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Friday, September 28, 2012

Whole Military Contractor Family Found Killed in VA

A husband, wife and 2 teenage sons were found all dead, shot in the torso.  Both parents had worked at military contractors - Blackbird Technologies and Northrup Grummond.  The police think the husband did a murder-suicide, because he had tried to kill himself in the past.  The husband had also been on a new heart medication that was making him act dizzy.

I find this odd because why would a suicide shoot himself in the torso?  That is kind of an awkward way to shoot oneself.  Most gun suicides are probably head shots of some kind or another.  Just sayin'.

I wonder what he knew that he wasn't supposed to know.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Heaviest Element Known to Man Discovered LOL

New Atomic Element Governmentium (Gv) Discovered
Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have discovered the heaviest element yet known to science. The new element, Governmentium (Gv), has one neuron, 25 assistant neurons, 88 deputy neurons, and 198 assistant deputy neurons, giving it an atomic mass of 312.
These 312 particles are held together by forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.
Since Governmentium has no electrons, it is inert; however, it can be detected, because it impedes every reaction with which it comes into contact. A minute amount of Governmentium can cause a reaction that would normally take less than a second to complete to take from four days to four years.
Governmentium has a normal half-life of 2รข€“6 years; it does not decay, but instead undergoes a reorganization in which a portion of the assistant neurons and deputy neurons exchange places. In fact, Governmentium’s mass will actually increase over time, since each reorganization will cause more morons to become neurons, forming isodopes.
This characteristic of moronic promotion leads some scientists to believe that Governmentium is formed whenever morons reach a critical concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as critical morass.
When catalyzed with money, Governmentium becomes Administratium, an element that radiates just as much energy as Governmentium since it has half as many peons but twice as many morons.
An outside force called Bureauacritizatium guides and directs all the peons and morons no matter how much their power levels drop. Even when Governmentium and Administratium no longer function, Bureauacritizatium is always read with an additional infusion of control. Contrary to all the laws of physics, while Bureauacritizatium can be created; it can never be destroyed.
From: Godfather Politics
h/t to BC Truck - I'm going to add him to the blog roll.

Henhouse Follies and Bee Skeptics

Here's the fanciest henhouse in the world, to be built by a hedge fund manager by the name of Crispin Odey.
(h/t to a commenter on Root Simple.)

Somehow, I don't think he's doing this for the eggs.  I think he's trying to be funny.  The author of the article is, in typical left-wing fashion, offended by Mr. Odey's sparing no expense on this thing.  I think it's cool, like if I had extra money and the right zoning I might make a whimsical henhouse, but since I'm on a beer budget to go with my champagne taste I'd probably just use wood, and try to make it look like the Kremlin.  But it would come out looking more like the Weasleys' house in the Harry Potter movies, because I'm not that good of a carpenter.  And it would cost a poultry sum.  I would put a frieze of a fox on guard in it.

I have some suggestions for the design: Mr. Odey might want to think about nesting boxes, and make it so he can access them from outside.  Maybe build them into the back of the thing.  Otherwise he (or his chicken keeper more likely) is going to be walking through chicken poo to get the eggs.  He should also be thinking about putting in a warming light for winter.

And now from aviary to apiary: linked there was this 1800's bee skep cubby hole thing.  With skeps you had to kill the bees to get the honey - modern hives work better.  But this looks cool nonetheless.  Someone restored it, I guess to preserve artifacts of old ways of life.  Or convince the skeptics, har har.

Back to the henhouse: I know Mr. Odey can't help it, but he sure has a funny name that just fits a guy making a fancy henhouse folly somehow.  If I ever get a chicken I think I'll name it Crisp 'n' Odey.  Or the rooster could be Comrade Gorbachicken, if my Kremlin henhouse works.

Another Good Hidey Hole Idea

Just saw this on the 5 gallon bucket blog:

Basically bury a 5 gallon bucket with a lid in your garden or wherever, and cover it with a little mulch or dirt.
Obviously you will want further waterproofing, if you're going to bury anything that would get ruined if it got wet.

I would NOT bury seeds or food this way, at least not for any long period of time.  I think rats or other varmints (Bears! Dogs! Raccoons!) could find them and tear up your stash.  But you might be able to store tools, ammo, clothes, a tarp, a sleeping bag, paracord, fire starters, etc. and make little camp site caches.  Or you could hide items which might be taken from you if you had them on you.  Like if you're anticipating passing through checkpoints, or if you think you might be mugged.  (Some people might argue that's the same thing, only with or without a uniform on the muggers...)

To confuse and annoy people with metal detectors, you could also bury a lot of scrap iron and foil gum wrappers around.  I understand that gold registers in the same range as foil.  "Curses! Foiled again!"  Just don't be seen burying or unburying anything.

Here is a caveat emptor:  I had a black 5-gallon bucket lid from Home Depot rip on me a couple weeks ago.  I was trying to get it off my cat food storage bucket, which I open and close pretty frequently, and it just up and ripped in half.  I'm thinking you might want either a gamma lid for this hidey hole bucket, or maybe one of those square cat litter buckets, which might have a better lid.  Often you can find them in the trash.  Anyway, I'm being a lot more careful with the bucket lids, but I'm kind of irritated.

Also, don't expect a plastic bucket to last forever.  Plastic gets brittle over time.

One parting thought: I keep thinking about fiberglass, and wonder if it's possible to make one's own waterproof tube with a gamma lid, that's maybe twice as long as a 5-gallon bucket.  Maybe put two of them bottom to bottom, with holes cut in the bottom, and seal them together somehow by wrapping them like a mummy?  Or three of them?


Monday, September 24, 2012

I will BURN Obama's campaign flag if I get my hands on one

The Obama campaign has come out with a mockery of the American flag.
Jerome Corsi has pointed out the stripes on the flag look like a bloody handprint as someone grabs the wall while being dragged away.

You might or might not know that the red stripes on the real flag symbolize the blood spilled in war.  Or courage.  Even someone being dragged away can still resist - if nothing else they can grab the wall and leave a mark.

You can bet on two things from me:
1. If I get my hands on one of Obama's schmatta flags I will BURN the dirty thing and stomp the ashes into the gutter.  It is a travesty of the flag of the United States and an insult to our nation.
2. If we succumb to tyranny and the thugs ever have me cornered, I will resist with everything, even if all I can do in the end is drag the wall.  I will not submit.  Because death is not the worst of all evils.

Who knows - I might see you all in Valhalla one day.

DHS is Working for Monsanto

This article is very disturbing.

If what it's saying is correct, TPTB's next step will be to crush all organic and heirloom food growing by spraying Agent Orange on organic farms.  And they'll probably also be kicking in doors like in a drug raid or like in Kandahar, looking for seed savers.

But we can resist, with guerilla gardens.

Think French Resistance.  Think like a pot grower, too.  How do they hide their crops?
I heard about a pot grower who grew his plants up in redwood trees. He would actually climb these big trees to get to his plants.  That's a bit extreme, but I guess it worked for him.  I can see someone living part time up in a redwood tree and having a little garden of hanging plants.

Also, kudzu is edible.  This weed may be an answer to their starvation/poisoning scheme.  They haven't been able to get rid of kudzu in how many years of trying?

Got PVC plumbing parts?  Got a shovel?  You can hide your seeds, if it comes to that.

Sometimes in India, a bunch of farmers will get together and beat up the local Monsanto rep.  It may come to that here. I hope we can stop them with more civil means.  We just have to stay on top of things and pay attention.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Facebook = Snitchbook

Facebook is asking users if their friends are using their real names.

People require anonymity to avoid stalkers, function online in repressive regimes, and keep potential employers in the dark about their political leanings.

The US is becoming a repressive regime.

In this day and age, where spying and snitching are becoming too commonplace, we must resist this at every step.  I suggest people create a host of fake FB accounts just to keep them busy, in protest of this disturbing trend.

If FB doesn't desist, we can always leave FB and use email instead.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Jesse Ventura Telling it Like it Is


Another Tungsten Filled Fake Gold Bar Found - in Manhattan
This fake gold bar stuff seems to be going around.  I wonder how bad it is.
Photo Credit: I stole this pic from the above linked article! Thanks dudes
 At this point, I wouldn't bother with gold, UNLESS you get some used jewelry at a pawn shop, or something like that.  Small pieces of gold can work where bars won't.  You can take a heavy-ish gold chain and cut links off one by one and sell them.  If it's jewelry, it'll probably escape any confiscation scheme, although there's no guarantee - Mussolini even got people's wedding rings, and the Khmer Rouge killed people who had dental fillings, because they must have been bourgeois and not peasants to afford a dentist.

Even if nobody confiscates gold, it's hard to make change for a gold bar in the midst of a crisis.

If they were going to confiscate bullion and gold coins, and I had bars of it sitting around, or if I wanted to have smaller units of trade, I'd be melting it and pouring it into ring molds and such.  But then I'd be majorly bummed if it turned out to be tungsten inside while I was melting it!  Unfortunately I don't have that problem.  I am blog rich and gold poor. 

I posted this before, but you can make a green sand drag mold for metal casting out of play sand and bentonite clay (ground up cat litter) with a little water, and dust it with diatomaceous earth.  Its product would be primitive, but just go for the primitive look.

Debt Bomb Music Video LOL

If you look closely, the pasties on the strippers are gold coins.

Gas Cans Now Twice the Price Thanks to EPA

I went to buy a gas can yesterday and discovered the price was more than double last year's price, due to new regulations by the EPA that made the gas can people have to manufacture a fancy, "no-emission" gas can.

However, there may be a few of the old style cans in stock in various stores.  I suggest if you want a reasonably priced gas can, you should look for the old ones ASAP before they disappear.

Japan and China Arguing Over Islands
There are a bunch of different islands in the South China Sea that are in dispute between various countries.  The above linked article enumerates some of them, and the military saber-rattling and trade sanctions that have been going on over them.

Of particular note are some uninhabited islands that China and Japan are arguing over called Diaoyu in China and Senkaku in Japan, which are believed to be in oil-rich waters. Taiwan also has a claim on the islands, but this is really all about China and Japan.

Japan just bought the islands from their private owners, and China is mad over that. The islands were up till now leased by the government from a Japanese family that owned them since early 1970s, and Japan just controlled them.

Japan also caught a Chinese fishing boat near the islands earlier this month, and then let it go, with warnings.  Then two Japanese activists went to the islands on Tuesday and China is really mad about that because Tuesday the 18th was an important anniversary of Japanese aggression against China from WW2. 

There's actually two anniversaries that are relevant.

On Sept. 18, 1931, Japanese soldiers blew up a railway in Manchuria, blaming it on dissidents. This was a false-flag attack which gave Japan an excuse for the invasion of north-east China.  (in case you thought countries in the west was the only people doing false flags, NOPE!).

It is also the 40th anniversary of normalization of diplomatic ties between China and Japan next week, and this whole island thing is making me wonder if they'll make it a whole 40 years or not.

There were protests in China.  I would hazard a guess that the protests were mostly organized by the Chinese government as a show of displeasure.  Some of the protests resulted in vandalism, and among other businesses, Seven-Elevens closed for a few days (they're Japanese owned in China).

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has been in both Japan and China in the last few days, trying to smooth things over, although he never actually mentioned the islands in China.  But things can go unsaid and still be understood.

And now Japan Airlines just announced it was cutting flights to China, and their stock has fallen accordingly.

Now, remember that China and Japan recently agreed to trade directly with each other and not go through the dollar.  But it's not all mochi and moon cakes over there, I guess. I hope this simmers down.

I have a solution:  Just put a joint colony of martial arts schools on them, and people can come and duke it out for fun.  World leaders could go there and resolve disputes by sparring.

US Gov Looking to Map Mexico

I was poking around on and found this solicitation from sometime in the last week.

Apparently the US wants to make a detailed map of Mexico.

Not sure if it means the US has any "evil" intentions.  The data they want, they consider to be unclassified.
(shrug) I dunno.  Might just be time to update their old map, for all I know.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Is the US In Danger of Genocide?

First off, I want to reiterate that I do not think that freedom of speech itself causes genocide.  That is a far reaching conclusion taken to an illogical extreme by people who want to curtail freedom of speech.

But according to this guy Gregory Stanton, here are the 8 stages of genocide:
I'm going to put them in a nutshell but he has longer explanations.  These stages are cumulative.

1. Classification.  That's where you can divide a population into different groups, like black and white, Hutu and Tutsi, Catholic and Protestant, etc.  Most populations have different groups, so this is normal.

2. Symbolization.  This is where the groups get symbols attached to them, for example a cross, star of David, or whatever.  Still, this isn't a problem unless there's hate involved.

3. Dehumanization.  One group denies another is human.  They could call them vermin, animals, or demons, or whatever.  This is where the hate speech starts to creep into the media.
(Calling humanity a "cancer", calling investors "muppets", saying there needs to be a 95% decrease in the population)

4. Organization. Usually genocide is carried out by a government, but often they use little militia groups so they have plausible deniability.  The group(s) carrying out the genocide get organized in order to do so.
(FEMA or re-education camps,  tons of ammo, live training where the "enemy" are preppers, farmers, protesters, et al; changing the laws to accommodate taking away people's civil rights, medical so called "ethicists" saying abortion is valid up to age 3, attempting to lay a foundation for killing children?)

5. Polarization.  Extremists whipping people up into a frenzy. (various racial comments following the George Zimmerman incident, including one by our president; also some websites have a lot of racist crank commenters, ugly cartoons etc.).  Treating people with the labels from #2 badly (pulling over people with Ron Paul bumper stickers, or on the other hand, profiling people for driving while black)

6. Preparation.  Making people wear labels/symbols. Making death lists. (what is all the spying on US citizens for?  Also, there was something about people's doors getting marked, but I don't know if that was anything or not.)

7. Extermination.  This is self explanatory.  The killers think they are eradicating vermin rather than murdering people.  There could be killing both ways, and at this point often to stop it outsiders have to come in.  (There have been several racially motivated attacks this year.  But this isn't at the level of genocide.  But when the dollar collapses will it all go to hell?)

8. Denial.  A government that does genocide almost always tries to cover it up.  They dig up and move graves and don't let investigators in and that sort of thing.  The DHS has advertised on for contractors for things that would be indicative of #6, and then deleted the ads as soon as someone noticed and publicized them in the alternative/conspiracy press, on a few occasions in the past year.

SO, what is the prepper community doing wrong?
Calling people who are not preppers "Sheeple".  We should stop doing that.  People will wake up soon enough.  We shouldn't liken people to animals to belittle them, just because they don't notice what is happening yet.  It's kind of hard to wrap one's head around the possibility that the world might go wrong, too.  Many people have a small clue but don't want to think about it.  They think they can get by by keeping their heads down.

Is the US in danger of genocide?  Maybe.  I already see numbers 1 through 5 or 6 happening.  I'm not sure about 6, but I'm pretty sure about the others. Well, there is some kind of "terrorist" drone hit list, actually.  I have read allegations that the US has a hit list of US citizens.  Is it true? I don't know.  With today's technology, nobody needs to go around with some kind of patch on their clothes anymore to be identified.

There are a couple different ways this could shake out if it happens.  The first way would be if people split along "tribal" or political lines during the period after the dollar crashes and get mean to each other.  It's possible we could end up with another Hitler then, or maybe it would just be chaos.

The second way would be if someone wants to destroy our sovereignty.  Driving our population to genocide would create an excuse for the UN to come in and take over, and that's the last thing we want.

The good news is, it's all able to be checked at any point in the process.  So let's work to lessen the hatred that is out there, let's all act like adults, and be civil.  Everyone is not all the same, but everyone has value.  I'm not saying anyone is "more equal than others", but that we should play to our strengths and acknowledge that each person has different things to offer.

Even in the middle of SHTF, remember the golden rule.

Free Speech, Hate Speech, and Genocide

Because of that amateur movie trailer that is the beef for many a riot in the Middle East, there has been a lot of murmuring on NPR about freedom of speech.  All day yesterday they kept saying that the American standard for what constitutes freedom of speech is freer than in other countries.  With the implication that maybe we should be made to watch our mouths more, by altering the First Amendment, because some people in another part of the world want to get violent over it.  They didn't say right out to alter it, but they kept harping on how our standards are way looser than other places, and how the world is a bigger place now, etc.

Altering anything in the Constitution is a non-starter.  I might not agree with you, but I'll defend your right to say it.  Don't be messing with our Constitution.  And that stuff about making us watch our mouths in order to stop some hotheads on the other side of the planet from expressing themselves by burning down a KFC, because the "world is a bigger place now" is just globalist hogwash.

Other countries even in Europe don't have freedom of speech.  You have to watch out that you don't offend anybody or you can get in big trouble.  Germany is such a place.  I heard about a college teacher in Germany who went to jail when he asked one of his students if she was nuts during a private discussion about something in the class work.  Those two words, "Spinnst Du? sent him to jail.  Jail!

That is just asinine.  Even if the Germans are ultra-vigilant about human rights because of the Holocaust, and even though it was rude for a teacher not only to ask a student if she was nuts, but to duzen her (use the familiar form of address), it shouldn't warrant jail time.

That being said, we the supposedly free should jump on actual hate speech and challenge it when we see or hear it, because we're free to do so just as the hateful are mostly free to say what they think.

Now, about the development of genocide, which starts with hate speech and goes downhill from there.  There is a guy by the name of Gregory Stanton who is a kind of genocide prevention "expert".  I was surfing around and stumbled on his name last night.  So I looked him up.  He has a website, and on it he lists 8 stages of genocide.  Most of Mr. Stanton's remedies for places that might be devolving into genocide involve the legal curbing of freedom of speech.  This is where I disagree with him.  However, we could challenge the hate speech, like I already suggested.

I'm getting long in the post here, so I will continue this in the next post, where I will discuss whether we might be in danger of genocide in the US.  And I'm going to challenge something the prepper community has been doing!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Belated Happy Constitution Day

It's Constitution Day!  Or it was on the 17th.  I kind of am a bit late.  But...

Please read the Constitution.

Here it is
This is the version on the US Senate's website with explanation next to it, and the Bill of Rights.

This is the document that protects you and me from tyranny.  When they wrote this thing, they were trying to prevent the abuses that they endured under British rule, like having soldiers or cops bust into their houses and searching to confiscate weapons, being thrown into jail without a speedy trial and held indefinitely, not being allowed to speak their minds, and so forth.

And these things are being eroded by the minute.

The American Revolution started after enduring a lot of abuse and overtaxation, when the British attempted to disarm the colonists.  They went around trying to take their weapons and powder, and the colonists resisted.

I expect if they try it again, there'll be the same reaction.  As it should be.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

QE3 = Dollar Titanic

Peter Schiff likens Quantitative Easing to a big cruise ship, the Queen Elizabeth. (but then says it's more like the middle class getting screwed).  His main point is that instead of substance, Bernanke is selling sentiment.  The Fed is going to buy mortgage backed securities to try and drive the already historically low mortgage interest rates even lower, so that people will buy houses and extract the equity in their homes to buy consumer goods, creating the appearance of fiscal health.  The problem is, last time someone bought a lot of worthless mortgage backed securities, we had the crash of 2008.  How is this time going to be any different?

(On the heels of this announcement, precious metals jumped.  I noticed that George Soros bought a bunch of gold just a week or two ago.  He must have had a clue that it was time.) 

Back to the nautical parallels: I say QE3 is more like the Titanic.  It's going to sink us.

The Titanic actually has a real connection to the Federal Reserve: one theory has it was switcherooed with its damaged sister ship,  shored up just enough to make it float, and the replacement Titanic, which was really the damaged ship in disguise and not really seaworthy, was set to sail with a lot of opponents of the creation of the Federal Reserve on it. The evidence for this is the placement of the portholes on the two ships was slightly different, and also the structural stuff inside the hull of the sunken Titanic showed that it had been repaired right where the sister ship had sustained damage: spliced beams and things like that.  But the repair was a half-assed patch job, more cosmetic than substantive. 

(Hmm, half assed patch job sounds just like QE3 to me)

When the Titanic sank, there was a lot less opposition to the Fed, because those people drowned.  By doing this switcheroo, the owners avoided a bankruptcy and collected a massive insurance policy.  Therefore there was insurance fraud, and possibly also deliberate political mass murder involved.  Sort of like 9-11, with the giant insurance policy at the WTC and the destruction of embarrassing financial records at the Pentagon, or the Lockerbie bombing, which murdered several CIA agents who were about to whistleblow.

And you thought this conspiracy stuff was NEW?  Pshaw.

Congress has to deal with the "fiscal cliff" (= iceberg?) but it's only rearranging the deck chairs at this point.  Meanwhile most people are sitting down in steerage, without a clue as to what's going on.

We're going to go underwater, folks.

And Yet Another Appleseed!

I only did this Appleseed for one day.  I have something else to do tomorrow and couldn't go, but I could do today.

Today I had the pleasure of helping teach a little girl who was a natural marksman.  I think she might have been around 8.  They just had her shooting prone over a sandbag the whole time because she was small, but she was getting 2 inch groups at 25 yards, on her first day of shooting a rifle.  Started out with a tube fed, then she borrowed a Marlin 795 - the same rifle I made Rifleman on. I found out later that she had also shot a pellet gun before, on one occasion.  She was very calm and collected.

When this girl gets older she's going to shoot a Rifleman score on probably like every AQT she takes, if she keeps at it.

(the AQT, or Army Qualification Test, is a timed marksmanship test they used to use, I am told, in the WW2 era, that Appleseed has adopted for use.  The Rifleman score is 210 out of 250, and correlates to the Army designation of "Expert" marksman).

The teenage boy who made Rifleman on his very first AQT at the last Appleseed came back for this one and took the orange hat - he's now an Instructor in Training like me.

There were more encouraging things, but too many to enumerate.

I'm so proud of everybody.  It really makes me feel like there is hope.  The real hope for this country is in the people and their resiliency.  Need to wake more people up.  Together we can fix this thing.  It may get painful for a while, but the more people who are awake and doing things to help preserve and restore liberty, like getting civically involved, well, many hands make light work.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Interesting Products

I saw some products mentioned in various survival blogs and thought they were neat.  I'm not getting a commission or anything for linking to them.

Get 20 Glock-19 mags in an ammo can for $99 (I hope this offer is for real, that is unbelievably cheap)

Green coffee beans keep better than roasted ones - roast them yourself, but you need to move them constantly like maybe with a popcorn popper.  It takes around 6 minutes to roast coffee.  Here is a source for green coffee beans.  I bet you could also grow a coffee plant from a green coffee bean, but I'm not sure.  It would make for a nice conversation piece in your greenhouse.

The purveyors of this CD say it helps people under a lot of stress (like soldiers at war) with some coping strategies.  They give them away to soldiers, I put the link for civilians to buy it.  You can also buy a download instead of the CD.  It's $10 for the download - lots cheaper and less poisonous than going to a shrink and getting chemically lobotomized for the rest of your life by psych meds.

China and Germany to Bypass the Dollar Trading With Each Other
Just like China and Japan are now going to trade with each other without going through the dollar, now China and Germany will be doing the same thing.

Bye bye, dollar.

h/t to

A little music appropriate to the occasion.

Fast & Furious = Another Name for PATCON
Unfortunately there will probably be more Trentadues before long.  This guy Trentadue was beaten to death in Federal prison because the FBI thought he was a different guy who was wanted in connection with the Oklahoma City bombing.  His brother has been relentlessly searching for the truth, despite massive cover-ups and harassment of both him and his parents by the FBI.

Hopefully one day someone can shed light on the massive corruption that has taken over, and clean house.  But when the people in charge of investigating things are covering up their own grisly crimes, there's not that much hope of it.  The foxes are guarding the henhouse.



HEY! I just realized that "Trentadue" means "32" in Italian.
He's Mr. 32. Kind of an occultly significant number. (as is 23).  But 32 is also a nice round number.

One time in college a spooky guy asked me this koan: What's the difference between 2 and 3?  I have thought about it ever since he asked me that. Oddly enough the constant of growth, e, is between 2 and 3.  That also struck me funny, because of the koan.  Dunno if that's one of the answers to the koan or not.  The obvious answer would be "1" but perhaps he meant it in a different way.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gray State the Movie

Here is the concept trailer.  The movie is about what if the US fell to tyranny and martial law.  The film is being made in Minnesota.  They are trying to crowd fund it to get it from concept trailer stage to production stage.  You get swag for your donation - the biggest donors get a SWAT team uniform...

Friday, September 7, 2012

WTC Suing American Airlines and United over 9-11,_United_face_trial_over_Sept__11_destruction/

The owners of the WTC are suing the airlines for negligence in allowing the 9-11 hijackers aboard.

This is ridiculous.  I mean, come ON.  It's not the airlines' fault, unless they were in on it, but I'd say the owners of the WTC were CERTAINLY in on it.  They should not get a dime.  They should be rotting in jail for accessory to murder and insurance fraud.

Who allowed their buildings to be wired if not them? (How else could buildings hit by something asymmetrically fall symmetrically, exactly into their own footprints, and Building 7, which was not hit at all by anything do the same?  And if Building 7 fell down from shock vibrations, why didn't any other un-hit buildings fall down?) 

Why did they buy this property that had asbestos problems they could never afford to fix?  What about the fishy insurance policy they took out just a few months before the incident? 

In a just world, a person who colludes with the willful destruction of his own building, while he KNOWS there are people inside it, and KNOWS those people will be killed, and then tries to get the insurance for it, would be guilty of conspiracy to multiple first degree murders, and insurance fraud; and should either hang or fry for it, or spend the rest of his natural life in jail. 

This is just more theater to keep people believing the lies, and it's also crooks being greedy.
Haven't they ever heard this saying? "Pigs get fat.  Hogs get slaughtered."

(Disclaimer: no I am not making any threats.  It's only a saying.  But there will be justice one day for these MONSTERS.)

Corrupt Missouri Candidate for Governor Dave Spence Self-Dealt With TARP Money

It speaks for itself. He ran a bank.  He took the TARP funds and arranged for a bunch of loans to himself and his cronies, instead of pay it back.

And now he's running for Governor of Missouri.

I am disappointed in this guy.  I hope the Republicans do the right thing and spit him out.

The Facts:
  • For six years, Dave Spence helped run Reliance Bancshares and its main subsidiary, which took $40 million as part of the Wall Street bailout.
  • Spence supported the Wall Street bailout, which he defended as an "extra cushion of capital" to banks like his.
  • Shortly after Reliance received its $40 million TARP bailout, Spence took a million-dollar insider loan from the bank for a vacation house.
  • Spence then voted not to repay taxpayers their money and quit the bank, leaving taxpayers with a $40 million tab.
  • During Spence's time with Reliance Bancshares, federal regulators repeatedly reprimanded the bank and its subsidiaries for making bad loans and engaging in risky business practices.
  • Even after the bailout, Spence and his fellow board members approved lavish pay packages for the bank's executives as well as perks, such as country club memberships.
  • Spence's bank was named the worst-performing bank in the St. Louis region.
PS I corrected this article after being corrected by a commenter.  I thought mistakenly that Spence was already sitting in the gov seat.  Thank you, commenter.  Corrections always welcome.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Crazy Shooter Disrupts Quebec Premier-Elect Pauline Marois' Victory Speech

Pauline Marois has been elected to be the next premier of Quebec.  She will be the first woman premier of Quebec and she is also a secessionist, i.e. she wants Quebec to secede from Canada and be its own sovereign nation.  She was giving her election victory speech when a 68-year old man opened fire in the meeting hall and killed one person and injured another, yelling in French "The English are waking up!"  He had both a rifle and a pistol.  He also used accelerants to set fire to a door before being subdued and arrested.

It is uncertain as to the mental health status of the man, but he was dressed rather oddly, in a bathrobe and balaclava.

Quebec doesn't have a lot of government "security" like the US does, but they might be getting more now.  I don't know what it is with these lone loonies, but there sure does seem to be a rash of them.  Maybe it's something in the water.

Anyway, I'm excited for Mme. Marois.  One of my ancestors was a Quebecois politician so I sort of follow these things.  I don't know if she'll be successful in her secession plans, but it's interesting.

Is China Preparing a Gold Backed Currency?

There's a poorly written and unattributed article on circulating around that China is preparing to switch to gold-backed currency.  It starts out "According to an article..." and never tells you which article they got the info from.  It alleges the Chinese are making 1-kilo gold bars in order to back their currency.

But here is a discussion on ZeroHedge from May about this possibility, and underneath it the comments argue about it pretty intelligently for the most part.

If China were to switch to a gold standard, it would probably tank the dollar in a Beijing minute.  Someone at ZeroHedge speculated that China could release a gold yuan parallel to their regular yuan, for "special" trading, and it would be a bit stealthier that way.  They could pawn it off as being no big deal, and then sit back and watch as it takes over naturally.

But would I trust the Chinese, who made poison cat food to save a buck, not to mess with their own gold reserves?  Not for a Beijing minute.

Gold is gold.  Paper with the promise of gold is not gold.

More News of Spanish Supermarket Raids

It might be the same news as Ferfal was talking about the other day.  Maybe news is just getting around.  Flash mobs are raiding supermarkets in Spain.

Monsanto, Blackwater and Bill Gates are In Bed Together

Read it.  So, the people who want to shove GMO down your throat have hired mercenaries, many of whom went to work for Blackwater from the CIA to keep a lower profile.  And Bill Gates has invested in those mercenaries.  I'm sure these "ex" CIA mercenaries aren't spying on us using Microsoft back doors to find those who oppose their client's deliberate poisoning of the populace and shakedown of farmers corporate interests.

I gotta solution to this unholy alliance.  It's called STARVE THEM WITH A BOYCOTT.

Use Linux instead of Windows.  Wean yourself away from Microsoft products.  Recent distros of Linux are quite user friendly.  If you must use Microsoft software, you can run it on Wine.  But as a substitute for Office, there's OpenOffice.  I have used OpenOffice and like it very much.  It's a little different but you'll get used to it pretty quick.

I recognize that often at work you may still have to use Microsoft products.  It's hard to wean yourself at home when you're used to MS at work.  In order to get used to Linux, I suggest you retain your old computer next time you upgrade, and load Linux onto it.  Ubuntu is popular, but there are literally a million distros out there.  Then you can play with it, but still have the familiar until you get familiar enough with Linux.

Grow your own food and use/save heirloom seeds.

Boycott all nonorganic food that contains corn or soy.  Look at the ingredients.  In addition to any time it says "corn" or "soy" anything, you want to avoid dextrose and maltodextrin, both made from corn.  If you want corn, grow it yourself from heirloom seeds.  A row or two of some real tall variety of corn is also a good way to shade a sunny window in the summer, you'll save on your cooling bills.

This will mean you'll be shunning 99% of prepackaged supermarket food in favor of home cooked.  It's a little more work but it's worth it to avoid GMO.  Read the ingredient labels.  Even sausage has dextrose in it now.  You will be shocked how many products contain corn and soy, needlessly.  At one point I rid my pantry of everything that had any corn or soy anything, except for a lonely bottle of soy sauce.  Even I, who cooked mostly with basic ingredients from scratch, discovered corn and soy in sauces, canned chili beans, salad dressing, and the like.  It was two grocery bags worth.

Although it's a bit more work, the reward of cooking from scratch is not only the avoidance of GMO but also it's cheaper.  You can save cooking time by learning to use low-labor cooking methods like crock pots and sun ovens.  If you don't have to watch it cook, you don't have to stay in the kitchen.

Here's my solution for Blackwater and their ilk: if we starve their patrons, they will eventually all have to find new jobs.  We could also boycott all their owners/directors and their employees, refusing to serve them if they come in our businesses, like some businesses post pictures of local scam artists behind the register so the cashier knows who they are.  Make it personal.  Also, keep spreading the news whenever they mess up and do something embarrassing, and pester your local government NOT to use them as mercenaries for various agencies.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Congress Demands DHS Explain Seizure of Domain Names
DHS seized some domain names a while ago claiming they were infringing copyright - but they had permissions from the artists, etc.  The RIAA dragging its feet (among other factors) held up the judicial process and the cases festered.  After over a year those domain names were released back to the owners, without any apology.  Congress wants an explanation from DHS why it took so freakin' long.

It's encouraging that Congress is making moves towards limiting DHS' infringement on the First Amendment.

And, again I must point out:

Food Riots & Supermarket Raids

I found two articles yesterday mentioning food riots.  One is about people in Spain raiding supermarkets in droves right now.

The other contains a prediction of poor urban people in the US rioting and raiding supermarkets when the EBT's stop working during a currency crash.  This article also predicts that groups of suburbanites might form sniper teams to pick off flash mobs at intersections where they attempt to attack drivers.  It is not squeamish about predicting a race war caused by a vicious circle of food riots and nobody wanting to deliver food into the inner city once the SHTF.

In both articles, it mentions the lefty press sympathizing with the rioters. 

The second article bases its prediction on observations made in other multiethnic failed states.  Where it might get it wrong in our case is how prepared law enforcement is:  Although local police may be overwhelmed, witness the DHS' preparations: buying a lot of rounds, preparation of prison/labor camps, plastic FEMA coffins, federalizing the police.  In my mind there are two possibilities for all this unnerving preparation: either they want to get the inevitable urban riots down to a dull roar, by removing rioters to these camps; or possibly it's the other way: use these things to force the heartland to feed the inner cities without compensation.  Maybe a bit from column A and a bit from column B, since there also have been EO's focusing on farmers and rural areas.

The conspiracy question is this: Is it a setup?  Did someone plan this to happen, this crash?  Is this going to be managed in order to steer it towards a specific goal, perhaps genocide, or the destruction of the US as a superpower?  If so, who is behind this manipulation?  And why?

I always try to put myself in the shoes of different factions and ask myself, what would I do if I wanted to take over the world?  How would I accomplish my goal, if it's going to be resisted by most people who discover it?

The US population has enemies.  Some of those enemies are here, and have wormed their way into/been placed into top positions of our government.  Perhaps those enemies are trying to play various factions against each other (urban poor, law enforcement, farmers) in order to force them to act out a drama that will result in our demise.  A sort of game of "let's you and him fight". 

Some of those enemies are elsewhere.  Of those, some have been sucking us dry like spiders do, for years.  One would think it would be in their interest to maintain the status quo, but perhaps their strategy would change if natural resources are going to run out and make the whole thing hit a wall.  And others are those who object to the US taking their natural resources, who have mounted resistance.  Sort of like farm animals have two enemies: the wolves and the farmer who is going to kill and eat them in the end.

How can we as a people escape the proverbial farm and be free?

Monday, September 3, 2012

It's Not About Hunting

This article has remained on my blog roll for a while, the blogger hasn't added anything new to his blog for a few weeks.  Finally I got around to reading it.

The article he quotes points out that the 2nd Amendment isn't for hunting.  It was to give the American people a way to deter our government from becoming oppressive, and give them a Hail-Mary option should it become intolerable.  The author then gives all kinds of examples of what would constitute this theoretically oppressive government, should it ever occur...    and of course all his examples have happened.

Hmm....  the article almost sounds like a second Declaration of Independence that a Threeper blogger who calls himself Kerodin plans to present in a march on Washington on Nov. 5.  It must be in the air.

I may not agree with absolutely everything either of them says, but it seems to me like they have a point.  I say this, taking a possible risk on my own freedom, because there really isn't total freedom of speech.  Sometimes one must hint and dance around a subject.  And perhaps this is another indication that the gov has become oppressive.  When you can't say what you mean anymore for fear of being thrown in a hole, or worse, "rendered".  When they start yammering about "internet kill switches" and such.

My point that I'd like to add is it's precisely when this theoretical government becomes intolerably oppressive that they will try to bring in massive gun control, in order to prevent the Hail-Mary.  But that very act could itself well be the trigger (pun intended) of the Hail-Mary, I think.

Will they do it on purpose and with malice of forethought, so as to control this event?  If they were planning to do that, what would their preparations look like?  Would they look like what they've been doing?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Appleseed again

Now I'm an instructor in training for Appleseed.  This weekend I went to one as such and got to be a Range Safety Officer.  That was a lot of work.  You have to be quite vigilant to make sure everyone is being safe.  I got promoted at the end of the weekend to the next level of instructor in training.  We had a whole family of excellent marksmen attend - mom pop and 3 teens.  One of the teens made Rifleman.  It rained the second day and it took me forever to get home tonight, partly due to the weather and partly due to road blocks.  But I'm finally home.

Next time I get to be Line Boss.  This is the person who yells the line commands and holds the stopwatch.

This Appleseed was a little more thankful than usual - several participants kept thanking all the instructors.  It's good to be appreciated.  There was also one other lady instructor there.  She was great.

There is one good thing coming out of that hurricane.  We're finally getting a bunch of rain.  I hope it refills the aquifers and saves people's crops.  It was convenient for my garden at least, if not for my travel time.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Feds Drop Arpaio Probe
One small victory for justice.  The criminal probe against Sheriff Joe Arpaio (the only guy in law enforcement who is investigating Obama's birth certificate issue) has been dropped.  The FBI could not find any evidence substantiating the bogus charges against Arpaio.

I should add an "atta boy" category for posts.  I'm just too tired to decide what to call it.  Don't want to call it "atta boy".  I'll think of something.  How about "victories"?