage to pit the plebes against each other (hence the racial tension mongering).  The same will happen within the military.  For example, the media and the government are tarring returning veterans with the "domestic terrorist" brush.  This is total BS designed to divide us against each other.

All I can say is, we are all brothers and sisters.  They can't make us fight each other if we call BS on it and refuse to violate each other's Constitutional rights.  We can make these elites irrelevant.  Hate is really fear in disguise.  Let's not hate each other.

The dollar may crash, there may be unprepared people, but perhaps there is a way to have an economy without the dollar.  I don't think there will be any more free rides, but even tame bears can learn how to scare up their own food.  It is up to people who know the old ways, who know how to be more self-sufficient, to teach others.  These will be the new leaders, if we just refuse to go along with this stupid doomsday plan.

Therefore, know what you are about, and redouble your efforts to learn gardening, animal care, cleaning of water, DIY sanitation, biofuel, any kind of technical skill, communications, and self-defense of all kinds. You can teach your neighbors.  Find your tribe.  Or make a tribe.  People may not be ready to learn now, but they will be wanting to band together soon enough.

Sole Witness to Andrew Breitbart's Death Has Disappeared

First the coroner dies, then the sole witness disappears.
This guy Christopher Lasseter was walking his dog when he witnessed Andrew Breitbart collapse on the sidewalk.  He said Mr. Breitbart's skin was bright red.  He had been an Army medic, so he had some medical background.

Heart attack victims turn blue, generally.
Cyanide poisoning turns people red, and according to the linked article, it isn't normally tested for. (whaaaat?)

Well, I hope they test for it.  But the fact that one of the coroners has already been poisoned by arsenic doesn't give me much hope that the other coroners would tell any truth about whatever they found or didn't find.

Let's hope that Mr. Lasseter is just laying low.

House Committee on the Judiciary Slams Obama

Here's a taste: the title is "The Obama Administration’s Disregard of the Constitution and Rule of Law".

Happy reading!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You Can Turn Genes On and Off With Radio Waves

Check this out.

Scientists announced that they have figured out how to use nanoparticles and radio waves to turn genes on and off in lab mice.

OK, so this could tie in real well with various sci-fi like conspiracies, like:

Got any Jaspers cheese?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Will Our Oil & Tech be Lost to LOST?

We're not completely UNCLOS!  At least we have our skivvies!

Yarrrr...  Avast! Beware the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST)!  Also known as UNCLOS. This is scheduled to be considered by the US Senate soon for ratification.

When Russia finally got to the dirt at the bottom of the sea at the North Pole in 2007 and stuck their titanium flag down there under the ice, it made this treaty a major issue.  Even though the US already has been under the polar ice, and the first explorer to reach the surface of the North Pole was an American, Frederick Cook, in 1908, and then another American, Robert Peary, in 1909, and then an American submarine the USS Charlotte surfaced through the North Pole and stayed there for 18 hours in 2005 apparently this now isn't supposed to count and now Russia wants to claim whatever goodies are under there.

One way to attempt to deflect Russia's claims might be to ratify the treaty.  But at what cost?

It would require us to give up royalties from drilling our own oil, and it would require us to give our technology that we invented, away to developing countries for free.

The problem with this is, it's trillions of dollars worth of oil, and we're in a hole already.  Also, who is going to bother with inventing anything worthwhile here if they know they'll be made to give it away?  People generally don't bother to spend years of their time to develop technology unless they think they're going to get paid.  There may be a few philanthropists out there, but the UN can stick it where the sun don't shine, cause you gotta eat.

Not only would it give away our oil, but it might be used to outlaw any activity that could be construed to pollute the sea bed.  i.e. anything deemed to cause so-called "global warming", even plowing fields in landlocked Iowa that raises dust that could drift out to sea.  It could get ridiculous.  It could be used to totally impoverish our country and steal our natural resources and starve us.  This is why Ronald Reagan was against it.  He saw that it was a socialist resource grab.

How would you like it if you were made to give away half of every tank of gas you put in your car to foreigners, and your grocery bill went up sky high because nobody here was allowed to farm anymore?  And we had to give our tech away to other nations that might not have our best interests at heart?

The good news is, there's time to oppose this and squawk to your senators.  Tell them to vote against this many-tentacled monstrosity, before those offshore pirates can legally steal our oil and tech. this explains why ratifying LOST would give the appearance of US approval of China's maritime bullying tactics. this page has a link to the text of the treaty.

Another Pithy Quote

I got this one from

"Again, thank you for inviting me. You have prepared food, so I will not be rude, I will stay and eat. Let’s have one good meal here. Let’s make it a feast. Then I ask you, I plead with you, I beg you all, walk out of here with me, never to come back. It’s the moral and ethical thing to do. Nothing good goes on in this place. Let’s lock the doors and leave the building to the spiders, moths and four-legged rats." - Conclusion of Robert Wenzel's April, 2012 speech delivered at the New York Federal Reserve Bank

photo credit

Playmobil TSA Checkpoint

This is pretty sick.  Via the Hall of Manly Excellence FB page
Don't tase me bro!

This is an alternate photo someone uploaded to Amazon.  I just thought it was more accurate.

But here's Playmobil's official one

Now I'm not sure if this is actually intended for children, or if it's marketed to collectors of "alternative" toys.  There are similarly disturbing Lego sets.  I remember back in the 90's someone made a Lego concentration camp.  I don't think it was Lego that made them.
I'm also not sure if the guns in the action photo are original to the set.

They've Named it Stompy
This is a class being put on by a robotics class at Artisans' Asylum in Somerville, Mass.  They are building this car that moves by hydraulic legs instead of wheels.

What would be even cooler would be to have it ALSO have wheels, and then have the legs be retractable.  You could freak out people by escaping rush hour traffic stepping over their cars.

Interestingly, Somerville is also the home of the invention of the adjustable wrench.  And Neccos, those chalky candy wafers.  For a depressed industrial wasteland of an exurb, they sure have a lot of cool inventions.  Maybe because it's got low rent on mad scientist labs.

Let's You and Him Fight

This essay is interesting.  It alleges that Islamic fundamentalism was sponsored and nurtured in the 1970's by the Bilderberg Group et al, and that the West was secretly behind the ousting of the Shah of Iran.  If this is true, then this small group of a-holes has been making trouble for the whole world for decades, by playing "Let's you and him fight".

It also goes into the eco-fascist mass genocide conspiracy.  Many top environmentalists have quite publicly stated that a large chunk of the population needs to die.  Some of them wish for a virus to finish us off, but it seems the US is getting impatient and preparing re-education camps, which would be too easy to turn into death camps with a thin political charade to justify them.  The US is not the only Western, so-called civilized country doing this, by the way.  I just focus on the US because it's my home.

I say, anyone who espouses this madness can go first.  Put them all in the camps they've built, and they can drink all the Zyklon-B laced Kool-aid they've been brewing up for us.

Meanwhile WW3 seems to be looming just offstage. It's the same bastards again, by the way.

At some point, it won't matter trying to stay in the good graces of society.  It will come down to your survival.  You may find that to stand up for your principles means you'll be still standing in the same place when they move their arbitrary line that divides the good citizens from the outlaws.

Or you may find eventually that merely continuing to live makes you an outlaw.  For example, there's an economic crash, you've got food put by, but some SWAT team is going door to door and confiscating people's food to "redistribute" it. To themselves.  And they'll shoot anyone picking wild greens for "destroying the environment".  If you're not starving as fast as your neighbors, it'll look suspicious.  You can't organize your neighbors because people are ratting each other out for food, and everyone's too weak from hunger to fight.

We don't want to let it get to that point.

Maps for Cheap
The US Geological Survey is having a big sale on maps through June 4.  You can get topographical maps for $1.00.  It's an additional $5 for shipping for a few maps.  I noticed these maps date back to the 1960's to the 1980's, most of them.  But land doesn't change that much topographically, from year to year, unless there's an earthquake or something.
I got this link from

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act To Be Considered Tuesday
Well, there's some good news for once.

Executive Order 13563 Could Take Your Guns Without Congressional Approval

On May 1, 2012 Obama signed Executive Order 13563.
Here is the order.
This order is supposedly to standardize trade regulations to eliminate barriers to trade.
One thing it could do is make an end-run around Congress and the judicial, and use international law to take your guns.

Another thing it can do is force the US to allow biotech from other countries across our borders, without regard to any pre-existing regulations.  It goes both ways, though, so it aims to force American GMO products on other countries that might not want them.

We really need to stop this globalization crap.  Right now.  It's bad for liberty and our sovereignty as a nation, and our way of life.

Also, they should not try to take people's guns here.  It would not be pretty.  That's the line in the sand, right there. 

Molon labe!

Caveman Porn

This photographer Eric Valli claims to have spent 3 years hanging out with people who live off the grid in the US.  One group looks like mountain men, the other like cavemen.

The problem with this presentation, even though it's beautiful, is that it shows a beautiful lie:  The cavemen look like a bunch of college kids playing weekend-caveman.  (except for the last picture where the cavemen are posing in a truck stop, and notice there's no other customers, the lighting looks enhanced, and one of them is barefoot, who let them in there barefoot?)  And that woman who looks like Ayla in a mini skirt, I'd hate to see her wading through a field full of ticks in that getup.  I don't care how nice her legs are, she should put on a pair of pants, or at least a longer skirt, if she wants to be practical in the wilderness.  She's gonna get bit in the hoo-ha by a fire ant if she's not careful where she sits.  And going barefoot, when you can afford (or make) footwear, is just STUPID.  One of these days one of them'll cut their dirty foot on a piece of broken glass or something, and they won't have anything clean to wrap it up with.  Yes, it's true that if you go barefoot your feet will make callouses.  That doesn't mean you have to.  Many primitive people wear shoes.  It's for a reason.

While I'm all for people trying to learn wilderness survival skills, the message this photo essay sends is that it's going to "save the earth" for people to live in the woods, hunt with homemade bows and arrows, and cook their food over camp fires.  If everyone did this, there would soon be no wildlife, there would be shit everywhere, any open water would become unfit to drink, and they'd all die of cholera or dysentery within a week or two.  Also, the greenie-weenie UN, which these hippies might think they support, is very concerned about pollution from primitive cook fires.  (and they can shove their concern where the sun don't shine.  People gotta eat). The most realistic photo in the whole essay is the one at the truck stop.  Because I bet those hippies were thirsty and had the munchies after their barefoot hike up Mt. Shasta and wanted a Big Gulp and a burrito, and they put it on Daddy's visa.

If there is a collapse, it's not going to just revert to some nature-paradise Clan of the Cave Bear scenario, or some 19th century prospectors with muzzle-loaders.  It's not going to be attractive people in period costume.  It'll look more like Mexico City, or some dump in Guatemala.  Even if 90% of the people die, like these eco-wackos want, what are they going to do, send out crews of survivors to demolish all the buildings?  Are the people who would enforce that Agenda 21 bullcrap going to allow mountain men with firearms back onto the land, to party like it's 1799, with their primitive cook fires? 

Much more genuine are the other photo essays on this guy's website:  Nomads with women and children in tow, with gnarly feet or incongruously Western footwear to go with their colorful clothes, wearing plastic sheets to keep the rain off, 50 people crammed in the back of a truck, bashing rocks to make a highway, climbing trees to carve up bees nests for the honey, or leading water buffaloes through the snow.  These people look like they are used to hard work and living rough.  The men look like real men and the women like real women, and you also really can't have humanity without there being kids around.

Sorry, dude.  Your greenie-weenie propaganda doesn't fool me.  It reminds me more of your commercial work for Vuitton than anything else.

Leaked Army Manual for Domestic Internment Camps

I just revised this essay.  It's a fair bit longer now.

The other day on Prison Planet, they published a US Army manual for running an internment/re-education camp.  Here is the link.
Mostly it looks like it's for use in foreign countries, and it's a pretty dry read, EXCEPT they mention Posse Comitatus and the word "domestic" at one point.  Posse Comitatus is a US law having to do with limiting the use of the military on the citizenry.  Under normal circumstances, civilians are dealt with by law enforcement, and the military is supposed to not get involved. If this were for use only in foreign countries, then a mention of Posse Comitatus wouldn't belong in this manual at all.  So, this manual is also intended for use here in the US.  In fact, Section 2-40 specifically says "within US territory".  Section 7-16 instructs the camp to identify each prisoner on a name board with their name and Social Security number.  Foreigners in foreign countries don't have Social Security numbers.  This is for HERE.

Anyway, this camp manual also mentions singling out political leaders, malcontents and dissidents and "re-educating" them, and the use of loudspeakers in the camp, and just all sorts of stuff that sounds like a gulag.  If it walks like a gulag and quacks like a gulag, it must be a gulag.

On the Alex Jones show they also pointed out this one video of a guy Larry Grathwohl who had spied on the Weathermen, who witnessed them discussing in all seriousness what they would do with the population of the US once they got control.  They decided they would put all who disagreed with them in "re-education" camps and kill them if they still didn't agree.  Millions of Americans, they planned to kill, and hand over the land to the Chinese and the Russians.

Here's the video

The investigative journalist Jerome Corsi has looked into Obama's past.  Weatherman Bill Ayers' father is probably the one who put Obama through Harvard.  Bill Ayers most likely wrote the bulk of "Memoirs from my Father".  His wife Bernardine Dohrn most likely wrote Obama's course notes for his Constitutional law class that he taught.  Obama is therefore a front man for the Weathermen and other radical leftists.

All around us, the evidence is piling up.
  • The US Gov's OWN websites, like, and its own documents, like this manual, repeatedly mention prison camps, labor camps, re-education camps, HERE IN THE US.
  • and its purchase of tons of defense ammo (not practice ammo) mostly for pistols (cops)
  • and the recent Executive Orders, the NDAA, CISPA, etc. etc.
  • Mr. Obama's off-camera (not) remark to Mr. Medvedev "after my re-election I will have more flexibility"
  • Rampant fraud in the Republican campaign, where they have been stealing delegates from Ron Paul
  • The offshore outsourcing of vote counting to a Spanish company SCYTL which is owned by a major Obama 2008 donor and pal of George Soros
  • The EPA guy saying they will "crucify" anyone who opposes their policies
  • US AG Eric Holder refusing to prosecute black-on-white crime
  • The Gunwalking scandal, Fast and Furious, and Holder being essentially in contempt of Congress for not producing evidence in a timely manner.
  • Obama claiming he gets his authority to wage war from the UN
  • Agenda-21 based land grabs in Texas and Arizona.  People are getting their land stolen.
  • Serious questions and doubts about the authenticity of Mr. Obama's birth certificate and selective service card
  • Obama admitted he faked his "NY girlfriend" in his memoir, which also was really written by Bill Ayers.
  • Everyone surrounding Obama being some kind of radical wing nut (Holdren, Sunstein, Hilary with her PhD thesis lionizing Alinsky, that preacher he had to disown, the Weathermen, etc.)

At BEST, it says the US Gov is expecting a collapse and is nervous about unrest, and Obama's a typical corrupt Chicago Democrat with a radical past, and the Republicans are also corrupt in their way.  Maybe we can elect him out of office and at least get the more wacko element out of there.  Except it looks like he's found a way to steal the election with SCYTL.

At WORST, it says the US Gov or at least corrupt elements high up in it plan on a bloodbath, gulags, and heavy censorship - essentially turning this place into another North Korea, and pushing a Communist ideology as embraced by these Weathermen and other Commies who have secretly fueled Obama's career.  They have the collusion of the UN and foreign powers who would see us humbled and take our natural resources.

I might also mention that should the UN step in to "assist" in restoring "order", the UN's Agenda 21 advocates the abolishment of private property, i.e. all the land would belong to the government.  If this plan succeeds you would no longer own your own home, there would be nowhere that would not be government property, you would have basically no rights, they would prevent you from gardening or doing anything to be self-sufficient, they would take your arms from you, and you would be a slave; and if you disagreed they would throw you in a camp and kill you if you didn't get the hint.  And people would rat each other out just to get enough to eat, or for petty disagreements.

The big question here is, how much power do these radicals have to make this come true?  If practically Obama's entire cabinet etc. comprises of these old hippie Communists and radicals, I'd say they can't get much more ingrained in the power structure than that.  And I don't think they've mellowed out over the years in the least.  They might not be wearing beads and bell bottoms anymore, but for example Cass Sunstein was advocating doing away with the First Amendment only five years ago.  And now he has selective amnesia.

What really annoys me, is the Republicans seem to be going along with it all.  A lot of them voted for CISPA.  Where are their balls?  Or have they been bought off?

There IS a collapse coming.  There WILL be chaos.  But I'll be damned if I let a bunch of asshole Communists take over and turn this place into a giant prison.  So I'm standing up and saying ENOUGH.  If they want to turn this place into a giant prison it'll have to be over my dead body.

There is still time to nip this crap in the bud.  Make as much noise as you can about this.  The sleepers have to be woken up.  Like in the movie Network, just open the window, stick your head out, and yell, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!".  Then get to work, any way you can.  Become a prepper.  Get as self sufficient as you can.  Learn useful skills.  Paramedic comes to mind.  If there is a civil war here, or a foreign invasion, or even another natural disaster, there will be a huge need for medics and first aid.  I'm sure you can imagine other skills you might need, both for self-preservation and to help others.  Get going.  The hour is late.

P.S.  To any military or law enforcement: If you have taken an oath to the Constitution of the United States, please consider it doesn't expire.  And even though I'm not military or anything, I will defend the Constitution to my last breath.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Stealth Collapse
Great essay.  What if the collapse happened and nobody noticed?
Basically, being let down easy into hell rather than a sudden Zombie Apocalypse.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

November Ballot Counting Outsourced to Spanish Company Owned By George Soros


The Tampa, FL company SOE that is supposed to count our ballots was bought in January of this year by SCYTL, a Spanish company owned (in a roundabout way) by George Soros.

Why would they let this socialist Soros (who wants to destroy America) control who counts our ballots?

Indeed.  Who decided this?  Obama.  He is the one who outsourced the vote counting to SOE.
The company SCYTL is "shadow" owned by one Pere Valles, who was a top contributor to Obama's 2008 campaign and also associated with George Soros' company Media Matters.

Oh, what could possibly go wrong here?  Especially with a company whose name looks like "Scuttle", as in "scuttle the election"?!?

I wonder if this can be stopped before November, by complaining to Congress? And raising a stink? I'm sure going to try. 

Because deprived of the soap box (internet, a la CISPA) and the ballot box (because of SCYTL=Scuttle) there's only one box left.  So we've gotta try to fix this before it comes to that.  God forbid we descend into that particular hell.

I leave you with one last thought, a quote by a horrid mass murderer:
"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. 
Those who count the votes decide everything." -- 
Joseph Stalin

Prepaid Sin Card? - Church Selling Indulgences Again

It's only another form of taxation.

The Catholic Church used to be the welfare system.  They kept and taught knowledge, fed the poor, and lesser nobles foisted their extra daughters and sons onto them to be nuns and priests or monks.  But you had to toe the line.

If you didn't toe the line, you could get excommunicated, and you not only weren't going to get any charity or get to go to church, but people would quit doing business with you too, if you were in business.  Basically it meant abject poverty for your family, and probably you'd eventually have to steal to have enough to eat, and then it was a matter of time until you would get caught stealing bread and get hanged or something.

By paying extra for "indulgences" the rich could basically have a prepaid-sin card.

Whatever any religion says, I know that God can't be that cynical. Only people can be that cynical.
PS: I have since learned they never actually stopped selling indulgences.  It seems they are mostly used for divorced people wanting to remarry in the Church.  You have to go to Rome and make a big fat donation.  What a racket!

New site on blogroll

Getting back a bit to personal finance, I'm adding this to the blog roll
It's news on commodities. In these uncertain times, commodities, if you can own them physically, seem to be the best investment.  I saw them listed on the Survivalist Blog's latest.

They have an article saying copper is going to go way up.  Better lock your basements real good if you're not at home.  Having one's copper stolen is really annoying, it happened to one of my rentals once.

This copper stripping isn't new.  Back in the Great Depression my great-grandfather had this rental house in Detroit.  He lived in Hamtramck and would walk to Detroit to get his rent, do maintenance etc.  He was made to put copper plumbing in it due to new health regulations, and it got stolen right away.  So he abandoned the house rather than put another set of copper pipes in.  He was also a vegetable farmer and would walk to Detroit with his vegetable cart all the time.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Belated Happy Beltane/Damn Communist Day

I only wish this were still only a fertility holiday, but the Communists co-opted it.

Silicon Graybeard says it well, and I had to steal this picture, which he got from a guy named Kevin.

And now, back to the original meaning, with the old song:

Jolly Rumbalow!
We were up long before the day-o
To welcome in the summer, to welcome in the May-o
For summer is a comin' in, and winter's gone away-o!

Actually according to the Golden Bough, going Maying was often done in June.  Probably something about the weather being more clement for that sort of shenanigans. 

Damn commies.  they wrecked my holiday.

Lockerbie Bombing Tied to CIA Drugs Scandal?

Edwin Bollier, former head of a Swiss company called Mebo, is suing the Scottish police for covering up their knowledge that the timer the CIA "found" at the Lockerbie bombing was not the timer actually used in the bombing.  Rather, it was planted there as "evidence".  The real timer was of a totally different manufacture.

The CIA took over the investigation of the bombing and kept the Scottish police at bay for a few days.  A CIA defector claims they were covering up the fact that they blew up the plane themselves.  There was a team of CIA operatives who were on that flight against orders, that they were returning to the US to whistleblow on the CIA for drug running.  Maybe it was blown up partly to shut them up.

Well, I'm not sure - if I were that team I would have split up and taken a couple different flights, just in case of a situation like this.  But maybe it wouldn't have mattered.

Weapons Expert Colleague of Dr. David Kelly Found Suicided

Dr. David Kelly was the epicenter of a scandal in the UK involving some missing nukes.  The US also had missing nukes from that incident. (see my very old article called "Dude, Where's My Nukes?", or just google Dr. David Kelly.)

His colleague, Richard Holmes, just turned up dead a couple days after he told his wife he was going out for a walk.  An "apparent suicide".  Uh huh.

My, they're dropping like flies lately.  First Breitbart's coroner, then Gaddafi's oil chief, then this guy.  Those wetwork boys sure have been busy.  Don't they ever take vacations?

Why Were the Fake Gold Bonds Kept in Fancy Boxes?

It's been wondered why the trillions of "fake" bonds kept in elaborate antique crates with seals all over them, when this increased the possibility of the detection of a fake - if the crates were also fake.

This article alleges the crates and the bonds were REAL.  After WW1, some bankers (unnamed  by the article) convinced the Japanese Emperor Hirohito to get with them in 1921 and form BIS, the Bank of International Settlements.

Several countries (China was a big one - trying to keep their gold safe from the Japanese) deposited huge amounts of gold with the Federal Reserve, and these chests of impressive looking bonds were given to them in exchange, to be buried and dug up no sooner than 60 years later.  But the Fed tricked them all and made the bonds with typos and spelling mistakes so they could claim they were fake later.  If anyone tried to cash one in, they'd also probably get killed.

The Fed also issued a lot more in bonds than they received in gold. (Sound familiar?)

Now these bonds have come to light, exposing the utter fiction that is the basis of today's economic "reality".
The emperor has no clothes. (not Hirohito.  I mean the Fed).

This story also alleges that there's a lot more gold in Asia than anyone ever let on, and they didn't tell anyone about it because it would have ruined the price of gold.  So maybe Ben Fulford is right about the Dragon Family sitting on a big fat pile of gold like a modern day Smaug.

Who is the Rain Man?
This video explains occult symbolism as used in the music industry. There are a lot of songs that refer to a "Rain Man". It says "Rain Man" is a kenning (nickname) for a devil. Maybe the same devil that some musicians are said to sell their souls to. Pretty long video, and very interesting. It's got a bunch of other phrases and imagery that it tries to explain.

Next time you watch a music video (Lady Gaga is a good choice, although there's others, like Brittney Spears, whose videos have a lot of this imagery too), look for hand jive like an "OK" sign for no reason, split-second flashes of shapes or disturbing images, checkered floors, and people covering one eye, or other strangeness involving eyes. Since music videos are shot in a completely controlled environment, and the major labels have the budget to be exacting, every element in them is chosen for a reason.

I don't care if someone wants to be "occult". I figure it's just another religion, kind of, or maybe like reality hacking; and if someone wants to try to bend their reality, or explore the limits of their psychic abilities, or contact noncorporeal beings, that's their business. Heck, I've dabbled in that for something like 24 years myself. But where I draw the line is when someone wants to hurt other people either to further an agenda, or as part of some ideology. And if a musician is promised a parcel of goods and then finds themselves a slave to someone or something, that's no good.  People should be free.

Symbols matter.  They refer to ideas.  Sometimes you can make up a symbol for an idea, and sometimes a particular symbol is just part of the collective unconscious and comes pre-packaged with an idea.  If you get a whole room of people during a live event to add energy to your symbols, you can further the ideas they're attached to, whether or not the audience is aware of what you are doing.  Likewise you can harness other energy - the growth of a tree, ley lines, orgone accumulators, etc.  But a room full of jazzed up people has an awful lot of energy in it.

Any kind of art will have symbols and is designed to elicit emotional energy from the audience, more or less.  This is the nature of art.  Just like cave paintings, art is indistinguishable from magick.  I don't object to the use of symbols in art.  Like I said, I object to people hurting other people, or enslaving them.