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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ravens Can Recognize Voices
Synchronicity.  Stumbled on this article about ravens on a blog called Goodshit. 

Careful if you go to that blog, they have porn on there too.  Being a girl, it doesn't do that much for me, but I can still recognize nice porn when I see it.

Grassroots Innovation!
Anil Gupta tours India to find grassroots solutions to problems faced by rural people.  Among the solutions: Bridges made from tree roots; potatoes planted on a steep hill to solve erosion and make food; partial clear-cutting only cutting the branches, which grow back, and not the trunks; an herb used in poultices; gate hinges made from pieces of rubber tires; a little girl who wants a paddle or cycle plow so her parents don't have to weed so much, and an inventive boy who agrees to make it for her.
I found this link at
Think I might link to too.

This is better than being handed some top-down "solution" by a clueless or secretly malefic UN or other similar organization.  Spreading ideas people think up to help themselves.  Kudos to Mr. Gupta.

We little people can bootstrap ourselves back into the swing of things, using open-source info sharing and bypassing the parasites.

Hardening the House Against SWAT Teams

OK, I've researched SWAT teams.  They are basically a military-lite police squad.  They wear helmets and armor and carry probably a couple or 3 weapons apiece and these flash-bang grenades that make light and noise to scare people.  Also tear gas and shields if they're dealing with a crowd. Many of them train a lot.

So about hardening the house:  You basically want to make it hard for anyone to break into your  house, so that you can buy time to determine who it is trying to break in and decide if/how you want to resist.  Because the SWAT teams keep doing it to innocent people by mistake, and sometimes those people end up dead.

Here's how to harden the house against most intruders.

Lock your doors and windows at all times.  Get a door with no window in it so they can't break the window and let themselves in that way.  A steel door is better than wood.  A steel frame is better than wood.

Beef up your window locks.  It's helpful to add those pin-and-chain patio door locks through one window frame into the other.  A nail in a hole that's big enough to allow the nail to be pulled out by hand from the inside works just as well, but could be misplaced.  The patio lock has a chain on it so you don't lose the pin.

Strengthen your door and frame, and make sure the frame is attached to the house by many screws.  Add deadbolts in other places besides right by the knob.  Like at the top and bottom. Use 3 hinges, with at least 8 screws to hold each on (4 in the door and 4 in the frame).

Shatterproof film on the windows will help stop people from smashing your windows, or at least frustrate them a while.

Chicken wire on the outsides of the windows will keep flash-bang grenades out, if they try to throw them through a window.  It will also slow down burglars trying to enter windows.  You can also put bars on the windows.  If you're clever you can make them look like a decorative grid-frame.  Make them removable from the inside so you can escape in a fire.

If you don't have kids in the house to protect, lock your bedroom door too.  This will help keep you safe longer if someone breaks in.

Finally, you could make a safe room.  This could be as small as a closet or a space you lie down in, that is bulletproof.  Or it could be a whole room.

And, if you are expecting armed trouble, whether it be goon squads, burglars, or rioting mobs, here's some other ideas involving sand bags: says in the comments under one page:
all you need is bars on your windows and a couple of bundles of sand bags, put the sand bags stacked under each window now you have a safe firing point. Have a couple of fire extinguishers handy, a role of chicken wire to nail or staple to the outside of your windows and done. Cheap effective hardening.
Another comment had a suggestion how to hide the sand for sandbags until you need it in plain sight:
Buy a thousand sand bags, and turn a 25-40 foot area in your back yard into an 18 inch deep volleyball court. Only real preppers will know, and we promise not to tell...
Nobody needs to know why you put a 48" chain link fence around your yard either. If they do ask, tell them it keeps the neighbor's dogs from crapping in your yard.
That works if your back yard is that big, or if you don't rent. And then you can play volleyball.  I guess for the rest of us, sand bags under the windows, but hidden inside furniture might work.

Free Crappy Unavailable Medical Care for All - Only Not Free

Murray Rothbard explains it in very simple terms even a democrat could understand.
When people think it's free, they use it all the time, the claims then have no ceiling, the cost goes up, and to keep the costs down, care will be denied to people who need it; or the quality of care will drop.

Like it did in the USSR.

He also goes into how the AMA ruined the practice of medicine based on a report a hack named Abraham Flexner who was not a medical professional wrote for the Carnegie Foundation, back in 1910.  His report was pre-written for him by the bigwigs in the AMA.  Based on this report, the government started regulating medical schools, they turned the regulation over to the AMA, and so medical schools were shut down that admitted women and blacks, and that taught homeopathy, which up until then was respected.  The price of medical education skyrocketed, and the cost of going to the doctor did too.

Of course, medical care will NOT be free under Obamacare.  Someone has to pay the doctors, and so it will fall on anyone making over $44,000 or thereabouts (4x the poverty guideline as published by the HHS each year) to pay for the medical care of anyone making under $44,000.  It also creates a big penalty for being married.  If a married couple together makes more than around $47,000 (that's 4x the poverty guideline plus about $3K for each additional person in the family) they will still have to pay.  So this will create a lot of fake divorces, or it will keep people from marrying who otherwise would have wanted to.  It will induce people to keep their official income under $44,000 as well.  That's around $21 or $22 per hour for a 40 hour work week.

These figures are rounded off, if you want to know the exact figures I think I have a recent previous post with a link to something that will tell you.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Fancy Shower Water For the NYC Rich
This fancy apartment building in NYC is going to pipe shower water with vitamin C and aloe added to it, and waft fancy air at people in the corridors.

Good grief.  Anyone who thinks they require such BS is going to have a harsh awakening when the SHTF.


I was looking to see who followed my blog and looked at their blogs.  Really interesting.  Anyway, this blog called Jelly in the Oven reposted something from Rumor Mill at

It's about forgiving evil, and how we can become evil ourselves, just with a change of circumstances.  If this is the prison planet, and aliens are eating us, or whatever, he says it's no different than us raising cattle and slaughtering them for meat.

Well, you gotta eat, but I get his point.  I have killed a mouse before, and it was disturbing.  I had put out a glue trap, and the thing got stuck to it and was squeaking up a storm.  So I decided to put it out of its misery.  I whacked it with a phone book a bunch of times before it died.  Then it was stuck to the phone book so I had to throw away the cover.  Somehow this bad feeling stuck with me for the rest of the day.

On the other hand, I assisted with slaughtering chickens on a farm once, and that didn't bother me much.  Maybe it was because I was going to eat chicken.  Or maybe because I was not doing the killing, only the plucking.  It is a little odd processing an animal that still looks like it did when it was alive.  I had a similar twinge when processing the raccoon I ate last year.  But it was still yummy.

Carnivores aside, he also goes into what people do when they win the lottery.  They usually hide from all their former friends, and try to get all kinds of security, so they don't get asked for money.  So they act just like the rich people they loved to hate before.

Well, he has a point.  Perhaps we are all dualistic, and we all have evil in us.  That's the nature of this place.  So forgive evil, because it's yours too.

Raven Dance Time
I too am ki-bound to Raven.  I don't talk about my personal mojo much though.
So I'll just leave it at that.

The Illuminati use an owl as their symbolic bird.
Ravens don't like owls.  They harass them during the day, make them fly all over, and never give them any rest.

Password Protect Your Wi-Fi or Get SWAT-ted

Someone made threats of violence online using someone else's open wi-fi and then police SWAT-ted and threw flashbang grenades into the house with the Wi-fi, where there was just this young lady watching TV.  They were filming it for to make Glorious Police Propaganda Film.

Ooooops.  Film not so glorious after all.

So, password protect your wi-fi.  I guess it doesn't matter where you live, you still might get SWAT-ted by accident even if you don't live next door to a drug pusher.  But you really should password protect your wi-fi anyway, not just against people dumb enough to make threats using telecommunications systems with spies all over them, but against everyone.

I am also going to research how to harden your house against SWAT teams (short of getting one of those Safe Houses from that Polish architect built) and get back to you.  You might not stop them forever (they're persistent if nothing else) but at least maybe you can slow them down long enough to find out what they want and make them realize they've got the wrong house.   Or whatever.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

That's Not a Tax, This Is a Tax

That's not a tax.

This is a tax.

That's not a knife, this is a knife.

Standing In Front of Windows on the Hottest Day of the Year

I've been installing blinds and thermal blackout curtains today, but I can't seem to keep up with the path of the sun, so I've been standing in sunny windows all day.  Blaaaaah.  It's supposed to get to 102 degrees today.  I hope my plants survive it.  I've got 2 curtains and one blind up and now I'm taking a break.  Maybe these curtains will make it cheaper to heat and cool the place.

The solar dehydrator's frames are all cut and sanded.  Now I have to assemble them.  But more important was surviving this hot day.  Yeah.  By standing in sunny windows.  Ow.  Well, at least my one roommate will be cooler, I started by taking care of him.

I made yogurt the other day and it came out fine.  All I did was insert about half a tiny container of yogurt (I ate the other half) into about half of a half gallon of organic milk (I used the other half in baking and coffee) shake it up and leave them out in the warm for 12 hours.  Then I put them in the fridge. I just used the milk carton, which I opened all the way, but held it back together with a clothespin.

I might point out, I made sure not to get any spit on the half of the yogurt that I didn't eat - I spooned what I ate out into something else first. Trying to be hygienic and all. This yogurt I made is a little soupier than store bought.  One could strain it through a cloth to get "Greek" yogurt, or add gelatin as they sometimes do with commercial yogurt.  I didn't bother.  It's ok that it's soupy.  It was also cream-top because it was unhomogenized.  Yum.

It was just a way to keep that last half of the milk from spoiling.  Now I have a few more days to consume it.  Sometimes I make cheese instead.  I'm just not much of a milk drinker so milk doesn't get consumed very fast at my house, then I have to do something to it.

Moving all this crap around to get at the windows, I realize what a pack rat I am.  Some of this junk will have to go.  Old headshots by the hundreds in a box from when I was trying to make it in show biz. Two plaques for Worst Deal of the Year from the real estate club I belonged to.  An old distinctive ring box that I never used.  An analog answering machine.  But I don't have a land line anymore, and my fax machine already had distinctive ring built in, so I never used the other device.  Yup, it's gotta go.

Time for more yogurt.  Mm, cold yogurt.  Then maybe I can face the next window.

Individual Mandate Upheld, Medicaid Expansion Curtailed

The Supreme Court decided to uphold the individual mandate, but cut back a bit on the expansion of Medicaid.

I imagine this will only drive people to attempt to work under the table more, or just not work, because the premiums are ridiculously high, so they can fall under the poverty threshold and get a pass on the premiums.  We can now pretty much say goodbye to any "recovery" there might have been (although I doubt there would have been much of one), both due to the loss of productivity from people avoiding the premiums, and due to the sheer staggering cost of the taxes involved.  There are all these hidden taxes, not just the premiums.

Boy of 14 Shoots Armed Intruder, Saves Siblings

This kid was babysitting his younger siblings when first a strange lady rang their doorbell, which they didn't answer, and then an armed intruder broke down their door.  So he shot the intruder with his dad's gun.  It was the middle of the afternoon.  The intruder didn't get to get off any shots of his own.  He's critically wounded.  I don't know if they managed to arrest his lady accomplice as well.

This is why we should NOT ever ban guns. If we ever did, then the armed intruder would ignore the law and still have a gun and the boy and his siblings could have been dead instead of safe.  Gun control only takes guns from the good guys.

The family is still quite traumatized, BTW.  It's a big deal when something like this happens.

We can learn from this in these times not only to home-carry, but also never to open the door to strangers. 

Corrections to Tifton 85 Cyanide Grass Gas Story

I have (sheepish grin) discovered cyanide and prussic acid are the same thing.  Well, sort of, prussic acid is hydrogen cyanide, a compound with cyanide in it.  So, I made a little correction to the previous article about the cows in Texas that died from eating grass that had started to make cyanide gas.

White clover naturally makes prussic acid.  You don't want to let cows into a field of just clover to eat, because it'll kill them.  But cows love to eat clover.  For them it's like dessert.  Farmers know this, and although a little bit of clover is OK for cows, they don't let cows into any fields of clover.

But one would reasonably expect this Tifton 85 not to be poisonous.  Except, oooops.

I have another speculation about this: If the grass was cross-pollinated by something else that had a gene to make prussic acid, it could have evolved this way over time.  Maybe there's another GMO kind of grass out there that makes its own pesticide - like the grass seed that got approved the other year for residential use - and it's cross pollinating with the Tifton 85? 

But wouldn't Tifton 85 be sterile, being a hybrid?  There are some hybrid plants you can grow their seeds, but then you get something else the next year.  I did that with mammoth sunflowers and got sunflowers that made several smaller heads this year.  I guess the mammoths were hybrids.  I don't know enough about Tifton 85 to know if its seeds grow anything.

Or it could be the fertilizer, as Natural News speculated.  Some fertilizer is sold that has cyanide in it.

It seems to me like the more tinkering we do with genetics, the more it bites us in the butt.  We don't know the "fearful symmetry" of genetics well enough to not be ham handed about it.  One might argue that we could push through it and come out the other side with enough knowledge, but I'm afraid we'll wreck the planet in the meantime. 

If this is part of some eugenics/kill everyone plot, I would imagine that the perpetrators probably regard cattle as a methane-producing menace that they must eliminate.  A bovine symptom of the human infestation or something like that.  Never mind that there used to be vast herds of buffalo stomping about.  So which is more menacing, cow farts or cyanide gas?  Who are you trying to save the planet for, anyway?  The snakes?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spanish Bailout Magic

Yesterday Spain asked for a bailout.  This will most likely trigger an asset fire sale.

If they get the bailout, I'm sure Italy will be there with their hand out too.
It's more dominos on the way to a crash in the US.

Got food?  Gold and silver?  A way to heat the house independently of the gas company?  A way to clean your water?  Extra medicine?

Got defense?

Get 'em while they're good.

Mysterious Cattle Deaths in Texas - Is it the Grass?
These cows were apparently eating Tifton 85 grass, which is a hybrid bermudagrass, not a GMO as originally reported - and then dying - and people think the grass has started making cyanide gas.

The farmer had been growing this grass for 20 years for his cows, because it's supposed to be easy to digest, with no prior ill effect.

Also, the cows died of prussic acid poisoning. (CORRECTION, I thought this was something else besides cyanide.  I'm not a chemist.  Apparently it's another name for cyanide.) Some grasses (like Tifton 68) make a certain amount of prussic acid, but the field wasn't in a stage which would have been expected to have high prussic acid levels at this time of year or moisture level.  However, the cattle were hungry and thirsty and had been turned into a new pasture that had not yet been grazed this year.  If the grass was the cause, it may have shocked their systems somehow.

See here for the debunk:

The original link quoted at Prison Planet has gone dead:

My guess is there's something else that is killing the cattle, unless for some reason the grass has suddenly mutated to a completely different variety.  Or maybe the farmer bought the wrong seeds - like they were mislabeled this year? That is, if he had to plant it anew each year.

ANOTHER NOTE: here is another Prison Planet article, where they make a lot of hay about an article about Tifton 85 grass with prussic acid problems, going missing from the county website.  Also apparently it's not all just one farm, but several with this problem.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Central Banks - Stuck, or Stoked?

Gary North posits that the European Central Bank is stuck.  He thinks the New World Order is scared because the Eurozone is stuck in a catch-22 of having to prop up Greece and Spain, or the whole house of cards will fall.

Of course there are also people who think it was all planned to fail in the first place.

Whether it was failing to plan, or planning to fail, the short term result will be the same.  Domino effect economic crash.  If someone tries to put up an economic "firewall" it will hasten the crash.  Kind of reminds me of the monster movie where someone's trying to "act normal" while sneaking past the monster.  But the monster's only playing along because he likes to play with his food.  Not putting firewalls up is like trying to sneak past the monster in the room.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Checkpoints of the Near Future

I stumbled on this blog called the Dorkfish Express and thought that was a cute name.
This guy has a scary article on future surveillance technology that will be rolled out at airports and such.
For one, people will have to go through a tunnel that X-rays them 6 ways from Sunday, rather than the TSA scanners.  But it's basically a whole tunnel worth of TSA scanners.  Hello, cancer.

Next, this company called Idair has this camera that can see your fingerprint from several yards away and search a database for a match.  There's nothing to stop it from doing irises too.  You can wear all the shades and gloves you want, but this is mostly for controlling access to places, so in order to get into someplace you will need to show your biometric data.

Could that someplace be the whole of society one day?  Would people be exiled to the wilderness like lepers for pissing off some government pissant? Would some of them leave on purpose, to live as maroons?

I for one resent TPTB rolling out this super duper spy stuff while trying to simultaneously knock us peons back into the Stone Ages with eco-wacko regulations on farming, water use, etc. etc.

Volunteer Madness

I don't mind trying to re-use and recycle things, I don't mind trying to cop free energy off the sun.  This saves money.  I get a kick out of making useful things from what would otherwise be trash.  Hey, it's free.  Who can argue with free? 

What bothers me, though, is when people go to some poor 3rd world country and try to teach people how to make do with garbage and makeshift utilities, and then think they're so virtuous and come back here and bray about their Trip to Help the Poor Brown People.

I can do without the self-congratulatory smugness.  It sets my teeth on edge. You're not going to fix social injustice caused by institutionalized, military-backed theft by teaching people how to make do with garbage. It is a poor substitute for real infrastructure investment.  And it's disingenuous to present it as a good deed and try to get attention for it if you have benefited in the slightest amount from the cheap labor or goods of those who were so oppressed. 

The other thing that bothers me is it's really cost-inefficient.  A WHOLE GROUP of concerned, well-off folks, say from a church, will sign up to go on a third world do-gooder trip organized by some charity that takes a certain percentage of cream off the top for overhead, advertising, and the salaries of their officers and board.  The going salary of the officer or board member of a medium size charity can run in the 6 figures. Plus it's extra income for the rich.  The board is picked for their ability to schmooze rich people and hit them up for money.  Therefore they are most always rich people.  I won't say it's free money for them, because it's like a sales job, but these positions are mostly closed to anyone who isn't part of that social set to begin with.

Then the good people all pay several hundred bucks each for plane tickets and hotels and various vaccines and T-shirts and food and airport parking, so they can go to some third world country and put in one week of work as minimally trained volunteers.  To do so, some may forego income probably in the $1,000 or $2,000 a week range.  A certain amount of time is wasted on cultural presentations and banquets to make them feel good.  And they go there and work with their hands, where instead maybe one or two properly trained guys could go there, and hire the same number of locals for a week at one-tenth of the cost. 

I just think, there's probably some kind of bureaucratic blockage to doing it the cheap way.  Because it's not really in the best interests of the ruling class to make it easy to lift people out of poverty.  Maybe it's easier red-tape wise somehow to send yuppie volunteers than to hire the locals.

But if not, then instead of paying $1,500 to go over there, the volunteers could each donate $150 for the cheap way that would actually employ the locals, and then volunteer their time at home, say, in a soup kitchen for the homeless.  But that wouldn't be as glamorous as Self Congratulatory International Poverty Tourism Travel.

Holy Moly - Solar!

I've been building the aforementioned solar dehydrator.  It was a lot fussier than I thought it would be, plus I had to kind of work it out as I went.  I worked on it all day Saturday and got done except for the shelves.  I even made my own latches out of coat hangers.Was feeling mighty virtuous for using all recycled and leftover materials to make a "green" device.  Also the door to it is a whole "I Buy Houses" sign, which is funny to me.  It's like opening the door to it and on the inside of the door, finding the real value of the real estate bubble as recycled debris.

This thing is taking up a lot of room in my kitchen right now.  I had a slight delay for two things: One, my shelf design didn't work (corrugated plastic was too flimsy), and I had to get some cheap lumber.  So much for it being all recycled.  But the lumber was only $7.  Two, my carpal tunnel flared up real bad.  I woke up 10 times last night in pain.  It doesn't normally bother me unless I do a lot of repetitive manual labor, like painting and scraping.  But all this homebody DIY frugal stuff isn't going to do me any good if I can't use my hands.  Guess I'm getting old.

So... I'm slowing down a little, and trying to use my other hand instead.  That usually clears it up in a few days.  But I do have to get this thing out of my kitchen.  I think I'll make the shelves tonight.  Then I'll take a break from building things for a couple days.

Oddly, typing doesn't seem to bother me that much.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Arugulapocalypse, and Tater Talk

By the time I went to take a picture it was too dark out, so you'll have to wait till tomorrow to see the big pile of arugula that I let bolt so I could get seeds out of it.  I just pulled it all up - I could make a mini bale.  It was the Arugulapocalypse.  I'll let it finish drying out outside and then rub the pods off in a paper bag.

I got the seeds from this lady in Los Angeles named Anita Sands, who gardens avidly.  We correspond, I wrote her out of the blue when I became a fan of her strange octopus of a website which you can enter at either or visit the legacy website of Master Jules, her former boss who was a kind of California guru, at Her frugal page is at

Anita's seeds have multiplied probably 50-fold since I planted them all.  In the spring I had lovely yummy arugula, and I got teased for being so shi-shi - and it bolted sometime in the end of May.  When it does that, it gets supremely bitter. I allowed it to hang out until now because it was shading my Black Seeded Simpson lettuce and keeping it from also bolting, but now the Simpson is bolting anyway and I want more real estate for tomatoes.  Fortunately, the lettuce isn't all that bitter even though it's bolting, but I think I'll be eating a lot of salad for the next few days, and then planting tomatoes as I eat a space for them.

I posted the other day that I was going to put 10 more tomato plants in bigger pots or the ground, and the rest were runts.  I was WRONG.  I had more like 40 more good ones.  I put 5 in Homer buckets, dung up most of my potatoes, and put 15 tomato plants in the ground.  I have to find room for 20 more somehow.  I think I can get 5 into the front yard once I get the lettuce out of there.  I'll probably try to give some away, and maybe I can conscience getting a few more Homer buckets, or something.

I got like 10 pounds of potatoes.  About a pound per plant.  It's safest to get seed potatoes for planting, because they're theoretically free of potato diseases.  But I got some organic potatoes from Whole Paycheck Foods and planted those.  I had purple and red potatoes from there.  Somehow I got volunteer Yukon Golds in the front yard from taters I must have missed getting last year.  They overwintered and surprised me with a resurrection.

From planting color potatoes, I can say if you want volume, don't bother with the purple potatoes.  They give a puny harvest and if you accidentally leave one in the sun, you won't be able to see the green in it, you'll have to detect the cyanide by it making your tongue tingle.  Kind of annoying. (don't eat any potato that makes your tongue tingle).   The red ones do okay for yield.  Yukon Gold is always a good bet, too.  The purple ones, however, are still fun even if they're not too prolific.  I'd still plant one or two of those as an accent, because then your potato salad will be colorful.  Don't put vinegar on colored potatoes.  It blanches them out.

Tomorrow, I'm going to make drip emitters out of the tops of soda bottles I'd cut to make seedling pots from the bottoms.  The top of a soda bottle is also a good funnel, in a pinch.

Flag Thief Robs Chicken Man!

I bet that ruffled a few feathers.
I would have liked to be the police dispatcher and hear that tale. That's a lot better than the one where some guy called 911 to complain about his sandwich not having enough mayonnaise.

More on the Chinese Spy Chips in US Gov Computers

Congress is now looking into the Chinese spy chip thing.

The representative of one Chinese company just gave the standard "it's for QS testing" answer.  What, you think he'd admit to deliberately selling the US Gov chips they can pwn?  The answer is the only answer he can give, and it's meaningless.  We'll have to figure it out for ourselves.

Also, that company is now offering complete network servicing at below cost.  So how are they making money?  Perhaps a Chinese government subsidy?

And the US has found counterfeit components in weapons, too, now, that American companies imported from China and didn't test before reselling to the US Gov.  Oooops.

It's time we got a chip manufacturing industry going here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What Have I Been Up To?

Well, I've been away for a day or two. Away from the blog, that is. Just got really busy. So here's what I've been up to:

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: I've been transplanting lots of tomato plants from 1 gallon pots to 5 gallon Homer buckets. So Home Depot has been been making money off me.  I couldn't find enough free big pots around, although I did manage to score about a dozen - but I had over 150 plants.  I think I'm going to do about 10 more and then stop, since what will be left is the runts and late bloomers. Or I might find room in the ground for a few more, as I'm about to harvest potatoes. I don't like following nightshades with more nightshades, but what can you do.

Tile Guile: I missed a sale at Lowes on Anderson industrial vinyl tile.  They had cases of black for $7, which is 75% off.  Someone returned several cases to Home Depot and walked off with a giant refund, and I was there when the manager told the clerk who rang up the refund she'd messed up. I would have liked some black tile to redo the kitchen floor someday in the downstairs apartment, but I didn't have it in the budget for this month.  I'll make do with the 5 or 6 colors I do have and make it a crazy floor.  I think I have enough.  Of course I could just haunt the salvage store and grab that kind of tile when I see it, which is how I got what I have, plus it'll be even cheaper than their sale price.  I have a lot of school-bus yellow tile, some blue, a half a box of dark red, and various shades of pale gray.

Prepping for my Cat:  I bought a lot of cat food and a few bags of litter. She has been standoffish because I've been moving furniture around a lot and this seems to offend her.  Also it's been hot.  I noticed the price of cat litter has jumped from under $3 a bag to just over $4 in the last couple months.

Homemade Window Seat: I made an 8 foot long window seat out of plywood and 2x4's. The legs I made from 2X4's were too flimsy the way I put them on, so I switched them out for cinder blocks tonight and found out to my delight that a 5 gallon Homer bucket with a lid still fits under it just fine. And so does a lot of other clutter. I used old plastic "I Buy Houses" signs to protect the floor from the cinder blocks.

And even better, I can now use these couch cushions I had put up for 10 years. I had this crappy couch I rescued from the trash once and reupholstered it myself with raw silk, in the days when my reading House Beautiful was making me feel inadequate and ambitious about my decor. The couch died but I kept the cushions all these years.

I've installed this window seat under a window with a fan. If it rains in, my upholstery is ruined, so now I need to tack in a piece of scrap trim or maybe white corrugated plastic as a drip guard.  Not that it's that important, but I didn't save couch cushions for 10 years just to stain them. I guess I could also throw a little quilt over the part in front of the fan, as double insurance.

Lying on this new window seat I noticed that the area at the foot of my bed could be like a little lounge, if I were to keep decluttering. Also, it's nice to lie right up against the fan, if it's hot, except if the SHTF you wouldn't want to be hanging out in front of the window.

Solar Dehydrator:  I am trying to build one out of an old shipping crate and some odds and ends.  The other day I found some storm windows that were perfect for the solar heater box.  I just have to assemble it, the sides will be scrap wood and the bottom of the solar collector box will be made of old corrugated plastic "I Buy Houses" signs, with a trash bag on top of them for more heat gain.

See the theme?  I've got a lot of old plastic "I Buy Houses" signs, from someone who changed his number and had leftover signs. It would be funny to clad a tiny house in them, except they probably recycled the phone number, so if people call it they'll annoy someone else entirely.

Political yard signs don't often rate the price of corrugated.  The smaller ones are usually made of black sheet plastic that is printed on.  Like contractor bag thickness.  One could recycle these in a solar heater box, and the politicians could REALLY be making hot air. LOL

Monday, June 18, 2012

Junction Box Stash Spot

I'm still crawling around that Tiny Yellow House channel on YouTube, and found this cool thing:
The Junction Box Stash Spot.
Genius.  But for extra authenticity, I would make one of the wires crawl along the floor joists for a while and then tuck it behind another wire.  I think he's got a bare wire just so as not to spend a lot on his example.

If you're getting all basement-y, you could also do a fake furnace vent or sewer stack. That would hold a lot of big long stuff.

Little Vegetable Oil Heater

This is cool.  I've been wandering around YouTube this morning looking at small, unusual houses.  There is this guy Derek “Deek” Diedricksen who makes really tiny houses, with a 4x8 foot footprint, out of discarded materials and whole sheets of plywood.  He has devised a fry oil heater for such a tiny house, which I saw in Episode 2 of "Tiny Yellow House" and then Googled because it was so cool.  Fortunately someone else has covered it, so here it is:

Notice that he has fresh air fed from outside through a copper pipe into the stove, so it doesn't use up the air in the tiny house for combustion.  He used a busted old cymbal for a reflector.

Here's his diagram!

Needless to say, if you are going to tinker with homemade heaters, get a carbon monoxide detector.  They're about 20 bucks and it could save your life.

So now you have a way to heat a tiny house, with fry oil.  You might be able to get the used oil from restaurants for free (you'll have to filter it, but so what). You could also heat a separate bed-pod inside your home, i.e. a wood 4-poster or a house within a house and save on heat in general.  You'd still want the fresh air feed and exhaust, but perhaps you could make an insert that fits exactly in an open window, air-tightly. Note, however, if you burn your house down this way it probably won't be covered by your fire insurance, so be extra careful!

I can see someone squirreling away a number of these over the course of several road trips, and that way they'd have a series of waystop squats if they wanted to travel lighter later.  Or they could just have a big variety of places to sleep around town so they are unpredictable.  If trying to be extra stealthy you'd have to figure out how not to have your car parked near the house - maybe take a bike with you or hike to it.  But with the heater, this could be an all-season activity, and it's a step up from camping.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pentagon Considered Genetic Lobotomy to Make People Unreligious

This is not science fiction. This is real.

The speaker is saying they can prevent religious "extremists" by genetically lobotomizing people's sense of religion with a stealthy flu vaccine additive, or even the flu itself or an airborne rhinovirus containing whatever mechanism would turn off the gene.

If they can make adults "disgusted" with religion by turning off certain genes, what else can they do?  Could they make people into docile sheep?  Could they sterilize them?

This is so far beyond the pale of human rights.  How dare they even consider doing this.  And they wonder why people are suspicious of vaccines.

Fight Agenda 21

Why should you fight Agenda 21?  In short, because it's a Communist plot, the end purpose of which is to confiscate all the farmland in the United States, give it to the elite, herd everyone into cities, kill off up to 90% of the population, and if that is impossible then implement forced sterilization and a 1-child policy like in China (which means SWAT teams breaking down doors to abduct pregnant women from their homes, knock them out and forcibly abort their babies).

If you think forced sterilization and abortion against your will is bad, then recently medical ethicists have announced that they think abortion is valid through AGE 3.  I don't know about you, but that sounds truly evil to me.  Think this through and now you've got SWAT teams breaking down the door and taking perfectly healthy toddlers and killing them, because someone got pregnant without the permission of the dictatorship.  Some baby shower, huh?

Do you know about the Ukrainian Holodomor?  The Russians stole all their food and took over the farmland, made them produce food only for Russia, and starved the Ukrainians to death.  If you got caught stealing food off the collective farm, they shot you dead.  People were dropping dead in the street from hunger.  This could happen here.  It could very easily happen here.  Obama just last month signed an Executive Order that authorizes the confiscation of farmland and equipment, food, and conscription of labor, even in peacetime, during a national emergency.  And we are facing a COLLAPSE, where food will probably become scarce for a while, and this will certainly soften people up and make city dwellers want to force farmers to give it up.  Perhaps the Dear Leader sees a collapse coming too?  Sees an opportunity to impose Communism on us, like his mentor Bill Ayers and the Weathermen wanted?  You know, the ones who wanted re-education camps and to kill dissidents and resistors?

By the way, the Ukrainians were characterized in the Communist propaganda as hoarders, who refused to give up their "outmoded" and "irrational" traditions to let their land be used more "efficiently".  The truth was they were trying to preserve their private property rights and their self-sufficiency, and because they resisted, Stalin crushed and starved them.

Agenda 21's view of humans is that we are like locusts devouring everything, and that we need to be killed off in order to "save the planet".  Wild nature is good, man is bad.  They want us DEAD.  They want you DEAD.  I am dead serious about this.  They think that half a billion people is sustainable.  We have 7 billion.  Do the math.  You think you're going to curry favor with these psychopaths to make the cut?  Think again.  To them you are a cancer, a useless eater, a locust.

I think they are now in a bit of a hurry to achieve their goal.  People are waking up to their plan, so they are rushing it a bit.  And so, there's a bit of a virus arms race going on behind the scenes.  There was that novel H5N1 bird flu virus cooked up at Kobe University that got caught at the border of Indonesia.  Biochemists and virologists are meeting untimely deaths in such disproportionate numbers that it can't be a coincidence.  Viruses don't take the time to interview people to see if they're good contributors to society before infecting them.  They just infect people at random and replicate.  But viruses can be engineered to kill only certain ethnic groups, or released in certain parts of the world so they do the most damage to that region.

People have found tainted vaccines with viruses in them all over the place, including cancer viruses in polio vaccines in the United States.  It's not just the third world.  In fact, the US is in great danger.  As big consumers, the environazis see Americans as being ultra-locusts who really need to be put down.

Yet lots of communities are blithely falling for the environmental jargon and signing up for ICLEI which is the local version of Agenda 21, and adopting "sustainable development" which is just a good-sounding name for a land grab:  a WOLF in sheep's clothing. The result of this is that people are finding they are not allowed to use or build on their own private property, and it's turning into a big land grab.  But the land doesn't always just go to nature preserves, it does for a while and then usually what happens later is some public official ends up developing it anyway at a profit, in other words it's LAND THEFT and INSIDER TRADING.  While it's still a "nature preserve", they install cameras to enforce that humans can't go on that land.  The cameras often point into people's back yards, violating their privacy.  This is already happening in Texas.

I would also categorize the recent Michigan "feral pig" debacle as akin to this Agenda 21 crap.  The government is encroaching on the rights of farmers and making it uneconomical to be a farmer.  Then George Soros is buying all the distressed farmland through shell companies.  Eventually if this continues, it will all belong to the elites and be made to sit fallow while we starve.

Monsanto has patented several plants they had nothing to do with creating, they've bought most of the seed companies in the Midwest, and they have put all kinds of heirloom seeds by in that nice vault in Norway that they have with Bill Gates.  Pretty soon even the heirloom seeds will belong to them, and there will be NOTHING that you can legally grow yourself and save the seeds.

This isn't about some eco-nuts turning the world back into wilderness.  That is only the cover story.  It is the elites stealing your land and your food, and plotting to use the coming economic crash (which was engineered) to kill all opposition, including you and your children, so they can turn the world into their own private shangri-la, with comely peasant slaves raising the food, tagged with RFID's, bred at the will of the elites, raised away from their parents, and managed like cattle.  And unable to raise any food for themselves on the side.


And they will be genetically altered for docility, while the elites tinker with their own genetics to make themselves supermen.  I'll put that in the next post.  I have evidence.  It's not just genetic engineering of test tube babies, or chimera, which they are doing already (crossing humans and animals).  They can even take normal human adults and turn off the genes that make them uppity, using additives in vaccines.

If they're not careful, they'll fuck up humanity and reduce the gene pool to the point of extinction. 

We need to nip this in the bud, kick ICLEI out of our communities, get heirloom seeds now while it's still possible, and then get busy gardening/getting self sufficient, so we can feed ourselves, and so we can avoid or resist any nascent dictatorship or foreign troops that try to invade.  Yes, we should try to be sustainable, but NOT like this.  This is EVIL.

Agenda 21 is a land grab and genocide plot.

There is time still to resist it in a civilized manner.  The John Birch Society, of all people, has materials that will help you resist Agenda 21 in your community.  (Don't kill the messenger, their message is the awful truth.)

Here's the short video.  This one is good to share on FB and such - succinct and well produced.

Here's the long video, explaining just how Agenda 21 is sneaking into public policy.  It's over an hour long and is a guy at a podium, so takes more attention span, but it has everything.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ammo Testing

Here is a website that tests different ammo for penetration etc.
I guess I'll stick a link in the how-to page.

Pickled Purslane Part 2

OK, I've pickled some purslane, and here's the review.  I put some well-washed raw leaves that I picked off the stems, and stuck them in a pint jar with some cider vinegar, 3 peppercorns, and a couple allspice seeds.  It wasn't much, just about half a jar.  Then 2 days later I fished some of it out and put it in my salad.  It was okay, but tasted mostly like vinegar.  I added more leaves to the jar, and put it back in the fridge.  Maybe tomorrow I'll add a little sugar to see how that works out, and perhaps some mustard seeds or more allspice.

So far, edible but not a knockout yet.  But I'm working on it.  If I get it good enough, I'll know when Peter Piper purloins my pickled purslane.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

World's Longest Burp, Don't Tell Bloomberrrrrrrrrrrrrg

New York: This guy Timothy Janus just burped for 18.1 seconds, setting the world record for longest burp, as part of a competitive eating competition.  He drank 2 gallons of Diet Coke and Mountain Dew to get the compression necessary for this virtuosic feat.

Don't worry, he drank it 16 ounces at a time, I'm sure.  But just in case, don't tell Bloomberrrrrrrrrrrg!

Yard Sale Woot!

Today was the annual city-approved yard sale in my town.  I didn't think to register, or maybe I could have sold some tomato plants and some old stuff I don't want anymore.  I also didn't want to sit in the sun all morning waiting for people to come down my street.  It looks like my tenants also didn't sign up, because they weren't out.  They had talked about it.

But I did go shopping near the end of the sale.  There's 2 good times to go to yard sales, at the beginning and at the end.  I got a big cast iron frying pan for $10, bigger than my biggest one, which is about half what I'd find a cheap one online for, and a knife block.  Yeah, I know I just blogged about a cheap knife block substitute, but this was $5 and included a bunch of cheap knives and a sharpener.  It was really the sharpener I was after!

I also got about 25 votive candles for  $3.  It was 2 boxes of all different scented ones, with a guide to the different scents.  That'll keep the house in smellum, and more importantly light, if the lights go out. Or it would make a nice gift, since all the candles are there and it looks nice still. A prepper can never have too many candles, rounds of ammo, seeds, or water filters.

And I got some more large plant pots, but nothing really gigantic like I need.

There is a guy selling a walkie talkie set for $15.  Not sure if I should bite.  I'm thinking about it.  I need to see if that's a reasonable price for a used short range walkie talkie.  And it's hot out so I went home.  Actually I need to go buy more manure again, too.

One of my roommates also went to the sale and got me a ceiling fan.  The one in the kitchen is flaky.  The one he picked up is really heavy but looks good quality.

This small town way of life is in danger.  If the damn global communists have their way, nobody will ever be able to have a yard sale or sell anything privately again because there will be no such thing as cash; or they'll call my bargains or the produce of my garden "income" and tax me for it; or I'll get raided for growing tomatoes on my porch without first having bought a pricey"farming license". 

Just like now, where I can't scrape paint off my own home without the $300 protection money I had to pay to the EPA to be a "lead safe firm".  The training and individual certification wasn't enough, because I "make money" off of painting by way of collecting the rent.  So I had to be a firm as well.  Damn mafioso pirates.  They keep doing this, and all the money is going to move abroad.  Actually, a lot of it is trying to do that now.

Okay, well, I guess it's time to go get manure.  Oh boy!

A Vote for Mitt Romney is a Vote for a Clone of Barack Obama

Sorry, folks.  there's only cola here.  Coke and Pepsi.
No other flavors of soda, no milk, no coffee, no tea, no water.

Mitt Romney wrote Obamacare.
Mitt Romney gets big donations from central banks. (as does Obama)
Mitt Romney is about the most leftist of a Republican I've ever seen.

And, Romney's Bain Capital now practically owns Clear Channel, which is a holding company for radio stations.  Clear Channel owns all the major conservative talk shows.  Hannity, Rush, Glenn Beck, etc.  The whole gang.  It bought Clear Channel just before Romney's campaign.  What a coinkydinky.  See here.

If you think that by electing Romney you are going to set things right in this country, you are mistaken. It will be about the same as Obama.  Voting for a third party is actually a viable option this time.  (I hate it when people say a vote for the third guy is a vote for one of the main guys.  No, it's not.  I won't settle for voting for the lesser of two evils.  Voting should be about who you really prefer to win.)

And don't forget, this major donor to Obama's 2008 campaign, a buddy of George Soros, will be sitting in Spain counting your votes.  If Spain doesn't collapse first, that is.

I am not going to vote for Mitt Romney.  I am either voting for the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, or I am writing in Ron Paul.  I've heard Johnson speak and he actually thinks about what he says instead of spewing sound bites like a media robot.
Here's Johnson's website

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Guide to Veterinary Drugs for Humans When SHTF
This handy dandy guide compares fish and bird antibiotics to human antibiotics.  Seems pretty straightforward, but if you're going to do this I would also try to get familiar with kinds of infections and which antibiotics would be most likely to cure them, dosage, and how long to use them for, and keep that information on paper somewhere.

Get 'em quick, before the FDA closes the loophole.

The Wet Spot is Navigable Water, Says EPA

Gee, I'm glad that my water cachement is a rain barrel and a bucket outside under the tenants' leaky air conditioner.  If I had built a gully or ditch, or if my property had had a puddle, it'd be "navigable" according to the EPA.  I guess I better not water anything in the ground with it!  Better stick to container gardening for the rain barrel water.

Next thing you know, every wet spot will be navigable.  But maybe not so much for these dried-up haters of life at the EPA.

When the SHTF I just hope that Ship of Fools loses its budget for enforcement. 

Singing in the Bathtub - Singing all alone -
Tearing out a tonsil, Just like a baritone...
You can yodel opera - Even as you scrub
Everybody's happy, when singing in the tub!

Sticks and Beans

A few weeks ago I had an oops with a jar of adzuki beans and spilled them all over inside my car.  I also  got sick of using my ashtray as a pencil pot.  The pens kept falling out.  I think it had something to do with my eating all the lollipops that were also in there.  (every time I go to the bank or my CPA I get a lollipop)  But it's always been kind of a game to keep the pens and lollipops at the right balance so they will both stay in.  And an annoyance, because they don't.

So I took out the pens and pencils and put adzuki beans in, when I had a minute here and there to rummage on the floor.  And I found this out: You know how some coffee shops use a jar of coffee beans as a pencil pot and they hold the pencils up?  Adzuki beans do the same thing.  I can keep long skinny things in that ashtray now, although I realized that I really had too many pens in the car.  The pen for the mileage log is now in the sun visor, and the adzuki beans are holding up more candy. (right now it's a roll of Smarties because I ate all the lollipops again).  But I could also keep one or two pens or lollipops in there with the beans, and they probably wouldn't fall out now.

I also thought, what if I put espresso beans in the ashtray instead of those adzuki beans?  It could be like an emergency caffeine supply - if I'm driving and I get tired I can chew on the beans. And it would smell nice.  The only thing is, coffee beans are lighter than adzuki beans, so I don't know if they'll work in that shallow of a container to hold up pens.  But while I'm at it, I could also put some whittled cedar sticks in there and have a car that smells like a cedar closet and a coffee shop all at once.  Or a cinnamon stick, or a piece of licorice root.  The possibilities are endless!

Then this morning I saw this other handy dandy thing: Someone took a bunch of wooden skewers, put them so they were vertically sticking out of a plastic box, and it was an instant knife holder.  You just stick the knife in between the skewers.  I guess if it's too top heavy, then do it with a glass vase that has a heavy bottom.  Get it at the thrift store or a yard sale, and you'll really have a bargain.

cool blog adding to roll
These guys have some neat stuff on there.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

They are Afraid of Us

The thing that is the most scary to a dictator is loss of their stranglehold on power. The thing that is the most scary to a con man is when the game is up.

The reason for all these new draconian laws and surveillance is because THE GUYS ON TOP ARE AFRAID OF THE PEOPLE.  Their power is slipping.  Their lies are being exposed.  The game is up.  They have less control than they would like, and they are worried about their free ride drying up.

If we all refuse to play along, if we take our ball and go home, the crooks and bullies won't have anyone to play with.  This means we should arrange our affairs so as to legally owe the least in taxes possible - even to the extent of replacing dollar income with self-sufficiency; we should not work as foot soldiers or in any capacity whatsoever for the bullies (that's big corporations, international banks, mainstream media, and government); and we should refrain from violence, except in self-defense, because there are people out there who want to make us fight each other so they can use it as an excuse to oppress and disarm us.

Those who are currently working as foot soldiers for the bullies (cops, soldiers, mercenaries) need to see that this is where it is going.  There may be natural-born thugs among them, but I suspect that many of them are deceived into thinking they are protecting the people from "terrorists".  The fact that more US soldiers die of suicide than of being killed by the enemy leads me to believe that they regularly wake up and are horrified by the truth.

I would like to see those who are using their positions of power to try and secretly destroy the US, its sovereignty and freedom from within eventually stand trial.  They deserve their day in court just like anyone else.  To give them less consideration than that means we become just as evil as them.

Pray for our sovereignty.  Pray for our well being.  Pray for peace.  And then work to preserve them.

Gulf Stream is Weakening, Is an Ice Age Imminent?

This is interesting, from 2010, it says there was this current in the North Atlantic that has weakened due to the spraying of Corexit in the Gulf, and the author thinks this might mean we're heading for an ice age.

Well, I hope they're wrong.  An ice age could kill 2/3 of humanity.  And they tend to come on kind of suddenly, like over the course of a year or two.

But you know, give all your money to Al Gore, that'll fix it. 


NATO is getting ready to replace all news media in Syria with BS designed to demoralize people and discourage resistance to the NATO invasion.

Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta have intimated that the US military is really under UN/NATO control and said that Obama will override Congress to wage war.  This is totally unconstitutional, and there is now a joint resolution before both houses trying to impeach Obama for overstaying the constitutional grace period in the NATO invasion of Libya.  Unfortunately I don't think this resolution will be allowed to come to a vote before the 112th Congress becomes the 113th Congress, so it will probably die on the vine.
And this crap continues, as in March Panetta said we had to ask the UN for permission to intervene in Syria:

Yeah, they're crooks.
But can you imagine the unrest if Obama's actually impeached and removed from office while still a sitting president?
On the other hand, we'll see if the next election actually happens, or if the dollar collapses first and he imposes some kind of "emergency" suspension of due process in order to stay in power.

There is now a bill before Congress to allow US government propaganda directed at the US people.  It's the 2013 version of the NDAA.  Good grief, we just got done bitching about the 2012 NDAA!

(although the MSM is already controlled through the CIA's Operation Mockingbird, or whatever they're calling it these days. And probably alternative media as well.  We really can't trust any media.  Don't even trust me, I try, but I might have wrong info, instead confirm everything for yourself.)

Does this mean that one day soon all news media in the US will be NATO-controlled BS?
I think if we have a dollar collapse, it's a high likelihood.


If you EVER hear me liking the UN or NATO, espousing violence except in self-defense, or telling you to trust the government, you'll know that I was replaced by a zombie!!!

If they haven't shut down all the other blogs, and you find I'm "off the air" for several days running without some kind of warning or explanation, you'll know something happened to me. And for the record, I am not suicidal.  Not in the least.  If I ever turn up a "suicide", please look for my killers, because I didn't do it. 

BTW, speaking of censorship, the Greek government has banned the publishing of opinion polls for 2 weeks ahead of its election.  I'm not sure if this was already a standing law, or something new.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another "Scientific Study" Predicts Eco-Collapse, Urges Drastic Depopulation

Another bunch of stupid so-called scholars saying we gotta quick depopulate the human population (i.e. KILL LOTS OF PEOPLE) because the world is going to collapse any minute.

Okay, assholes, you first.  Go ahead and save the planet, kill yourselves.  Hey, why do we need to reduce the population if the planet's fixing to do it for us?  Why not just have a big party and see if the planet's really serious?  And wouldn't we have a higher chance to survive some planetary collapse if we have MORE people at the start, rather than less?

These guys better get new jobs if they actually believe themselves, because any supposed new stone age won't be needing professional cheerleaders for death.  That's not a skill set that will be in demand. 

It makes me want to go out and have a dozen babies RIGHT NOW.  I want the number of the Octomom's doctor.  No, I want a clone army.  Just think of the orchestra I could form.  We could fiddle while Rome burns!  In harmony!

But, I don't believe the planet will collapse due to some "eco crisis" shit.  It's just some kind of false meme that TPTB are putting out there so that people won't look for the perpetrators when they start killing everyone with those novel viruses they made at Kobe University and other places, in order to steal their land and make their little Nazi-eugenics eutopia come true.

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

One Third of Malaria Drugs are Fake

It's this kind of corruption that makes people suspicious of vaccines and other drugs.
Not to mention things like those girls in New York all developing neurological tics at the same time.
As long as the infrastructure is run by greedy, eugenicist psychopaths, this is going to be what we get.  And increasingly so in the US, as the crash progresses.

The solution?

I think the solution would be locally produced drugs and vaccines.  Have more compounding pharmacies.  Or make drugs with 3-D printers.  It would create more accountability if the guy making the drugs was right there around the corner and had to look you in the eye once a week, and you knew where he lived.

Or, maybe just do away with vaccines altogether if you can't guarantee their safety, and get more mosquito nets etc. or develop social habits that would help cut down on the vectors.  I think even if some poor African didn't trust their malaria drugs, they'd trust a mosquito net.  If the nets can be manufactured right there, so much the better.

Another solution would be to stop poisoning people with Bisphenol A, fluoride, and so forth, and our immune systems would be better equipped to deal with microbes.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Wagner and Star Wars

Earlier today I posted a silly picture of a fat lady dressed as Brunnhilde.  It got me thinking.

I was just thinking about some similarities between Wagner's Ring Cycle and the movies of Star Wars.  Mostly about the music.  Wagner's Ring has these little themes called "Leitmotifs" for each idea or character, and it's nowhere as clear as in the first opera, "Das Rheingold", where these themes are introduced.  There's a theme for the gold, for the curse on the ring, for Freya, for the giants, for Wotan's staff, for Loge's fire, for the Nibelungen, etc.  The same might be said for the first Star Wars movie made, "Star Wars", where each character gets a theme as well. 

As the Ring operas progress, you get little snippets of themes, sometimes as a passing comment, or to underscore the significance of something in the action, but it's more mixed up than in the first opera, where each theme gets a full exposition. 

I'm sure John Williams, as a composer, was aware of Wagner's Ring and may have even studied it in a music theory class or something.

Thinking about it further, the character Luke is a bit like Siegfried. So John Williams' Wagnerian treatment of the music fits.

Of hidden parentage, and raised by Mime the dwarf, who took him when his mother died in childbirth, Siegfried gets tired of his country bumpkin life and takes off with his father's sword to find adventure.  Siegfried's father was Siegmund, a sort of anti-hero with special powers, who had met and had a one-night relationship with Sieglinde his long lost sister.  Mime knew this but kept it all from Siegfried.  Siegfried then kills Fafner the dragon and rescues Brunnhilde from a cage of flames, where she has been sleeping like Sleeping Beauty.

Of hidden parentage, and raised by his aunt and uncle, who took him when his mother died in childbirth, Luke gets tired of his country bumpkin life and takes off with his father's lightsaber to rescue a princess, who turns out after a bit of flirting to actually be his long lost sister.  His aunt and uncle and also Obi-Wan knew all this but kept it from him.  Luke's father was Anakin, a sort of anti-hero with special powers, who had a secret marriage with Padme.  When Luke finds Leia in her cell, he wakes her up from a nap.

There is even some similarity between Wagner and George Lucas, in that Wagner had a theater built to his specs that could fit the gigantic orchestra required for the Ring Cycle but that would still allow the singers to be heard singing at normal volume; and Wagner also started the practices of having the orchestra in a pit and the theater dark during the performance.  Lucas had to invent all kinds of movie innovations to bring his world to life, and eventually had a whole moviemaking campus.

And then of course there's Bugs and Elmer...

Disappointing Politicians? OMG What a surprise!

Rand Paul in the last few days has endorsed Mitt Romney, to the annoyance of many patriots.

Ron Paul may have suspected he wasn't going to win the nomination, but was still shooting the moon with some kind of back door technique to get delegates.  It didn't work, of course.  Duh.
He also underreacted to the Republican Party stealing his delegates and giving them to Romney, and told his supporters to "be polite".

The hard-line Libertarians are complaining bitterly about all this.
But I say, you put your trust in a POLITICIAN? (*face palm*)

Look, there was only one Cincinnatus.  Stop expecting his reincarnation.  Both Pauls are looking after their careers. Rand is more Republican than Libertarian anyway, and he's trying to get into the mainstream, probably for 2016.  This is his career, and his dad's campaign is a dead horse now.  That doesn't mean the issues aren't still important.  We can still push the issues and show our numbers to influence Romney and our congresscritters.

But these Paul guys are only human. They might have been threatened, or they might have decided it's better to fall back and try again later.  Who knows?  Ron Paul has always been pretty genteel, I don't think he would conscience rabble-rousing at a political event, so of course he would tell people to be polite.  And like I said, Rand's even closer to being a typical "pragmatist" politician than Ron is.

It's important to keep trying to use the system to influence the system.  It's better to use the ballot box than the cartridge box to effect change.  Because if someone opens that cartridge box, well, that's Pandora's cartridge box. And she's likely to slamfire all over the place.

So what's the solution to the box?  Think outside the box.  It's hard to make someone else (especially a politician) do something your way.  So, while trying to change the outside world, arrange your life for maximum liberty.  Come up with some alternative income.  Have a plan for alternative shelter, just in case.  Have a plan of how you will leave if you have to.  Get to know your immediate area.  Build your tribe.  Clean your house.  Figure out how you will communicate in a communication breakdown, ahead of time.

And don't keep all your eggs in one box.

Federal Judge Bans NDAA But It Ain't Over Yet

A federal judge banned the NDAA (indefinite detention law) as unconstitutional.  The Obama admin. had asked her to reconsider banning it, but she banned it anyway.

The administration could still appeal.  Lots of weird things happen in appeals court, so it ain't over till the FAT LADY SINGS.
So - werf' ich den Brand
in Walhalls prangende Burg!

Organic Permaculture Link

On the Survivalist Blog's latest post (I think, unless it was Resilient Communities?  It was late) there was this link

to an online class (as series of video lectures) on permaculture.  You can learn for free!

If you want to learn how to garden in such a way so as not to deplete the nutrition in the soil, but build it up, and eventually make it easier on yourself (less weeding!), then it'll behoove you to learn permaculture.

If nothing else, start a little practice garden, get some seeds for next year, and build up your compost pile this summer.  If freedom of movement is denied people after the crash and you get stuck, even if it's just that you can't get gas and you have to carry everything on foot, you'll be glad you did this now.

You don't even need a compost bin.  I went ten years without one, just throwing weeds and coffee grounds and eggshells in a pile.  But a bin hides the ugly mess from the neighbors.  Personally when I see compost I see beauty, but I'm weird that way.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Tater Harvest Has Started

I planted some interesting dark blue/purple organic potatoes I bought from Whole Foods back in March.  Just kept them in the warm for a couple weeks and they grew eyes, and I put them in the ground.  It was more cost effective than buying potatoes marketed as "seed potatoes".  The baby plants were actually purple, but then they greened up.  I've been told that once the plant above ground starts to die, if it doesn't perk up when you water it, it's time to dig up the taters.  If it's diseased, throw it out and don't compost it, if it's good then eat the taters.  Two of my plants started to die, so I dug up the taters.  They seemed healthy.

The new generation of taters was maybe 4 or 5 taters per plant, not very big, but neither were the original taters.  They were very dark purple.  The yield of this particular variety wasn't that great.  I dunno if I could have gotten more by mulching the plants with straw, but hey, you can quadruple your "underground investment" in 3 months.  Maybe more if you just cut off a small piece of the original tater that has an eye, and let it harden off for a day or two, then plant that.  In a way you can either have more pieces to plant per tater, or you can have your tater and eat it too.

I had better yields with Yukon Gold taters last year.  I have a few of those planted, too, and some red taters.  Two of my Yukon Golds from last year, somehow I missed some of the smaller taters when I dug them up, and I got volunteers this year.  Which says to me that I could probably plant taters for next year in the fall and let them overwinter.

In place of the tater plants I dug up, I think I will plant either beans or turnips, although it's so hot that any brassicas will probably bolt.  I could plant mustard. It won't matter if that bolts. I haven't had mustard in the garden for 3 years.  Maybe it's time again.  I'll double dig the bed and add humus and aged manure first, whatever I decide to plant.  I also need to put strings for the pea plants to climb.  I had peas alternating with taters, because one climbs and the other one needs room, so they seemed like they would be able to crowd together.

You can plant multiple crops if you find ones that don't get in each other's way, or do an early crop and then a warm-weather crop, and then in the fall something that can overwinter, like root vegetables.

Is next to harvest, carrots.

I just planted a "fish" pepper plant I got at the farmers market (sounded interesting, a medium hot pepper they prepare fish with, hence the name), some coriander I harvested last year (for cilantro plants), and some pirogue tobacco, which I started in a window box, although it gets to 4 feet tall.  But I want to be able to know which plant is the tobacco, and keep a better eye on it.  It's a little late for the tobacco, but I tried in April and it failed to germinate.

It hasn't rained in several days and my rain barrel is getting low.  Obviously in a grid down situation I'll want a second rain barrel, or I'll be hauling water from the river daily, like a tribal lady.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cryptocat - Encrypted Chat
This open-source chat program purports to be encrypted and with no back doors, and it has Tor built in.  It erases the conversation after it's idle for an hour.

The creator of it, a kid from Canada named Nadim Kobeissi, has been detained several times at the US border because the alphabet soups wanted to know what algorithms it used for its encryption.  I'm going to add this link to the computer privacy page.

See this article here

More Wonders of Vinegar

Here I am again with stuff about vinegar.

You can use vinegar to clean off grease.  I put baking soda and vinegar in a pot and use it to clean my stove.  I just dip a scrubby sponge in it and start rubbing.  It gets the crud off the burner covers, too.  This works great, a lot faster and easier than harsh chemicals.  And it fizzes like one of those toy volcanoes kids want to make.  The only thing missing is the red dye... and the volcano.  Well, okay, almost everything is missing except the fizz.  But you know, sell the sizzle not the steak.  Or the fizzle not the fake.  Whatever.  I've also used straight vinegar on a sponge to try and get old hardened grease splatters off the side of a cabinet, it works ok but it works better with the baking soda.

You can also use vinegar and salt to scrub crud out of a cast iron pan, if you got it really cruddy.  If you don't have a lot of seasoning in your pan, though, it'll take it off.  I guess it's up to you if it's worth using under those circumstances, but being nontoxic it's probably better than detergent.

For some of you this all may be old hat, but personally I really would prefer to use pennies worth of baking soda and vinegar on my stove than some kind of junk in a $5 bottle that probably causes cancer.  Expensive is not always more effective.

I might also mention something called Vinegar of the Four Thieves.  This is an herbal vinegar alleged to have acted as a prophylaxis against the bubonic plague.  These thieves took some and went looting empty houses; they were caught and made to divulge their secret to long life before they were executed.  I posted a couple recipes for this about a year ago, I think.  But you can also just google it.  Even if it's not the panacea that people thought it was back then, it still makes a good salad dressing.

And of course, you can use apple cider vinegar to make ginger switchel. Yum.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Tropical Staph Infections

Here I am again at this guy's blog, he seems to stomp around in the jungle a lot and then treat his own infections.  I am guessing it's easier to get hold of antibiotics abroad without having to go through doctors, if you have the money for it.  Or maybe the doctors are cheaper.

Wow, a bug bite or scratch becoming some kind of awful galloping boil in a few hours.  Yuk.  I wonder how common this is.

Of course, they're finding MRSA in bedbug bites in Vancouver, so maybe it doesn't matter how cold your environment is.  I know two people who had MRSA.  It's no picnic.

In other news there seems to be an epidemic of zombies.  I mean, people going crazy from some drug called "bath salts" and biting people's faces off.  Talk about lending a new meaning to "steal your face".  Stay the hell away from these drugs and from people doing these drugs, for your own safety.

Insurance, Debt and Inflation

Speaking of cars and financing, I just had my car insurance jacked up because my home insurance was coupled with it and I had some ridiculous, needless, drawn out trouble with the home insurance and had to replace it.  Because the home insurance was no longer part of the package, the auto insurance raised my payment by 25% when it renewed.  But then shopping it, the quotes I got were really no better unless I were to pay for a whole year at once.  Then I might save around 15% off the now higher amount.

In my experience, both as a homeowner and driver, and as a bookkeeper, insurance companies try to jack you about every two years.  This is almost like clockwork.  When they do, switching brands only gets you partial relief.

If I had bought my car for cash, I wouldn't have to buy comprehensive and collision on the car.  Having financing on a car makes you have to buy a more expensive kind of auto insurance. Also having a newer car means it's worth more and therefore needs more insurance.  Of course there's the tradeoff of the warranty and the older car being more likely to need repair.

I fear that hyperinflation in the next year may make people's insurance on their homes and cars exceed their ability to pay, even if they own the home or car free and clear.  Salaries don't usually keep up with prices in a hyperinflation situation.  The effect may not be felt for several months, as insurance renews periodically, but eventually it'll be a nasty surprise.  Homeowners insurance is only required with a mortgage (I think), although it's a very good idea, especially considering if there's riots there will probably be arson as well.  Although in a large enough breakdown one might expect all insurance companies to fail to pay claims.

One solution to debt-related insurance hikes may be to stockpile fungibles now in hopes that hyperinflation would make them so much more valuable than money that one could sell them and pay off one's debt with the wheelbarrow of cash one would fetch from them.  I'm talking not only silver and gold, but cigarettes, toilet paper, booze, guns, ammo, chocolate, and other things that become currency in times like those.

Another solution, if you have a few thousand to throw around, would be to buy a piece of rural "junk land" so that if one loses one's home because one's taxes or insurance got jacked up to the stratosphere, one could resettle on the junk land, in a used camper, and have the value of the land be so low that the taxes are affordable.  For storage one could build a shed,or a tunnel.  Tip:  You might be able to park your camper under a pole barn and still not have a lot of "improvements" to the land, but have an extra roof to keep it dry.  And one might be able to pack hay bales around the camper in winter and not worry about the hay getting wet.

How to Buy Salvage Cars Cheap

Dennis Burda tells all, on Gary North's website.
Sounds like the best bet might be a theft salvage.  Usually it's only the interior and the windows that are bad on those.  But read the whole article.

Obviously you're not going to get traditional financing on one of these.  But you might get about a 40% discount, if you can save up to do this.  It's like buying a fixer house.  You'll need to either be mechanically inclined or know a mechanic who wants a side job.

Eric Holder Minces Words Fastly and Furiously

Furiouser and Furiouser!

Eric Holder just said before Congress that emails containing the phrase "Fast and Furious" don't refer to the Fast and Furious gunwalking program.

Yeah right.  What the hell has he been smoking?  Does he really think Congress (or more importantly the American people) will buy that BS?

Or has he been taking lessons from Bill Clinton, as in redefining the word "is"?

On the Economics of DIY

I mentioned to my roommate this morning that doing a lot of things yourself instead of paying someone else to do or make them sure takes a lot of time.  Most of the time it's worth it though.  Either you get something you couldn't otherwise afford, or you get something that's not otherwise available.  Also, if you reduce the amount of income that is required for you to live, you can use the savings to build your self-sufficiency even more.

A side benefit is if your income gets reduced, but you're saving money by doing things yourself, you won't have to pay as much in taxes.  Not only on your income, but sales tax on things you might have otherwise bought, but you instead made.  So far, they're not taxing a home garden as "income", although if the pretender gets re-elected we might expect him to try that sort of nonsense.

Gardening gets you organic (if you do it that way) produce, and once you have enough of the proper kind of dirt in raised beds, it's less work from there on out.  Canning is pretty much work, but then you know what's in your food, and there are periods of time you can sit down and rest while you wait for something to boil.  And just think, I don't need a gym membership.  I can lift weights here at home, i.e. bags of manure, my watering can, logs, rocks, big potted plants, etc.

Sometimes DIY doesn't make sense, for example I can go to the thrift store and get a shirt for $2 to $5.  If I were to bother to make myself a shirt, new fabric alone would cost more than the shirt from the thrift.  It would have to be some specific design or fabric I had to have and couldn't find at the thrift. I sometimes alter an existing garment to get what I want.

Pants, on the other hand, I might start making again.  I do NOT like the low-on-the-hips style for women, and it is almost impossible to find anything else anymore.  Not only does that style not flatter me, but it is very hard to conceal-carry anything with any stopping power in hip huggers.  And the damn things feel like they're falling off all the time.  Both that style and the "sagging" that some guys do with their pants are examples of styles that take power from people in the form of their mobility.  But at least the guys can pull their pants up, whereas I can't find the old style of women's pants.

You can also make your own vinegar, laundry soap, cosmetics, shoes, etc.  I think these are good skills to know, just in case you have to use them one day.  You might find that making EVERYTHING yourself is kind of a pain, and only do some things yourself so you can have a life, but as long as you know how to make something, at least you're a step ahead of folks who don't know how to make anything themselves.

It might even be a new profession post-crash.

Vinegar for Laundry

I already knew you could use white vinegar to get sweat stains out of white clothes.  Basically after washing the clothes, you rinse them and then soak them in water with some vinegar, and it takes the yellow sweat stain out.  Your clothes end up smelling like a salad, but no more stain.

So the other day I tried something else.  Sometimes I use handkerchiefs or bandannas to blow my nose.  And I hand wash most of my laundry, only getting a machine for large items like comforters.  But hand washing a snot rag is annoying, I do them separately because you have to scrub this slimy thing for like 5 or 10 minutes to get the slime off, and I don't want it getting on the other laundry.  YUK.

So on a brain wave the other day I tried soaking this one snot rag in vinegar water after cleaning it with the usual detergent.

EUREKA!  It worked like a charm!  No more slime!  And pretty much in only an hour of soaking.  And vinegar is relatively cheap, if you buy the basic stuff by the gallon.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Medicines for Tropical Diseases

The last few links have been to the same website, well I found something useful on there, in addition to Mr. Finnegan's politics and exposure of corruption.  It 's a really long article about diseases.

Living as he has in tropical countries, he has experienced several variants of Montezuma's Revenge, or the Crawling Crud.  Listed in the story are the medicines he took that made him get better.

Such advice could also apply to a temperate zone in a grid-down situation, where the sewer system stops working etc.  Of special note is what to do when you don't have toilet paper.  You should keep your butt as clean as possible at all times.  You'll have to figure out how to do that without toilet paper, but going poopy is just not an option if you don't want to get real sick real fast.

Kinda makes a case for stocking up on toilet paper.  Even if Armageddon never happens, you'll still use it, and it doesn't go bad unless you drop it somewhere nasty or leave it out in the rain.  Also you can use toilet paper in homemade gas masks and those oil filters I mentioned about a week ago.

Another thing I saw in this rather long article was, if you can get a small tank of oxygen now and put it up, then if people start getting the flu or something like it with respiratory distress, even though it's not the same as being on a respirator, it might be just that added boost that could save your life.  If everyone gets the flu at once, there won't be enough respirators to go around.

He gives this warning about Tamiflu: "Tamiflu has a history of causing hallucinations and has been blamed for suicides.  Only use it under the supervision of a doctor or in a dire emergency."

He also warns, if there's any kind of dire epidemic going around, you're best to get out of town and go somewhere isolated where you can avoid human contact until it runs its course.  If you're with a group that does this and someone gets sick, you will have to isolate them somehow, plus anyone who is caring for them.