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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Open Wireless Movement

This sounds good.  On the most basic level, get a wireless router with an extra guest account configuration and leave that one open.  If enough people do it we can all have internet all over the place.  Encrypt the connection you want to use privately.  Just be nice and don't do nasty things on other people's guest accounts.

This Meme Keeps Getting Deleted on FB

I'm going to see if they freeze my account for reposting it on FB.

In the meantime, take this meme and spread it.  I can't believe they classified this as "hate speech".  That is a crock of shit.  I don't see anything here but indignation over Benghazigate.  Is the POTUS to be protected from criticism by playing the race card?

Last week was Free Speech Week.  Let's keep it going 24/7, 52 weeks a year.  Let's also vote this clown out of office.  Make sure you get down to the polls EARLY on the 6th.

Of course there may be election fraud, or other dirty tricks, but we can try at least to get regime change through the ballot box.

Wikileaks Releasing Gitmo Detainee Manual
Wikileaks will be releasing detainee manuals from various US DoD prisons abroad over the next few weeks, see their press release above.  This will include Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, and various prisons in Europe.

Was the WTC Destroyed By Mini-Nukes?

This article explores the possibility that the Twin Towers were destroyed by mini-neutron bombs rather than DEW's as Dr. Judy Wood thought was possible.  Her observation was that the energy required to render the Twin Towers into powder was far greater than that which would have been provided by conventional explosives (or a plane crash, which has never caused such utter destruction of a building) and she suggested it could have been a DEW (Directed energy weapon), perhaps from space.  The use of mini-nukes would also explain the large amount of energy.  Neutron bombs also leave radioactive traces afterwards.  It says the following radioactive materials were found in the debris from the Twin Towers:

Barium and Strontium: Neither of these elements should ever appear in building debris in these quantities. The levels never fall below 400ppm for Barium and they never drop below 700ppm for Strontium and reach over 3000ppm for both in the dust sample taken at Broadway and John Streets.
Thorium and Uranium: These elements only exist in radioactive form. Thorium is a radioactive element formed from Uranium by decay. It’s very rare and should not be present in building rubble, ever. So once again we have verifiable evidence that a nuclear fission event has taken place.
Lithium: With the presence of lithium we have compelling evidence that this fission pathway of Uranium to Thorium and Helium, with subsequent decay of the Helium into Lithium has taken place.
Lanthanum: Lanthanum is the next element in the disintegration pathway of the element Barium.
Yttrium: The next decay element after Strontium, which further confirms the presence of Barium.
Chromium: The presence of Chromium is one more “tell tale” signature of a nuclear detonation.
Tritium: A very rare element and should not be found at concentrations 55 times normal in the basement of WTC-6 no less than 11 days after 9/11, which is another “tell tale” sign of nukes.

Not Only Did We Stand Down in Libya, but Genl. Ham Was Arrested for Not Standing Down

This article claims this guy General Ham, head of AFRICOM, was arrested and relieved of his command by his second in command seconds after ignoring the order to STAND DOWN and let the US Ambassador to Libya and others DIE in an Al-Qaeda attack.  Ham had given an order to mobilize his troops, against the stand-down order.

So, not only did the White House just let the Ambassador die, but they had a stand-down, and pursued the stand-down to the point of arresting a general.


Methinks there is a foreign rat in the White House.  Only 6 days till the election.  Soon, soon.

The German Gold Is Gone - It was Swapped to the ESF

This guy James Turk has found smoking gun evidence in a 1995 report of the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee that the ESF (part of the New York Fed, it's the Exchange Stabilization Fund, which is supposed to be stabilizing the dollar but in fact is an unregulated and opaque slush fund for black ops, foreign currency manipulation, the CIA drug trade, etc. - (see for 5 hours of videos on this) does in fact mess with the gold market, despite current denials by the Treasury Department.  It has been messing with the gold market since at least 1996.  It appears someone neglected to redact the mention of gold swaps from this document which is publicly available from the Federal Reserve.

What he's saying is the Germans had 3400 tonnes of gold at one time.  The ESF probably was looking to raid the Ft. Knox gold vault to cover the asses of some major banks that had stupidly unbalanced their gold reserves.  (You can't print your way out of a gold shortage). But the US gold is the only gold reserve in the world made of melted down gold coins that were confiscated from the American public in 1933.  And that makeup of coins can be detected if you assay the gold, so if those bars got out everyone would know it.  They also didn't want to create alarm by driving a bunch of armored trucks up to Ft. Knox and loading the gold into them and driving away.  It would have told the whole world that the US was bankrupt again.

So, what probably happened is the POTUS at the time and the Treasury used the ESF (which is outside of Congressional oversight) to make a swap with Germany, our gold for their gold.  In that manner, 1700 tonnes of the gold in Ft. Knox became the Germans' gold, and 1700 tonnes of their gold became our gold.  We took the Germans' gold in Europe that was now ours and leased it to the banks that needed to balance their gold sheets.  The debts were owed in Europe, mostly, so the gold didn't have to travel far.

One thing that corroborates this theory is that some of the gold in Ft. Knox has been reclassified as "custodial gold".  Which in plain language means it's not our gold, we just are keeping custody of it for someone else.  Probably the Germans.

The Germans lent out the other half of their gold.  So the Germans' gold vault is empty now.  I suspect that the reason this would be a surprise to the Germans who now want to inspect their gold is a similar reason to why it would be a surprise here: they probably have their own version of the ESF doing things in the dark.

All this gold manipulation has kept the price of gold artificially low.  Once the lid is sufficiently blown on this, I think the price of gold will go way up, and the price of the dollar will correspondingly go way down.  The Euro too.  So don't sell your gold just yet, and if you have a lot of dollars sitting around, buy useful things with them that will make you more self sufficient, while they still are worth something.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Parody of Stupid Obama Political Ad LOL


But we are more than the sum of our private parts.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Secret Service is Sanitizing Obama's DNA?!
According to this article, Navy stewards (from the Secret Service?) go around mopping up behind Obama, sanitizing or destroying anything he touched that might have bits of his DNA left on them.

The reason given is that technology is real close to enabling someone to whip up a bioweapon targeted at one person.  Apparently the US has also been going around behind other world leaders and surreptitiously scooping up their DNA on the orders of Hillary Clinton, according to a Wikileak from 2010.  Whether it is for this purpose, or whether it's just to figure out who their daddies were, or (if you think cloning and making someone grow quick is possible now) to make quik-grow doppelgangers of them, is anyone's guess.

I can think of another reason.  They are protecting Mr. Obama from anyone who wants to test his DNA and see if he's really who he says he is.  I have wondered why no birthers have attempted to snag something with his DNA on it, and now I know.

Or maybe it's something to do with the Lizard People.  They're reputed to be obsessed with genetics.  (Those silly lizard people! It's so easy to blame everything on them!)

Personally, I'm of the opinion that if you don't make so many enemies, you won't have to protect yourself so obsessively.  But then, just like I wrote this morning, the sphere of power is a viper pit.

Last Week was for the 1st Amendment, This Week it's the 4th
It's not officially the gov recognized 4th Amendment Week, but they're searching for it...
(hardy har har har)

No, but seriously, the Supreme Court is deciding something regarding electronic surveillance this week.  The GOA (Gun Owners of America) has filed an amicus brief in the case.  That's cool, because I believe I gave them money (unless it was the NAGR) and now my money, if I indeed did donate, is doing double duty for both the 2nd and 4th Amendments.  WOO HOO!

Anyhoo, look at the link.  Maybe something good will happen and I'll get to post again in "victories".  If the Frankenstorm doesn't wipe out the grid or something like that.

Getting Along/Following Orders

I woke up with an insight this morning.

I had a friend who worked in a corporate setting.  Actually it turned out as I got to know him he was some kind of .gov but the corporate was a front.  I think he was writing face recognition software or something, and that was back when we were messing around in Haiti when Aristide was doing stuff.  That stuff is older than people realize.  Anyway he's retired/disabled now.  He always was talking about being very careful how you word things, who you say them to, when, etc. because I guess that was important to navigate some kind of land mine of competitiveness and backstabbing at work.

I have had the displeasure of working for a large bank corporate headquarters, and a large law firm before.  Same thing, different levels.  I saw how you had to look busy all the time, I also saw how the lawyers would get annoyed at each other but not be able to do more than bitch to their confidants about it.  I avoid large corporate employers now, they are viper pits usually.

I was reading a book about the Skull and Bones and it said that the people they ask to join are vetted for their personality traits - they want people who will go along to get along.

Back in college, I once complained about a professor who was unpleasant to me, he was my adviser.  I switched advisers, and lo, for the rest of my college career I got no opportunities.  I just finished it and found my opportunities elsewhere.

This is why conspiracies and psychopathic networks work.  They recruit and reward sycophants, they punish people who question authority, and you have to be a Machiavellian like them to rise in their structure, keeping your head down while backstabbing your way to the top.  I am happy to work a little lower down the food chain so that I can be more forthright and avoid having to keep my head down around evil people.  Like Diogenes said, if you eat lentils, you don't need to flatter the king.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

CBS Shows Premature Election Ticker with Obama Winning

For all those of you who refuse to believe that elections are rigged, here's a little seed of doubt for you.  A CBS affiliate ran this election "ticker" below a show, showing Obama winning the election - the problem is, the election isn't for 9 more days!

There are two main possibilities in my mind:

Either they are trying to subliminally fool people into thinking Obama will win the election
They plan to steal the election by lying about the results and already had the ticker fixed and ready to go, but someone pushed the wrong button, accidentally putting it on air too early.

There are two other possibilities, but they are remote:

Someone made up the ticker with this fake data just as a place holder, and then someone pushed the wrong button. (this is the excuse they will give)

Someone decided to make a mistake on purpose so that it would be noticed and reported on, which would reflect badly on Obama or spread doubt about the election. Sort of a reverse psychology thing.

I just don't know how that ticker works.  Can it be edited on the fly or is it a different graphic file they have to save and upload each time?  It really bothers me that they'd be making up a mock ticker with anyone winning, this many days before the election.

Friday, October 26, 2012

One Torturer Identified: Bruce Jessen

According to the above article, this guy Bruce Jessen backwards-engineered SERE (resistance training given soldiers for in case they are captured) in 2001 to bring us CIA torture for the "War on Terror". Now he is a religious leader.  If he ever mixes the two, not that I'm saying he will, we'd get a rerun of the Spanish Inquisition.

We need Nuremberg style trials for Jessen and the whole lot of the torturers.  Nobody should ever be tortured.  Maybe one day justice will be served, but I doubt it will unless there is a regime change.  (And one should be careful what one wishes for, lest one get it.)

Torture does not ever get believable confessions.  People will confess to anything to stop the pain and fear.  It is used not to get credible information but to break someone's will or to extract a predefined "confession" which can be trumped up as an excuse to prosecute war or arrest someone else.  And one doesn't even need modern history to know this: we need only look at the Salem witch trials to see the uselessness and utter evil of torture.

One must wonder why the US, which one would have hoped had a more enlightened outlook, would stoop to such medieval and barbaric practices, long proven not to work.  Is it because our leaders (both overt and covert) are getting desperate to hold onto their empire? Don't they understand it's going to backfire? 

The "scientification" of torture doesn't make it OK for me either - the Nazis were very meticulous and "scientific" and their horrors are well known.  The Malleus Malificarnum, a handbook of torture of witches, was also meticulous and "scientific" for its day.  And so, mil-speak, academic or political jargon, and "scientific" terms don't impress me.  Torture is torture and justifications of it are all bullshit.

My first reaction to the religious part is that because of this background, unless the man Jessen has been saved, really truly saved, and become a changed man, he should not be leading worship.  On the other hand though, the Bible is full of rascals who God chose for some reason to be leaders.  Jacob was a con man.  Paul, fka Saul, hunted down followers of Jesus for the Pharisees to kill, until he was struck blind on the road to Damascus.

Also the man who wrote "Amazing Grace" was a slaver, then got religion.  Maybe the same contrition is true of Jessen. But not knowing the man, how can I know?

My solution for the religious part will be to pray that this Jessen guy be truly reformed. And my solution for the torture will be to continue to clamor for an end to torture as a state-approved tool of oppression.  We ought to be above that.  We ought to know better.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

3-D Printing Weapons Makers Get a Shop

A private firm in San Antonio, TX has offered the 3-D printing weaponeers a workshop to test their creations, after the manufacturer of the 3-D printer they were renting confiscated it.  They had a range, but now they also have a lab for ballistic testing.  HUZZAH!

I have to butt in here for a sec about 3-D printing of weapons:  Don't worry about "plastic guns".  You are not going to be able to make an entire firearm out of plastic.  The lower, or most of it, of some guns that don't heat up much, yes you can make out of plastic, except for maybe a little metal reinforcement in one or two places.  You need metal for the parts in the upper: the barrel, bolt assembly, firing pin, etc. - most of the moving parts.

The GLOCK, which hand-wringing gun opponents called a "plastic gun" when it came out, is not all plastic either.  The handle (stock), the guide rod, which is a rod that guides the spring that helps move the slide back and forth, and parts of the trigger assembly are plastic, as well as the outside of the magazine.  The slide, the barrel, the actual firing parts, the working parts of the magazine, are all steel.  Essentially, the plastic replaced what had been made of wood and some of the less structurally critical metal parts, making the gun lighter. That's all.  It DID NOT make it undetectable by a metal detector, and neither will 3-D printing.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ALL PLASTIC GUN.  YOU NEED METAL.

All this is going to be, is being able to print plastic parts instead of mold-cast them.  It's just another technological development in gunsmithing, just like the plastic stocks you see on guns today.  BUT, it will make making prototypes a LOT cheaper.  It will make someone with a 3-D printer be able to produce a few weapons without first making expensive molds for the plastic parts.  But they will still need the steel parts, so metalworkers will still be needed, along with machine tools.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Germans Want To Inspect Their Gold

The Germans are wanting to inspect their gold that is stored abroad (London, Paris and New York). They're wanting to take 150 tons back home to inspect them some more.

Gee, I wonder if it has anything to do with the scandal I wrote about the other day in "Dude, Where's My Gold?"

The CNBC article that Cryptogon links to posits the idea that Germany has nothing to gain by looking to see if their gold is still there - sort of like, as long as they don't know, they can act as if it is; but if they find out it's missing then bad things will happen.  Then it blithely asks what's the use of even having gold in the vault in the first place.

Well, I can think of a reason:  The gold is valuable not just because of some tradition, but because it took effort to get it out of the ground, and it's rare.  Bookkeeping is only numbers, it's not real value. (and I, a bookkeeper, am saying this!)  If everyone knows the gold is gone, the bookkeeping fiction's not going to hold up.  People have to be ABLE to trust the gold is there.

I have some questions that these articles didn't answer.  One is, how much gold is Germany supposed to be storing in these foreign vaults, compared to this 150 tons they want to take home?  Two is, assuming all the German gold has been sold on the sly, and the bankers have to get some to replace it quick, is there enough physical gold around that they could buy it fast enough?  And thirdly, how high would it push the price of gold while they did that?

Another Civil War Free Speech Trial: John O'Connell

John O'Connell was a Cincinnati man who was a Copperhead during the Civil War.  The Copperheads as I explained before were Democrats who were against the war, and a law had been passed in Ohio outlawing criticism of the war.

O'Connell was living as a boarder in a lady's house.  The lady's son, Cornelius Hathaway, served in the 74th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.  She told her son that O'Connell was a Copperhead, and the son told her he'd like to shoot O'Connell.  When O'Connell found out, he wrote a letter to the son in June 1863, which was just about 3 weeks after Vallandigham was arrested for his "King Lincoln" speech.  The letter ended up in the hands of the son's superior officers, who got O'Connell arrested and charged with the crime of "disloyal practice", which was essentially akin to a charge of treason.

O'Connell's letter, which merely explained why he was a Copperhead and what they believed, was seen by the military tribunal he was sent before as an act of sedition and an attempt to demoralize the army.  He plead guilty to the specific of writing the letter and not guilty to the charge.  He was found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging.  That's a death sentence for writing a private letter to one person.

Lincoln eventually commuted that sentence to 5 years hard labor.  One of the reasons why might have been because O'Connell wrote a letter to the general in charge of Ohio after his sentencing to the effect that he was not actually an American citizen, but an Irishman who hadn't yet completed the process of naturalization, and that during his trial he had not admitted to being a British subject because he was opposed to British rule of Ireland, even though his admission to being British at the trial would have saved him.

My source for this O'Connell story was a magazine called "Ohio Valley History", vol. 9, number 1, spring 2009.  I serendipitously picked it up in a coffeehouse off the used magazine rack just a couple days ago.  Weird coincidence for Free Speech Week.

I think it's interesting that a prominent politician (Vallandigham) and leader of the Copperheads who gave fiery speeches criticizing the war would receive 2 years imprisonment, commuted to deportation to the South; and an ordinary man who wrote one letter to one person would receive a death sentence, commuted to 5 years hard labor.  Certainly O'Connell did less dissemination of "seditious" ideas than Vallandigham, who by his fame and position was more effective of a communicator.

It makes me wonder if the prominent conspiracy/anticorruption writers and radio personalities are in less danger than they beat their chests about, and if the small guy like me is in more danger, should the government decide we have to go one day.  Someone I know always says "Eagles don't hunt mosquitoes" whenever I express my worry about this.  I think he's wrong, in that it's easier to pick on the small guy.  Vallandigham escaped prison because Lincoln didn't want to make him into a martyr for the Copperheads to rally around.  O'Connell wasn't so lucky - he didn't have fame and prominence to shield him.

NY Strip Bars Stripped of Sales Tax Exemption

Here's another possible threat to freedom of speech, since it sets a precedent for the government to define what is "artistic":
NYC decided to take away the "artistic performance" exemption for strip bar admission fees.  The basis for this decision was that the private dances were just like the "choreographed" pole dances and therefore not "artistic".  Except the person making that assertion hadn't been in a strip bar to actually make sure of this.  And, I might add, why is it relevant whether something is choreographed or not?  How is an improvised performance any less artistic than a choreographed one?  Isn't jazz mostly improvised?  Are they going to tax jazz clubs too?  What about improv theater?

I guess they thought the city could use the taxes as a "stimulus", ha ha.  But it opens a can of worms.

It could, if taken to the illogical extreme, lead to something like this: the Nazis put on exhibits of "degenerate art" and "degenerate music".  To the Nazis, all modern art was "degenerate".  Immediately after they started doing this, the artists started fleeing Germany.  Some got stuck there.  Of those, most were forbidden to do their art, buy art supplies, or teach in universities.  Some died in the camps.  Much of the art was destroyed or squirreled away by the Nazis themselves for their own private collections, but some ended up in France, where the Nazis didn't care what art the French looked at.  Here's the ad for the "degenerate music" exhibit.

Chinese Forgery Factories Counterfeiting Australian Gold

Those opportunistic Chinese!  They'll counterfeit anything!  Unfortunately, it's economic warfare.  When the dollar crashes, those who bought gold bars might find they'd been ripped off.  Of course this might not be with the sanction of the Chinese government, but who knows?  They let hackers hack there, as long as they hack their enemies.  So why not other kinds of banditry?

I keep saying, if you're going to buy gold, get used jewelry, like in estate auctions or pawn shops.  This way you're less likely to get counterfeits AND it'll be in smaller chunks.  Because when the SHTF who will have change for a gold bar anyway? (I guess you could melt it down and make jewelry)

Large Cash Transactions Banned in Mexico
The limit is a bit under $40K for real estate, but for other things like art or cars it's more like $15K.
The limit will take effect in 90 days and carries a minimum 5 year prison sentence.

If you think you're going to be safer hiding out in Mexico after the SHTF, think again: the Pentagon has put out a request for bids to GPS map all of Mexico, just about a month ago (I reported it back then).  Also their immigration laws are ironically MUCH stricter than those of the US.

Free Speech Week Feature: Clement Vallandigham

This Ohio politician during the Civil War was the head of the Copperheads, which was a Democrat anti-war movement.  He was also anti-abolition.  My point is not to get into that (I'm certainly NOT for slavery) but to illustrate the freedom of speech which was curtailed during the war.

During the Civil War, Lincoln declared martial law 9 times and suspended habeas corpus so that he could more easily quash dissent, which he thought was demoralizing the Union troops.

(Habeas corpus is a legal writ that demands that a prisoner be brought before a judge or the court in person to know what the charges are against him or her.  It ensures that a prisoner can be released from unlawful detention, in other words, detention lacking sufficient cause or evidence.  Bush also suspended habeas corpus for the so-called "War on Terror". (see here)

Back to Civil War history: General Ambrose Burnside issued General Order Number 38 which made it illegal to criticize the war in Ohio.  Vallandigham promptly gave a speech criticizing the war, calling Lincoln "King Lincoln".

Wikipedia says:
Vallandigham was arrested as a violator of General Order No. 38. His enraged supporters burned the offices of the Dayton Journal, the Republican rival to the Empire. Vallandigham was tried by a military court on May 6 and 7. He was denied a writ of habeas corpus and was convicted by the military tribunal of "uttering disloyal sentiments" and attempting to hinder the prosecution of the war. He was sentenced to two years' confinement in a military prison.
After that, Lincoln modified his sentence (trying not to turn him into a martyr for the Copperheads) and the North instead deported him to the Confederacy, where he declared himself to be a prisoner of war.  He won the Democrats' nomination for Governor of Ohio in absentia and ran his campaign from a hotel in Windsor, Ontario. (he lost the election)

After the war he returned to Ohio, resumed his law practice, and died in Lebanon, Ohio when he accidentally shot himself trying to illustrate how a man could have killed himself drawing his gun from his pocket.  The pistol Vallandigham used to illustrate this was loaded, unbeknownst to him, and he shot himself in the same way.  His client was acquitted.

In the future, there may be other wars, other times, when freedom of speech is curtailed.  One point of view or another may be unpopular for whatever reason.  Should people be imprisoned (indefinitely, since habeas corpus is currently suspended) for speaking their minds?  Where does free speech end and "giving aid and comfort to the enemy" begin?

Something to think about during this Free Speech Week.

Review of Atlas Shrugged 2

The 2nd installment in the Atlas Shrugged movies was pretty good.  It stopped right after Dagny crashed her plane in the Gulch and finally met Galt (who was back-lit so his face was in the dark).  There will be a part 3 I think. (unless the Dear Leader nationalizes the movie industry)

The only unrealistic part of the movie was the protesters and the security protecting the characters from the protesters were both too genteel.  No riot cops, no violence.  Some of the picket signs were uniformly “dirty” like someone had air-brushed them to look dirty all over.  One also might have expected some preprinted signs in the protests as well as handmade ones.  Well, there was also the cheap CGI of the Galt line being disassembled, the Gulch force field, and the D’Anconia copper  mine and the Taggart Tunnel blowing up.  But I hardly minded that.

There was a scene where Dagny goes to buy gas for the truck she borrowed from the railroad man who worked for the motor company, and her tank of gas costs $800 at $40 a gallon.  The clerk at the gas station is sitting there with a shotgun across his lap to keep people from stealing gas.

The actress playing the dime store clerk bride of Dagny’s brother was good. The actor playing Wesley Mouch was suitably smug and even looked a bit like Bernanke with a shaved head and a bit more of an edge.  Francisco was a bit wooden – I would have liked him to be a little more sensuous.

It’s interesting that they picked an actress with a little age on her to play Dagny.  They could have used lighting to hide her age a little better, but it’s also realistic.  A twenty year old would not be realistic in that role.  I had read a rumor that Angelina Jolie had been considered for the role, but I just can’t see her doing it.  She’s the political opposite of Dagny.

Also Jolie would have cost too much for their budget.  Just sayin'.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hot Night! Weatherman's Typo or Armageddon?

I just saw this on a friend's FB page.  Look at Tuesday night!
That's Hot!

Dude, Where's My Gold?

There is a scandal in Germany about gold they are storing abroad, that they sold it in what might have been swaps.  The way they did it allowed them to keep pretending they still had it.  At least that is what I think the article is saying. (it's late)

Why would anyone just hold paper gold?  Seems like another form of fiat to me.

Scam Artist Dumped Tons of Iron Off Canada Coast, Called it "Ocean Fertilization"

I remember reading something about if you dumped enough iron in the ocean it would cause an ice age.  Well, this guy Russ George got an indigenous tribe to let him dump hundreds of tons of iron sulphate in the ocean off the west coast of Canada on the allegation that it would restore their fishing grounds.  Good grief!

Amazon Crashes Taking Cloud With It

But but I thought the cloud was nowhere, therefore uncrashable! (/sarc)

Let this be an early warning of the eventual kill switch.  Get redundant. Got servers?  Got meshnet?  Got ham radios, smoke signals, bike couriers, pigeons, a Bat Signal or the lid of your granny's bin?

But it's also in the cloud!

Happy Free Speech Week!

This week, make a point of complaining loudly about any attempt at censorship that you run across.
Write to your Congresscritters about it. (Or any issue you want)
Go to a town hall meeting and express an opinion there.
Call into a radio show.
Start a blog or post on your existing blog! (hey!)

Happy Free Speech Week!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Trolls are Inspiring Me To Defend My Home Against Zombies

I'm having fun again on FB pointing out the disinfo tactics a troll is using.  This guy is being rather mean and nasty, calling my friend and me names, insinuating I'm dishonest because of the way I vote (which he assumed, creating for me thereby a fake conflict of interest), and demanding that my friend come up with a complete plan of how he would have defended the embassy in Benghazi, including number and types of personnel.

I'm ignoring the inflammatory specifics and relentlessly pointing out the disinfo tactics, which are: demanding the guy you are arguing with produce a comprehensive solution to a problem he points out, straw man argument, and ad hominem attack.

What this asshat doesn't know is, if I knew what that embassy looked like, just as a special project I might be interested in attempting to develop a theoretical defense plan for it, using army manuals and other similar materials for reference.  I'm not going to tell him that, though, or he will insist I try, just to laugh at me and shoot it down, so to speak.

But even more interesting to me would be to do that for my own home, since I (thankfully) don't live in Benghazi.

I guess the first question would be, defending against what exactly?  A couple of amateurish and noisy house burglars that took their time trying to break in, I think I'd already have a good chance of defeating.  If a well trained team of dozens of ninjas attacked while I was fast asleep on the other hand, I think I and my house would be toast, but perhaps if I got lucky I'd still have a target rich environment on my way to Valhalla. 

(incidentally, speaking of ninjas, I trained as a ninja for about 6 months before switching to karate (the ninpo sensei moved across the country).  My karate sensei still teases me about having been a ninja sometimes.)

If the Zombie Apocalypse occurred and there were zombies roaming the streets, I've got some stuff to harden the house.  Since zombies are pretty obvious, at that point I'd probably have a house meeting and set up a watch.  It's hard to do that until the zombies are on the evening news.  (Oh, wait...they're even on FB!)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Microchipping Students in Texas
As would be expected, students resisting using the RFID cards are being singled out, denied access to the library and other areas, also prevented from voting at school or doing other activities.

If this crap is not nipped in the bud, we'll all be walking around with chips in 5 to 10 years.  If it comes down to that, I'm refusing, and if I can't, I'll zap my chip and walk off into the wilderness rather than participate in that BS.  I'll go be a Maroon.  A Refusenik.  I'd rather eat weeds, possums and squirrels the rest of my life and live in a mud hut, than allow them to chip me.  Anyone who wants to join me in my anti-chip gulch, is welcome.  As long as you don't expect me to feed you for free and build your hut for you.

My poor cat is chipped, but she came that way.  When a cat is chipped, the chip can migrate, so who knows where the damn thing is now.  I'm just hoping that chip is a real short range one.  We don't need some satellite keeping track of how many times she goes to the litterbox.

Or us for that matter.

I don't get it...

OK, there was this one post I wrote called "Miscellaneous Missed-Its."  It wasn't much.  I was annoyed that I'd screwed up and missed everything I planned to go to that day.  This post got 24 freaking hits, and other posts with more descriptive titles and more interesting information got the usual 5 or 6.

I don't get it, why people all went to this post.  I don't claim to understand what makes people tick.

Maybe people are searching for terms that they find in the text of the post, rather than the title?

Get Your Passport Now

Remember last year when the State Department proposed making a long form for getting a passport, and it had really weird questions on it, like whether you're circumcised or not and what ceremonies may have attended that event?  It also wanted to know EVERY address of every place you've ever lived.

I thought I would have to provide this information to renew my passport.  I don't remember that stuff!  My family moved 2 or 3 times when I was little.  I had to ask my Mom!  And then I had to dig up old greeting cards and try to find ones with the envelopes still on them from 20 years ago to remember places I lived back then.  (because I had purged my old taxes but for some reason had a few old greeting cards - good thing I'm a pack rat).  It took two days to put the info together.  Most people won't have those records.  They'll be denied a passport, which is maybe what the State Department really wants.

Anyway, it was publicized and people flooded the State Department with negative comments in the last 24 hours of their public comment period.

Now the State Dept. has started to try again, regardless of the negative comments, to get this nosy questionnaire back on the table.  I'm sure glad I got my passport renewed while this thing was off the table, maybe I won't have to worry about this for another10 years (if the US is still a country by then), but I guess it's time to bother them again with public outcry.

All this bad penny attempt at regulation is getting me down.  It's the same damn thing as with the UN small arms treaty.

In the meantime, if you need a passport, think you might need a passport, or have one near renewal time, GET IT NOW.  Otherwise you may be subject to a very nosy and impossible-to-complete questionnaire when you go to get one.

(And yet, they want to keep it so you don't need an ID to vote?!?!?!  )

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Don't Get Too Thin Now

OK, so a few posts ago I was haranguing my readers to get out there and get fit.
This does not mean losing all your body fat, however.

Having a little extra body fat is good for survival.  Don't get down below like 15 or 20% body fat (men 15%, women 20%.) 

The article has an interesting thing about bodybuilding competitions.  Apparently for competition the contestants become very dehydrated on purpose in order to look better.  They also gorge and then starve themselves in turn.  Very unhealthy.

I once knew this lady who never ate fat and who worked out obsessively.  Eventually her eyelids started sticking shut at random.  She had to get these really expensive eye drops.  The drops didn't work that great though.

So, here's why I'm posting this fitness stuff: I've been working out.  I've lost 8 lbs and now I can do a few pushups and run a mile or two.  I don't plan on getting super thin - this is more because I was getting old and weak and it annoyed me to no end. I don't want to be useless and out of breath if I were to have to do strenuous things when the SHTF.  I know I'm no spring chicken - I'm not going to compare to an 18 year old guy at the top of his form, ever.  But I certainly don't want to act my age, if that means fall apart.

One thing I've noticed is it's easier to get up from sitting in a chair.  I also sleep better at night.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Coconut Menace: CPSC's Stupid War on Buckyballs
Buckyballs, the company that makes those magnetic ball desk toys, has been targeted by the CPSC who calls their magnetic toys "unsafe" for children (even though they are toys meant for adults).

Never mind Legos, Tinker Toys, puzzles, jacks, marbles, the knobs and buttons on the TV, and anything else that isn't soft like a pillow or stuffed animal.  It's selective harassment.

So Buckyballs has started an ad campaign showing how stupid it is, with an ad about how dangerous coconuts are.

Green Party Pres Candidate Arrested Outside Debate
along with her running mate, because they didn't have "credentials" and wouldn't leave when told to.

War Is Peace: European Union Wins 2012 Nobel Peace Prize -- Puppet Masters --

War Is Peace: European Union Wins 2012 Nobel Peace Prize -- Puppet Masters --

I'll take the tacos, hold the prize.
The Nobel committee awarded the Peace Prize to the E.U.  Not a person.  The E.U.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Halliburton Sr. VP & 6 Others Caught in Prostitution Sting

h/t to Ms. Sparky

In probably unrelated news, Halliburton lost a 7-inch radioactive rod last month...
I'm sure it's not the same rod that this guy couldn't keep in his pants.

Britain's anti-alien weapons!

I'm just going to let this one speak to your leader.

GMO Caused Tumors, Disorders in 200 Rats

Here is another video I intend to watch later. This is about that bombshell study on GMO corn that just came out. French researchers worked in secret for two years studying the effect of GMO corn on 200 rats. It was total slaughter - tumors, disorders, you name it. Graphic (as you can see from the still shot)...

The 911 Fake Planes Paradox ~ Holographic Deception 2012 (playlist)

Just stumbled on this, someone said it was interesting, just bookmarking it here till I can watch it later.

Lunch Lady Slammed for Food that is "Too Good"
This school lunch lady in Sweden was told that her fare was "too good" and it wasn't fair to the other schools, so the school district wanted to replace her homemade bread with store bought and reduce the number of vegetables in her vegetable offerings.

Why always a race to the bottom?  Why not have this lady teach the other cooks and raise the standards of the other schools' lunches?  Making someone do their thing in a mediocre manner because it "isn't fair" that they're good is just STUPID.  That would be like asking a professional musician to play with mistakes on purpose in order to make the amateurs in other bands sound better.

Why don't they just put Swedish Chef muppets in charge of all the cooking?  That'll fix it.  Sure.  It's as good a solution as making someone cook badly on purpose.
h/t to (and thanks Mike)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Miscellaneous Missed-Its

I'm annoyed because I dropped the ball on a couple things:

First, this weekend was the semi-annual Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot, and because I thought I had to sing in church, and I was tired last night, I didn't look at either schedule, and I found out too late this morning that I didn't have to sing. So I skipped church but then I also found out that because it's the last day of the shoot, they wrap it all up by 4 p.m. and so I should have left at oh-dark-thirty to actually go to this event today for any significant amount of time. By the time I get there if I leave now, it'll be over. Waah, no Uzi rental for me today.  Some day I'll actually make it to this event.  Last spring they canceled it because their bridge washed out.  I hope there will be a shoot this coming spring.  It looks like a blast. (Literally!)

So I didn't get to praise God OR pass the ammo today. Urk.

Second, I went to thresh some of my amaranth I picked and discovered I'd left it all piled in a bag too long and half of it was moldy.  I had to give each sheaf the smell test before knocking the seeds into another bag.  In any case I think I got a grand 2 tbsp. of seeds out of half a paper grocery bag worth of flower heads that weren't moldy.  Woo hoo.  I think next year I'll grow chia there instead, or buckwheat, or marigolds.  But probably what will happen regardless of what I put there is I'll get a lot of volunteer amaranth there from fallen seeds, and I'll be weeding it out for a couple years, provided I manage to stay ahead of the collapse and stay in my house.

So, I'm sitting here procrastinating canning tomatoes, sewing, and other chores again.  It's yucky and windy out.  I'm sort of depressed.  I need a prepper pepper upper.  Maybe I'll put on some music.  In honor of the missed machine gun shoot, it should be rock and roll, although I'm more tempted to put on some Hildegard of Bingen in honor of the recently promoted saint and to make up for missing church.  I think I've got a CD of "Ordo Virtutum" somewhere.  Here's a 2 minute sample, with suitably medieval looking video...

Just a clarification

I'm still really honked off at the possibility that my own government might think I'm some kind of terrorist, because I'm "frustrated with mainstream ideologies".  Or that I'm "violent" because I believe in conspiracy theories.

That amounts to thoughtcrime a la "1984".  How dare I be different!  How dare I question authority?

How does a belief in conspiracies make someone violent?  I'd say actual violent behavior is a better indicator of whether someone is violent.  (And studying martial arts and shooting for self defense doesn't count.)

They also think that Christians who believe in the Book of Revelations and the End Times are dangerous. 

I was reading the Book of Revelations a couple months ago and was struck how some of it really sounded like genetic engineering gone amok, plus a little bit of the Real ID Act of 2005. I forgot who said it, but sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.  So what might have really sounded fantastic to people in late antiquity seems commonplace now.  In the context of what's happening now, it's really thought provoking. 

I'm not one to buy any sacred text word for word, since they're all written by people, and even if they were perfectly inspired by the divine, who knows about what edits might have occurred along the chain of custody of the text, cultural contexts that got in there from the writer's understanding, or that sort of thing.  But it's kind of interesting.  If you haven't read it before, give it a scan.  At least then you'll know what those guys are talking about.

To change the subject a little, but speaking of apocalyptic visions, the Pope just decided to promote St. Hildegard of Bingen to "Doctor of the Church" which is to recognize her lasting effect on the Church's theology, and a really big deal.  She had apocalyptic visions, too, which the Pope of her time (12th cent.) recognized and allowed her to talk about.  Her main claim to fame, though, was her music, and she was also a scientist in her day.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why Liberty?

I saw this post on a threeper blog called Arctic Patriot and he has a very good point.

Why Liberty?  Why Freedom?  Freedom to do what exactly?
Liberty or Freedom can be reduced to just a word that is intoned like a mantra while someone does horrible things that are the exact opposite of liberty for the guy on the receiving end.

Most of the dictatorships of recent history were formed while mouthing such words. So we who wish to preserve Liberty must be careful not to become that which we abhor.

Here's my take:  Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander.

It's like that pesky War on Terror.  Terrorism is just a tactic. So I guess it's a euphemism, but then in this so-called War on Terror they've committed atrocities like extraordinary rendition and torture...  All things that I would classify as terrorism tactics.  We've become that which we abhor.  We looked too long into Nietzsche's abyss.

And now the gov is pointing the bloody terror-finger inwards at other Americans.  Anyone who dares question them, basically.  The implication being: toe the line or get tortured when they get the opportunity.

There is an awful lot of finger pointing going on right now, actually.  People getting their dander up.  The end of the dollar is near.  There's a close election coming up.  Some people really want to fight the "other tribe."  Whoever that is.

The enemy is not eachother. It's not "Them".  It's not Tea Party people, it's not Occupy, it's not welfare recipients, and it's not even the government either, really. The enemy is fear. This enemy has infiltrated everything and made it suck.

Keep that in mind.  The more effectively we fight fear, and keep it down, the better things will be even if they crash, because if we're not busy being afraid we can figure out how to fix it.

(next morning addition: Hate comes from fear.  So hate is also the enemy, but really it all boils down to fear.  I'm not saying not to fear the loss of your liberty, or not to fear privation or chaos stemming from the crash, I'm saying to get beyond the fear and hate of other people.  A little fear of the future is a good thing, as a motivator to do something about it, as long as it doesn't paralyze you.)

Ham Mesh Networks

I was just blogging about mesh networks (aka darknets) the other day and lo, Silicon Graybeard has an article on ham radio mesh networks.

The gist of his article was you should secure your wifi because these ham operators might be scanning around and the range they are getting is in the tens of miles, so even if you're out in the sticks someone might be scanning your wifi.  But I'm more interested in the idea of mesh networks - I know enough to secure my wifi already. (right now I don't use wifi anyway, my router died)

Anyway, here's the link he gives to the ham radio page that lists the equipment etc.  One thing I noticed there was that it's legal for ham operators to operate in the frequencies that the wifi router uses, but they aren't allowed to encrypt their signals.  If things go totally sideways though, I would imagine that someone could just encrypt all the routers anyway, for tactical reasons, or at least encrypt the data sent over the network.

They should call it WZMB, the Zombie Radio Network!

A Nation of Terrorists
The Excavator says it better than me, but:

According to the feds,
Anyone "frustrated with mainstream ideologies" is a "terrorist."
Anyone who believes in conspiracy theories is a "violent extremist".
I guess by their standards I'm a "violent extremist" and a "terrorist".  What with my incessant blogging my gripes about their antics, reporting on loads of conspiracies, and -
GASP! - teaching people, including KIDS, how to SHOOT RIFLES! (safely!)

Rut-Row!  I better go find a cave to live in I guess.  They must think I'm the next Kony!!!! HORRORS! EEK!

 ...ahem... ever hear of the 1st and 2nd Amendments guys?  You know the Constitution you swore to uphold?  Yeah, that one.  The one I'm enjoying so thoroughly.  While I can.

From my point of view, it's not me - it's they who are being the extremists.  Here's why:

Because the Constitution and Bill of Rights, having a family, building a business, bootstrapping oneself, self-reliance, etc. are mainstream ideologies (in fact they're what makes up the "American way"), and the current administration is frustrated with them, that means to me that by their own definition the current administration are a bunch of terrorists.

And as for conspiracy theories?  They're so popular they're also mainstream now.  I guess they're frustrated with conspiracy theories too.  But I'd say the government is a great MAKER of conspiracy theories.

That some Arab students could come here at the bidding of a dude in a cave in Afghanistan, take beginning flying lessons, hijack a bunch of planes with no other weapon but a box cutter, then all at the exact places that they were out of radar range (which only the military and a few air traffic controllers knew about those places), turn them around and fly them with precise aeronautic maneuvers that probably only a computer or a very experienced pilot could accomplish, into: a spot which was the EXACT place where the records of some missing billions of dollars were going to be investigated, and the Twin Towers which fell symmetrically in a free fall like powder to the ground... and their unblemished passports floated gently to the ground right in front of some government guy, on top of all the dust...
Total hokum. Nice fairy tale.  It's up there with that story about the goat that Bush was reading that day.

Here is another big bunch of hooey:
This dude in a cave who had a fatal disease in an advanced stage that required frequent hospitalizations magically lived ten more years without any hospitals, in the stressful conditions of hiding in caves and evading capture while being hunted all the time, then was killed in Pakistan by Navy Seals and buried at sea against Islamic custom (conveniently making it impossible to produce any evidence of a body), and then a lot of those Navy Seals perished in a freak helicopter accident right after.

To me that makes my own government a bunch of violent extremists.  Not because they have their own conspiracy theories, though.  Because a war was started on the back of this 9-11 lie, and it has gone on and on.  And I suspect those Navy Seals might have been murdered.  So this isn't just theoretical violent extremism, it isn't just rhetoric, it's real.

I don't think everyone who works for the gov is part of this extremism - there are plenty of fine folks who either just do their jobs unawares, or who see the bad stuff going on, and say or try to do something about it (sometimes paying the ultimate price). 

But all that it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

Do YOU want to be branded a "terrorist" for having critical thought, common sense, and traditional values?
Are they trying to lay some kind of BS ground to deprive anyone who opposes them of their rights?
What is this, Soviet Russia?


I just found out Lindsay's Technical Books has put out its LAST catalog.
This is all kinds of books on machining, blacksmithing, engines, alternative energy, and old technology. I discovered them by reading a book called "High Weirdness By Mail", and ordering a catalog about 20 years ago.

I hope someone buys up their rights to publish this stuff, because they are also a HOOT.
I gotta get me that catalog while they still have some left.

h/t to

Friday, October 12, 2012

When Dollars Are Not Trusted

In Myanmar, if you spend dollars, they have to be in perfect condition and not be of series CB. In some countries they are really anal about the condition of paper money.  But the series restriction apparently is because of US sanctions, somehow, although I don't understand how that would make one series of dollars no good while another was OK.

I also read in a report from Sovereign Man a few months ago that dollars from a certain series are not accepted in Paraguay.  It appears they had a problem with counterfeits.  Now that I understand, as US dollar counterfeiting seems to be a problem south of the border. says it's the CIA doing it. Who knows?  But to dollarize another country's economy then flood it with fake dollars would certainly weaken that economy and keep it under American control.

Anyway, the end of that article says that gold at least is still accepted everywhere as a store of wealth, if not a currency. (except the new socialist president of Argentina is trying to keep people from using it there).

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Revolutionary Hockey Stick

To continue with history lessons:

I have noticed that the incidents of tyranny and rebellion leading up to the American Revolution seem to follow a hockey stick graph.  It ramped up first slowly, with some taxes, then a lot of taxes, and then when people tried to resist taxation it just got more and more tyrannical and the last straw was the attempted disarmament of the people by British troops.

First there was a few tar and feathering of tax collectors, and the odd burning in effigy, then there was the Tea Party (1770), then the Boston Massacre (1773), and then the Powder Raids, culminating in the Battle of Lexington and Concord (1775) - and then it went to war.
Here is a handy timeline

Are we heading for a similar fate?  At the end of this year there is the "fiscal cliff" which is a bunch of budget cuts and the end of some tax breaks.  But it's only going to get worse, because the US is in so much debt, it's historical.  There is no effing way we can pay this debt back, so the gov is buying time with its QE-Infinity and so forth, while they get the military ready to grind anyone into oblivion who doesn't go along with the coming austerity, and they try over and over again to change the laws so that we have no rights when it finally goes sideways. GET BACK IN LINE, SLAVE, OR NO GRUEL FOR YOU!

I bet they bought all those rounds of ammo, so that they could have them by the time their money is worthless.  Just like all the preppers are doing. It's just more disturbing when the gov is doing it.

You look at our debt, it's a hockey stick too.  Now, any exponential figure can be made into a hockey stick graph and how sharply it appears to go up depends on where you put the scale - but there is a limit to every natural system. Eventually it hits a ceiling where the thing runs out of oxygen, so to speak, and it comes crashing down.  I think that ceiling is pretty close.

Yes, meow, pretty close.

Are those who control the US military even American anymore?  Have our leaders already betrayed us into the hands of our enemies?  Who will be the new Redcoats, come for our powder?  Will we have the spine to say no this time around?  More importantly, since I think we'll find the spine, will we have the means?

Keep in mind there is a contingent of elites who want 80 to 95% of us DEAD.  There won't just be austerity, there will be chaos, disease, false flags, and we might not know what end is up. Keep your powder dry...

Farmers Feeding Candy to Cows - Cheaper than Corn

I'm assuming these farmers don't have enough land to graze them on grass.  You can have cows that eat only grass but you need pretty much land per cow.

Another forage I read about is the leaves of Jerusalem Artichokes.  Those are pretty much in season to dig up, so you can eat the roots and your cows can eat the leaves.  They'll probably still grow back because nobody really gets the whole root.  (annoying if you're trying to get rid of them though).  But if you're just foraging there's not many on the sides of the roads.  It's not supposed to be the greatest forage but it works.  Gotta be better than candy.

Battle of Athens TN Was Contagious
I found some neat history research here.

This is a continuation of my previous post about this incident.

In 1946 after GI's stood up to the crooked Sheriff Mansfield and knocked over his political machine, several other areas followed suit and kicked/voted out their crooked politicians - mostly in Arkansas and other places in Tennessee.

This link also has a blow by blow chronology of the battle.

My point with all of this is that once people start standing up to tyranny it will likely be contagious and pick up momentum.  Word will get out, even if the internet and cell phone service and the power is down.  Even if they have to bang on their trash can lids, send up smoke signals, or hang lanterns in church towers.

The question is, of course, what will be the spark?  I guess we won't know till it sparks.

Incidentally, speaking of someone trying to keep GI's from voting, the Justice Department under Eric Holder, and several states (mostly Democrat-run) have failed (I think deliberately) on several occasions since Obama was elected to deliver the absentee ballots to the GI's overseas in a timely manner.

Fat Dumb and Lazy?

If this is YOU, turn off the TV, yea, get out from in front of my blog, and go take a walk, then throw out EVERY piece of food in the house made with corn or soy of any kind, and go get some fresh vegetables and meat (no starch), and eat that for a month and NO TV, NO VIDEOGAMES, and NO FB, TWITTER, ETC.  Put down the "smart" phone (=portable idiot box).  And take a walk every day.  Better yet, jog, but if you're really fat you better start by walking instead.

You've been fooled into living like that.  So fight it.
It will save your life.

Yet Another Expensive Henhouse
This time from Needless Markup, your chickens' own Petit Trianon.

It just makes me want to quip, "Eat the Rich", even though I'm not a commie or a cannibal.  This kind of thing just offends my sensibilities.  $100,000 henhouse.  Jeezopete.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Creative Visualization, Magick, Movies, and Propaganda

I'm going to go out on a limb here, and assume some things about magick.

From studying magick and how it works for several years, I assume that how it works is by the power of the mind.  We are all children of God, we are all like little pieces of God.  As such, we have power to create reality, but it takes a self-discipline of the mind to use it in a conscious way.  Some people are more naturals at it, some people have to work at it more, and sometimes it just seems to happen - but the main point is the power of the mind is more than many people think it is.

Some people believe in gods or demons or ghosts helping them in their magick, but I say that is just an illusion they willingly adopt that helps them get around their own monkey minds.  There are problems with the use of outside agents in magick - sometimes it seems they get minds of their own - and there is a chicken and egg question there, but I guess that's a side issue for another article.

If someone wants to create a reality that is large, for example something that affects a whole country or the world, they could try to use the power of their mind to do this.  But it is easier if you get the power of a lot of minds.  This is where movies come in.

It is really no secret that a lot of the adventure movies that have terrorists and that sort of thing in them are funded by the CIA.  Also pretty much all the major media is owned. (look up Mockingbird). The CIA is really more about affecting public opinion with propaganda and running crime rings in foreign countries than they are about spying on people.  They spy, of course, but I would say a major mission of theirs is propaganda.

My theory here is that messages are embedded in these adventure movies the purpose of which is to create in the subconscious of a lot of people the seed for some future reality that the CIA wants to create.  Art and media has from the beginning of time been about reinforcing (or changing) cultural values.  So this is nothing new, except they've done a lot of research on how to sneak those messages into our subconscious more effectively.

Some of it is just to precondition people into believing a false flag attack is real later.  Some of it is to acclimate people to new infringements on their privacy and freedom.  But I think some of it is to actually CREATE a reality by fooling people into thinking it into existence.

DHS Fusion Centers Find Vicious Gossip, Not Terrorists

They can watch you pick your nose on the street in real time.  They know when you are home from your water and gas usage.  Every time you use a bank or credit card, they know what you bought, in real time.  They keep dossiers of what amounts to vicious gossip on people, and their resources are mostly being used by local police doing investigations of street crime.


They haven't prevented a single real terrorist.


The couple attacks that did happen since the establishment of the fusion centers were lone wolves.  One guy lost his job and couldn't pay his mortgage, and the other one was just insane.  Otherwise, I don't think there's any real terrorists out there, save the ones on government payrolls.  Oh, there was that group of anarchist idiots who were going to try and blow up a bridge in Ohio, but they were both very incompetent and totally agent-provoked.  Without the FBI offering them fake explosives, I think all they would have done is go to protests.

This continual branding of Liberty movement people as "terrorists", the claim that the Tea Party is like Al-Qaeda, is all ridiculous, politically motivated bullshit.  I cannot think of a group of people more law abiding and well-wishing of our country, Constitution, and Bill of Rights than the Liberty movement and the Tea Party.  But the tactics of the current administration are, shall, we say, less than honorable.  It all reminds me of stories of Communism, and the Stasi.

Interestingly enough, the former head of the Stasi, Markus Wolf, was brought here  in 2003 to head up DHS. And if you don't believe Prison Planet's link, here is another.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

On Alex Jones

The other day I had a conversation with my very neo-con BF who was actually complaining about the green movement being full of old Communists who switched over when Communism became passe.  He was also complaining about the elites' idea that the world should be depopulated so they could run around using high tech toys and not have to deal with the hoi polloi.

For a minute I thought he'd actually "snapped" and come over to my point of view.

But then he told me Alex Jones was poison to the credibility of the deep politics/conspiracy people basically because of the sensationalist way he twists everything, and he told me there was no overreaching big conspiracy where these elites had meetings.

Well, what about the Bilderberg Group?  The CFR?  The Trilateral Commission?  Do you think the CIA is going to tell the public when they have meetings with the KGB or Mossad?  There's meetings, be assured.

They might not be having some giant worldwide conference that takes in all of them, but that would be strategically unsound anyway, because it would not only point out there was a conspiracy but would put them all in one convenient location that someone could attack and get them all at once.  Besides, that is what the UN General Assembly is for.  AND, he's right in that each of these groups or the members of the groups have their own little power plays and agendas, so it's not like they all agree on everything.  And being the Machiavellians that they are, there's skullduggery amongst them.

As for Alex Jones, I have noticed he puts an awful lot of spin on some things, and it is mostly to make people feel like the jackbooted thugs will be breaking down doors any second, and carpet bombing air strikes are imminent (especially if you're a on some list, which the mere act of landing on his web page will get you on!).  But when he reports a news item, the facts are usually correct, even if the headline might be scarier than it needs to be.  Sometimes, though, he will SAY something in his radio show that doesn't appear on his website in print, and those things can be unconfirmable by regular people.  Like his assertion that there is a giant secret reserve of abiotic oil off the coast of Alaska, and that sort of thing.

Why does he put that scary spin on things?  Because he's making money off this thing, and on days where there is not much going on, he still has to make his material interesting.  What he does do right in my opinion is to get people interested in the conspiracy thing to begin with.  Then they can go from there.

Here is a tip from me though:  If the mainstream media is lying to you, what makes you think the conspiracy media has everything right and is telling you the truth all the time?  Don't believe anything you read until you investigate it yourself a bit.