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Monday, December 31, 2012

Another New York Times Anti-Constitutional Drooling Idiot

I swear, I don't understand where the commie 5th column finds these idiot bootlickers who are so lacking in common sense and all logic.  But they're doing this constitution bashing crap on NPR, the BBC, and especially the NYT.  They are the marionettes of the martinets.

HAVE THESE FOOLS EVER EVEN READ THE DAMN DOCUMENT?  I have.  Here's a clue: We have what rights we do have left because of this document.  It's protecting us from our own government, so we don't fall into a tyranny where we don't even get to ask for Vaseline when they tell us to bend over.

I guess they think that they'll be afforded a cushy position by the new dictator they enthroned for helping bring it about.  But what really happens when a tyrant takes over is they KILL the useful idiot intellectuals, along with the dissidents like me; and then they get down to some serious killing of everyone else.

While the idea of being able to witness Piers Morgan or this other idiot getting shot in the head by his own handlers and left to rot outside the gates a few minutes before I fall to the same fate is appealing in its own Pyrrhic way, we must NOT let that happen.  I would have reluctantly said that they have the Constitutional right to keep shitting from their mouths, except anyone who tries to enslave us by lobbying for the removal of the Constitution is really doing subversion and not the kind of free speech that the document they bash can protect while they bash it.

Two Gun Incidents Not Making the National News

I am re-reporting this stuff from the Survivalist Blog:

First incident:

An Occupy Wall St. organizer and his 9 months pregnant rich-kid girlfriend (daughter of a prominent doctor and a prominent real estate agent) got busted for having bomb making materials and firearms in their Greenwich Village NYC apartment.  Plus some handwritten explosives formulas, and a book called the "Terrorist Handbook".

They got busted because the cops went there to talk to the girl about some credit card fraud she was apparently wanted for doing.

Ah, but this doesn't fit the MSM narrative.  NYC is already gun-controlled, and the perps were the liberal-elite-whiner kind of terrorists.

Note:  There is technically freedom of speech, but if it appears your book collection was there to help you commit a crime, they will use it against you.  Also if you must involved in one kind of shit, don't do other shit that will lead the cops to your home!  Better yet, don't shit where you eat.  And finally, don't be living la vida loca if you expect to be raising a child soon.  Stupid hippie Communists...

Second incident:

A guy went to a restaurant in San Antonio to shoot his ex-GF, everyone else in the restaurant ran to the movie theater next door to get away from him, but after he was done shooting her, he then went next door to shoot up the theater.  But then an off-duty lady cop shot him 4 times and so he didn't get a chance to kill anyone else.

Again, a badguy with a gun was stopped by a goodguy with a gun.  But that doesn't fit their narrative of gun control being good for public safety.

Monkeywrenching State Surveillance

This article continues some thoughts I had while writing the last one. It was just getting long.

In a resistance movement, communicating and coordinating over email, phone or social media, or even using 2-way radios too much would be like broadcasting everything you are doing to the enemy, plus they could shut it all down (witness Facebook's shutting off Infowars and Natural News this weekend, and imagine if they did that to everyone they disliked at once) so alternative ways to communicate are needed. 

I have seen the following things suggested: hobo type sigils chalked onto buildings or fences, using radios with a previously agreed-on code, using an obscure book as a one-time pad, trading micro SD cards with data on them, using strong encryption algorithms for every piece of communication even your grocery list, just to gum up the system, and such low tech things as banging on trash can lids for a local alarm.

They've been watching us all for a few years now, so even if I "shaped up" and shut up, they've already got my number.  So I figure I might as well keep blathering.  I refuse to stop, actually, because I could save lives this way (just not my own).  But the net effect of this panopticon of surveillance is to make people, especially potential government whistleblowers, afraid to speak out.  And it's the whistleblowers who will finally convince people of the direness of our situation, not the conspiracy writers, who probably a good 80% of them are bullshit psyop artists.

If people are ever microchipped, and you're some kind of resistance person, even if you don't have a chip, just meeting with someone with a chip could lead a tyrant right to you.  If chips are turned off or removed, this would make a red flag against that person, which would make them afraid to help you. The only way to evade a chip tracker would be to remove the chip, or clone the chip, turn the real one off temporarily and then leave the clone behind to beep by itself or get someone else to carry it around so it looks like it's moving still.  Or someone could make (or steal and activate) millions of duplicate decoy chips, like when Dutch gentiles wore the yellow Star of David en masse so that the Nazis couldn't pick out the Jews.  It would be funny if then someone put the chips into a lot of rats or feral cats and released them all. (or some geese, creating a literal wild goose chase).  We chip cats and dogs all the time now, so it would be relatively humane, as acts of resistance go, unless armed drones are then shooting all the cats.

They don't even need RFID chips, if we have cell phones we carry around; but if they don't want us to be able to talk to each other but still want to track us, then they'll have to put in the chips and then shut off the phones.  Also, it's easier to ditch a phone than a chip.  But you can destroy one by frying it with a blast of electricity from a capacitor, with the terminals held to your skin right over the chip.  You will get a burn and it will hurt, but it will fry the chip. It's like a mini stun gun.  You can make one from a disposable camera flash.

Even without chips or phones, security cameras can be made to transmit their data over power lines, unbeknownst to the business owners who have put up the cameras. And of course there are those spy streetlamps.  At the other end, there's facial recognition software that takes two seconds to identify you.  Your tires also have RFID's in them and those are read by RFID readers on the roadside.  Having to avoid these devices would seriously handicap a resistance, unless people went around in masks disabling them all the time.

Or, someone could set off an EMP to take out the surveillance centers, but that would create hardship for everybody in the neighborhood and that would certainly not be adhering to an honor code of minimizing collateral damage.  I would recommend against it, unless it would save lives, like if someone in that center was flying a drone around town and shooting people with it.

The best way to defeat a surveillance state is with sheer numbers of people monkeywrenching it, or just refusing to be intimidated and continuing to act like free men and women, and staring it right back in the face with a look of disdain.

I admire the whistleblower William Binney, he tells the spies who hijacked his program what he thinks of them every time he writes an email.  I would like to shake his hand one day. He is a genius, a very brave man and a true patriot.

Piece de Resistance - Resisting Extreme Tyranny, French Resistance Style

A piece de resistance is really like the gem of a collection, but this is a pun I was trying to make.  There are much better treatises on resistance to tyranny, so I'm kind of tooting my own horn for no reason here.

If or when a tyrant arises in place of rule of law, there will be three different ways to resist, depending on your situation.  I don't mean the slow boiling-frog incrementalism and decimation of the Constitution that we've been putting up with, I mean another Hitler.  Note again that I am not advocating doing this now!  The proper action for what's happening now is civic involvement!!!

The most obvious way to resist extreme tyranny would be to take up arms and run around full time as an partisan, in a band of partisans, or enemy combatants as you would probably be styled.  Not everybody is cut out for this lifestyle, it is a short and brutish life, and you may come to a painful and ignominious end or languish in a dungeon, or see a lot of your brothers and sisters in arms die.  But to my mind it is preferable to slavery under another Stalin or Hitler, or being herded into a death camp, if those are the options.  You would likely live in a hidey hole, or outdoors, or a squalid basement, or the sewer.  To prepare for such a lifestyle, besides learning how to fight and shoot, you may also consider caching food and weapons, practicing sleeping outdoors or huddled in your basement, trapping wild game, building hidey holes to live in, fasting occasionally, and doing heavy physical training, as well as learning some thieves-guild type skills like lock picking or climbing. Mental control so you can keep still for long periods of time while remaining alert would be good.

You will be at times cold, hot, wet, parched, tired, hungry, scared, wounded, sunburnt, have blisters on your feet, and risk torture and death if caught.  Your family could be in danger too.  But you'd be in good company with the Founding Fathers, the French Resistance, and the original ninjas.  (For what that's worth.  War is not glamorous in person, only in books and movies and the Army recruiter's line of patter.)

You will likely not have a supply line, unless either you steal or great numbers of the population support you, which means you'd be supporting them in turn. The only way you'd get that powerful/lucky would be to feed them or get them goods and services they can't get officially, like medical care, education, a job that pays, and security.  Your end goal would actually be to parallel and gradually replace the services of the regime, so that you're the de facto new regime in all but name.  Which is why they say that you can study tactics and strategy all you want, but it's logistics that wins or loses wars.  This also requires that you do everything with honor and the least amount of collateral damage possible, so the population doesn't get mad at you.  Your enemy will not be bound by the same code of honor, if you are fighting a tyrant.

The next way would be someone who stays in society and either supports the "partisans" by bringing them food and stuff, hiding them, storing their stuff, or acting as a lookout or a spy; or someone who does sabotage on the sly.  There are many forms of sabotage, some small and some not so small, but they all wear down the enemy or demoralize him.  You can be a Melvin and do things in such a way as to wear out the enemy's equipment faster without doing anything that can be specifically construed as outright sabotage.  You can even sabotage yourself, for example sticking pepper up your nose and going home "sick" from time to time, if you are forced to work at a job you object to and your absence is strategic. Your best set of skills here will be sleight of hand, keeping plausible deniability, misdirection, pilfering, looking for opportunities, and the ability to evade or fool surveillance.  I would also lump the black marketeer into this group, although those could be just in it for the profit.

Lastly, you could be someone who when they see partisans, does nothing to stop them and looks the other way.

There is no dishonor in not fighting extreme tyranny directly.  Some people have families to protect and they do what they can, or they are weak, lame, too old, or too young.  Not everybody is cut out to fight like a soldier.

I sure hope it doesn't go that way.

BTW, what have you done today to preserve your Liberty?

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ghoulish! Dianne Feinstein's "Assault Weapons" Ban Bill

Here is Senator Feinstein's website where she has posted her assault-weapons ban bill.  Read it and understand just how bad it is, and just how little she actually knows about guns.

The traitor.


The way you find them is google "contact your senator" or "contact your congressman" and follow any link that looks like it's .gov, when you're there, enter your state or zip code, and then fill out their contact form.  If you draft a letter, you can copy it then paste it on the next congresscritter's form.

Do it NOW.  Just stop reading/browsing and freaking do it now.  This blog will still be here when you get back.

Then write down their phone numbers and call them.  Call them every day.  And take this message and send it to every gun owner you know.  Get on their cases to call their congresscritters.  Get on their cases to spread the message.

It's your choice: write some letters and get on the phone now, or give up your guns, or pay hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of fees, or hide your guns and/or wait for the ATF to break down your door later.  Or down the road even further, when the economy tanks at the bottom of the fiscal cliff, you could get raped, robbed, tortured and murdered in your home by raving starving mobs, or out of control uniformed goons, or get frog marched at the point of a gun (perhaps the very one that was taken from you by Feinstein & Co.) to a prison camp to be "re-educated" into acquiescing to your own slavery (or just killed).

If you're not brave enough to write a letter now, you're sure not going to brave enough to resist being marched off to a slave labor camp later.  At least have the balls to write the letter.  If you don't own guns, keep in mind it might be your gun owning neighbor who saves you from the zombies and the Nazis.

The Holocaust.  Stalin.  Pol Pot.  It all started with gun confiscation. Don't let it start here. NEVER AGAIN.

This GHOUL Feinstein has been waiting for the right tragedy to march out this piece of crap legislation.  HOW DARE SHE CAPITALIZE ON THE SUFFERING OF OTHERS TO TRY AND TAKE OUR LIBERTY.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Man Makes AK From Manure Shovel

This is Penny-Pinchin' AWESOMENESS.!

The guy who made it had to pose it with a hammer and sickle and some flaming vodka, to be silly.  And a tarp.  Blue tarp glorious backdrop for shovel AK for glorious defense of motherland!  Pass the vodka!

He not only turned the handle into a stock, but he annealed the shovel part and machined it into a receiver, then riveted all kinds of goodness onto it. The gas tube cover appears to be some kind of Romanian surplus part with a woman's name carved into it.  The barrel was from a $30 barrel blank.

Here's his 10-round surplus ammo target group. I want this guy to show up at an Appleseed with this rifle.  It would drive the point home that even with a $2 homemade shovel-rifle one can learn marksmanship.

BTW, it's (currently) not illegal for you to make your own gun, as long as it's for you and not for sale.  The legal reason why store-bought guns have serial numbers is because they sell them.  (I think I'd still sneak some kind of makers mark or sigil onto mine, if I ever make my own gun.  I'm proud that way.)

Milk Could Go to $8/Gallon in January

I both heard this on NPR and saw it mentioned in an article at the Daily Sheeple.
h/t to

Congress has blocked the Farm Bill.  So right now,
 "farms are no longer subsidized.  This will cause the industry to revert to the Agricultural Act written in 1949, meaning that the government is obligated to purchase dairy products from farmers at a cost that is twice what they are receiving now – this means that the price of a gallon of milk may skyrocket in January to as much as $8 per gallon"
 I suspect the current version of the farm bill was onerous in some way.  It doesn't help you when you're trying to buy milk though.

Therefore, if you are super fond of milk, you might want to get you some.  You can freeze it.  Or you can get powdered or evaporated milk, if you can stand that.  It would be a good time to do that, before the prices double.

Or, get a cow, if you're the farming type, and then you'll have your own milk.

Avoid Starvation in the Wilderness

I'm reading an essay by Gary North on the Armenian genocide. (I'm not going to varnish the truth to make the Turks feel better about themselves.  It was genocide.)

In this essay he says:
The army rounded up hundreds or thousands of civilians, drove them into wilderness areas, and waited until they starved to death.
I was just thinking about FEMA camps when I read that, and also of the Jews who hid in the woods during WW2 and became freedom fighters.  But they got food by raiding the Nazis.

And then, I had this brilliant idea:

The real trick will be calories.  A wilderness cannot sustain a concentrated crowd.  So why not turn the wilderness near you into a garden before the SHTF?  Pre-plant it with things like sugar beets, potatoes, wild garlic, sweet potatoes, turnips, etc.  Propagate Jerusalem artichokes.  Also, learn the wild edibles like nettles.  I guess people could eat ants or worms for protein, but that would get old quick.  The varmints would become scarce quick because people would eat them.

Lots of that would get eaten by deer, but there'd still be some left for people. Deer seem to find turnips easier than they do potatoes.

Environmentalists will howl at me.  I don't care.  Their leaders want us dead, and I refuse to go.  Having a secret garden or several in the wilderness will be both good insurance for your larder, and a good way to feed people who may be driven from their homes by political turmoil.  Imagine if you had to flee and hide in the woods like Stark Raving Viking did? (his blog's on my blogroll)  Now imagine if you had pre-stocked the woods with food for yourself.  Much easier!

Most people don't realize that the Native Americans encouraged the growth of edibles in the woods - they cultivated their world like one giant garden, and all the white man saw was wilderness.  It can be done again.

Another thing you can do is carry seeds on you, perhaps sewn into your hat or something, so that if you are driven into the wilderness with just your clothes, and you're going to stay in one place you can plant those seeds.  But it's better to already have something growing.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you.  Pray for peace.

The Mother of All WTC Conspiracy Pages

h/t to

This guy has spent years researching and going behind other 9-11 researchers and verifying what they say.  He claims to have discovered a lot of the other "truthers" are disinformation artists, especially the ones who have gotten some traction in the conspiracy community. 

More importantly, he claims to have found overwhelming evidence of bombs and thermite having been placed ahead of time at the WTC.  And lays it all out in logical order.  That page is really good, as they go.

The disinformation thing he says he found is something to keep in mind.  I don't claim to be perfect or to know what's really going on.  I just muddle through like everyone else and I've been fooled before.  If you read conspiracy stuff, you might want to keep in mind that it's quite possible for someone with a stake in the game to poison the well, i.e. insert a bunch of ridiculous garbage into the mix, and then people are apt to give up in disgust at the sheer amount of nonsense.  It's also more effective to insert some truth in with the garbage, so that people don't instantly recognize it as a poisoned well, and that makes them more disgusted later.  Do not trust anyone's account of anything, be it MSM or the alternative media, until you have satisfied yourself that they're not twisting it.  I don't think the alternative media is immune to manipulation at all, nor do I think all the people in it are sincere.

Don't even trust this guy completely.  Or me - like I said, I'm not perfect either.

Maybe one day we'll have the unvarnished truth.  It might be in the next world though.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Window Board Idea

Here is an idea I had for a free way to board up your windows.

Grab some pallets that are a little bigger than your windows.  You can then board up the windows from the inside with them.  I guess you could instead do the outside, but they'd have these handy handles to pull them off with, or for people to climb on, so that might not be such a good idea.

This would not be a perfect seal for the cold, but it would be a good way to have a free instant window board for security.  You could add plastic to keep air out.  If you needed to peek outside you could drill a hole in it with a paddle bit or a hole saw.

Many businesses are happy to let you have their pallets, as they have to pay the trash man to take them away otherwise.  I have used pallets to make compost bins, and I'm about to make some shelves over my work bench with some pallets.

You can get oak pallets from a steel mill.  Any place that has heavy things delivered will have better pallets, with the boards closer together.  Paper is delivered on really nice pallets that are nice and smooth, so the paper doesn't get lumps in it.

If you want to salvage the boards and get rid of the legs of your pallet, it's easiest to cut them off rather than try to pry them because the pallet makers use special nails that have ridges and you will just break the wood.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pushback in Paragould, AR

Activist Post picks up the tune...
It appears the chief of police's brother has been using his IT position to amass dossiers on people in Paragould who have not committed a crime, in violation of the 4th Amendment of the Constitution.

People are starting to organize protests and such.

Friday, December 21, 2012

What if The Shootings are All Just Media Hoaxes?

There is a guy with a webpage called wellaware1 that claims all the people in these tragedies that get publicized so much (Jon Benet, Casey Dugard, Amy Winehouse, shootings, kidnappings, etc.) are all actors, and that some news "events" even recycle the same actors.  He uses facial recognition software to illustrate his point, focusing on ear shapes, teeth, and other physical attributes that are usually overlooked when people take on a disguise.  He also claims that decades-old childhood photos of some of the actors are used sometimes to make fictitious children in the present, when those photos don't have clothes that can be placed in the old decade. (of course there is also Photoshop).

I wonder if it could be true, and I'm going to project this as an assumption and think out the implications for the recent school shooting in Fairfield, CT.  Wellaware1 thinks nobody died at Sandy Hook Elementary, but I'm going to assume the opposite for my own exercise.

Assume for a minute that this shooting is a media stunt orchestrated by some conspiracy, but that some of the people involved are not aware of that, and that real children died. So they have either secretly killed some people and set up actors to take the place of them, or just placed actors ahead of time in the town; and they have barged into the school dressed as SWAT cops and shot up the school, trying to blame it on the Lanza brothers, for whom they had actors to replace them; and they completely own the TV news media and the police, at least in that town.

What about Adam Lanza?  Was it really he who shot up all those kids and his own mother?  How did they get him to the school in her car with her guns?  Was he hypnotized, or was he drugged, kidnapped and put there, then shot by them?  Was the guy at the school the real Adam Lanza?  Could the Lanza the teachers saw have been an actor, then they switched him for the real dead Lanza after the cops arrived?

Was the whole Lanza family just actors?  Did Mrs. Lanza really die?  Is the estranged millionaire father an actor just playing a millionaire on TV?

If there are actors playing some of the cops in Fairfield, CT, how come the real cops are not debunking what they say?  Or is the entire police department in on the joke?  Are police groomed and sorted for this conspiracy?  How?  What happens when someone not in on the conspiracy applies to become a police officer?

Indeed, what happens when the "killer" is an actor?  Do they let him go once he has "gone to jail"?  I am assuming someone has to be in jail, because the other prisoners would reveal it if the "killer" was not present.  Do they replace the actor in jail with a crazy person to fool the inmates, or do they just leave him to rot?  Do they frame a real person and use an actor in court, then put the real person in jail?  How do they render the "killer" inarticulate, or is that even necessary? (Sirhan Sirhan is articulate and claims he's innocent, but nobody wants to listen to him but conspiracy buffs and his lawyer).  Are the prison guards also in on the joke?

What about the people of Fairfield, CT who have appeared on camera?  Were they actors?  Were they replaced by actors?  Did any non-actors get paid off to shut up, relocated like Mafia witnesses, or just killed? Did actors move into this town and, like a sleeper cell, wait for orders?  How did the rest of the town not notice some of these people being actors or being replaced by actors? 

Think for a second about the possibility that a group of actors was moved into this town as a sleeper cell, and that they lived their lives there long enough for the rest of the town not to be suspicious.  These people have just had either their own children get shot, or those kids were someone else's children.  If the kids were some kind of asset of the people setting up this hoax, and not the real children of the actors, where did they come from?

 If that Robbie guy is really just an actor, whose child is this Emilie that he is the "father" of, if she actually died?

Are some of these "actors" really slaves of a kind, being raised as a kind of disposable extra on the set, so they might be killed later?  How are their ID's managed? (i.e. social security number, putting them in school, etc.).  Are there children running around belonging to this slave/actor group who somehow escape the notice of the truant officer? (Google a shadowy child-kidnapping group that calls itself the Finders and seems to have some kind of immunity).  What if the truant officer is himself owned?

If there are cells of actors who "do" these kind of events, how do they deal with people around them getting killed?  Are they trained agents or something, screened for being totally immune to the suffering of others? Are they somehow born different from the rest of us, like Icke's lizard people?

Is this why it's so hard to break into show business?  Because it's really a closed breakaway society and outsiders just don't get in, except for the lowest levels?  Are people screened for their willingness to participate in evil, to advance? Or is this just one really weird small shadowy troupe of actors?  How does the troupe get new members?

This is all rather strange to think about, but I'm just playing what if for now.

Is a Government Wetwork Team Doing These School Massacres?

There are so many discrepancies between the official story and reality at this point, that anybody with a brain and eyes to see can tell there is a cover up of some kind going on over Sandy Hook.

Here are a few tidbits from the above article.

The 2 hour long raw 911 tape has the sounds of shooting on it after the police got there, even though the official story has the cops arriving after the shooting was done; the witnesses saw multiple shooters in SWAT type clothing - which just like in Aurora has gone right down the memory hole; there is a lot of confusion over which weapons were supposedly used: was the Bushmaster rifle in the trunk or was it being used, or was it the AR; or if he did all the shooting with 2 pistols and left the rifle(s) in the car how did he fire hundreds of shots in such a short period of time without having like 20 magazines; who was it they apprehended in the woods with 4 pistols, camo and body armor who yelled "it wasn't me"; who in going to be lurking in the woods outside a school dressed in camo and body armor and with 4 pistols (even the most paranoid of LEO's might wear 3 but 4 I've never heard of); why did they say it was Ryan Lanza when he was really at work, why was Ryan's girlfriend reported missing, what happened to the dead man in the next town they reported; etc. etc.  Also, one of the dead teachers had a memorial Facebook page for her go up 4 days BEFORE the shooting.  And one of the teachers who hid her students in the bathroom refused to let the police in until they slid their badges under the door - she must have known the shooters were dressed like cops.  I can't think of another good explanation.

You see where this is going?  There were multiple shooters dressed like cops, who went right down the memory hole as soon as the media decided to go with the lone crazy shooter story.  I think it's likely that it was a hit team dressed like cops, BOTH Lanza brothers were being set up as "prepper nut" patsies, and the guy in the woods was an actor cast as "Ryan Lanza"; but the fact that the real Ryan Lanza left work immediately and tweeted or FB'd his innocence and his whereabouts probably saved his life.  This is the one thing I think smartphones are actually good for.  Establishing alibis.  So then the conspirators had to scramble to manage their media.

There is also a video out there of the father of one of the dead kids arriving in a room where the press is to interview him, and he is smiling and relaxed, then when it's time for him to go on camera, he starts hyperventilating like an actor getting into his role, then he looks flustered while talking to the camera.  I dunno, grief does weird things.  I apologize if this guy is for real, because this is no joke; but I've known bereaved people who can keep it together for a bit, which they really try to do actually, but this is just a little too weird for me:

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Mayan Calendar Day!

OK, so far nothing has happened.  This is good...

New Paleo Diet for Reversing MS, Alzheimers

BRAAAAINS!  (thought I'd kick off the zombie apocalypse right).

This diet allegedly reverses brain-shrinking diseases by encouraging mitichondria, through food.  It's a Paleo diet but heavy on colored fruits and vegies (carrots, red berries, sweet potatoes, beets, etc.), brassicas, Omega-3 rich fish, and grass-fed meat.

This is a good thing.  Alzheimers is an epidemic. Unless it's really mad cow disease, and a cover-up. But perhaps even mad cow disease could be slowed down with this diet.

Speaking of dread brain diseases, I read something on Survival Blog the other day that wolves have a parasite that can get in your brain.  The people who "reintroduced" wolves (which is actually a lie, the kind of wolves they released were not from here) KNEW the wolves had this parasite.  Blood on their hands, folks... our blood... they introduced an incurable parasite and they knew it.

Anyway, mice will take wolf poop which has a lot of hair in it, and make nests with it, then your cat will catch and eat those mice, and then you can get it, etc.  This parasite has no cure and it can infect your gut or even your brain.  If you live in wolf country, wear gloves and a mask when you change your cat's litter box,  of course also if you shoot a wolf and then handle its carcass.  Don't touch wolf poop.

Would Be Warlords

In Paragould, Arkansas, police chief Todd Stovall is "fixin'" to impose martial law, in a city of 26,000 that doesn't have a violence problem to begin with, just maybe some more burglary than average.  He wants to put cops on the streets with AR-15's, accosting everyone and asking them why they're out walking.  He just needs the right crisis. 

The guy also appears to be building his own private army.

When things finally go sideways due to the dollar collapsing or any number of other scenarios, they'll likely declare martial law.  If it's not the feds it'll be these militarized gung-ho provincial would be mini dictators.  There are plenty of power hungry, angry people in office just like him who are itching for a fight and licking their chops for an excuse to kick some doors in.

The saber rattling is not limited to .gov types. I have also noticed that the threeper blogger known as "Sam Kerodin", has threatened "non-proportional" retaliation against anyone who disses him, and is hinting that his followers should figure out where their political enemies live, in advance of WROL.  He also claims that anyone who even voted for the blue politician he dislikes is guilty of treason and should die.

I don't like the blue politician either, but KILLING PEOPLE FOR VOTING IS NOT MY IDEA OF RIGHTFUL LIBERTY.  Just sayin'.  And I think Mr. Kerodin has strayed from his own mission statement.  Because his mission statement is this "The III Percent Mission Statement: Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. ~ Thomas Jefferson"

I think the equal rights of others extends to voting and speaking their minds, whether they agree with you or not. Even if they're wrong.

And if you want to get in my face about my saying this, Mr. Kerodin, I have no problem with that. I will be brave, stand right in front of you and say the same thing to your face. Just leave a comment.  (I should probably have contacted him directly in the first place, but oh well.)

It's sad, because I think if Kerodin would mellow out a bit he'd have more luck with his Redoubt Citadel project etc.  I like some of what he's doing, especially III Arms, but not this stuff that to me sounds like he's planning a murder spree.  Say it ain't so, Sam!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Even though I don't think the world is going to end in 2 days, I'm still finding myself a bit superstitious.  I've been trying to get things in order in case I'm woken up by an earthquake or something and can manage to get out of the house with a few things.

I just bought earthquake insurance (it's actually a coincidence, I swear, it was offered along with the homeowners I just switched to) but it doesn't kick in until a few more days.  Of course if there is a pole shift, I don't think anyone will be left to collect from, let alone man the claims hotline. If there's any phone lines after that.

Will I be able to sleep the night of the 20th?  Who knows?  If not, either I'll drag myself into work tired on the 21st or it won't matter one bit.  Or if I fall asleep either I'll never know what hit me, or I'll wake up refreshed.

I'm not too terribly worried.  I've been saved from sudden death a few times mysteriously already.  Been picked up by the hand of God and put down somewhere else.  Or maybe my lizard brain kicked in and scooted me over and I didn't notice.  Just suddenly I was 10 feet away and didn't know how I got there.  Also, I've escaped other people's police trouble (protests gone wrong, etc.) just by being tired that day and deciding to skip whatever event it was.  No feeling of premonition, just sort of a blah, skip it.  Either way, I have a feeling I'm not done yet on this planet. I'm being saved for something.

If, as the new-agers seem to think, everyone's secrets get revealed when this "shift" happens, well I've been reformed from being greedy, and I'll take my lumps with that, but I still hope that nobody can see all the hanky panky I got into over the years. That stuff's private!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Batman Movie has Sandy Hook Reference
You gotta see this.  Click on the Pic 1 and Pic 2 in the above linked page.  At 1:58 in the movie, there's a map of Gotham City, someone puts their hand on the largest text on the map (and almost the only text visible except "Gotham City", the hand gets put on the words "SANDY HOOK".

And just at that point someone in another thread says "There are no coincidences".

I used to think that bragging and prediction of false flag events by the conspiracy in movies was bunk, but now I'm not so sure.  There is definitely something at work here.

I get a lot of synchronicities that I notice personally, and I shrug it off as an artifact of my living with one foot in my own head (if that makes sense.  Although sometimes I think that foot got into my head via my mouth!)

...but when major movies and big events that get used as excuses to change public policy coincide, it's spooky on a whole new level.  Well, if it's a holographic universe, and if the symbolic world bleeds through to the "real" world a lot, it would occur on many levels, both micro and macro. 

If it's a paranormal phenomenon, is it an echo into the past, or an echo into the future?  Or is there some group of human beings controlling this stuff?  If it is a group of humans, are they creating a future on purpose using movie magick? Like, does the movie imagery serve to create or cement a magickal spell?  Did they magically MAKE the shooter in Sandy Hook be an echo of the shooter that came out during the Batman movie?  Was it an unintended echo or were they getting a twofer?

Or, were they just bragging about something they were going to make happen by more mundane means?

New Pithy Quote and Another Gun Rant

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. - George Orwell

This is so going on the pithy quotes page.

And in that spirit, here's something possibly unpopular in light of the recent massacres.

If you don't have one yet, go get a gun and a bunch of ammo.  It is your right to keep and bear arms. And, here's an up and coming brand of firearms, made in the US, and very economical.

They don't have battle rifles though.  Just some handguns and handgun caliber carbines.  I guess they gotta start somewhere.  They're getting good reviews on the gun blogs.

I would also say it's every sane adult's responsibility to learn how to shoot a gun well.  Not just a right, but something you really ought to do.  In my book it's part of being an adult, it's a skill everyone ought to learn, like cooking, changing a diaper, driving a car, or balancing your checkbook.

Even if you are a peacenik and guns give you the willies, know this: most genocides by a tyrannical government of its own people began with the disarmament of the people. And if you are squeamish about guns, you need to examine WHY guns give you the willies.  What do you see/hear when you think of them?  Now, what can you do that will mitigate that scenario?  Maybe learn to defend yourself!  Especially women.  A gun can even the playing field real quick if a bunch of thugs come after you with rape on their minds.  Otherwise you're booty du jour and probably dead meat to boot.

There, I've said something that maybe some people don't want to hear.  Many people these days don't want to take responsibility for themselves and their own well being.  They want government to do it.  That's not going to work. Has it worked yet?  No.  Expecting something to work that hasn't worked yet is madness.  Government is at its best terribly inefficient, and at its worst a killing machine against its own people.  Therefore take care of yourself.

And don't let Obummer disarm the American public, punishing responsible people for the actions of a couple crazies.  Contact your senators and tell them in no uncertain terms that they better not vote for any kind of new gun control.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's Bill of Rights Day

It's Bill of Rights Day. Hooray!
Except most of them have been infringed upon already by a power-hungry fedgov.
These rights are ours regardless of what kind of laws they put on the books.  They can't take them away, they can only infringe them.  It's a fine distinction but one that has to be made.

Enjoy your weekend!  If Mayan Calendar Day is really the end of the world, this is the last weekend ever.  I don't really believe it'll be the end of the world though.  I think it's some fearporn someone started in order to twist the new-agers' panties into a bunch.

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Connecticut Shooting

First off, it makes me sick that someone would think that shooting little kids is OK.  I don't care what kind of bad life he was having, there's no excuse.  Guy ought to be strung up.

Second, of course the anti-gun people are having a field day.  It only took minutes before they were yammering.  But they're wrong.  The reason why that shooter managed to shoot so many people before he was stopped, is because nobody else there had a gun.  It's these no-gun zones that the shooters choose, over and over again.  This is because they're cowards.

They ought to let teachers carry.  Or at the very least, the principal and vice principal, and a security guard or two.  They could undergo more extensive training than CCW for it, and wear retention holsters so that it's harder for some kid to take their gun.

Also, it's not the guns.  We had guns galore 50 years ago, and no mass shootings.  So what has changed, if not the guns?  We used to be a more self-controlled society.  We had "institutions" like religion and marriage, parents who actually paid attention to their kids, and morals were taught more strictly.  Not to be a fuddy duddy or anything, but now people are now buried in their damn I-phones, they can't pay attention for more than 30 seconds to anything, they watch the Kardashians and Honey Boo Boo and think that's normal, and they watch quasi-pornographic music videos and think it's legitimate art.  We have riots at Wal-Mart over cheap Chinese crap.  It's all me me me.  People need to effing grow up.

Using a tragedy for political capital is in poor taste.  But, just in case they get anywhere, go buy a gun if you don't have one already.  Before it's too late.

Queen of England Tours BOE Gold Vault

I've noticed a lot of countries want to see their gold vaults lately.  Germany wanted to just a few weeks ago.

They ought to drill and see if there's any tungsten hiding in them bars...

Apocalypse Balls: Chinese invention to defend against doomsday

Looks like a giant coconut to me. LOL!
I can see someone after the SHTF turning one of these into a bedroom.  They'd probably want to wedge it so it stayed upright.  It would make a good kiddie fort, too.

Which now makes me remember a dream I had last night about some kind of tent city  - I was looking at someone's living quarters.  There was a cot in the corner of the tent, and there was another tent nearby set up with a double size mattress taking up the whole thing, but it was "non-regulation" meaning whoever ran the place was probably going to disallow it when they saw it.

I keep having dreams about war, plagues, urban disasters, abandoned farmland, orphans living in subways, etc. I hope they're not predictive dreams, but just an overdose of tin foil.  It's hard to tell sometimes, because sometimes in waking life I get synchronicities, like last year when I looked up and saw a license plate saying "Ritual" at the very moment I was thinking about 9/11 driving down the highway.  So, the symbolic world and the real world tend to overlap for me a bit.

The trick is not to use magical thinking to make business decisions.  As the Sufis say, the souk corrupts...

The synchronicities and my dreams do seem to have a sense of humor, though.  One time I dreamed I was in line to get into Heaven, the line was really long, and when I got to St. Peter's little booth I asked him what the secret of Heaven was - why it was so popular, and he leaned in close and said "Location, location, location".  LOL!

h/t to Prison Planet.

Developments with the Eurozone and NPR Lying Yet Again

I just cribbed this from Zerohedge:

DB’s Gilles Moec noted that newly agreed Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) was a major concession to Germany, who wanted to keep its network of saving banks and Landesbanken out of direct federal supervision. However, as a concession to France (which was in favour of universal federal supervision), the ECB will retain the power to intervene in any bank and give national supervisors instructions. To separate the ECB's supervisory and monetary policy function a supervisory board within the ECB will be created, to which non-Eurozone countries willing to participate in the SSM would have a voting right. However, the ECB governing would retain the right to veto the decisions of the supervisory board. The European Banking Authority (EBA) will remain in charge of defining the supervisory rulebook for the EU27. Timing wise it is unclear on when the system could be in place. It states that the ECB “will assume its supervisory tasks within the SSM on 1st March 2014 or 12 months after the entry into force of the legislation, whichever is later, subject to operational arrangement”. Since the institutional process itself could be long this means delays are quite possible and therefore Gilles think March 2014 is therefore purely indicative.
 Listening to the radio last night, the AM station I usually listen to was off the air for some reason (it came back on later) so I switched to NPR and the announcer there said that the Eurozone had just decided to have a new regulatory body "like the Federal Reserve" so that they could avoid bubbles in the future like the Spanish real estate bubble.  The announcer went on to cluck about the resulting loss of sovereignty as if it was a minor inconvenience and the hand-wringers will have to get over it.

Can you see what is wrong with this spin NPR is putting on it?  The Federal Reserve is a BANK.  And it doesn't avoid bubbles, rather it has caused the biggest one in history and that bubble is about to POP all over everything. (namely the dollar bubble).  And I find their condescending attitude about sovereignty most disturbing.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Additions to Conspiracy Source Document Page

I added a new link to the Agenda 21 document, and discovered the link to the UN's webpage on it is now dead.  But now you can get the document from somewhere else, they can shuffle it around all they want or try to disappear it from their site, but it's out there to stay.

I added a link to "Owning the Weather", a military research document that was prepared for the USAF, about using technology to turn weather into a weapon by 2025.  (I guess they got a bit ahead of schedule)

This page I'm constructing has only source documents.  I'll add them as I stumble on them.  If you see something I don't have that I should have and you have a link, please comment and I'll put it up on there.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CCW in Illinois? (rubs eyes) YEAH!

Ohio Pro Gun Legislation HB 495

If you are a resident of Ohio, call your state senator and urge them to vote in favor of Ohio HB 495.  It would streamline CCW requirements and make it easier on permit holders, and it would allow you to carry loaded magazines in the car.  Right now, you have to unload the magazines if you are transporting a rifle in Ohio, as they consider the rifle to be loaded if there is a loaded magazine anywhere in the car, even in another part of the car.

Here is a description of the bill.  It has already passed in the state house and now had its 3rd and final hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning. There's further links on that page for contacts etc.

Monday, December 10, 2012

It's worse than that, he's dead, Jim, dead, Jim, dead.

There is a rather strong-opinioned lady named Ann Barnhardt who quit brokering livestock futures for farmers a few years back and became the Cassandra for the economic crash.  She's also a militant Catholic.  I don't find that off-putting at all anymore, although she might think I'm some kind of Satanic weirdo for my own background.  Actually I kind of respect her cojones, trying to keep the Church honest.

Anyway enough about religion and back to finance:

I'm putting her 8 part video series here because she explains in terms even a 6-year old could understand (well, maybe an 8-year old) how the economy is going to implode, and why, and what you can do about it.  The economic disaster is a mathematical certainty.  But it's not what I thought it was. I thought it was because of war spending and Bernanke printing too much money.

But she harps on something else - borrowing under a ZIRP (zero interest rate policy) which cannot last forever.  Plus, the derivatives market. I'll let her tell you because if I start 'splaining here, I won't do it justice.

BTW, Barnhardt just started a federal tax strike in November of 2012.  She refused to file her self employed quarterlies, and when they come after your bank account for nonpayment of taxes, they look only at deposits and not withdrawals to "find" what your income is.  So she moved the same minimal amount of money around between several accounts a whole lot of times to make it look like she had 8 figures of income, just to make it worse. They're already seizing her accounts.  It's likely she will end up in prison for this, but she's doing it on purpose to make a point.

My version of the tax strike will be legal: Every year I get a refund.  I'm going to increase my exemptions at work so that I do not get a refund, but get the money bit by bit in my paycheck instead.  It's my money after all, if I'm overpaying my taxes and getting it back once a year.  I'd rather have it now than wait, and be lending the gov my money at zero interest, only to probably have it absorbed this year when the other shoe drops.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cometmania! Coming soon to a sky near you!

According to this, we've got 2 pretty bright comets coming in 2013.  The first one in March, and the second one in November.  The November one is supposed to be particularly bright, like brighter than the moon.

 That'll get the Nibiru/PlanetX/Hopi Prophecy people going for sure.  Is one the blue Kachina and the other the red Kachina?  Wait, wasn't that supposed to be Comet Elenin?  I lose track.

Some people blame the Black Plague on Halley's Comet.  I guess it's possible, if gases from the comet had germs in them and the germs got into our atmosphere without burning up.  But the bubonic plague is a bacterium.  That's kind of fragile compared to, say, a virus.  So I dunno.  I guess it's neither here nor there, when there's people trying to make pandemic bird flu in secret labs.  We don't need no stinkin' comet to make everyone get sick.  All we need is for some asshole to get cute.  (Oh wait, the fact that they're even trying to weaponize bird flu in the first place means there's already some assholes trying to be cute.)

Anyway, if nothing else it'll make for interesting night skies.  Who knows, if the SHTF hard enough, the night sky might be the best entertainment available by then.

What I want to know is, how long has NASA known about these comets before they sent out the press release?  And are they really comets, or could they be something else?

Why Taxing the Rich Won't Work

This is a letter I just wrote to someone who wants to "Tax the Rich".  I thought it was good so I'm printing it here too.

I have to disagree with the idea of "Tax the Rich".

It’s not like taxing the rich is going to solve our deficit.  It just is easy for a populist president to demonize the rich, because most people won’t do the math, and they’re envious of the rich and want to take them down a notch or two.

And $250K isn’t rich anymore.  It’s rich to you and me but that’s because we’re poor.  So why should I care if they tax some corporate wienie or business owner?

The rich if taxed too much will expatriate their dough and go somewhere else.  Even if they have to chew their leg off to get out of the trap, and leave most of the dough behind, they’ll leave in order to have somewhere else they can make money and not have it taxed to death.  They can always make more money and build up again, and then we won’t have their income to tax.  They’ll find ways around the penalty for tax exile.  They’ll set their kids up in business abroad or something.  Not only will their money be gone from our grasp, but their brains will be gone.  Brain drain.

At the $250K level they’re talking about taxing my boss at work out of existence, so that me and my coworkers lose our jobs and our boss closes shop.    $250K is not rich, it’s a small business owner with maybe up to 20 employees.  We’re talking small manufacturers, the more successful of the restaurant owners, maybe a laywer who built his business for 20 years (80% of lawyers don’t make it and quit in the first 5 years, did you know that?), maybe a successful shopkeep, or a real estate broker.  These people are often also community leaders, often unpaid for that.

Our economy is 70% consumer because we’ve had industry fleeing the country for places more conducive to business.  Heavy handed environmental regulations, labor laws, etc. made them outsource our jobs.  And now someone in China is polluting the air worse than they would have here, and some poor schmucks in India are having their factory burn down, because of no safety, where if we’d kept the jobs here, we would have those jobs still and the factory probably wouldn’t be a firetrap either.  If we hadn’t had industry flee, than that 70% consumer economy might have been more like 50% and the other 20% would have been industry.  And we still have to breathe the air from China.

You tax the business owners too much, the consumer economy slows down, because anytime people make less money they spend less money.  So then there’s less income to tax all around.  And then they gotta do it again and again.  And eventually this government takes over whole industries and we have Communism.  Yeah, that worked out so well for the Russians.  Long lines to buy anything.  Looking over your shoulder all the time for government snitches. Eventually “tax the rich” becomes “rat out the neighbor for appearing to be slightly better off than me”.  Someone gets jealous because you have a sewing machine or something else they want, they make up shit about you, and you go to the gulag.  Is next, svimvear.

The first Fed income tax was passed because we were told it was to be only on the rich, and now look at it. 

This Federal income tax is mostly going to pay the interest on the bonds the Treasury sells to the Federal Reserve Bank.  Hey, those Fed guys have a license to print money out of thin air.  Must be nice.  Do THEY get taxed?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Course they could just print the money to pay it.

We are letting a private party print money out of thin air, and then we’re borrowing money at interest from them and taxing it out of the people.  Why do we do this?  Because the US Gov was bankrupt in 1913 and needed a bailout.  Why were we bankrupt?  Some would say the same bankers who formed the Federal Reserve Bank engineered this through other on-purpose banking crises before that.  Or maybe it was profligate government spending.  Anyway, no matter why it occurred, there is now no way for us to get ahead, because we always have to pay more than we borrow (due to the interest due). And how do we get that money to pay the interest?  We have to borrow it too and have them print it for us, just like the other money.  So we have to borrow more each year.  It’s a snowball from hell.  BTW have you noticed that money says “Federal Reserve Note” on it?  It’s a promissory note.

I think it’s interesting that exactly 100 years later, we’re bankrupt again.  Almost seems like it was planned.

Friday, December 7, 2012

DIY Homemade TSA Naked Body Airport Scanner

Of course if you're worried about X-rays, why would you want to have one in your home or business, but it's an interesting project.

I could see using it for a field hospital, to look for broken bones and shrapnel and the like. Or to test various hiding-an-object ideas, from either the standpoint of the hider or the guy looking for stuff.

This guy backwards engineered it from the patent and built one using parts he got on E-bay.

h/t to

How to Burn Oil in a Wood Stove

I was rooting around and stumbled on this in the comments below this article, which is also good itself:
h/t to Homestead Survival

The only possible objection I'd have is the burning of plastic.  Maybe you can cut the top off the bottle and extract the oily paper so you can burn it without the plastic.  Or use a wide mouth Mason jar over and over.  But if for some reason expedience trumps environmentalism, well, plastic is flammable after all.  I could see doing this under certain circumstances.  So here's what I'm talking about:

Something you might find interesting, and I have been thinking of doing an instructable on it. I have found a way to burn used oil in a stove SAFELY)

Use plastic drink bottles, like those from vitamin water. Poor about 1/3 to 1/2 full of used oil, then get shredded paper, crosscut is the best, and pack it into the bottle with the oil. Keep packing the paper in until the bottle is filled and hard packed, then cap the bottle. The oil will soak into all the paper in a day or so. You can store these safely and with the caps on tight they won't leak. To use them just throw one on top of the wood in the stove. The plastic bottle shrinks at first and then as the plastic melts the paper/oil lights. It produces a lot of heat for a short time and since most of the oil is contained by the paper until its burned, it burns completely and slowly enough to stay under control.

Lord Monckton Thrown Out of U.N. for Global Warming Skepticism

Read full story here.

Lord Monckton (a former advisor to Margaret Thatcher) is a vocal global warming skeptic.  He went to the U.N. climate change summit press conference, sat in the vacant seat of the delegate from Myanmar, clicked the button to speak, then stood up and said there has been no global warming for the last 16 years (WHICH IS TRUE, by the way) and the U.N. threw him out on his ear and stripped him of his U.N. credentials.

Anyway, it's not so bad that Monckton was thrown out, except he was the lone voice of reason in the wilderness of climate delusion.  Now the U.N. is just an echo chamber for the nuts who want to subjugate people and take their land without due process based on a fiction.

Note that he was thrown out for speaking his mind. If there is no freedom of speech, then we are pretty much lost. 

And Obama wants to have the U.N. rule us, it seems - for example he's now trying to use a U.N. treaty to get around the 2nd Amendment, and he declared that NATO, not Congress, decides when we go to war...  I have one word for that.  QUISLING.

(Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonss√łn Quisling was a Norwegian politician who welcomed the Nazis into Norway, thinking they'd make him the deputy in charge.  They did, for exactly 5 days, then gave his duties to one of their own guys and made him a powerless figurehead.  After the war he was executed as a traitor.  I think calling Obama a quisling is dead-on accurate.  The U.N. are NOT our friends.)

If we want to keep our liberty and our sovereignty as a nation, we must kick out the U.N. now.  And all those who welcomed it in and gave it power should be stripped of their positions, at the very least.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Goldman Sachs Says Sell Gold; Therefore Buy Gold

Their "reasoning" was that because of the economy "improving", gold might go down.
WTF?  Fiscal cliff anyone?

We're already off the cliff.  But like Wile E. Coyote here, we are temporarily suspended in mid-air.

That "fiscal cliff" charade means Bernanke is probably about to release a lot more funny fiat money from his proverbial helicopter.  PM's will probably go up at that point.  I think Goldman is looking to buy and they want to drive the price down a little before Bernanke drives it up.

Hold your gold, or wait for the "muppets" that Goldman fools to sell, then buy at the slightly lower price.  And if your gold is electronic, or paper, take delivery of the physical, because when the Fat Lady sings, paper and blips will become inaccessible.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Free ebook by Claire Wolfe.  Basic but timely advice for anyone doing anything controversial and nonviolent.

Book review: The Psychopath's Bible by Christopher S. Hyatt, PhD

I doubt if the author Hyatt was himself a psychopath by the classic definition, but I just finished reading this book "The Psychopath's Bible".   Here is a link to read it for free:

The author also wrote numerous guides to ceremonial magick and self-hypnosis/self-deprogramming. He was a psychologist who parted with academia to write these kind of books, and formed his own publishing company to do same.  He co-wrote with or had forewords in his books by the likes of Israel Regardie and Robert Anton Wilson.  Hyatt died in 2008.

The thing I find interesting about this "handbook" for psychopathic magicians is that if you keep the idea in your mind that there might be a group of elite and high functioning psychopaths that want to kill most of us and then live forever using cybernetic/genetic technology, it might give a little hint to their excuse/rationale.  And also how they can do this stuff while appearing to be charitable, like Bill Gates and his vaccine program.

It also has a few hints about how easy it might be for someone who can curb their own need for approval and all the other social scripts we sleepwalk through to manipulate the people in their life for fun and profit.  But it's pretty skimpy on the technique.  For that I would refer to books on NLP as applied to sales, and on social engineering.  This is more of an apologia.  He also touches on mass media as a form of social control, and information overload as a form of actually depriving people of information they can use.

I'm not so sure that this is an actual handbook, as it is his way of warning people by putting words in the mouths of those elites I mentioned. (like a modern-day Protocols). However the rest of his books are mostly about breaking one's mental limitations that were put in place by the various mechanisms of social control.  Psychopathy (redefined as a goal) would take that freedom from social control to the extreme. 

Before you think the elites-want-to-kill-the-world-and-live-forever meme is all bunk, know that the academic elite are actually discussing depopulation and also immortality and super powers via cybernetics in academic publications.  Also the military is working on one day having cybernetically enhanced soldiers, and of course there are already fighting robots like drones.  Once they get the robots down they won't have a need for most human labor, and at that point we'll all be so much excess carbon for them to tax (or kill).  My guess is they've been working on a schedule, and that the economic collapse is part of their plan to collapse the population while staying in power, rather than let it collapse on its own and let the chips fall wherever - that is, if the population was going to collapse on its own in the first place.  I guess eventually any growing population would exceed its bounds, but the question is was ours anywhere near doing that, or are they forcing the issue?

Another comment: I have noticed that this kind of writing, and some of the other books that appeared in places like the Loompanics catalog when it was still around, seem to try to titillate with the forbidden, while actually reinforcing typical society values, by offering cute rationales that sound like they're written for some kid in junior high to chuckle over.  For example, the introduction to this book claims that the rest of the book is oh so horrifying and shocking. 

It makes me wonder if preteen boys are their real audience, or if the goal is to make the distaff view look immature, or if most adults now read and think at that level? 

Anyway, I give it a thumbs up, if only because it made me think at 6 a.m.  That's hard to do!